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  • 1.Glen Delman Professional Action/ Wildlife photographer out of Boulder, Colorado. Also does wedding, real estate, portraits, commercial, and media. Travels around the world.

2. Wildlife Photography Travel a lot Animals or nature Artistic and scientific value Very rewarding Median pay in 2012 was 30k/yr High school diploma 137k jobs 4% outlook 3. Homage I take a lot of wildlife and Delmans photography is sweet. Hes inspiring. And hes pretty famous so. 4. Qs Why do you want to be a photographer? -I want to be a photographer because Ive been doing it for a long time and its something I love to do Explain to us what you know and why you are interested in this specific type of photography. -I know a lot about nature photography and editing and its really fun to me What makes you stand out as a photographer among your peers? -My editing style is a lot different than others. What important trends do you see in the photographic industry? -a lot a lot a lot of people are getting cameras. Tell us some of your weaknesses. - I see all of the bad in my pictures and dont really notice much good. How important is technology in your field? How do you plan to implement it? -very. The better the technology the better the pictures etc. What are your long-range goals? -at least get somewhere where I can feel proud of myself. How successful have you been so far? - decently successful I guess it feels like a lot of people are interested in my work What answers did you get from your professional? -basically everything hes a pretty sick dude 5. Jake Dreiling Bird on a Stem 11x14 Colored Wildlife 3/10/14 6. Jake Dreiling Posted 11x14 Colored Wildlife 3/10/14 7. Jake Dreiling Bars 11x14 Colored Wildlife 3/10/14 8. Jake Dreiling Exotic 11x14 Colored Wildlife 3/10/14 9. Jake Dreiling Spirits 11x14 Colored Wildlife 3/10/14 10. Jake Dreiling Wavy Trees 11x14 Colored Wildlife 3/10/14 11. Jake Dreiling The Golden State Gate 11x14 Colored Wildlife 3/10/14 12. Jake Dreiling Sunsetter 11x14 Colored Wildlife 3/10/14 13. Jake Dreiling Pine 11x14 Colored Wildlife 3/10/14 14. Jake Dreiling Tall Trees 11x14 Colored Wildlife 3/10/14