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GOAT HUSBANDRY: By: Brody Daughrity Tuesday, April 30, 13

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  • 1. GOAT HUSBANDRY:By: Brody DaughrityTuesday, April 30, 13

2. WHAT IT IS:It simply is the breeding of goats, more specicallymeat goats in my case. It is the selection of geneticsand feeding of your animals.Tuesday, April 30, 13 3. SCHOOLING:Truthfully no education is required.BUT.. Getting a degree in animal science or Animalnutrition would be of great help.The best schooling you can get is through hands onexperiences and trial & error.Tuesday, April 30, 13 4. PAYMENT:Well there is no set payment in this career eld. Butthere are some ways to nd out the cost. So say youhave 35 does that are 3 years old (so they should kidtwins or triplets) and they are of good genetics. Wecould gure out some basic math to see around whatyou could possibly make.Tuesday, April 30, 13 5. MATH..A healthy doe can kid twice a year. ( 5 month gestation periods)With twins to say the least for both kiddings. ( Always expect lower numbers, that way if you gethigher you are doing better then you thought.)So here is the math.Have the pregnant does graze a pasture close to your house, so that you can easily check them. If yousupplement your does with a concentrate or hay, feed it at night. Somehow late feeding delays birthing towardthe early morning hours in the majority of animals. It is a good idea to have some kidding pens ready for weakkids. It is not always easy to detect pre-kidding signs in goats: however, mucous discharge is a sure sign thatkidding is imminent. Following birth, the navel of newborn kids should be dipped in iodine. ( Smith,2011)Tuesday, April 30, 13 6. MATH CONTINUED..35 (does) x 2 (kids per doe) = 70 (kids)Now you may lose a few kids (Due to disease,birthing complications, and predation). So from thereyou can predict 60 kids.Now if your using quality genetics you canpredict quality kids.So lets say your does are worthapproximately $800 each, and youhave a buck thats worth $1,200We can predict that your kids would be worth $800-$2,000Tuesday, April 30, 13 7. MORE MATH:Now you have 60 kids at we will say worth around $800 each.( To say the least.) Now we will multiply the number of kids bythe their predicted money amount.Now that is saying you sell does and bucks for the same priceas market wethers. Does and bucks usually go for more money.(Because of their Breed-ability. )According to numbers compiled by the National AgriculturalStatistics Service, meat goat production has risen by some 383percent over the last decade nationally, from about 590,000 head in1995 to more than 2.26 million in 1995.(Horecka, 2006)60 (Kids) x $800= $48,000Tuesday, April 30, 13 8. 2ND QUOTE:Boer goats were popular because they wean faster andheavier than Spanish. ( Lackey, 2010)This quote describes a prot based off of this breedsadvantages.When you look at the production between Spanish andBoer goats, the Boer goats are going to grow faster, getheavier, have a higher average rate of gain and be moreefcient in feed conversion,Tuesday, April 30, 13 9. BENEFITS:Prots can all be for you.Working on your own property.Your the boss.If its what you love it all is for you.Goats dont require at ground, they can be kept anywhere making themeasier keeping (Ryun,2013)Plus, people can run a lot more goats in a lot less space. Shurley estimated he couldraise as many as nine goats per unit of land, whereas cattlemen might be able to sustainone animal in the same area. (Horecka,2006)Tuesday, April 30, 13 10. WHY I WANT TO PURSUETHIS:This career is something that I am already pursuingthrough the FFA. I love doing it, and it allows me tocombine my mental and physical strengths, and sinceyou can never breed perfection, you can always keepgoing to breed the best you can. It is protable, andtruly is fun!Tuesday, April 30, 13 11. THE IDEAL MEAT GOAT:Tuesday, April 30, 13 12. FACTS/QUOTES/WEBSITES/VIDEOS:Americans of Hispanic, Caribbean, Mediterranean, Eastern European, African,Middle Eastern and Southeastern Asian origin are clamoring for goat meat, as are aburgeoning number of health-conscious buyers who favor goat meats lean, high-protein goodness. However, American producers are so unable to meet thosedemands that a staggering amount of chevon (goat meat) is imported eachyear. (Weaver,2006)Sixty-three to 65 percent of the red meat consumed globally is goatmeat.( Weaver,2006)http://www.cleanvideosearch.com/media/action/yt/watch?v=f2r8JT-gqOUhttps://www.facebook.com/prole.php?id=100005722777167&ref=tn_tnmnTuesday, April 30, 13 13. CONCLUSION:This is an extremely benecial career that offers somuch to the individual who chooses it. I realize thatthere are many challenges (such as the rising feedcost) but despite those I want to overcome those. Iwant to breed the ideal meat goat that is functional inthe show ring and in the feed lot.Tuesday, April 30, 13 14. WORKS CITED:Tuesday, April 30, 13