goodwin funeral home records 1945-1969 manchester historic

Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic Association Year Last Name First Name Maiden Name Suffix File Name 1953 Abbott Mary Frances Goodwin1953_13857_012r 1953 Abbott Mary Elizabeth House Goodwin1953_14017_172r 1956 Abbott Infant of Actor T. Abbott, Jr. Goodwin1956_14666_146r 1964 Abbott Maude Chase Goodwin1964_16830_158_1r 1950 Abbott Mary A. Anderson Goodwin1950_13218_033r 1947 Abbott Hattie Asask Goodwin1947_12629_041r 1946 Abbott Florence Lund Goodwin1946_02586_179r 1969 Accardy Matthew Paul Goodwin1969_17861_067r 1965 Achilles Harry Cameron Goodwin1965_17008_179r 1953 Ackerman Arthur Goodwin1953_13984_139r 1960 Ackerman Miss Ava Meriam Goodwin1960_15782_064r 1948 Ackerman Robert C. DOD 3/20/45 IWO JIM Goodwin1948_12854_080_2r 1968 Ackermann Ralph V. Goodwin1968_17628_016r 1960 Ackley John L. Goodwin1960_15844_126r 1954 Acton Emma Todd Goodwin1954_14193_115r 1953 Adams Elmo Pike Goodwin1953_13850_005r 1953 Adams Mary Susan Hodgman Goodwin1953_13878_033r 1953 Adams James Franklin Goodwin1953_13888_043r 1953 Adams Lewis Mundy Goodwin1953_13928_083_2r 1953 Adams Herbert Le Roy Goodwin1953_13977_132r 1960 Adams Mrs. Glennie B. Goodwin1960_15780_062r 1960 Adams Brenda Lee Goodwin1960_15864_146r 1964 Adams Lester Freeman Goodwin1964_16753_081r 1967 Adams Ethel Beane Goodwin1967_17523_184r 1968 Adams Earl Marshall Goodwin1968_17674_062r 1945 Adams Sarah Ann Goodwin1945_02368_141r 1957 Additon Annie Bell Shaw Goodwin1957_14818_079r 1948 Additon Harry Lancy Goodwin1948_12802_028r 1967 Africa Esther Elizabeth Goodwin1967_17430_091r 1968 Africa Walter Murray Goodwin1968_17725_113r 1945 Africa Maud Cunningham Goodwin1945_02296_069r 1953 Agrafiotis John Demetriori Goodwin1953_14049_204_1r 1957 Agrafiotis Crystal Goodwin1957_14774_035r 1951 Aherne Ruth Kennedy Goodwin1951_13556_155r 1951 Ahlgren Augusta M. Holmberg Goodwin1951_13563_162r 1952 Ahlgren Allen L. Goodwin1952_13796_179r 1947 Ahlgren Carl Emil Goodwin1947_12713_125r 1951 Ahlquist Annie Louise Wennestrom Goodwin1951_13536_135r 1953 Aiken Walter Scott Goodwin1953_13962_117_2r 1956 Ainger John Donald Goodwin1956_14682_162r 1949 Ainger Addie Lillian Brooks Ainger Brooks Goodwin1949_13152_192r 1965 Akerley Walter George Goodwin1965_16951_022r

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Page 1: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969

Manchester Historic Association

Year Last Name First Name


Name Suffix File Name

1953 Abbott Mary Frances Goodwin1953_13857_012r

1953 Abbott Mary Elizabeth House Goodwin1953_14017_172r

1956 Abbott Infant of Actor T. Abbott, Jr. Goodwin1956_14666_146r

1964 Abbott Maude Chase Goodwin1964_16830_158_1r

1950 Abbott Mary A. Anderson Goodwin1950_13218_033r

1947 Abbott Hattie Asask Goodwin1947_12629_041r

1946 Abbott Florence Lund Goodwin1946_02586_179r

1969 Accardy Matthew Paul Goodwin1969_17861_067r

1965 Achilles Harry Cameron Goodwin1965_17008_179r

1953 Ackerman Arthur Goodwin1953_13984_139r

1960 Ackerman Miss Ava Meriam Goodwin1960_15782_064r

1948 Ackerman Robert C. DOD 3/20/45 IWO JIMAGoodwin1948_12854_080_2r

1968 Ackermann Ralph V. Goodwin1968_17628_016r

1960 Ackley John L. Goodwin1960_15844_126r

1954 Acton Emma Todd Goodwin1954_14193_115r

1953 Adams Elmo Pike Goodwin1953_13850_005r

1953 Adams Mary Susan Hodgman Goodwin1953_13878_033r

1953 Adams James Franklin Goodwin1953_13888_043r

1953 Adams Lewis Mundy Goodwin1953_13928_083_2r

1953 Adams Herbert Le Roy Goodwin1953_13977_132r

1960 Adams Mrs. Glennie B. Goodwin1960_15780_062r

1960 Adams Brenda Lee Goodwin1960_15864_146r

1964 Adams Lester Freeman Goodwin1964_16753_081r

1967 Adams Ethel Beane Goodwin1967_17523_184r

1968 Adams Earl Marshall Goodwin1968_17674_062r

1945 Adams Sarah Ann Goodwin1945_02368_141r

1957 Additon Annie Bell Shaw Goodwin1957_14818_079r

1948 Additon Harry Lancy Goodwin1948_12802_028r

1967 Africa Esther Elizabeth Goodwin1967_17430_091r

1968 Africa Walter Murray Goodwin1968_17725_113r

1945 Africa Maud Cunningham Goodwin1945_02296_069r

1953 Agrafiotis John Demetriori Goodwin1953_14049_204_1r

1957 Agrafiotis Crystal Goodwin1957_14774_035r

1951 Aherne Ruth Kennedy Goodwin1951_13556_155r

1951 Ahlgren Augusta M. Holmberg Goodwin1951_13563_162r

1952 Ahlgren Allen L. Goodwin1952_13796_179r

1947 Ahlgren Carl Emil Goodwin1947_12713_125r

1951 Ahlquist Annie Louise Wennestrom Goodwin1951_13536_135r

1953 Aiken Walter Scott Goodwin1953_13962_117_2r

1956 Ainger John Donald Goodwin1956_14682_162r

1949 Ainger Addie Lillian Brooks Ainger Brooks Goodwin1949_13152_192r

1965 Akerley Walter George Goodwin1965_16951_022r

Page 2: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1968 Albert Morton Goodwin1968_17743_131r

1968 Albert Lewis Goodwin1968_17762_150r

1967 Albin Virginia Lillian Soderberg Goodwin1967_17437_098r

1959 Alden George Washington Goodwin1959_15342_130r

1969 Alden Hazel M. Malick Goodwin1969_17872_078r

1952 Aldred Edith Henrietta Goodwin1952_13679_062r

1964 Aldrich Lucius Wilson Goodwin1964_16720_048r

1950 Aldrich Austin Leon Goodwin1950_13385_200r

1947 Aldrich Minerva Margaret Quimby Goodwin1947_12755_167r

1960 Aldridge Christina Elizabeth Adie Goodwin1960_15792_074r

1951 Allen Carrie Maria Goodwin1951_13588_187r

1954 Allen Minnie F. Hamilton Goodwin1954_14201_123r

1959 Allen Chris Arthur Goodwin1959_15334_122_1r

1960 Allen Elton Middleton Goodwin1960_15842_124r

1966 Allen Herbert Spencer Goodwin1966_17233_137_1r

1968 Allen William Ellis Goodwin1968_17655_043_1r

1969 Allen Edmund Webster Goodwin1969_17842_048r

1949 Allen Herbert Spencer Jr. Goodwin1949_13134_174_2r

1946 Allman Hannah Goodwin1946_02441_034r

1951 Alston Herbert Francis Goodwin1951_13616_215r

1957 Alston Lena Dillon Goodwin1957_14854_115r

1965 Altenau Marie Elizabeth Goodwin1965_16905_076r

1969 Altenau John L. Goodwin1969_18029_235r

1960 Alter Mrs. Lena Barth Goodwin1960_15745_027r

1959 Altman Oswald J. Goodwin1959_15359_147r

1969 Altschuler Tamara Goodwin1969_17852_058r

1966 Alward Bertram White Goodwin1966_17331_235r

1959 Amadon Elizabeth Eva Goodwin1959_15716_204r

1960 Amato James Goodwin1960_15751_033_2r

1953 Ames Archie Carleton Goodwin1953_13915_070r

1953 Ames Gertrude Belle Titus Goodwin1953_13997_152r

1954 Ames Mary Jane Goodwin1954_14257_179r

1960 Ames Franklin Geo. Goodwin1960_15834_116r

1948 Ames George Pollard Goodwin1948_12871_097r

1961 Ammon Roscoe Adams Jr. Goodwin1961_16171_200_1r

1951 Anderson John Goodwin1951_13449_038r

1951 Anderson Morris Goodwin1951_13520_119r

1951 Anderson Sophie Goodwin1951_13598_197r

1952 Anderson Claus Theodore Goodwin1952_13631_014r

1953 Anderson Mabel Sargent Goodwin1953_14072_227r

1954 Anderson Ole Goodwin1954_14098_020r

1954 Anderson Elizabeth Sandra Goodwin1954_14196_118r

1956 Anderson Augusta Elizabeth Goodwin1956_14684_164r

1956 Anderson Harry John Goodwin1956_14702_182r

1958 Anderson Lena Caroline Goodwin1958_15195_201r

1959 Anderson Frank Adolph Goodwin1959_15229_017r

1960 Anderson Ida Charlotta Sundeen Goodwin1960_15787_069r

Page 3: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1961 Anderson Carl Henry Goodwin1961_15985_014r

1961 Anderson Russell Bernard Goodwin1961_16099_128r

1962 Anderson Arthur Gunnard Goodwin1962_16303_124r

1962 Anderson George F. Goodwin1962_16412_233_2r

1963 Anderson Emma Josephine Goodwin1963_16484_065r

1963 Anderson Alfred Goodwin1963_16517_098r

1964 Anderson David Wadsworth Goodwin1964_16690_018r

1964 Anderson Robert Wallace Goodwin1964_16832_160r

1966 Anderson Louise Goodwin1966_17122_026_1r

1967 Anderson Gary Edward Goodwin1967_17408_069r

1967 Anderson Howard Jesse Goodwin1967_17439_100r

1967 Anderson Bernice Mary Breckney Goodwin1967_17512_173r

1967 Anderson Dorothy Jane Peterson' Goodwin1967_17530_191r

1968 Anderson Olga Goodwin1968_17640_028r

1969 Anderson Paul Erick Goodwin1969_17985_191r

1950 Anderson Josephine Wilhelmina Sjostrom Goodwin1950_13370_185r

1949 Anderson Gustaf Leonard Goodwin1949_12984_024r

1949 Anderson Margareta Louise Goodwin1949_13069_109r

1948 Anderson Andrew Richard Goodwin1948_12957_183r

1946 Anderson Frank Levin Goodwin1946_02524_117r

1946 Anderson Anna Margaret Anderson Goodwin1946_02551_144r

1945 Anderson Anna Mathilda Goodwin1945_02267_040r

1952 Andrews Adah Del Goodwin1952_13826_209r

1954 Andrews Fred Charles Goodwin1954_14266_188r

1955 Andrews Walter S. Goodwin1955_14452_155r

1959 Andrews Olive Marden Goodwin1959_15349_137r

1965 Andrews Nora Mary Onley Goodwin1965_16943_114r

1966 Andrews Fannie Gaskill Goodwin1966_17126_030r

1948 Andrews Elizabeth Gibson Goodwin1948_12912_138r

1945 Andrews Margaret Goodwin1945_02264_037r

1947 Angel Annie Belle (Flanders) Flanders Goodwin1947_12767_179r

1950 Annis Leon Bertel Goodwin1950_13357_172r

1956 Anthony Abbie E. Goodwin1956_14653_133r

1961 Anthony Walter Tillinghast Goodwin1961_16170_199r

1964 Appleton Arthur Chester Goodwin1964_16846_174r

1949 Arapage Evangelos Goodwin1949_13148_188r

1966 Argo John Clarke Goodwin1966_17286_190r

1945 Arlin Harlan Augustus Goodwin1945_02353_126r

1959 Armstrong Leonard Tilly Goodwin1959_15308_096r

1948 Armstrong Alberta Ellen Goodwin1948_12810_036r

1962 Arn Winfield A. Goodwin1962_16207_028r

1961 Arnold Lloyd Carlton Goodwin1961_16018_047r

1966 Arnold Margaret Keiler Goodwin1966_17238_142_1r

1947 Arnold William Goodwin1947_12641_053_2r

1960 Arnos Mary P. Goodwin1960_15755_037r

1966 Arnos John Peter Goodwin1966_17194_098_1r

1968 Arnos Peter G. Goodwin1968_17848_236r

Page 4: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1946 Arrington Elma Ethel Goodwin1946_02480_073r

1964 Arthur George A. Goodwin1964_16924_252_1r

1946 Arthur Lillian Mae Goodwin1946_02488_081r

1966 Artz Bertha Margaret Goodwin1966_17148_052r

1949 Artzt Marie Henriette Goodwin1949_12999_039r

1969 Asadourian Albert Goodwin1969_17825_031r

1951 Ashcroft Alvin Roy Goodwin1951_13505_104r

1960 Ashcroft Allan Isaac Goodwin1960_15725_007r

1949 Ashcroft Clara Adelaide Wilson Goodwin1949_13104_144r

1955 Ashley Buddy Gene Jr. Goodwin1955_14307_010r

1946 Ashley-Soule Clifton Goodwin1946_02469_062r

1947 Aspinwall Grace Goodwin1947_12773_185r

1963 Athearn Sarah C. Currier Aiken ??? Goodwin1963_16472_053r

1966 Atkins Jennie Bailey Bailey Goodwin1966_17229_133r

1947 Atkins Edward Lester Goodwin1947_12703_115_1r

1948 Atkinson Ruth Colby Goodwin1948_12808_034r

1956 Atwood Bryce Olding Goodwin1956_14554_034r

1963 Atwood Frederick Reuel Goodwin1963_16456_037r

1966 Atwood Janie May Patteron Goodwin1966_17338_242_1r

1949 Atwood Arthur Tilton Goodwin1949_13002_042r

1949 Aubens Mary Lizzie Goodwin1949_13153_193r

1950 Aust Freida Martha Hecker Goodwin1950_13347_162r

1952 Austin Phillip Anthony Goodwin1952_13655_038r

1956 Austin Morris Christie Goodwin1956_14635_115r

1958 Austin Edward L. Goodwin1958_15006_012r

1959 Austin Addie Belle Annie Belle Robinson Goodwin1959_15282_070r

1962 Austin Dorothy Eleanor Goodwin1962_16374_195r

1965 Austin Edward Francis Goodwin1965_17075_246r

1966 Austin Ernest Elmer Goodwin1966_17097_011r

1968 Austin Alice Marion Chase Goodwin1968_17689_077r

1968 Austin Perey Alfred Goodwin1968_17878_266_1r

1949 Avery Annice Hill Goodwin1949_13121_161r

1961 Ayer Eric Alton Goodwin1961_16037_066r

1962 Ayer Gertrude Mary Goodwin1962_16377_198r

1964 Ayer Iva Mildred Goodwin1964_16847_175r

1965 Ayer Joseph Stevens Goodwin1965_16924_095r

1966 Ayer Franklin Hollis Goodwin1966_17141_045r

1968 Ayer Anne Mitchell Mitchell Goodwin1968_17815_203r

1969 Ayer Edith Frances Pritchard Goodwin1969_17954_160r

1947 Ayer Mary Lizzie Goodwin1947_12659_071r

1947 Ayer Harriet Lizzie Goodwin1947_12695_107r

1968 Babb Lewis Payson Goodwin1968_17686_074_1r

1946 Babcock Mildred Harriett Goodwin1946_02499_092r

1967 Babel Walter Reinhold Goodwin1967_17358_019r

1968 Babel Edwin Fred Sr. Goodwin1968_17809_197r

1956 Bach John Richard Goodwin1956_14734_214r

1960 Bachelder Mabel F. Goodwin1960_15878_160r

Page 5: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1948 Back Anna Clara Goodwin1948_12791_017r

1957 Backer Witalius John Goodwin1957_14743_004r

1966 Backer Alice Martha Wilcomb Goodwin1966_17320_224r

1960 Bacon Lillian May Goodwin1960_15848_130r

1951 Badger Morris Leon Goodwin1951_13543_142r

1954 Badger Dora Truax Goodwin1954_14230_152r

1969 Badger Robert E. Goodwin1969_17926_132r

1945 Badger Madeline Frances Goodwin1945_02391_164r

1947 Baeley Edith A. Brown Goodwin1947_02591_003r

1965 Bagoian Velma Kirk Goodwin1965_16970_141r

1952 Bailey Josie Anne Goodwin1952_13774_157r

1954 Bailey Laura Albertina Goodwin1954_14289_211r

1955 Bailey Verne Raymond Goodwin1955_14518_221r

1956 Bailey Caroline Augusta Goodwin1956_14566_046r

1957 Bailey Ralph E. Goodwin1957_14890_151r

1957 Bailey Ida C. Goodwin1957_14962_223r

1958 Bailey Edith Evelyn Goodwin1958_15173_179r

1961 Bailey Louis Harris Goodwin1961_16064_093_1r

1962 Bailey Frank Darlington Goodwin1962_16308_129r

1962 Bailey Evelyn Kaulbeck Goodwin1962_16356_177r

1965 Bailey Parker Goodwin1965_17017_188r

1966 Bailey Orie M. Goodwin1966_17157_061_1r

1967 Bailey Walter A. Goodwin1967_17372_033_1r

1969 Bailey Arthur D. Goodwin1969_17915_121r

1969 Bailey Lucy Gordon Goodwin1969_18052_258r

1950 Bailey John Anderson Goodwin1950_13262_077r

1950 Bailey John Louis Goodwin1950_13266_081r

1949 Bailey Kenneth Eugene Goodwin1949_13042_082r

1949 Bailey Ethel May Frost Frost Goodwin1949_13094_134r

1948 Bailey Ella May Goodwin1948_12777_003r

1947 Bailey Carl Eugene Goodwin1947_12729_141_2r

1961 Baines Alfred Goodwin1961_16077_106r

1950 Baines Elizabeth Smith Goodwin1950_13349_164r

1946 Baines Infant of Albert W. Baines Goodwin1946_02486_079r

1952 Baker Mertie Amy Goodwin1952_13720_103r

1952 Baker Philip Anderson Goodwin1952_13747_130r

1952 Baker John Miller Goodwin1952_13783_166r

1954 Baker Lilly Grace Goodwin1954_14217_139r

1954 Baker Gertrude Elizabeth Goodwin1954_14240_162r

1955 Baker Herbert Monroe Goodwin1955_14393_096_1r

1958 Baker Charles Maurice Goodwin1958_15110_116r

1959 Baker Maude Andrea Goodwin1959_15692_180r

1968 Baker Lizzie George George Goodwin1968_17793_181r

1959 Balch Mae Lena Goodwin1959_15325_113_1r

1954 Baldwin Harrison Peck Goodwin1954_14273_195r

1950 Baldwin Charles H. Goodwin1950_13280_095r

1946 Baldwin Arthur Griswold Goodwin1946_02563_156r

Page 6: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1961 Ball Ada Honorah Goodwin1961_16048_077r

1967 Ballentine Steven Arthur Goodwin1967_17535_196r

1951 Balloch Mary Elizabeth Goodwin1951_13541_140r

1968 Balloch Rena May Chase Goodwin1968_17720_108r

1969 Balloch James P. Goodwin1969_17898_104r

1946 Balloch Eva Arlene Oberton Goodwin1946_02418_011r

1969 Balugiani John Goodwin1969_17819_025r

1963 Bamber William Edward Goodwin1963_16522_103r

1945 Banford Infant of Ernest C. Banford Goodwin1945_02292_065r

1956 Bangs Clara Mae Goodwin1956_14733_213r

1968 Banner Mabel Dora Brown Goodwin1968_17852_240r

1957 Barber William Hodgkinson Goodwin1957_14933_194_1r

1967 Barclay James Irving Goodwin1967_17519_180r

1949 Barclay Elmer Nelson Goodwin1949_13029_069r

1953 Barker Ethel Winifred Goodwin1953_13907_062r

1950 Barker Dick Wm. Goodwin1950_13296_111r

1955 Barlow Morrill Lyman Goodwin1955_14398_101r

1960 Barlow Bertus George Goodwin1960_15828_110r

1960 Barnard Nellie Tyson Goodwin1960_15881_163r

1962 Barnard Carrie Belle Dow Goodwin1962_16359_180r

1949 Barnard Pauline Beatrice Briggs Goodwin1949_13110_150r

1948 Barnard Henry Woodbury Goodwin1948_12853_079r

1945 Barnard Arthur Cheney Goodwin1945_02269_042r

1967 Barnes Walter Goodwin1967_17516_177r

1958 Barnett Ryland Edwin Goodwin1958_15083_089r

1953 Barney Eva Jane Goodwin1953_13985_140r

1957 Barney Estella D. Goodwin1957_14823_084r

1959 Barrett Gertrude M. Goodwin1959_15214_002r

1965 Barrett Joseph Francis Goodwin1965_16956_127_1r

1965 Barrett Annie Elizabeth Goodwin1965_17016_187r

1948 Barrett Harry Goodwin1948_12848_074r

1951 Barrows Frank William Goodwin1951_13569_168r

1969 Barry Dallas Seavey Goodwin1969_17884_090r

1952 Bartlett Amy Haggerty Goodwin1952_03694_077r

1954 Bartlett Hazel May Goodwin1954_14138_060r

1955 Bartlett Albert Swett Goodwin1955_14389_092r

1955 Bartlett Alta Haubrich Goodwin1955_14437_140r

1961 Bartlett Frederick Greenleaf Goodwin1961_16038_067r

1961 Bartlett Ernest A. Goodwin1961_16092_121r

1964 Bartlett Augusta M. Goodwin1964_16921_249r

1950 Bartlett Ruth Francis Goodwin1950_13379_194r

1945 Bartlett Susie N. Goodwin1945_02245_018r

1955 Barton Edgar Arthur Goodwin1955_14487_190r

1957 Bass Luella Grace Goodwin1957_14781_042r

1965 Bass James Goodwin1965_16918_089r

1958 Bassett Emma Withington Goodwin1958_15013_019r

1969 Bassett Nellie Weston Weston Goodwin1969_17856_062_1r

Page 7: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1962 Bastian Mary A. Foley Goodwin1962_16224_045r

1956 Batchelder Clyde Goodwin1956_14530_010r

1966 Batchelder Minnie Ellen Goodwin1966_17098_012r

1948 Batchelder Isabelle Sarah Goodwin1948_12809_035r

1945 Batcherder Hugh VanderVeer Staff SgtGoodwin1945_13081_121r

1960 Bates Jessie Brooks Goodwin1960_15929_211r

1962 Bates Mary Ruth Sargent Goodwin1962_16413_234r

1966 Bates Russell Pratt Goodwin1966_17115_019r

1947 Batsleer August Louis Goodwin1947_12662_074r

1955 Battersby Catherine Goodwin1955_14301_004r

1951 Battles Hulda Caroline Goodwin1951_13467_066r

1949 Battles Geneva Lucille Goodwin1949_13138_178r

1954 Baxter Jennie Belle Goodwin1954_14284_206r

1961 Baxter Ora Goodwin1961_16055_084_2r

1963 Baxter Ora Goodwin1963_16432_013r

1966 Baxter Mabel Priscilla Geer Goodwin1966_17184_088r

1968 Baxter Lawrence Oliver Goodwin1968_17760_148r

1956 Beale Alfred Goodwin1956_14660_140r

1951 Bean Blanche Vera Goodwin1951_13595_194r

1953 Bean Josephine Esther Winslow Goodwin1953_13945_100r

1957 Bean Norwin Sherwin Goodwin1957_14927_188_1r

1959 Bean Albert Stuart Goodwin1959_15247_035r

1965 Bean Hilda Marion Goodwin1965_17014_185r

1967 Bean Elizabeth Nichols Nichols Goodwin1967_17448_109r

1967 Bean Walter R. Goodwin1967_17460_121r

1948 Bean Cora Pettingill Goodwin1948_12920_146r

1961 Beane Ervin Sidney Goodwin1961_16014_043r

1969 Beane Arthur Goodwin1969_17796_002r

1954 Beattie Margaret J. MacConnell Goodwin1954_14122_044r

1969 Beattie Jeannette Elizabeth Goodwin1969_17850_056r

1953 Beaupre Elizabeth Bowie Marshall Goodwin1953_14000_155r

1956 Beauregard Helen Louise Goodwin1956_14537_017r

1964 Beauregard Mary Nuttle Goodwin1964_16896_224r

1948 Beauregard Sadie Mary Goodwin1948_12960_186r

1958 Becker Hugo Frederick Goodwin1958_15155_161r

1960 Becker Walter Adolph Goodwin1960_15852_134r

1966 Becker Lena J. Goodwin1966_17161_065r

1953 Bee Herbert William Goodwin1953_13959_114r

1960 Bee Herbert Carl Goodwin1960_15749_031r

1951 Beeckman Pauline Goodwin1951_13501_100r

1960 Beeckman Julius Goodwin1960_15966_248r

1963 Beede Florence Pauline Goodwin1963_16536_117r

1965 Beetz Paul Robert Jr. Goodwin1965_16973_144r

1965 Behnke Herbert Louis Goodwin1965_17036_207r

1950 Belden Allen Montgomery Sr. Goodwin1950_13295_110r

1962 Belgrove Oline Olson Goodwin1962_16393_214r

1965 Belgrove Fredrice E. Goodwin1965_17052_223r

Page 8: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1957 Belknap Harry Ernest Goodwin1957_14807_068r

1956 Bell Bernard Henry Goodwin1956_14673_153_1r

1960 Bell Emily Lyman Lyman Goodwin1960_15900_182_1r

1950 Bell Edith Maud Ferguson Goodwin1950_13232_047r

1955 Bellerive Edward A. Goodwin1955_14390_093_2r

1966 Bemis Oscar Washburn Goodwin1966_17179_083r

1967 Bemis Marion Drake Goodwin1967_17391_052r

1959 Bender Harry Sidney Goodwin1959_15691_179r

1952 Benedict Anna Stuart Christie Goodwin1952_13721_104r

1954 Benedict Louis Wheaton Goodwin1954_14140_062r

1962 Bennert Annie Elizabeth Goodwin1962_16272_093r

1959 Bennett Rose Goodwin1959_15239_027r

1961 Bennett Percy Henry Goodwin1961_16062_091_1r

1962 Bennett Grace Maria Goodwin1962_16286_107r

1966 Bennett Charles Durward Goodwin1966_17101_015_1r

1966 Bennett Henry Wells Newell Dr. Goodwin1966_17259_163_1r

1949 Bennett Henry William Goodwin1949_13141_181r

1945 Bennett Verna Jean Goodwin1945_02239_012r

1957 Benson Edwin Kimball Goodwin1957_14913_174r

1962 Benson Nellie Abigail Goodwin1962_16400_221r

1952 Berg Anna J. Goodwin1952_13834_217r

1967 Berg Alfred John Goodwin1967_17357_018r

1968 Berger Richard Frederick Goodwin1968_17829_217r

1949 Berger Edward Otto Goodwin1949_13163_203r

1961 Bergholtz Mildred Soule Goodwin1961_16093_122r

1968 Bergholtz Thyra Augusta Goodwin1968_17881_269r

1947 Bergholtz Harry William Goodwin1947_12753_165r

1957 Berglund Vivian Alice Goodwin1957_14958_219r

1964 Berglund Linnie Ann Goodwin1964_16762_090_1r

1949 Berglund Charles Goodwin1949_13072_112r

1952 Bergquist John Ulric Goodwin1952_13763_146r

1950 Bergquist Wilhelmina Charlotte Goodwin1950_13283_098r

1968 Bernard Edmund Joseph Goodwin1968_17695_083r

1949 Bernard Annie Lou Goodwin1949_13016_056r

1953 Berry Nettie Wallace (French) Goodwin1953_13953_108r

1955 Berry Annie Leighton Goodwin1955_14302_005r

1959 Berry Marion Sophia Goodwin1959_15357_145r

1961 Berry Fred Gilbert Goodwin1961_16075_104r

1967 Berry Ernest Lawrence Goodwin1967_17564_225r

1968 Berry Deola Orrin Goodwin1968_17778_166r

1969 Berry Steven Goodwin1969_17964_170r

1950 Berry Nellie Jones Jones Goodwin1950_13254_069r

1947 Berry David Stanford Goodwin1947_12730_142r

1945 Berry Winston Everett Goodwin1945_02312_085_1r

1945 Berwin Nora Belle (Farley) Goodwin1945_02390_163r

1950 Berylson Samuel Goodwin1950_13348_163r

1956 Bethune Louise Susie Goodwin1956_14661_141r

Page 9: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1957 Bethune James Ross Goodwin1957_14866_127r

1946 Bethune William John Goodwin1946_02444_037r

1954 Bettney Abraham Goodwin1954_14093_015r

1962 Betts Walter George Sr. Goodwin1962_16214_035r

1957 Bickford Harry M. Goodwin1957_14804_065_1r

1962 Bickford Helen Randall Randall Goodwin1962_16367_188r

1968 Billodeau Ernest Marshall Goodwin1968_17863_251r

1949 Bingham George Hutchins Goodwin1949_13129_169r

1948 Bingham Cordelia Pearman Hinckley Goodwin1948_12930_156r

1947 Bird Beula Olney Olney Goodwin1947_12717_129r

1966 Biron Julia Sarah Goodwin1966_17139_043r

1968 Birtles Clara S. Goodwin1968_17800_188_1r

1969 Bisang George Gilchrist Goodwin1969_17900_106_1r

1958 Bischoff Helen Marie Goodwin1958_15060_066r

1968 Bischoff Kurt Karl Goodwin1968_17736_124r

1953 Bishop Elwin Goodwin1953_14041_196r

1956 Bishop Elizabeth Mary Goodwin1956_14655_135r

1960 Bishop Maude M. Goodwin1960_15962_244r

1948 Bishop George Ellsworth Goodwin1948_12900_126r

1952 Bixby Blanche A. Annan Goodwin1952_13782_165r

1954 Bixby John Allen Goodwin1954_14223_145r

1960 Bjork Miss Beda Goodwin1960_15740_022r

1945 Bjork Ottilia Paulina Goodwin1945_02280_053r

1945 Bjork Alice Esther Goodwin1945_02314_087r

1951 Black Eloise Kyle Goodwin1951_13550_149r

1955 Black Walton Whitfield Goodwin1955_14344_047r

1956 Black Bertha E. Dugeau Goodwin1956_14656_136_2r

1967 Black Flora G. Groux Goodwin1967_17403_064r

1967 Black Minnie Mabel Arthur Goodwin1967_17518_179r

1968 Black Infant Goodwin1968_17677_065r

1968 Black Infant son of Lawrence Black Goodwin1968_17786_174r

1960 Blackburn Florence Goodwin1960_15931_213r

1966 Blackburn John Herbert J. Goodwin1966_17306_210r

1967 Blackwood Diane L. Goodwin1967_17500_161r

1953 Blades Mary Frances Tufts Goodwin1953_13869_024r

1952 Blain Mary Walker Goodwin1952_13786_169r

1952 Blake Elizabeth May Grant Goodwin1952_13633_016r

1953 Blake Mabelle Florence Goodwin1953_13896_051r

1961 Blake Annie Elizabeth Goodwin1961_16119_148r

1962 Blake Edward Charles Goodwin1962_16414_235r

1957 Blakeley Oswald Thomas Goodwin1957_14820_081r

1967 Blakeslee Sally Stevens Stevens Goodwin1967_17377_038r

1958 Blanchard Howard Porter Goodwin1958_15185_191r

1962 Blanchard Meltie Nettie Goodwin1962_16397_218r

1957 Blanchet Bertha Alice Goodwin1957_14815_076r

1962 Blanchette Robert Joseph Goodwin1962_16278_099r

1952 Blandin Gertrude Stevenson Goodwin1952_13825_208r

Page 10: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1947 Blay Genevieve Olive Goodwin1947_12715_127r

1967 Blichmann Anna Goodwin1967_17415_076r

1959 Blidberg Agnes Linea Soderstrom Goodwin1959_15236_024r

1961 Blidberg Edwidg (Edna) Mary Goodwin1961_16000_029r

1965 Blidberg Einar W. Goodwin1965_16958_029_1r

1966 Blidberg Harry Gustave Goodwin1966_17329_233r

1969 Blidberg John Emile Goodwin1969_17980_186r

1950 Blidberg Emily Christina Goodwin1950_13303_118r

1956 Blixt Ernest Gideon Goodwin1956_14597_077r

1956 Blomquest Anna Louise Goodwin1956_14622_102r

1959 Blomquest Charles C. Goodwin1959_15221_009r

1951 Blood Helen Goodwin1951_13438_027r

1960 Blood Wilbur Downs Goodwin1960_15768_050_2r

1960 Blood Ella May Goodwin1960_15955_237r

1961 Blood Ethel Olivia Goodwin1961_15980_009r

1950 Blood Robert McCutchins Goodwin1950_13323_138r

1947 Blood Rogers Marshall Islands 1944Lt. Goodwin1947_12747_159r

1961 Blossom Baby Boy Goodwin1961_16096_125r

1953 Bocoeu Infant or Robert Fletcher Goodwin1953_14073_228r

1958 Bodwell Mary Osborn Goodwin1958_15093_099r

1958 Bodwell Charles Bradley Goodwin1958_15199_205r

1960 Bodwell Horace Irving Goodwin1960_15910_192r

1966 Bodwell Frank Willard Goodwin1966_17090_004r

1966 Bodwell Hilda Elizabeth Bete Goodwin1966_17308_212r

1967 Bodwell Stella C. Willis Goodwin1967_17432_093r

1945 Bogardus Jacob Ten Broeck Goodwin1945_02279_052r

1965 Bogdon Stanley Goodwin1965_17040_211_1r

1961 Bogers Matilda Goodwin1961_16131_160r

1967 Bogers Henry Goodwin1967_17418_079r

1968 Bohman Pearl Esther McIntire Goodwin1968_17849_237r

1961 Bohnhof Chris Henry Edward Goodwin1961_16162_191r

1965 Bohr Frank Melville Goodwin1965_16957_128_1r

1969 Boisclair Gail Susan Goodwin1969_18025_231r

1969 Boisoneau William Henry Goodwin1969_18005_211r

1962 Boisvert Eugene Goodwin1962_16345_166r

1969 Bolser Glendon William Goodwin1969_18021_227r

1959 Bond Clara Anetta Goodwin1959_15283_071r

1968 Bond Ernest H. Goodwin1968_17704_092r

1968 Bond Mabel Tilton Tilton Goodwin1968_17734_122r

1969 Bond Elizabeth Welch Goodwin1969_17973_179r

1946 Bond Halbert Nelson Goodwin1946_02503_096r

1945 Bond Melvin Everett Infant of Sherman E. BondGoodwin1945_02254_027r

1945 Bond Mabel-Maud Goodwin1945_02288_061r

1947 Bongers John Baptiste Goodwin1947_12750_162_2r

1955 Bonney Genevieve Mabel Goodwin1955_14318_021r

1964 Bonney Nora Fracella Goodwin1964_16864_192r

1961 Bonthron Estrid (Stromberg) Goodwin1961_16145_174r

Page 11: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1960 Booth Catherine Anne Goodwin1960_15891_173r

1967 Booth Robert P. Goodwin1967_17488_149r

1967 Booth John Wallace Goodwin1967_17510_171r

1969 Booth Esther Elizabeth Burke Goodwin1969_17987_193r

1949 Booth Carl James Goodwin1949_13049_089r

1949 Booth (infant of) Donald James Goodwin1949_13023_063r

1966 Borden Ethel Viola Goodwin1966_17123_027r

1963 Borghi Raymond Armand Goodwin1963_16553_134r

1961 Borjes Clara (Barnard) Goodwin1961_16105_134r

1967 Bouchard Eleanor Moffitt Goodwin1967_17434_095r

1958 Boulanger Florence Theresa Smith Goodwin1958_15152_158r

1954 Boulton Mary Henderson Alton Goodwin1954_14179_101r

1967 Boulton Norman Edward Goodwin1967_17402_063r

1968 Boulton George Leroy Goodwin1968_17634_022r

1961 Bourgeois Yvonne Alice Goodwin1961_16046_075_1r

1949 Bourgeois Eusebe Louis Goodwin1949_13068_108r

1951 Bourne Susie Robinson Goodwin1951_13607_206r

1963 Boutell Luna Augusta Goodwin1963_16526_107r

1946 Boutwell Stella Mary Goodwin1946_02479_072r

1953 Bowden Leander Newton Goodwin1953_13865_021_1r

1957 Bowden Raymond Charles Goodwin1957_14952_213r

1967 Bowden Charlotte Goodwin1967_17414_075r

1967 Bowen Gladys M. Goodwin1967_17485_146r

1968 Bowen Charles Francis Maj. Gen. Goodwin1968_17839_227r

1951 Bower Baby Girl Goodwin1951_13555_154r

1962 Bowie Alice Marcou Goodwin1962_16258_079r

1967 Bowie Cara Andrews Andrews Goodwin1967_17571_232r

1950 Bowie Robert Leslie Goodwin1950_13191_006r

1949 Bowie Elmer Bradford Goodwin1949_12982_022r

1957 Bowles Tillie Patridge Patridge Goodwin1957_14936_197r

1965 Bowley Ada Gertrude Goodwin1965_17012_183r

1951 Bowman Newland Weston Goodwin1951_13562_161r

1950 Boy Adele Elizabeth Goodwin1950_13267_082r

1966 Boyce George Stillman Goodwin1966_17103_017r

1965 Boyd Blanche Ruth Goodwin1965_16929_100r

1952 Boynton George Witherhead Goodwin1952_13710_093r

1954 Boynton Bertha Martina Goodwin1954_14090_012r

1945 Boynton Nellie Anna Goodwin1945_02281_054r

1961 Brace Elsie M. Woodman Goodwin1961_15996_025r

1946 Brackeley Phillip Fine Howell Goodwin1946_02424_017r

1961 Bradeen Adria Nettie Goodwin1961_16061_090r

1965 Bradford Harland Ranson Goodwin1965_16982_053r

1945 Bradford Abbie Ann Paige Goodwin1945_02331_104r

1959 Bradley Irving Roscoe Goodwin1959_15268_056_2r

1964 Bradley Jessie B. Goodwin1964_16727_055r

1946 Bradley Anna Frances Goodwin1946_02489_082r

1945 Bradley Infants of Edward Bradley Goodwin1945_02230_003r

Page 12: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1968 Bragg Maurice E. Goodwin1968_17889_277r

1968 Brakeley Edna Reese Goodwin1968_17767_155r

1961 Braley Elizabeth Goodwin1961_16143_172r

1956 Branch Oliver Winslow Goodwin1956_14551_031r

1966 Branch Oliver Winslow Jr. Goodwin1966_17297_201r

1967 Brannen Edith Kenney Wickens Goodwin1967_17436_097r

1962 Brasley Donna Marie Goodwin1962_16222_043r

1968 Braverman Abraham Goodwin1968_17882_270r

1945 Brenlou Clara Chase Nichols Goodwin1945_02275_048r

1964 Brent Nathaniel Charles Goodwin1964_16805_133r

1948 Bresnahan Florence Inez Goodwin1948_12861_087_1r

1953 Brewer Gordon Lee Goodwin1953_13861_016r

1950 Brewer Homer Lee Goodwin1950_13204_019r

1948 Brewer Hattie Almira Devine Goodwin1948_12897_123r

1947 Bridgman Martha A. Goodwin1947_12760_172r

1953 Briggs Harry Burnside Goodwin1953_13965_120r

1953 Briggs Harry John Goodwin1953_13973_128r

1960 Briggs Jean McQuarrie Goodwin1960_15960_242r

1966 Briggs Gordon Walter Goodwin1966_17336_240r

1952 Brightman Harrison Foster Goodwin1952_13798_181r

1951 Brinson John Martin Goodwin1951_13465_064r

1955 Brinson Infant of Frank Smith Goodwin1955_14485_188r

1968 Britton George Dayton Goodwin1968_17712_100r

1956 Broadhead Mary Grace Griffin Goodwin1956_14698_178r

1962 Broadhead Arthur Buckley Goodwin1962_16350_171r

1965 Broadhead Albert Goodwin1965_16965_136r

1969 Broadhead Arthur Joseph Goodwin1969_18026_232r

1950 Broadhead John Buckley Goodwin1950_13354_169r

1947 Broadhead Fannie Eliza Guthrie Goodwin1947_12647_059r

1945 Broadhead Donald Perkins Jr. Goodwin1945_02382_155r

1950 Broadhurst Ada Barnes Goodwin1950_13360_175r

1962 Brock Elmer Frank Goodwin1962_16351_172r

1964 Brock Loretta Frances Goodwin1964_16807_135r

1950 Brock Charles Cleon Goodwin1950_13362_177r

1948 Brock Lena Maude Goodwin1948_12846_072r

1949 Brodell Anna L. Goodwin1949_13052_092r

1960 Brodie Isadore Arthur Goodwin1960_15895_177r

1966 Broking Frank J. Goodwin1966_17174_078r

1949 Brooks Josephine Maud Goodwin1949_13096_136r

1947 Brooks Margaret Tait Tait Goodwin1947_12729_141_1r

1957 Brothers Florence Lillian Waterman Goodwin1957_14752_013r

1951 Brown Maude Evelyn Goodwin1951_13434_023r

1952 Brown Harriet Trask Goodwin1952_13801_184r

1952 Brown Mary Snadden Goodwin1952_13822_205r

1953 Brown Annie Flanders Flanders Goodwin1953_14053_208r

1953 Brown William Thomas Goodwin1953_14067_222r

1954 Brown Carrie Rose Goodwin1954_14113_035r

Page 13: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1954 Brown Ethel Malinda Davison Goodwin1954_14154_076r

1954 Brown Paul Brigden Goodwin1954_14228_150r

1954 Brown Ernest Fletcher Goodwin1954_14291_213r

1955 Brown Theodore Winthrop Goodwin1955_14303_006r

1955 Brown John Alvin Goodwin1955_14440_143r

1956 Brown Charles Squire Goodwin1956_14649_129r

1956 Brown Elmer Johnathan Goodwin1956_14687_167r

1957 Brown George Herbert Goodwin1957_14763_024r

1957 Brown Maude Frances Goodwin1957_14903_164r

1957 Brown Perley Kimball Goodwin1957_14957_218r

1958 Brown Eliza Lindsey Lindsey Goodwin1958_15070_076r

1960 Brown Addison Dexting Goodwin1960_15730_012r

1960 Brown Alta S. Goodwin1960_15885_167_1r

1960 Brown Chester Perkins M.D. Goodwin1960_15911_193r

1962 Brown Moses J. Goodwin1962_16217_038r

1962 Brown Ida A. Gray Goodwin1962_16389_210r

1963 Brown Infant of Thomas H. Goodwin1963_16510_091r

1963 Brown Marion Esther Tibbetts Goodwin1963_16549_130r

1964 Brown Clara Emma Goodwin1964_16837_165r

1967 Brown George Napoleon Goodwin1967_17411_072r

1967 Brown Elsie Bates Bates Goodwin1967_17556_217r

1967 Brown Sophia Charlotte Schute Goodwin1967_17561_222r

1967 Brown Belle Wyman Wyman Goodwin1967_17584_245r

1967 Brown Edwin Joseph Goodwin1967_17604_265r

1968 Brown Yvonne C. Camire Goodwin1968_17821_209r

1968 Brown Herbert P. Goodwin1968_17880_268_1r

1969 Brown Nina Mae Chase Goodwin1969_17807_013r

1950 Brown Jesse Frank Goodwin1950_13186_001r

1950 Brown Annie Fox Goodwin1950_13195_010r

1947 Brown Myra A. Goodwin1947_02593_005r

1947 Brown Lillian Winifred Goodwin1947_12673_085r

1947 Brown Jennie Louise Wright Goodwin1947_12704_116r

1945 Brown Emma Amanda Goodwin1945_02359_132r

1958 Bruce Kevin Allen Goodwin1958_15186_192_1r

1959 Bruce Patricia Ann Goodwin1959_15313_101r

1965 Bruce Olive S. Goodwin1965_17054_225_1r

1953 Bruins Louise Priscilla Goodwin1953_13914_069r

1951 Brunt Kenneth Cameron Goodwin1951_13464_063r

1952 Brunt Jane M. Goodwin1952_13621_004r

1964 Bruso Francis Edmond Goodwin1964_16802_130r

1956 Bryant Elizabeth Ann Goodwin1956_14531_011r

1957 Bryant Hazel Hortense Goodwin1957_14816_077r

1959 Bryant Edna Seller Goodwin1959_15319_107_2r

1967 Bryant Blanche Louise Goodwin1967_17594_255r

1949 Bryant Ernest Richardson Goodwin1949_13184_224r

1952 Bryden James Harold Goodwin1952_13623_006r

1954 Buck Merritt O. Goodwin1954_14213_135r

Page 14: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1954 Buck Burton Winthrop Goodwin1954_14274_196r

1957 Buck Christian Herman Goodwin1957_14965_226r

1962 Buck Annie R. Goodwin1962_16206_027r

1967 Buck Margaret Kennedy Goodwin1967_17499_160r

1967 Buck Harry Forrest Goodwin1967_17560_221r

1947 Buck Lynn Arthur Goodwin1947_12650_062r

1945 Buck Jenny Foss Goodwin1945_02238_011r

1960 Buckley Katherine Goodwin1960_15734_016r

1960 Buckley Elsa Duerr Goodwin1960_15779_061r

1962 Buffet Sarah Leah Hirshberg Goodwin1962_16410_231r

1959 Buffum Martha Prescott Goodwin1959_15219_007r

1962 Buffum Charles Stewart Goodwin1962_16376_197r

1964 Bullard Ruth Louise Goodwin1964_16744_072r

1960 Bullis Ella Goodwin1960_15865_147r

1969 Bundy Robert Stuart Goodwin1969_18012_218r

1964 Bunker Cora Elizabeth Goodwin1964_16791_119r

1947 Bunker Charles Thomas Goodwin1947_12765_177r

1945 Bunker Eugene Lane Goodwin1945_02329_102_2r

1955 Bunnell Philip Thomas Goodwin1955_14358_061r

1946 Bunnell Nellie Edith Jordan Goodwin1946_02490_083r

1953 Bunton Robert Goodwin1953_13946_101r

1961 Bunton Mary Ella Goodwin1961_15997_026r

1945 Bunton Andrew Buzzell Goodwin1945_02277_050r

1955 Burbank Alice F. Goodwin1955_14470_173r

1957 Burbank Gertrude Rose Goodwin1957_14843_104r

1958 Burbank Eva Mae Goodwin1958_15171_177r

1965 Burbank Maurice Lyman Goodwin1965_17021_192r

1950 Burbank Charlie C. Goodwin1950_13338_153r

1957 Burdick Wanton Eugene Goodwin1957_14838_099r

1961 Burger Annie Holen Goodwin1961_16114_143r

1954 Burgess Goldie Roberta Goodwin1954_14279_201r

1959 Burgess Arley Alton Goodwin1959_15293_081r

1946 Burghardt Gustave Paul Goodwin1946_02516_109r

1952 Burke Louis Frederick Goodwin1952_13619_002r

1953 Burke Sarah Annie Goodwin1953_14052_207r

1956 Burke Ellen H. Goodwin1956_14548_028r

1959 Burke Richard J. Goodwin1959_15373_161r

1960 Burke John Nelson Snowden Goodwin1960_15857_139r

1962 Burke Harold Augustus Goodwin1962_16315_136r

1968 Burke Gertrude E. Goodwin1968_17833_221r

1954 Burleigh Carolyn Theresa Goodwin1954_14167_089r

1960 Burleigh Margaret Blackburn Goodwin1960_15810_092r

1947 Burleigh Margaret Wesselhoeft Goodwin1947_02603_015r

1946 Burleigh Clara Leila Goodwin1946_02422_015r

1945 Burleigh Jennie White Goodwin1945_02305_078r

1964 Burlingame Myrtie Esther Goodwin1964_16850_178r

1948 Burman Henry William Goodwin1948_12835_061r

Page 15: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1945 Burnap Cora Ballard Goodwin1945_02337_110r

1962 Burnett Douglas John Goodwin1962_16264_085r

1954 Burnham Alice Goodwin1954_14237_159r

1955 Burnham Arthur Lorenzo Goodwin1955_14305_008_2r

1956 Burnham Aaron Richard Goodwin1956_14539_019r

1964 Burnham Marion Shaw Goodwin1964_16923_251r

1965 Burnham Edward H. Goodwin1965_17074_245r

1961 Burns Carrie Etta Douglas Goodwin1961_16034_063r

1963 Burns Harrison Morton Goodwin1963_16461_042r

1969 Burns Melvin Robert Goodwin1969_17879_085r

1950 Burns Mary Elyabeth Goodwin1950_13327_142r

1958 Burpee Benjamin Prescott M.D. Goodwin1958_15190_196r

1960 Burpee Howard Ainsworth Sr. Goodwin1960_15964_246r

1967 Burpee Marguerite Rose Burke Goodwin1967_17482_143_1r

1968 Burpee Benjamin P. Jr. Goodwin1968_17644_032r

1948 Burpee Wilfred Ernest Goodwin1948_12842_068r

1945 Burpee Jennie A. Goodwin1945_02336_109r

1953 Burrell Freeland Herbert Goodwin1953_13897_052r

1964 Burroughs Dorothy Wellman Goodwin1964_16838_166r

1967 Burroughs Stella A. Langevin Goodwin1967_17364_025r

1945 Burroughs Helen Sophie Phillips Goodwin1945_02326_099r

1953 Bursiel Arthur Edward Goodwin1953_13910_065r

1954 Bursiel Robert Foster Goodwin1954_14100_022r

1959 Bursiel Inez Grace Goodwin1959_15216_004r

1965 Burton Barbara Ann Goodwin1965_16935_006r

1965 Burton Florence Louise Goodwin1965_16958_129_1r

1968 Burton Leslie Arthur Goodwin1968_17684_072r

1969 Burton John Verne Goodwin1969_17867_073r

1949 Burton John Allan Goodwin1949_13146_186r

1962 Burtt William H. Goodwin1962_16349_170r

1964 Bushee David Deevey Goodwin1964_16801_129r

1965 Bushnell Robert Warren Goodwin1965_16910_081r

1965 Buswell Ernest Langley Goodwin1965_16949_020r

1961 Butler Leila Frances Young Goodwin1961_16113_142r

1948 Butler James McLellan Goodwin1948_12908_134r

1945 Butler Frederick Albert Goodwin1945_02401_174r

1945 Butterfield Belle K. Goodwin1945_02404_177r

1946 Buttrick Willis Dunlap Goodwin1946_02509_102r

1955 Buxton Laura Etta Goodwin1955_14400_103r

1959 Buxton George Carter Goodwin1959_15244_032r

1964 Buxton Fred Harris Goodwin1964_16701_029r

1969 Buxton Sarah L. Wright Goodwin1969_18007_213r

1949 Buxton Charles Monroe Goodwin1949_13132_172r

1959 Byam-Laird Clayre Frances Goodwin1959_15281_069r

1946 Byerly Iva Melissa Allen Goodwin1946_02513_106r

1958 Byron Charles Edward Goodwin1958_15077_083r

1963 Byron Doris Mary Goodwin1963_16442_023r

Page 16: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1965 Byron Clarence Arthur Goodwin1965_17015_186r

1949 Byron (?Biron) Mary E. Goodwin1949_13034_074r

1969 Cacavas Stephen James Goodwin1969_18036_242r

1950 Cadarette Raymond Goodwin1950_13371_186r

1958 Cadwell Florence Alberta Goodwin1958_15126_132r

1952 Cagle Phyllis G. Erskine Goodwin1952_13773_156r

1948 Caine Infant of Stella Caine Goodwin1948_12800_026r

1948 Caldwell Plina Goodwin1948_12816_042r

1965 Calkins Merrill A. Goodwin1965_17063_234_1r

1962 Call Erna B. ??? Goodwin1962_16388_209r

1956 Callaghan Bessie Altena Goodwin1956_14737_217r

1960 Calquhoun Baby Girl Goodwin1960_15934_216r

1950 Calvert Marjorie Naomi Goodwin1950_13207_022r

1964 Camann Saul Goodwin1964_16717_045_1r

1954 Cameron Annie Marie Goodwin1954_14086_008r

1946 Cameron Perley William Goodwin1946_02559_152r

1960 Camf Oscar Ferdinand Goodwin1960_15967_249r

1966 Camf Cecilia Erickson Goodwin1966_17247_151r

1968 Camf Althea May Goodwin1968_17866_254_1r

1954 Campbell Perley James Goodwin1954_14116_038r

1956 Campbell Baby Girl Goodwin1956_14671_151r

1957 Campbell Nettie Bell Goodwin1957_14762_023_1r

1960 Campbell Elizabeth M. Cross Goodwin1960_15901_183r

1961 Campbell Edwin Murray Goodwin1961_16148_177_1r

1962 Campbell Maurice Byron Goodwin1962_16192_013r

1964 Campbell Neil Archibald Goodwin1964_16774_102r

1965 Campbell Ralph Ira Goodwin1965_16935_106_1r

1965 Campbell Clara Goodhue Goodwin1965_16959_030r

1968 Campbell Horace A. Goodwin1968_17706_094r

1969 Campbell Alice Balch Goodwin1969_17892_098r

1949 Campbell Charles Tarbell Goodwin1949_13056_096r

1949 Campbell Mabel Viola Goodwin1949_13167_207r

1947 Campbell Infant of Edward Wm (John Charles) Goodwin1947_12735_147r

1952 Canfield Eva May Goodwin1952_13784_167r

1964 Cann Edwin G. Goodwin1964_16750_078r

1950 Canney Edith M. Goodwin1950_13235_050r

1965 Canning Francis William Goodwin1965_16997_168r

1967 Canotas Louis K. Goodwin1967_17345_006r

1959 Cantin Louis N. Goodwin1959_15316_104r

1968 Cantwell Robert Goodwin1968_17761_149r

1964 Caplan David Goodwin1964_16835_163r

1968 Cappon Sultana Goodwin1968_17888_276r

1953 Caraway Fred Anson Goodwin1953_14068_223r

1953 Carbee Martha Augusta Goodwin1953_13887_042r

1965 Carbee Edgar Simons Goodwin1965_16961_132r

1950 Card Samuel Goodwin1950_13269_084r

1962 Carey Jennie Kelsea Goodwin1962_16288_109r

Page 17: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1965 Carey Carrie E. Goodwin1965_16945_016r

1950 Cargill Alvin Merton Goodwin1950_13395_210r

1953 Carleton Louise Porter Goodwin1953_13947_102r

1958 Carleton Margaret Ruth Goodwin1958_15012_018r

1963 Carlisle Jean Dudley Goodwin1963_16493_074_1r

1969 Carlisle Summer Goodwin1969_18033_239r

1953 Carlson William Edward Goodwin1953_14024_179r

1956 Carlson Fred Ernest Goodwin1956_14535_015r

1964 Carlson Mary Ella Goodwin1964_16900_228r

1965 Carlson Hemmie Charlotte Goodwin1965_16945_116r

1948 Carlson Annie Sophia Goodwin1948_12841_067r

1957 Carlton John A. Goodwin1957_14984_245r

1960 Carlton Mrs. Edith May Goodwin1960_15777_059r

1960 Carney Newell Baker Goodwin1960_15930_212r

1952 Caron Maude Elizabeth Goodwin1952_13634_017r

1955 Caron Abbie J Johnson Goodwin1955_14372_075r

1954 Carpenter Ione M. Goodwin1954_14085_007r

1954 Carpenter Gertrude Poore Goodwin1954_14249_171r

1958 Carpenter Susie W. Goodwin1958_15056_062_2r

1958 Carpenter Darwin P. Goodwin1958_15194_200r

1965 Carpenter Aretas Blood Goodwin1965_16926_097r

1967 Carpenter Harold Kenneth Goodwin1967_17554_215r

1950 Carpenter Alice Burnham Patterson Burnham Goodwin1950_13330_145r

1955 Carr Caroline Slootmaker Goodwin1955_14417_120r

1956 Carr Alice Louise Goodwin1956_14547_027_1r

1962 Carr Addie Helen Goodwin1962_16281_102r

1964 Carr Florence L. Goodwin1964_16784_112r

1968 Carr Raymond Leroy Goodwin1968_17841_229r

1966 Carroll Dena Schunemann Goodwin1966_17231_135r

1953 Carruth Grace Mabel Hartford Goodwin1953_14044_199r

1960 Carruth Nellie B. Goodwin1960_15920_202r

1947 Carruth Andrew Burbank Goodwin1947_12733_145r

1954 Carswell Ralph Clinton Goodwin1954_14142_064r

1965 Carswell Esther B. Goodwin1965_16952_123_1r

1953 Carter Ana Susan Goodwin1953_13909_064r

1958 Carter Arthur Merrill Goodwin1958_15041_047r

1958 Carter Bernice Yvonne Goodwin1958_15049_055r

1958 Carter Maurice Leon Goodwin1958_15094_100r

1968 Carter Elgina P. Babcock Goodwin1968_17777_165r

1969 Carter George Calvin Dr. Goodwin1969_17991_197r

1947 Carter Edith Lyle Veazie Goodwin1947_12734_146r

1958 Casey Chester Maxwell Goodwin1958_15065_071r

1949 Cashman Florence Isabel Little Goodwin1949_12971_011r

1962 Castell George Wm. Goodwin1962_16391_212r

1962 Castor Ansasa ??? Hungerford Goodwin1962_16399_220r

1949 Castor Jennie Venila Smith Goodwin1949_13105_145r

1951 Caswell Brainard Stetson Goodwin1951_13456_045r

Page 18: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1951 Caswell Eleanor Gault Gault Fowle Goodwin1951_13579_178r

1953 Caswell Rosa Thayer Goodwin1953_13913_068r

1953 Caswell Herbert Lyndon Goodwin1953_14021_176r

1958 Caswell Fred Melvin Goodwin1958_15161_167r

1960 Caswell Mary Ella Huntress Goodwin1960_15899_181r

1966 Caswell May Crooker Goddard Goodwin1966_17322_226r

1949 Caswell Tillie Davis Miller Goodwin1949_13090_130r

1947 Caswell Lois E. Goodwin1947_12678_090r

1949 Cate Mary Belle Dickey Goodwin1949_13120_160r

1952 Cates Rose Anna Goodwin1952_13671_054r

1952 Cates Mattie Amanda Salisbury Goodwin1952_13808_191r

1960 Cates Charles N. Goodwin1960_15839_121r

1967 Cates Robert Christopher Goodwin1967_17429_090r

1956 Catlow Amy Mary Goodwin1956_14606_086r

1962 Catlow George Henry Goodwin1962_16242_063r

1963 Catlow Samuel Goodwin1963_16475_056r

1969 Cavanaugh Jeannette L. LaChance Goodwin1969_17997_203_1r

1960 Cawley Retta M. Goodwin1960_15822_104r

1953 Cedar Sandra Goodwin1953_14050_205r

1962 Cedar John Walter Goodwin1962_16197_018r

1946 Cedar Selma Augusta Anderson Goodwin1946_02498_091r

1967 Celen William Goodwin1967_17413_074r

1954 Chalbeck Anna Sophia Goodwin1954_14148_070r

1963 Chalbeck Valda Goodwin1963_16447_028r

1948 Chalbeck William Goodwin1948_12956_182r

1946 Chalbeck Ellen Samalis Goodwin1946_02527_120r

1961 Chalmers George Goodwin1961_16161_190r

1969 Chalmers Mary Pollock Goodwin1969_17865_071r

1954 Chamberlain Lillian Brown Goodwin1954_14194_116r

1958 Chamberlen Ernest Everett Allan Goodwin1958_15002_008r

1951 Chamberlin Charles D. Goodwin1951_13456_055r

1953 Chamberlin Edith Coates Goodwin1953_14064_219r

1960 Chambers Josephine Eleanora Goodwin1960_15762_044r

1957 Chandler Harry Tewskbury Goodwin1957_14935_196_1r

1964 Chandler Annie Belle Goodwin1964_16895_223r

1967 Chandler Med Marston Goodwin1967_17572_233r

1948 Chandler Ella Nichols Goodwin1948_12913_139r

1946 Chandler Frank Chase Goodwin1946_02427_020r

1962 Chaney Albert Ralph Goodwin1962_16321_142r

1964 Chaney Hattie Eleanor Goodwin1964_16892_220r

1946 Chaney Edgar Ray Goodwin1946_02465_058r

1946 Chaney Marcia May Goodwin1946_02529_122r

1951 Chapman Rupert Wesley Goodwin1951_13611_210r

1963 Chapman Guy Emery Goodwin1963_16546_127r

1946 Chapman Charles William Goodwin1946_02553_146r

1953 Chappell Charles Raymond D.D. Goodwin1953_14009_164r

1966 Charas George Victor Goodwin1966_17096_010r

Page 19: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1949 Charbonneau Mary (infant of Arthur Charbonneau) Goodwin1949_13091_131r

1945 Charest George Goodwin1945_02317_090r

1948 Charon Cora I. Goodwin1948_12944_170_2r

1963 Charpentier Armand Geroge Goodwin1963_16543_124_1r

1967 Charron Alfred Joseph Goodwin1967_17471_132r

1955 Charter John Franklin Goodwin1955_14315_018r

1956 Charter Allen Hurlburt Goodwin1956_14693_173r

1961 Chartray William G. Goodwin1961_16150_179r

1952 Chase Curtis C. Goodwin1952_13771_154_1r

1953 Chase Lewiell Mozart Goodwin1953_13969_124r

1957 Chase Alice Mabel Goodwin1957_14770_031r

1958 Chase Lee Roy Goodwin1958_15026_032r

1963 Chase Infant of Ira Goodwin1963_16503_084_2r

1965 Chase Annie A. Goodwin1965_16940_011r

1967 Chase Jasper Goodwin1967_17392_053r

1968 Chase Louis Harry Goodwin1968_17759_147r

1950 Chatterton William Keith Goodwin1950_13219_034r

1965 Chauncey Gordon Lyde Goodwin1965_16912_083r

1946 Cheney Mabel Moore Moore Goodwin1946_02408_001r

1957 Chesbrough Gertrude Mae Goodwin1957_14839_100r

1949 Cheyne James Grierson Goodwin1949_12973_013r

1950 Chilcott Edmund Thomas Goodwin1950_13381_196r

1966 Childs Elizabeth McAllister Goodwin1966_17303_207r

1969 Childs John Shedd Goodwin1969_17836_042_1r

1951 Chinn Flora Anna Goodwin1951_13552_151r

1960 Chipman Roscoe Dyer Goodwin1960_15938_220_1r

1948 Chipman Maud Endora Dyer Goodwin1948_12862_088r

1957 Chouinard Josephine Goodwin1957_14786_047r

1957 Chouinard Esdras Goodwin1957_14795_056r

1964 Christie Permilla M. Goodwin1964_16871_199r

1947 Christie Olan Maurice Goodwin1947_12631_043r

1953 Christophe Herman M.D. Goodwin1953_14014_169_1r

1960 Christophe Edna Carlotta or Carlotte??? Goodwin1960_15829_111r

1962 Christophe Emil C. Goodwin1962_16407_228r

1948 Christophe Elizabeth Margaret Goodwin1948_12883_109r

1961 Christopher Henry Edward Goodwin1961_16008_037r

1951 Churchill George Herbert Goodwin1951_13428_017r

1958 Churchill Mrs. Clara Ethel Goodwin1958_15153_159r

1963 Chute Leland G. Goodwin1963_16426_007r

1952 Cilley Milton Horatio Goodwin1952_13790_173r

1964 Clainos Helen C. Goodwin1964_16910_238r

1957 Clair Samuel James Goodwin1957_14883_144r

1967 Clair Lavina N. Goodwin1967_17509_170r

1950 Clapp Charles Osman Goodwin1950_13384_199r

1951 Clark Katherine Frances Goodwin1951_13524_123r

1954 Clark Celan Bailey Goodwin1954_14110_032r

1954 Clark Harold Tasker Goodwin1954_14157_079r

Page 20: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1954 Clark Eugene Smith Goodwin1954_14209_131r

1956 Clark Frederick Jr. Goodwin1956_14738_218_1r

1958 Clark Gerald Hunt Goodwin1958_15021_027r

1958 Clark Gordon Findlay Goodwin1958_15025_031r

1958 Clark Mary A. Duplessis Goodwin1958_15104_110r

1959 Clark Maud Ethel Goodwin1959_15254_042r

1959 Clark Augustus Warren Goodwin1959_15264_052r

1960 Clark Ethelyn Morse Goodwin1960_15874_156r

1961 Clark Richard Henry Sr. Goodwin1961_16006_035r

1961 Clark Florence Louise Anderson Goodwin1961_16111_140r

1962 Clark George Goodwin1962_16320_141r

1965 Clark Pamela Erin Goodwin1965_16967_038r

1967 Clark Lillian E. Tasker Goodwin1967_17451_112r

1967 Clark Louise Wood Wood Goodwin1967_17547_208r

1968 Clark Emily Viola Goodwin1968_17794_282r

1969 Clark Louis Sargent Goodwin1969_17983_189r

1950 Clark Fred Norris Goodwin1950_13410_225r

1949 Clark Ernest Everette Goodwin1949_13061_101r

1946 Clark Herbert Sawyer Goodwin1946_02496_089r

1954 Clarke Grace Linnie Boyson Goodwin1954_14150_072r

1945 Clarke Frank Lewis Goodwin1945_02375_148r

1946 Clauson Ida Paulina Goodwin1946_02577_170r

1960 Clay Agnes S. Goodwin1960_15858_140r

1965 Cleaveland Baby Girl Goodwin1965_17013_184r

1958 Clement Mary Louise Reid Goodwin1958_15100_106r

1967 Clement Ada Lillian Walsh Goodwin1967_17592_253r

1950 Clement Nellie Medora Goodwin1950_13363_178r

1951 Clements Grace Martha Gordon Goodwin1951_13486_085r

1964 Clements Frederick Goodwin1964_16786_114r

1960 Clifford Ray Lawrence Goodwin1960_15918_200r

1960 Cline Kathleen Goodwin1960_15953_235r

1960 Clock Mrs. Enid Laing Goodwin1960_15743_025r

1967 Close Helen A. Milliner Goodwin1967_17550_211r

1952 Clough Bertha Marion Goodwin1952_13635_018r

1955 Clough Edith Morton Goodwin1955_14362_065r

1956 Clough Elizabeth Jenks Goodwin1956_14626_106r

1961 Clough Mattie Florence Goodwin1961_16035_064r

1961 Clough Edward Goodwin1961_16041_070r

1967 Clough Frank Edward Goodwin1967_17610_271r

1950 Clough Alice Mary Goodwin1950_13226_041r

1949 Clough Lucie (Eaton) Goodwin1949_13037_077r

1948 Clough Etta Priscilla Prouty Goodwin1948_12874_100r

1946 Clough Rose Amelia Carlisle Goodwin1946_02539_132r

1965 Cloutier David Christopher Goodwin1965_17038_209r

1967 Cloutier Isadore Peter Goodwin1967_17576_237r

1966 Clow Harold Dewitt Goodwin1966_17088_002r

1947 Coaker Catherine Edith Goodwin1947_12676_088r

Page 21: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1953 Coburn Jennie Maud Goodwin1953_13924_079r

1953 Coburn Daisy Sarah Goodwin1953_14058_213r

1957 Coburn Frank Milton Goodwin1957_14900_161r

1958 Coburn Luella Agnes Goodwin1958_15019_025r

1965 Coburn Della S. Goodwin1965_16894_065r

1969 Coburn Lena Goodwin1969_18024_230r

1949 Coburn Wendy Jane Goodwin1949_13156_196r

1964 Cochran Jeffery Scott Goodwin1964_16853_181r

1967 Cochran William Goodwin1967_17609_270r

1969 Cochran Kate Elizaveth Filleul Goodwin1969_18046_252_1r

1954 Cochrane Doris Herrick Goodwin1954_14123_045_1r

1957 Cochrane Harry R. Goodwin1957_14817_078r

1959 Cochrane Earl Penniman Goodwin1959_15351_139r

1950 Cochrane Miles Chamberlain Goodwin1950_13373_188r

1946 Cochrane Amy Ella Goodwin1946_02463_056r

1968 Codaire Gertrude Morse Goodwin1968_17824_212_1r

1946 Coffill Ida Bell Boyson Goodwin1946_02566_159r

1961 Coffin Nancy Swaine Goodwin1961_16086_115r

1962 Coffrin Ruby Bixby Bixby Goodwin1962_16271_092r

1954 Cogswell Linnie Althea Goodwin1954_14241_163r

1960 Cohen Rae L. Goodwin1960_15796_078r

1960 Cohen Ruth M. Miller Goodwin1960_15819_101r

1962 Cohen Andrew Lewis Goodwin1962_16298_119r

1964 Cohen John Abraham Goodwin1964_16778_106r

1968 Cohen Max Goodwin1968_17840_228r

1965 Cokinos Charles A. Goodwin1965_16932_103r

1953 Colbath Charles James Goodwin1953_13898_053r

1956 Colbath Frank James Goodwin1956_14464_144r

1959 Colburn William Ernest Gardiner Goodwin1959_15257_045r

1964 Colburn Francis Warren Goodwin1964_16826_154_2r

1953 Colby Thomas Michiel Goodwin1953_13939_094r

1955 Colby James Abial Goodwin1955_14429_132r

1956 Colby Gertrude Ellen Goodwin1956_14643_123r

1957 Colby Perley Donald Goodwin1957_14792_053r

1957 Colby Nettie Mae Goodwin1957_14964_225r

1959 Colby Frank Leroy Goodwin1959_15266_054r

1961 Colby Helen Arlene Duncan Goodwin1961_16117_146r

1964 Colby Wilma N. Goodwin1964_16691_019r

1964 Colby Walter Hamilton Goodwin1964_16781_109r

1964 Colby Alice Florence Goodwin1964_16819_147r

1964 Colby Maybelle Goodwin1964_16890_218_1r

1967 Colby Metrie Amy Goodwin1967_17534_195r

1967 Colby Harry M. Goodwin1967_17606_267r

1967 Colby Cora Belle Whitcher Goodwin1967_17608_269r

1947 Colby Annie Blanchard Goodwin1947_12749_161r

1945 Colby Infant of William Colby Goodwin1945_02290_063r

1945 Colby Mary MacDonald MacDonald Goodwin1945_02364_137r

Page 22: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1945 Colby John Howe Goodwin1945_02397_170r

1959 Colchester Arthur Edward Goodwin1959_15310_098r

1962 Coldwell Archie Samuel Goodwin1962_16280_101r

1961 Cole Infant of Bernard W. Goodwin1961_16043_072r

1964 Cole Harry Llewellyn Goodwin1964_16679_007r

1965 Cole Ralph E. Goodwin1965_17055_226_2r

1955 Colford Winifred Callahan Goodwin1955_14404_107_3r

1968 Collinge Percey Gregory Goodwin1968_17806_194r

1951 Collins Ethel Gertrude Goodwin1951_13415_004r

1962 Collins Francis Goodwin1962_16187_008_2r

1967 Collins Patrick Joseph Goodwin1967_17386_047r

1949 Collins Harriet Maria Cooke Goodwin1949_13073_113r

1947 Collins Martha Clark Clark Goodwin1947_02590_002r

1945 Collins John Bernard Goodwin1945_02265_038r

1952 Colter Bertram Goodwin1952_13768_151r

1964 Colter Blanche Varnum Varnum Goodwin1964_16882_210r

1968 Colter Kathryn Margaret Goodwin1968_17697_085r

1962 Colyn Mary (or Marie???) Leonie DeVisscher Goodwin1962_16363_184r

1965 Come Henry Noel Goodwin1965_17003_174r

1965 Come Edward Peter Goodwin1965_17065_236r

1968 Condon Lilly Irene Sundeen Goodwin1968_17724_112r

1956 Conely Helen Beatrice Goodwin1956_14544_024r

1963 Conger Minnie Munson Goodwin1963_16542_123r

1966 Connell Samuel Goodwin1966_17163_067r

1952 Connett Mary Elizabeth Goodwin1952_13645_028r

1960 Connor Gerald E. Goodwin1960_15784_066r

1960 Connor Luella Jeannette MacIver??? Goodwin1960_15869_151r

1946 Connors Beatric Agnes Foster Goodwin1946_02530_123r

1959 Constable William James Goodwin1959_15271_059_2r

1954 Cook Elsie Bell Goodwin1954_14204_126r

1956 Cook Erwin Leopold Goodwin1956_14572_052r

1957 Cook Bertha Ellen Goodwin1957_14757_018_1r

1959 Cook Marion H. Goodwin1959_15697_185r

1961 Cook Leonard Goodwin1961_16118_147r

1965 Cook Ernest Matthew Goodwin1965_16978_049r

1965 Cook Sidney Fletcher Goodwin1965_17086_257r

1966 Cook Walter Hamilton Goodwin1966_17224_128r

1946 Cook Elizabeth M. Goodwin1946_02467_060r

1948 Cooke Ruby Harper Goodwin1948_12840_066r

1968 Cooley Minnia Elfie Atwood Goodwin1968_17793_281_1r

1967 Coolidge Edith L. Goodwin1967_17491_152r

1951 Coon Donna Lee Goodwin1951_13512_111r

1955 Coons Edward Aldred Goodwin1955_14353_056r

1960 Coons Herbert Goodwin1960_15926_208r

1956 Cooper Emma Jane Goodwin1956_14534_014r

1961 Cooper Mary Goodman Goodwin1961_15986_015r

1965 Copeland Zelma Sytha Goodwin1965_16952_023r

Page 23: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1960 Copp Harold Eduard or Edward ??? Goodwin1960_15956_238r

1954 Corey Mabel Nettie Goodwin1954_14297_219r

1955 Corey Rose Minerva Goodwin1955_14385_088r

1960 Corey Harvey T. Goodwin1960_15807_089r

1961 Corey Emma Ferris Goodwin1961_16097_126r

1963 Corey William Ernest Goodwin1963_16519_100r

1964 Corey Lester Spencer Goodwin1964_16789_117r

1967 Corey Edward Leon Goodwin1967_17447_108r

1968 Corey Bernice Eva Reynolds Goodwin1968_17816_204_1r

1950 Corey Jessie Roger Goodwin1950_13215_030r

1947 Corey Anna Kraty Goodwin1947_12708_120r

1945 Corey Arnold Dean P.F.C. Goodwin1945_12965_005r

1962 Corkum Nellie Louise Lindahl Goodwin1962_16239_060r

1965 Corkum George D. Goodwin1965_16900_071_1r

1947 Corless Helen Newton Goodwin1947_12746_158r

1958 Corliss Arthur Walter Goodwin1958_15107_113r

1962 Corliss Elizabeth Mabel Latouche Goodwin1962_16370_191r

1962 Corliss Minnie May Goodwin1962_16382_203r

1945 Corliss Jay Horace Goodwin1945_02293_066r

1966 Cormey Rowell Freeman Goodwin1966_17236_140_1r

1950 Cormey Mary Leach Leach Goodwin1950_13216_031r

1947 Cornett Bruce Wilson inf. of Lurther Cronett Goodwin1947_02599_011r

1955 Corning Grace Lydia Goodwin1955_14306_009r

1955 Corning Amos Giles Goodwin1955_14471_174r

1956 Corning Ina Brown Goodwin1956_14529_009r

1959 Corning Nettie Isabella Goodwin1959_15297_049r

1959 Corning Herbert Morton Goodwin1959_15698_186r

1967 Corning Maurice Robert Goodwin1967_17399_060r

1969 Corning Blanche L. Goodwin1969_17934_140r

1969 Corr Robert James Goodwin1969_17820_026_1r

1964 Corrigan Grace Mae Merrill Goodwin1964_16710_038r

1966 Corrigan James Joseph Goodwin1966_17156_060r

1964 Corson Leona Elizabeth Goodwin1964_16894_222r

1946 Costello Infant of Ernest E. (male) Goodwin1946_02413_006r

1959 Cote Arthur Bruno Goodwin1959_15262_050r

1964 Cote Georgia L. Goodwin1964_16699_027r

1969 Cote Wilma Roberta Goodwin1969_18038_244r

1945 Cottam Ellen Crossley Goodwin1945_02389_162r

1946 Couch Gertrude Addie Goodwin1946_02437_030r

1966 County Rose Goodwin1966_17146_050r

1951 Courser Emily Templeton Goodwin1951_13454_043r

1951 Cousins Edward Newton Goodwin1951_13573_172r

1952 Cousins Ruby Cutter Goodwin1952_13712_095r

1955 Cousins Lois Kilham Goodwin1955_14365_068r

1958 Covey Marion Dean Goodwin1958_15172_178r

1953 Covill Jeanette Craig McCaskie Goodwin1953_13967_122r

1964 Cowan Walter James Goodwin1964_16682_010r

Page 24: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1962 Cowing John Edward Goodwin1962_16317_138r

1955 Cox Robert Edmund Goodwin1955_14467_170r

1960 Cox Celia Ann Royea Goodwin1960_15913_195r

1967 Crabtree Mary Ellen Goodwin1967_17566_227r

1955 Crafts Otis Thompson Goodwin1955_14327_030r

1964 Crafts Claude Milton Goodwin1964_16856_184r

1965 Crafts Rosalind Olzendam Goodwin1965_16969_040r

1969 Crafts Una MacDonald Goodwin1969_17881_087r

1949 Crafts Stephen Corwin Goodwin1949_13009_049r

1949 Crafts Peter P. (stillborn of) Goodwin1949_13008_048r

1963 Cragne William J. Goodwin1963_16505_086r

1953 Craig Charles Burton Goodwin1953_14060_215r

1959 Craig Josiah Kirkwood Goodwin1959_15284_072r

1963 Craig Gertrude Clarke Clark ??? Goodwin1963_16487_068r

1963 Craig Warren Kittridge Goodwin1963_16516_097r

1965 Craig Lillian S. Stackpole Goodwin1965_16904_075r

1965 Craig Newell Burton Goodwin1965_16942_113r

1966 Craig Doris Bryer Goodwin1966_17143_047r

1958 Cram Blanche W. Goodwin1958_15009_015r

1951 Crane Infant of Philip Goodwin1951_13603_202r

1964 Crane Harold Arthur Goodwin1964_16809_137r

1959 Crawford Harold Lewis Goodwin1959_15367_155r

1960 Crawford Arthur Allen Goodwin1960_15888_170r

1968 Crawford Phoebe Goodwin1968_17830_218r

1969 Crawford Marion M. Hickman Goodwin1969_17981_187r

1949 Crawford Robert Wm Goodwin1949_13158_198r

1948 Cree Ada Elam Goodwin1948_12799_025r

1954 Cressy Minnie Louise Wells Goodwin1954_14117_039r

1960 Cripps or Gripps ??? Frederick John Goodwin1960_15849_131r

1945 Crissy Willaim Henry Goodwin1945_02352_125r

1968 Critchett Wesley A. Goodwin1968_17798_186r

1960 Crocker Albert Edward Goodwin1960_15854_136r

1963 Crocker Elspie Lucretia Goodwin1963_16483_064r

1968 Crocker Emma Goodwin1968_17723_111r

1969 Crocker Albert Edward Jr. Goodwin1969_18031_237r

1963 Cropley Walter Lyle Goodwin1963_16527_108r

1962 Crosby Charlie George Goodwin1962_16180_001_1r

1952 Cross Ethelyn Louise Marshall Goodwin1952_13772_155r

1959 Crossley Mary Goodwin1959_15324_112r

1966 Crossley Frank Goodwin1966_17180_084r

1968 Crossley Florence H. Walker Goodwin1968_17803_191r

1964 Crotty Richard J. Goodwin1964_16879_207_2r

1952 Crowell Clarence Mason Goodwin1952_13703_086r

1957 Crowell May Lizzie Goodwin1957_14881_142r

1964 Crowell David P. Goodwin1964_16843_171_2r

1966 Crowther Lillian F. Goodwin1966_17245_149r

1965 Cumming Kenneth J. Goodwin1965_17069_240r

Page 25: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1952 Cummings Cora Webb Goodwin1952_13844_227r

1953 Cummings Emma Reta Laura Goodwin1953_13934_089r

1955 Cummings Clarence Elroy Goodwin1955_14378_081r

1959 Cummings Lew Addison Goodwin1959_15333_121r

1962 Cummings Elizabeth May Goodwin1962_16211_032r

1953 Cunningham Thomas Criswell Goodwin1953_14020_175r

1969 Cunningham Margaret Alexander Goodwin1969_18008_214_1r

1947 Cunningham Etta Frances Goodwin1947_12648_060r

1965 Cupples William Wallace Sr. Goodwin1965_17022_193r

1968 Curran George Washington Goodwin1968_17707_095r

1957 Currie Isabelle Struthers Goodwin1957_14928_189r

1959 Currie John Sr. Goodwin1959_15268_056_1r

1969 Currie Mary Agnew Robertson Goodwin1969_17798_004_1r

1950 Currie George McFarland Goodwin1950_13211_026r

1945 Currie Christina Aitken Goodwin1945_02287_060r

1945 Currie Ruth Lillian Goodwin1945_02344_117r

1951 Currier Bertha May Goodwin1951_13545_144r

1951 Currier Florence Goodwin1951_13548_147r

1951 Currier Grace May Goodwin1951_13582_181r

1952 Currier Fred Roscoe Goodwin1952_13622_005r

1958 Currier Carroll Allan Goodwin1958_15177_183r

1961 Currier Fred Albert Goodwin1961_16125_154r

1962 Currier Percival Von Goodwin1962_16364_185r

1965 Currier Gyrta B. Goodwin1965_16933_004r

1966 Currier Mabel Blanche Goodwin1966_17147_051r

1966 Currier Jennie May Goodwin1966_17187_091r

1967 Currier Frank A. Goodwin1967_17356_017r

1969 Currier Effie M. Mosher Goodwin1969_17815_021r

1969 Currier Joseph Henry Goodwin1969_17896_102r

1949 Currier Mary Ella Goodwin1949_13085_125r

1949 Currier Walter Edward Goodwin1949_13087_127r

1947 Currier Mary Annie Goodwin1947_12632_044r

1956 Curtice Edward Stillman Goodwin1956_14621_101r

1949 Curtice Sarah Price Price Goodwin1949_13000_040r

1956 Curtis Vida M. Goodwin1956_14703_183r

1957 Curtis Ralph Leon Goodwin1957_14847_108r

1957 Curtis L. Ida Goodwin1957_14922_183r

1964 Curtis Olive M. Goodwin1964_16928_256r

1965 Curtis Lizzie Goodwin1965_16908_079r

1945 Curtis Frank Charles Goodwin1945_02274_047r

1951 Cushing Henry L. Goodwin1951_13461_060r

1953 Cushing Julia Ina Anderson Goodwin1953_13920_075r

1945 Cushing Howard B. Goodwin1945_02246_019r

1968 Cushon Helen J. Devine Goodwin1968_17732_120_1r

1962 Cuthbert Gladys Rosamond Cutler Goodwin1962_16386_207r

1956 Cutler Ina Mae Goodwin1956_14720_200r

1957 Cutler Lissa May Goodwin1957_14778_039r

Page 26: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1957 Cutler Judson James Goodwin1957_14783_044r

1966 Cutler Harriet Badger Badger Goodwin1966_17281_185r

1964 Dabek Infant of Sheila Goodwin1964_16769_097r

1951 Dahl Mary Lillian Robertson Goodwin1951_13466_065r

1958 Dahlberg Frank Oscar Goodwin1958_15010_016r

1960 Dahlberg Herman Eric Goodwin1960_15946_228r

1968 Dahlberg Agnes Elmira Johanson Goodwin1968_17827_215r

1949 Dahlin Edwin George Rev. Goodwin1949_13044_084r

1946 Dahlquist Claus Goodwin1946_02466_059r

1948 Dahm Geoffrey Allen Goodwin1948_12906_132r

1946 Dale James R. or Frederick Prentiss Whitten Goodwin1946_02434_027r

1962 Dalton Nellie Mae (Helen ???) Goodwin1962_16348_169r

1965 Dalton Thomas Frank Jr. Goodwin1965_17041_212r

1950 Dalton Jeanie Wallace Goodwin1950_13411_226r

1949 Dalton Thomas Frank Sr. Goodwin1949_13093_133r

1946 Dame Baby of Bernice Dame Goodwin1946_02504_097r

1969 Damon Edward Alfred Goodwin1969_18004_210r

1950 Damon Bessie M. Goodwin1950_13264_079r

1951 Damory Margaret Mary Goodwin1951_13531_130r

1951 D'Amour Paul Arthur Goodwin1951_13515_114r

1958 Dana Shirley Goodwin1958_15137_143r

1955 Danford Caroline Edwards Goodwin1955_14464_167r

1957 Danforth Dorothy Mildred Goodwin1957_14935_196_2r

1965 Danforth Harry John Goodwin1965_16901_072_1r

1953 Daniels Joel Selman Sr. Goodwin1953_13876_031r

1959 Daniels Caroline Forsaith Goodwin1959_15353_141r

1968 Daniels Anne W. Goodwin1968_17681_069r

1953 Danielson Teckla Emilia Goodwin1953_14037_192r

1950 Danielson Jennie Estella Barclay Goodwin1950_13319_134r

1960 Danziger Jane Partridge Partridge Goodwin1960_15804_086r

1964 Danziger George William Goodwin1964_16867_195r

1962 Darling Broughton White Goodwin1962_16322_143r

1954 Darrah John Arthur Goodwin1954_14282_204r

1961 Darrah Mertie May Goodwin1961_16175_204r

1962 Daucette Lewis Hart Goodwin1962_16296_117r

1951 Davis Paul Bowen Goodwin1951_13478_077r

1951 Davis Ralph Willis Goodwin1951_13551_150r

1951 Davis Florence Arvilla Goodwin1951_13609_208r

1952 Davis Isaiah William Goodwin1952_13833_216r

1954 Davis Margaret Louise Goodwin1954_14169_091r

1954 Davis Charles Sherman Goodwin1954_14247_169r

1955 Davis Harold Charles Goodwin1955_14461_164r

1956 Davis Rhoda Goodwin1956_14717_197r

1957 Davis Thomas Harper Goodwin1957_14812_073r

1958 Davis Mrs. Laura Etta Garvin Goodwin1958_15167_173r

1959 Davis Samuel Foster Goodwin1959_15245_033r

1960 Davis Claude Hiram Goodwin1960_15897_179r

Page 27: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1961 Davis Edith Florence Goodwin1961_16004_033r

1961 Davis Mabel Murray Goodwin1961_16112_141r

1961 Davis George Franklin Goodwin1961_16123_152r

1963 Davis Ella Barker Ella May Barker Goodwin1963_16555_136_1r

1964 Davis Victor McKinley Goodwin1964_16798_126r

1965 Davis Mary Lizzie Goodwin1965_17000_171_2r

1965 Davis Clifton Almer Goodwin1965_17026_197r

1965 Davis Addie Mae Goodwin1965_17034_205r

1966 Davis Milton French Goodwin1966_17293_197r

1967 Davis Helen T. McDermott Goodwin1967_17410_071_1r

1968 Davis Helen Mildred Goodwin1968_17614_002r

1968 Davis Alice Lombard Goodwin1968_17626_014r

1968 Davis Flavius Egene Goodwin1968_17639_027r

1968 Davis Clifford Keith Goodwin1968_17708_096r

1968 Davis Stella May Goodwin1968_17758_146_1r

1968 Davis Paul Brown Goodwin1968_17834_222r

1969 Davis Ella N. Goodwin1969_17816_022r

1969 Davis Norma Fisher Fisher Goodwin1969_18040_246r

1950 Davis May Winship Goodwin1950_13231_046r

1949 Davis Mary Elizabeth Welch Goodwin1949_12968_008r

1949 Davis Nancy Jane Goodwin1949_13077_117r

1947 Davis Mode Cawdery Goodwin1947_12744_156r

1946 Davis Mabel Elizabeth Goodwin1946_02528_121r

1946 Davis Agnes Loretta Goodwin1946_02575_168r

1945 Davis Juliette Goodwin1945_02285_058r

1951 Davison Herbert Newton Goodwin1951_13584_183r

1954 Davison Etta Buffum Goodwin1954_14182_104r

1963 Davison Louise Clementine Louise C. Fritzsche Goodwin1963_16528_109r

1969 Davison David Walderman Goodwin1969_17929_135r

1968 Davol Jennie Overton Taylor Goodwin1968_17838_226_1r

1955 Dawes Eva A. Goodwin1955_14320_023r

1961 Dawes Charles Austin Goodwin1961_16067_096r

1952 Day Charles Howard Goodwin1952_13660_043r

1952 Day Grace Pamela Goodwin1952_13787_170r

1953 Day James Hilton Goodwin1953_13948_103r

1957 Day James Hackett Goodwin1957_14874_135r

1964 Day Charles Howard Jr. Goodwin1964_16772_100r

1949 Day Hilton Day Goodwin1949_12976_016r

1945 Day Sadie Bent Forbes Goodwin1945_02338_111r

1957 De Freest Frances Elizabeth Keller Goodwin1957_14983_244r

1956 Deacks Albert Edward Goodwin1956_14560_040r

1966 Deaette Ethel Markey Markey Goodwin1966_17255_159r

1945 Deaks Fannie Louise Goodwin1945_02373_146r

1955 Dean Louise Tobey Goodwin1955_14507_210r

1962 Dean Annie M. Goodwin1962_16180_001_2r

1965 Dean Joseph Chadwick Goodwin1965_16936_107_1r

1958 Dearborn Blanche Levina Goodwin1958_15109_115r

Page 28: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1963 Dearborn Selma Goodwin1963_16518_099r

1945 Dearborn Mary Eva Goodwin1945_02402_175r

1948 Dearden Jennie Ilene Goodwin1948_12898_124r

1952 DeBrues Isabel-Margurite Goodwin1952_13759_142r

1967 Deinstadt Lorena M. Goodwin1967_17565_226r

1969 Deitch John MD Goodwin1969_17920_126r

1961 Dekker Cornelius Goodwin1961_16032_061r

1953 Delamarter John Edgar Jr. Goodwin1953_13849_004r

1945 Delano Floyd Sanford Goodwin1945_02370_143r

1969 Dellaca Henry Goodwin1969_17919_125_1r

1960 Demasky Joseph Walter Goodwin1960_15742_024_2r

1950 DeMeester Rose Goodwin1950_13212_027r

1954 Demetre Theodore Goodwin1954_14141_063r

1948 deMoulpied Nellie Tryon Goodwin1948_12787_013r

1959 Demulle Elizabeth S. Goodwin1959_15289_077r

1960 DeNies Gustave Goodwin1960_15846_128r

1961 Dennis Harold Edward Goodwin1961_16087_116r

1966 Dennis Louis Bert Goodwin1966_17278_182r

1949 Dennis Lydia Esther Goodwin1949_13172_212r

1964 Derosier Bernice Margaret Goodwin1964_16888_216r

1969 Derosier Paul Emile Goodwin1969_17928_134r

1968 Desharnais Milfred Geer Geer Goodwin1968_17629_017r

1963 Desilets baby boy Goodwin1963_16559_140_2r

1969 Desmarais Albert Joseph Goodwin1969_17868_074r

1958 Desrochers Eva Laroche Goodwin1958_15098_104r

1969 Desrochers George R. Goodwin1969_17946_152r

1949 Desrochers Jeannah Etta Prescott Stevens Goodwin1949_13071_111r

1946 Desroches Anna Ada Goodwin1946_02457_050r

1961 Detscher Frieda Elizabeth Goodwin1961_15991_020r

1965 Devine Joseph Murray Goodwin1965_16932_003r

1969 Devine Maurice Francis Goodwin1969_18002_208r

1950 Devine Isabelle McFarland Goodwin1950_13244_059r

1955 Dewey George Arthur Goodwin1955_14346_049r

1965 Dewey Anne F. Goodwin1965_17030_201r

1962 Dexter Alice May Colcord Goodwin1962_16210_031r

1962 Dexter Millard Newton Goodwin1962_16343_164r

1952 Dickey Esther Maria Goodwin1952_13688_071r

1955 Dickey Nellie Sarah Goodwin1955_14356_059r

1959 Dickey Stella Frances Peaslee Goodwin1959_15363_151r

1959 Dickey Harriet F. Goodwin1959_15713_201r

1960 Dickey Arthur Henry Goodwin1960_15880_162r

1950 Dickey Laura Josephine Goodwin1950_13248_063r

1956 Dickinson Muriel Grace Foster Goodwin1956_14668_148r

1952 Dickson Evelyn Ida Goodwin1952_13781_164r

1954 Dickson Hugh Goodwin1954_14288_210r

1961 Dickson Henry Robertson Goodwin1961_16103_132r

1964 Dickson Alice Goodwin Goodwin1964_16918_246r

Page 29: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1968 Dickson Donald Murray Goodwin1968_17788_176r

1951 Dietlein Edward Goodwin1951_13597_196r

1945 Dietlein Freida Milda Goodwin1945_02358_131r

1952 Dietsch Frieda E. Goodwin1952_13674_057r

1959 Dietsch Anna L. Wyman Goodwin1959_15275_063r

1960 Dietsch Emil Gustav Goodwin1960_15816_098r

1968 Dietsch Christian Edward Goodwin1968_17728_116r

1968 Dietsch Bertha Florence Goodwin1968_17861_249r

1956 Dietz Frank Albin Goodwin1956_14588_068r

1969 Dietz Bessie Hazel Nye Goodwin1969_17894_100r

1949 Dill Hazel Geneva Finisha Goodwin1949_13170_210r

1952 Dillon Lena Goodwin1952_13760_143r

1955 Dillon Amy Richards Goodwin1955_14453_156r

1954 Dilworth Lucinda Mae Goodwin1954_14229_151r

1959 Dinsmore Jonathan Roy Goodwin1959_15304_092r

1965 Dinsmore Caroline LaFrance Goodwin1965_17058_229_1r

1965 Dinsmore Elsie E. Goodwin1965_17082_253r

1948 Dinsmore Clinton Eldridge Goodwin1948_12826_052r

1969 Dinwoodie Robert Ramsey Goodwin1969_17873_079r

1969 Diwire Alfred Horace Goodwin1969_18013_219r

1947 Dixon George Allen Goodwin1947_12643_055r

1957 Dobbie Martha Campbell Goodwin1957_14785_046r

1958 Dobbie William George Goodwin1958_15052_058r

1951 Dodge Della Francis Goodwin1951_13464_053r

1952 Dodge George Byron Goodwin1952_13794_177r

1953 Dodge Edith Sargent Sargent Goodwin1953_14070_225r

1955 Dodge James Emery Goodwin1955_14466_169r

1957 Dodge Emma Piper Goodwin1957_14967_228r

1959 Dodge Rita H. Goodwin1959_15315_103r

1960 Dodge Mattie Abbott Goodwin1960_15820_102_1r

1960 Dodge Nathaniel Clarence Goodwin1960_15909_191r

1963 Dodge Rowena (Walker) Goodwin1963_16430_011r

1965 Dodge Willie Elkins Goodwin1965_16946_117r

1966 Dodge Fred Olney Goodwin1966_17091_005r

1967 Dodge Christine Peterson Peterson Goodwin1967_17455_116r

1950 Dodge Mabel Ella Goodwin1950_13346_161r

1967 Doerr Katherine Kohler Goodwin1967_17598_259r

1958 Doherty Elizabeth Eugenia Goodwin1958_14996_002r

1958 Doherty Juliet Mansfield Goodwin1958_15102_108_1r

1967 Doherty Margaret S. Goodwin1967_17595_256r

1950 Doling Addison Ira Goodwin1950_13258_073r

1953 Doll Susan Eloise Goodwin1953_13938_093_1r

1968 Doll Anna Avery Goodwin1968_17631_019r

1950 Doll Frank Arthur Jr. Goodwin1950_13221_036r

1949 Dolliver Rosa Nell Wright Lowe Goodwin1949_13115_155r

1965 Dolloff Margaret Ellen Goodwin1965_16968_039r

1956 Donahue Jessie E. Goodwin1956_14658_138_1r

Page 30: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1953 Donaldson George Silas Goodwin1953_13957_112r

1966 Donati Arthur Joseph Goodwin1966_17266_170r

1953 Donaway Ernest Leonard Goodwin1953_13993_148r

1954 Donaway Addie J. Goodwin1954_14136_058r

1965 Donaway Bertha M. Goodwin1965_17056_227_1r

1957 Dooly Brian Goodwin1957_14978_239r

1965 Dooly Myrtle Luella Goodwin1965_16972_143r

1950 Dore infant of Arlene D. Dore Goodwin1950_13356_171r

1966 Doremus Donald R. Goodwin1966_17224_129r

1968 Dorney Harold F. Goodwin1968_17660_048r

1964 Dorst Kathryn Goodwin1964_16694_022r

1952 Doty John White Goodwin1952_13788_171r

1962 Dougherty Anna Amanda West Goodwin1962_16310_131r

1969 Dougherty Cecil George Goodwin1969_17950_156r

1965 Douglas William Thomas Goodwin1965_16991_162r

1948 Douglas Ernest Howard Goodwin1948_12873_099r

1955 Dow Fred Everett Goodwin1955_14469_172r

1959 Dow Cleon Allen Goodwin1959_15369_157r

1961 Dow Frances H. Goodwin1961_16071_100r

1962 Dow Harriet Swanie ??? Goodwin1962_16254_075r

1964 Dow Perley D. Goodwin1964_16726_054r

1969 Dow Ethel Scheer Scheer Goodwin1969_18006_212r

1945 Dow Clinton Isreal Goodwin1945_02310_083r

1961 Downie William Goodwin1961_16020_049_2r

1965 Dowst Ernest George Goodwin1965_17060_231r

1969 Dowst Laura K. Keating Goodwin1969_17933_139_1r

1952 Doyen Henry Edmund Goodwin1952_13824_207r

1961 Doyen Alice Gordon Goodwin1961_16031_060r

1953 Doyle Ethel Arlie Ruggles Goodwin1953_13998_153r

1965 Doyle Michael Sr. Goodwin1965_16998_169_1r

1955 Drake Emma Grace Goodwin1955_14338_041r

1965 Drake Adele Julia Goodwin1965_16975_146_1r

1957 Drayton Jennie Elizabeth Goodwin1957_14882_143r

1949 Drayton Clarence Irving Goodwin1949_12966_006r

1964 Drescher Otto Henry Goodwin1964_16768_096r

1967 Drescher Emma Goodwin1967_17515_176_1r

1948 Drescher John Carl (J.C.) Edward Goodwin1948_12881_107r

1966 Dresser Jessie Stern Stern Goodwin1966_17234_138r

1964 Drew Fred Taconet Goodwin1964_16814_142r

1966 Drew Louise Belle Goodwin1966_17285_189r

1966 Drew Ella Bartlett Bartlett Goodwin1966_17330_234_1r

1948 Drew Albert Edgar Goodwin1948_12852_078r

1955 Driggs Frederick Elliot Goodwin1955_14364_067r

1960 Driscoll Dean R. Goodwin1960_15903_185r

1950 Driscoll Joseph Albert Goodwin1950_13389_204r

1949 Driscoll Josephine Marie Vogel Goodwin1949_13054_094r

1957 Drown Arthur C. Goodwin1957_14773_034r

Page 31: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1965 Dubois George Landre Goodwin1965_17001_172r

1964 Duckoff Maxwell E. Goodwin1964_16844_172_1r

1965 Dudley Addie B. Goodwin1965_16947_118r

1955 Dufort Leota Seaward Goodwin1955_14482_185r

1962 Duguay Walter Henry Goodwin1962_16416_237r

1952 Duke Albert Leonard Goodwin1952_13646_029r

1955 Duke Annie Louise Goodwin1955_14386_089r

1960 Dukeshire Rosemary Sherman Goodwin1960_15786_068r

1966 Dukeshire Ralph Mortimer Goodwin1966_17210_114r

1949 Dukeshire Ralph Lamont Goodwin1949_12994_034r

1945 Dukeshire Lenna May Goodwin1945_02231_004r

1954 Dukrgin Annie Christine Funk Goodwin1954_14262_184r

1954 Dunbar FredNorman Goodwin1954_14219_141r

1958 Dunbar Carrie MacDonald Goodwin1958_15157_163r

1960 Dunbar Lee Harvey Goodwin1960_15728_010r

1960 Dunbar Cora Brown Goodwin1960_15832_114r

1963 Dunbar Eva May Goodwin1963_16466_047r

1965 Duncan Marguerite Murkland Goodwin1965_16964_135r

1965 Duncan Angie Myrtle Goodwin1965_17053_224r

1966 Dunlap John Worthey Goodwin1966_17257_161r

1952 Dunn James W. Goodwin1952_13650_033r

1953 Dunn Laura Emma Goodwin1953_13944_099r

1953 Dunn Dorothy Dox Goodwin1953_14004_159r

1956 Dunn Woodbury Goodwin1956_14616_096r

1960 Dunn Alva Bullis Goodwin1960_15866_148r

1961 Dunn Bessie M. Goodwin1961_16046_075_2r

1961 Dunn George A. Goodwin1961_16155_184r

1962 Dunn Frederick S. Goodwin1962_16266_087r

1968 Dunn Eugene Guptill Goodwin1968_17744_132r

1969 Dunn Anne Baker Baker Goodwin1969_17828_034r

1946 Dunn Ernest Nelson Goodwin1946_02487_080r

1956 Dunnington Ida Mary Goodwin1956_14594_074r

1950 Dunnington Carlotta S. Goodwin1950_13265_080r

1945 Dunsmoor Frank William Goodwin1945_02354_127r

1956 Duperon Sidney Henry Goodwin1956_14608_088r

1956 Duperon Lucy Ellen Goodwin1956_14718_198r

1962 Duperon Dora Genevive Goodwin1962_16375_196r

1960 Dupont Gladys Hartshorn Hartshorn Goodwin1960_15877_159_1r

1960 Dupont Ubald Antonio ??? Goodwin1960_15971_253r

1961 Durell Richard Hobbs Goodwin1961_16022_051r

1963 Durell Annie Elvira Annis E. Day ??? Goodwin1963_16493_074_4r

1952 Durgin William Henry Goodwin1952_13700_083r

1955 Durgin Foster Grant Goodwin1955_14394_097r

1961 Durgin Orpha May Goodwin1961_16066_095r

1966 Duriga Peter Gilbert Goodwin1966_17226_130r

1958 Durmas Stanley K. Goodwin1958_15112_118r

1957 Durrell Chester M. Goodwin1957_14868_129_2r

Page 32: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1954 Dustin Emma Jane Goodwin1954_14087_009r

1946 Dustin William Leonard Goodwin1946_02485_078r

1967 Dwight Elmer Barton Goodwin1967_17490_151r

1969 Dwight Rosilda Auberlin Goodwin1969_17904_110r

1954 Dwinell Geo. Francis Goodwin1954_14083_005r

1952 Dwire Llewellyn Amasa Goodwin1952_13838_221r

1961 Dwire Lottie May Goodwin1961_16109_138r

1968 Dwyer James Goodwin1968_17864_252r

1954 Dyer Carol Ann Goodwin1954_14258_180r

1959 Dyer Cora Etta Goodwin1959_15253_041r

1966 Dyer Rex Wendell Goodwin1966_17295_199_1r

1946 Dyer Hattie Estello Goodwin1946_02446_039_1r

1954 Dyke Grace Marjorie Goodwin1954_14164_086r

1949 Dyke Howard Leonard Goodwin1949_13017_057r

1964 Eager Mary Fulford Goodwin1964_16709_037r

1946 Eager Jennie Eager Williams Goodwin1946_02453_046r

1959 Eames Dorothy Louise Goodwin1959_15271_059r_1r

1959 Eames Mary Estella Goodwin1959_15329_117r

1964 Easler Harry Duane Goodwin1964_16911_239_1r

1950 Easler Maria Elizabeth Andrews Goodwin1950_13367_182r

1960 East Edmund Rentzhoog Goodwin1960_15965_247r

1964 Easterbrooks Ina May Goodwin1964_16905_233r

1945 Easterbrooks Wm Young Goodwin1945_02271_044r

1952 Eastman Arianna Worthen Goodwin1952_13627_010r

1962 Eastman Thomas Frank Goodwin1962_16261_082_1r

1964 Eastman Forest Artell Goodwin1964_16874_202r

1966 Eastman George Clinton Goodwin1966_17261_165r

1968 Eastman Arthur August Goodwin1968_17709_097_1r

1949 Eastman Ella May Goodwin1949_13014_054r

1949 Eastman Berta E. Goodwin1949_13064_104r

1947 Eastman Charles Cleveland Goodwin1947_12752_164r

1952 Eaton Winburn Edwin Goodwin1952_13693_076r

1955 Eaton Jennie Woodbury Goodwin1955_14348_051r

1957 Eaton Joseph Withington M.D. Goodwin1957_14825_086r

1968 Eaton Mary Clough Goodwin1968_17633_021r

1947 Eaton Lizzie Leulla Goodwin1947_12709_121r

1946 Eaton Clarabelle Stevens Goodwin1946_02471_064r

1958 Eckhardt Margaret Elizabeth Brady Goodwin1958_15072_078r

1961 Eckhardt Charles Ernest Goodwin1961_16011_040r

1951 Edgar Frank Gardon Goodwin1951_13547_146r

1946 Edgar Bertha Kearns Goodwin1946_02411_004r

1966 Edgerly Fredinand Bosher Goodwin1966_17268_172r

1951 Edwards Evan William Goodwin1951_13474_073r

1957 Edwards Mary Hudspeth Goodwin1957_14916_177r

1959 Edwards Elizabeth Ellen Goodwin1959_15238_026r

1965 Edwards William Daniel Goodwin1965_17044_215r

1965 Edwards David T. Goodwin1965_17059_230r

Page 33: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1947 Eikelboom Clara Gaudes Goodwin1947_12739_151r

1952 Ekdahl Elida Betty Swenson Goodwin1952_13672_055r

1965 Ekdahl Ernest John Goodwin1965_17039_210r

1958 Ekholm Mrs Thora A. Goodwin1958_15165_171r

1950 Ekholm Carl Goodwin1950_13364_179r

1949 Eklund Herbert Conrad Goodwin1949_13173_213r

1965 Ekstrom Olaf Wilhelm Goodwin1965_16906_077r

1968 Ekstrom Julia Goodwin1968_17819_207r

1965 Eldredge Mary Ellen Goodwin1965_16915_086r

1968 Eleanor Henba Goodwin1968_17651_039r

1952 elen Bernard Goodwin1952_13806_189r

1966 Elen Frank Goodwin1966_17130_034r

1950 Elliot Flora Belle Goodwin1950_13326_141r

1952 Elliott Chas Henry Goodwin1952_13803_186r

1959 Elliott Waldo Franklin Goodwin1959_15294_082r

1964 Elliott Alonzo Goodwin1964_16800_128r

1966 Elliott Florence Jenny Goodwin1966_17165_069r

1966 Elliott Guy Oliver Goodwin1966_17199_103r

1966 Elliott Jennie Mabel Boone Goodwin1966_17206_110_1r

1966 Elliott Harry Galinger Goodwin1966_17246_150r

1969 Elliott Helen Gladys Coggswell Goodwin1969_18055_261_1r

1949 Elliott Charles Hayes Goodwin1949_13082_122r

1945 Ellis Beverley Ann Goodwin1945_02400_173r

1961 Ellison Harry Richard Jr. Goodwin1961_16084_113r

1969 Ellison Richard Garnet Goodwin1969_17858_064r

1949 Elmes William Harold Goodwin1949_13039_079r

1969 Eluto Maurice Goodwin1969_17982_188r

1950 Elwood Lottie Smith Goodwin1950_13394_209r

1956 Emergy Clara Belle Hall Goodwin1956_14595_075r

1959 Emergy Horace Kimball Goodwin1959_15301_089r

1951 Emerson Annabel Goodwin1951_13442_031r

1959 Emerson Flora Belle Goodwin1959_15681_169r

1961 Emerson Harriet Goodwin1961_16063_092r

1962 Emerson Anne Goodwin1962_16245_066r

1949 Emerson Clara Louise Goodwin1949_13103_143r

1947 Emerson Abraham Fitts Goodwin1947_02595_007r

1947 Emerson Emma Smith Goodwin1947_12655_067r

1953 Emery Charles Asa Goodwin1953_13937_092r

1954 Emery Edwin James Goodwin1954_14165_087_2r

1954 Emery Gertrude Lucinda Goodwin1954_14188_110r

1958 Emery Edith Oakes Goodwin1958_15176_182r

1969 Emery Eva Lillian Rand Goodwin1969_17974_180r

1949 Emery Myrtie Josephine Goodwin1949_13176_216r

1946 Emery Augusta (Fisher) Goodwin1946_02420_013r

1945 Emge Harold John Goodwin1945_02367_140r

1964 Emman Judith Sherrill Goodwin1964_16796_124r

1961 Engel Alfred Goodwin1961_16137_166r

Page 34: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1951 Engelhardt Richard Franklin Goodwin1951_13420_009r

1967 Engert Alfred Oscar Goodwin1967_17551_212r

1969 Engert Clara Hoppe Goodwin1969_17877_083r

1959 English Edward Thomas Goodwin1959_15694_182r

1960 English Philip Goodwin1960_15799_081r

1964 English Elizabeth Goodwin1964_16851_179r

1955 Enman T/Sgt Archie Wayne Goodwin1955_14352_055r

1956 Enman Anna May Grubb Goodwin1956_14570_050r

1949 Enman Samuel Burns Rev. Goodwin1949_13025_065r

1959 Ennis Florence Madeline Goodwin1959_15707_195r

1958 Enright Flora Goodwin1958_15004_010r

1954 Erickson Rebekah Ellen Goodwin1954_14135_057r

1967 Erickson John A. Goodwin1967_17525_186_1r

1955 Erskine Fred Hitchcock Goodwin1955_14430_133r

1963 Erskine Harold Granger Goodwin1963_16538_119r

1965 Erskine Guy Harvey Goodwin1965_16937_008r

1965 Erskine Cynthia Goodwin1965_16985_156_2r

1968 Erskine Edythe Goodwin1968_17696_084r

1948 Erskine Melody Berg Goodwin1948_12887_113r

1947 Erskine Jennie Frances Glass Goodwin1947_12705_117r

1951 Estes Angela Morrisey Goodwin1951_13593_192r

1953 Estes Anne Christine Goodwin1953_13956_111r

1956 Estes Elsie Ruth Goodwin1956_14596_076r

1961 Estes Robert Carleton Goodwin1961_15989_018r

1961 Estes James French Goodwin1961_16065_094r

1961 Estes Margaret Marie Sullivan Goodwin1961_16130_159_1r

1962 Estes Adeline Margaret Gore Gore Goodwin1962_16334_155r

1964 Estey Maude Luella Goodwin1964_16773_101r

1961 Estlin Mary C. Goodwin1961_16017_046_1r

1969 Esty Ellen Florence Goodwin1969_17876_082r

1955 Evans Forrest Leon Goodwin1955_14439_142r

1959 Evans Olive Margaret Goodwin1959_15228_016r

1962 Evans May Dockham Goodwin1962_16369_190r

1966 Evans Reginald Lewis Goodwin1966_17221_125r

1968 Evans Louise C. Paul Goodwin1968_17850_238r

1950 Evans Frank Goodwin1950_13233_048r

1962 Evarts infant Goodwin1962_16331_152r

1960 Everett Elizabeth McKenna McKenna Goodwin1960_15879_161_1r

1963 Everett Raymond Lester Goodwin1963_16420_001r

1954 Evert Hattie Nelson Goodwin1954_14208_130r

1966 Fadden Alice Goodwin1966_17124_028r

1968 Fahey Annie Mae Goodwin1968_17877_265r

1960 Fairbanks Eugene Douglas Goodwin1960_15824_106r

1950 Fairbanks Elsie Daniels Goodwin1950_13290_105r

1947 Fairburn Rupert Augustus Goodwin1947_02616_028r

1948 Fairfield Ella Louise Goodwin1948_12896_122r

1969 Fairweather Dorothy May Goodwin1969_17870_076r

Page 35: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1951 Falconer Maranda Persis Goodwin1951_13481_080r

1964 Falconer William Goodwin1964_16912_240r

1968 Falk Infant of Barry Falk Goodwin1968_17792_280r

1965 Fallon Elizabeth Irene Goodwin1965_17083_254r

1967 Fallon Harold Stanley Goodwin1967_17378_039r

1960 Faltin Louise Schwimber Goodwin1960_15825_107r

1967 Faltin Louise Josephine Goodwin1967_17359_020r

1962 Fancy William Stephen Goodwin1962_16314_135r

1956 Fantom Minnie Elizabeth Goodwin1956_14584_064r

1951 Farley Irving Eugene Goodwin1951_13539_138r

1952 Farm Charles Goodwin1952_13621_004r_2r

1967 Farmer Mildred Mae Kimball Goodwin1967_17553_214r

1969 Farmer Mary Fitz Goodwin1969_18037_243r

1950 Farmer Noyes David Goodwin1950_13378_193r

1948 Farmer Belle McCrillis McCrillis Goodwin1948_12872_098r

1947 Farmer Martin Parker Goodwin1947_12764_176r

1946 Farmer Elizabeth Ross Goodwin1946_02416_009r

1947 Farnham John Gould Goodwin1947_02598_010r

1965 Farnsworth Nora Evelyn Goodwin1965_16890_061r

1958 Farnwsorth (Lancing???) Claudine Goodwin1958_15090_096r

1951 Farrell Edward Daniel Goodwin1951_13544_143r

1960 Farrell or Fanell??? George W. Goodwin1960_15882_164r

1950 Farrington Blanche Emeline Clough Goodwin1950_13332_147r

1969 Faucher George Albert Goodwin1969_18043_249r

1948 Fauton Andrew Stevens Goodwin1948_12935_161r

1955 Fearon Ethel Lane Goodwin1955_14322_025r

1950 Fearon Charles Frederick Goodwin1950_13220_035r

1964 Feather Frank Goodwin1964_16712_040r

1957 Fechner Paul Emil Goodwin1957_14982_243r

1966 Fechner Gustave A. Goodwin1966_17292_196r

1945 Felch William Eugene Goodwin1945_02350_123r

1961 Feldman Celia Spector Goodwin1961_16024_053r

1959 Fellbaum Frieda Clara Goodwin1959_15274_062r

1948 Fellman Bertil Lennert DOD 2/20/45 IWO JIMAP.F.C. Goodwin1948_12857_083r

1945 Fellman Lars Martin Goodwin1945_02309_082r

1952 Fellows Edith Warren Goodwin1952_13802_185r

1956 Fellows Bertha Carrie Francis Goodwin1956_14599_079r

1958 Fellows Cornelia Goodwin1958_15192_198r

1950 Fellows Thomas Jefferson Goodwin1950_13263_078r

1949 Fellows Isaac Byron Goodwin1949_12970_010r

1949 Fellows Blanche Etta Goodwin1949_13145_185r

1948 Fellows Fred Lewis Goodwin1948_12798_024r

1958 Felton James Briggs Goodwin1958_15038_044r

1950 Felton Doris Bunton Goodwin1950_13382_197r

1946 Felton Infant of James B. Felton, Jr.twin boy Goodwin1946_02554_147_2r

1946 Felton Infant of James B. Felton, Jr.twin boy Goodwin1946_02554_147_3r

1958 Fender Earl Samuel Goodwin1958_15147_153r

Page 36: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1956 Ferguson Mabel R. Goodwin1956_14623_103r

1962 Ferguson George Glenn Goodwin1962_16263_084r

1965 Ferguson William George Goodwin1965_16954_125r

1967 Ferguson Helen Gertrude Clark Goodwin1967_17555_216r

1951 Ferrin Arthur Ernest Goodwin1951_13580_179r

1947 Ferris Ethel Paulina Poulton Goodwin1947_12644_056r

1966 Fichtinger Frederick Goodwin1966_17211_115r

1950 Fichtinger George Goodwin1950_13343_158r

1961 Fickett Carol Louise Goodwin1961_16051_080r

1951 Fiddes Dorothy Stanton Goodwin1951_13521_120r

1960 Fields Nellie Irene Goodwin1960_15868_150r

1962 Fife Horace Eastman Goodwin1962_16340_161r

1954 Fifield Dell Proctor Goodwin1954_14128_050r

1957 Fifield Ruth A. Goodwin1957_14749_010r

1958 Fifield Bertha Langley Langley Goodwin1958_15145_151r

1960 Filleul James Douglass Goodwin1960_15803_085r

1962 Filleul Infant Geo. Goodwin1962_16238_059r

1969 Filleul George Henry Goodwin1969_17855_061r

1951 Fillmore Mildred Wilcox Goodwin1951_13558_157r

1953 Findlay James Francis Goodwin1953_13950_105r

1949 Findlay Margaret C. Cox Goodwin1949_13055_095r

1949 Finlay Mazie Clefford Goodwin1949_13171_211r

1961 Finn Alice Reynolds Goodwin1961_16057_086r

1962 Finn Francis Joseph Goodwin1962_16396_217r

1957 Finnerty Joseph Patrick Goodwin1957_14938_199r

1960 Finney Miss Mabel Gertrude Goodwin1960_15790_072r

1954 Fischer George Ferdinand Goodwin1954_14176_098r

1959 Fischer Henry John Goodwin1959_15312_100r

1949 Fischer William Goodwin1949_13098_138r

1962 Fish Annie Ella Goodwin1962_16352_173r

1954 Fisher Infant of Everett Cole Goodwin1954_14111_033r

1957 Fisher Thomas Goodwin1957_14835_096r

1964 Fisher Arthur Walter Goodwin1964_16909_237r

1967 Fisher Shirley Eward Goodwin1967_17405_066r

1967 Fisher Elsie Rosella Ridlon Goodwin1967_17505_166r

1967 Fisher Charles Smart Goodwin1967_17603_264r

1946 Fisher Florence Bartlett Goodwin1946_02581_174r

1949 Fisk Jacey Ellen Goodwin1949_13112_152r

1951 Fiske Stella Morrison Goodwin1951_13538_137r

1952 Fiske Edith Elsie Goodwin1952_13785_168r

1954 Fiske George Varnum Goodwin1954_14252_174r

1953 Fitch Mariella White Goodwin1953_13856_011r

1949 Fitch William Parker Goodwin1949_13160_200r

1948 Fitch Sarah Eliza Fairfield Goodwin1948_12931_157r

1951 Fitts Lucy Jane Hobbs Goodwin1951_13459_048r

1958 Fitts Fannie Lash Lash Goodwin1958_15011_017_1r

1964 Fitts Maybelle Lynde Goodwin1964_16770_098r

Page 37: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1968 Fitts Mariannia R. Goodwin1968_17719_107r

1953 Fitzgerald Charles Edward Goodwin1953_13868_023r

1966 Fitzgerald Dorothy Edna Burnham Goodwin1966_17334_238_1r

1968 Fitzgerald Frank Frederick Goodwin1968_17683_071r

1967 Fitzpatrick William George Goodwin1967_17476_137r

1954 Flack Hugh Wellington Goodwin1954_14105_027r

1967 Flagg Walter John Goodwin1967_17384_045r

1965 Flanagan George M. Goodwin1965_16962_133_2r

1965 Flanders Nell M. Goodwin1965_16941_112r

1965 Flanders Howard Robert Goodwin1965_17067_238r

1967 Flanders Alonzo Leslie Goodwin1967_17597_258r

1948 Flanders Lillian Cynthia Turner Flanders Goodwin1948_12801_027r

1956 Flannagan Edward Goodwin1956_14739_218_2r

1959 Flannery Blanche Marie Goodwin1959_15243_031r

1955 Fletcher Henry Walter Goodwin1955_14419_122r

1956 Fletcher Adelaide Hoyt Goodwin1956_14645_125r

1961 Fletcher Edward Harold Goodwin1961_16138_167r

1966 Fletcher Annie Robinson Goodwin1966_17175_079_1r

1967 Fletcher Alice B. Bailey Goodwin1967_17409_070r

1967 Fletcher Margaret Charnock Goodwin1967_17465_126r

1946 Fletcher Arthur Howard Goodwin1946_02483_076r

1966 Fleury Mary Jane Goodwin1966_17127_031r

1969 Flewelling Ethel Elizabeth Goodwin1969_17869_075r

1965 Flood Frank G. Goodwin1965_16897_068_1r

1951 Floto Julius Goodwin1951_13470_069r

1960 Flykt Andrew Goodwin1960_15837_119r

1965 Flykt Molly Goodwin1965_16964_035r

1950 Fogg Susie Christine Goodwin1950_13197_012_1r

1956 Foley Jessie Powers Goodwin1956_14533_013r

1952 Folland Richard Henry Goodwin1952_13735_118r

1955 Follansbee Ray Eugene Goodwin1955_14479_182r

1963 Follansbee Harry Earle Goodwin1963_16545_126r

1965 Follansbee Avis Elizabeth Goodwin1965_16893_064r

1950 Follansbee Erwin Percy Goodwin1950_13351_166r

1950 Follansbee Addie L. Goodwin1950_13401_216r

1946 Follansbee Edna M. Cooley Goodwin1946_02583_176r

1953 Folsom Ralph Bartlett Goodwin1953_14011_166r

1955 Folsom Mabel Elizabeth Goodwin1955_14508_211r

1960 Folsom Mary Prince ??? Goodwin1960_15932_214r

1958 Fontaine Louis Adolphe Goodwin1958_15206_212r

1955 Foote Fred James Goodwin1955_14428_131r

1968 Foote Mabel Gladys Pendergrace Goodwin1968_17843_231r

1960 Forbes Cora B. Goodwin1960_15939_221r

1946 Forbes William Wells Goodwin1946_02526_119_1r

1962 Forbush Orlana Brown Goodwin1962_16311_132r

1951 Ford Benjamin Franklin Goodwin1951_13418_007r

1953 Ford Lorenzo Dow Hamblett Goodwin1953_13894_049r

Page 38: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1964 Ford Baby Boy Goodwin1964_16757_085r

1945 Ford Cyrilla Mae Woodworth Goodwin1945_02329_102_1r

1946 Foresman Sarah Maria Goodwin1946_02531_124r

1965 Fortuine Susan F. Goodwin1965_16986_057r

1962 Fosher Elizabeth Jane McKelvie ??? Goodwin1962_16287_108r

1965 Fosher Alice G. Goodwin1965_16974_045_2r

1950 Fosher Arthur Perley Goodwin1950_13409_224r

1947 Fosher Clarence Herbert Goodwin1947_12687_099r

1964 Fosnot Lizzie Annette Cook Goodwin1964_16885_213r

1958 Foss Margaret Ellen Goodwin1958_15116_122r

1954 Foster Catherine S. Goodwin1954_14147_069_3r

1954 Foster Frank Orin Goodwin1954_14269_191r

1955 Foster Maude L. Goodwin1955_14309_012r

1955 Foster Ina Florence Bean Goodwin1955_14336_039r

1955 Foster Theodore Curtis Goodwin1955_14373_076r

1957 Foster Brookes Henry Goodwin1957_14754_015r

1961 Foster Flora Jessie Goodwin1961_16144_173r

1962 Foster Blanche Elva Goodwin1962_16251_072r

1963 Foster Katherine Sarsfield Goodwin1963_16470_051r

1965 Foster Lillian Byrne Goodwin1965_16953_124_1r

1967 Foster Earl R. Goodwin1967_17474_135_1r

1968 Foster Elizabeth R. Danforth Goodwin1968_17643_031_1r

1968 Foster Lottie Wentworth Burlingame Goodwin1968_17754_142r

1949 Foster Bertha Cheney Cheney Goodwin1949_13015_055r

1947 Foster Egbert Leroy Goodwin1947_12656_068_1r

1947 Foster Egbert Leroy Goodwin1947_12656_068_2r

1946 Foster Paul Pinkerton DOD 12/22/1945 Phila., PAGoodwin1946_02519_112r

1946 Foster Grace Melzena Lamper Goodwin1946_02547_140r

1945 Foster George Sanford MC-U.S.N.R.Goodwin1945_02319_092r

1945 Foster Charles Howard Goodwin1945_02372_145r

1954 Fournier Wilfred Joseph Goodwin1954_14097_019r

1956 Fournier Edgar Jean Goodwin1956_14632_112r

1957 Foust Charles Carson Goodwin1957_14919_180r

1954 Fowler Mary Frances Goodwin1954_14276_198r

1957 Fowler George S. Goodwin1957_14961_222r

1964 Fowler Helena Gertrude Goodwin1964_16782_110r

1965 Fowler Elizabeth Ann Maitland Goodwin1965_16925_096r

1967 Fox Winston Edsel Goodwin1967_17578_239r

1969 Fox George Garfield Goodwin1969_17922_128r

1969 Fox Belle Virginia Goodwin1969_17931_137r

1969 Fox Joseph George Goodwin1969_17993_199r

1958 Fracker Iola Siddall Siddall Goodwin1958_15048_054r

1953 Fradd Walter Richard Goodwin1953_13879_034r

1953 Fradd James Milton Goodwin1953_13923_078r

1952 Francis Grace Florence Goodwin1952_13728_111r

1947 Francis Carrie Ann Farnham Goodwin1947_12750_162_1r

1955 Franklin Granville Clifford Goodwin1955_14499_202r

Page 39: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1960 Franks Arthur Leon Goodwin1960_15720_002r

1950 Franks Charles Arthur Goodwin1950_13325_140r

1949 Franks John Davis Goodwin1949_13089_129r

1956 Fraser Halburton Goodwin1956_14581_061r

1963 Fraser Nellie Maria Goodwin1963_16488_069r

1964 Fraser John A. Goodwin1964_16876_204r

1968 Fraser William G. Goodwin1968_17617_005r

1968 Fraser Haroldd Edward Goodwin1968_17813_201r

1962 Freaman Morris A. Goodwin1962_16353_174r

1960 Frederic Charles Benjamin Goodwin1960_15726_008r

1962 Freeland Gertrude Sibulkin Goodwin1962_16408_229r

1953 Freeman Eliza McKinney Goodwin1953_14076_231r

1962 Freeman Nellie R. Goodwin1962_16313_134_2r

1954 Freese Albert Christopher Goodwin1954_14238_160r

1966 Freese Alice Achsa Elliott Goodwin1966_17237_141r

1957 Freeto Alvah Harvey Goodwin1957_14977_238r

1947 Fremeau Infant - Robert E. Goodwin1947_12718_130r

1951 French Harry Nye Goodwin1951_13429_018r

1953 French Theodore Forrest Goodwin1953_13853_008r

1953 French Leslie Mitchell Goodwin1953_14078_233r

1955 French Ellen S. Goodwin1955_14449_152r

1955 French Frank Payson Goodwin1955_14478_181r

1956 French Frederick William Goodwin1956_14620_100r

1956 French Ellen Marion Goodwin1956_14686_166r

1958 French Mrs. Abbie G. Goodwin1958_15169_175r

1963 French Flora Ann Goodwin1963_16541_122_3r

1965 French Robert Joseph Goodwin1965_17011_182r

1968 French Louise Overton Pack Goodwin1968_17726_114r

1950 French Gertrude Eliza Goodwin1950_13405_220r

1949 French Nettie Gertrude Goodwin1949_12997_037r

1949 French Frank Burton Goodwin1949_13033_073r

1948 French Orville Bourden Goodwin1948_12804_030r

1948 French Agnes Lillian Greeley Goodwin1948_12922_148r

1945 French Lilla M. ? Goodwin1945_02318_091r

1945 French Charles Hazen Goodwin1945_02360_133r

1947 Freshney William Ronald Goodwin1947_12771_183r

1950 Friberg Olga Tekla Amanda Lindahl Goodwin1950_13358_173r

1951 Friborg Claude Goodwin1951_13608_207r

1962 Friborg Edith Victoria Goodwin1962_16235_056r

1951 Frink Charles Wilton Goodwin1951_13549_148r

1949 Frisch Christopher Goodwin1949_13118_158r

1958 Frisselle Carrie Corliss Goodwin1958_15117_123r

1954 Frost Dora Frances Goodwin1954_14089_011r

1962 Frost Robinson Clark Goodwin1962_16307_128r

1949 Frost Mabel Jessie Goodwin1949_12963_003r

1969 Fullam Cordelia Driscoll Goodwin1969_17797_003r

1951 Fuller Mary Louise Guernin Goodwin1951_13585_184r

Page 40: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1954 Fuller Donald Wellington Goodwin1954_14190_112r

1957 Fuller Eunice M. Goodwin1957_14959_220r

1960 Fuller Enoch Doble Goodwin1960_15922_204r

1961 Fuller Anne N. Goodwin1961_16163_192r

1969 Fuller Margaret Lavina French Goodwin1969_17889_095_1r

1950 Fuller Carl Spencer Goodwin1950_13193_008r

1959 Fullerton Nancy Catherine Goodwin1959_15213_001_1r

1955 Fulton Charles Herbert Goodwin1955_14444_147r

1961 Fulton Mabel Inez Goodwin1961_16108_137r

1962 Fulton Gideon Estabrooks Goodwin1962_16260_081r

1960 Furbush Frank Chase Goodwin1960_15942_224r

1962 Furgal Stanley Joseph Goodwin1962_16186_007r

1958 Furnald Henry Natsch Goodwin1958_15105_111r

1969 Gabardina Mary Goodwin1969_17832_038r

1952 Gage Gilman Foster Goodwin1952_13830_213r

1959 Gage Perley Walter Goodwin1959_15261_049r

1960 Gage Phillip Hesse Goodwin1960_15970_252r

1963 Gage Marguerite Gertrude Goodwin1963_16557_138r

1964 Gage Annie E. Goodwin1964_16828_156r

1967 Gage Howard Goodwin1967_17573_234r

1968 Gage Baby Boy Goodwin1968_17742_130r

1968 Gage Frederick H. Goodwin1968_17875_263r

1969 Gage Charles Harry Goodwin1969_17831_037r

1961 Gagnon Ethel Esther Goodwin1961_16146_175r

1954 Gale Grover Cleveland Goodwin1954_14101_023r

1957 Gale Maud Bell Goodwin1957_14848_109r

1960 Gale Elmer Herbert Goodwin1960_15845_127r

1947 Gale Infant of Hilton E. Gale Goodwin1947_12769_181r

1959 Gallagher Baby Girl Goodwin1959_15702_190r

1964 Galper Isadore Goodwin1964_16685_013r

1967 Gamash Helga M. Goodwin1967_17493_154r

1960 Gamble Thomas Archibald Goodwin1960_15793_075r

1945 Gamble Walter Sleeper Goodwin1945_02365_138r

1962 Gardner Flora Etta Goodwin1962_16188_009_1r

1966 Gardner Herbert S. Goodwin1966_17298_202r

1952 Garland Chester I. Goodwin1952_13632_015r

1959 Garland Christine Estelle Goodwin1959_15217_005r

1960 Garland Emma Delia Goodwin1960_15831_113r

1962 Garland Harry Briggs Goodwin1962_16373_194r

1967 Garland Goldie Belle Williamson Goodwin1967_17442_103r

1967 Garland Barbara Elizabeth Pollard Goodwin1967_17480_141r

1968 Garland Ella Frances Morgan Goodwin1968_17741_129_1r

1945 Garland Edith Evelyn Goodwin1945_02236_009r

1945 Garland George Nathaniel Goodwin1945_02398_171r

1959 Garmon Myrtle Salisbury Goodwin1959_15682_170_1r

1967 Gartner George Francis Goodwin1967_17398_059r

1967 Garvin James Rhomas Goodwin1967_17539_200r

Page 41: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1950 Gates Francis Edward Goodwin1950_13407_222r

1957 Gathercole Shirley Mae Goodwin1957_14849_110r

1966 Gaudes Edwin Alvin Goodwin1966_17294_198r

1948 Gaudes Clara Whilemina Goodwin1948_12891_117r

1955 Gault Abbie C. Goodwin1955_14379_082r

1945 Gault John Goodwin1945_02298_071r

1951 Gaw John Goodwin1951_13492_091r

1962 Gaw Margaret Sellers Sellers Goodwin1962_16304_125r

1966 Gaw Agnes Goodwin1966_17327_231r

1958 Gay David Bruce Goodwin1958_14998_004r

1958 Gay Patricia Goodwin1958_15170_176r

1960 Gay Mertie A. Goodwin1960_15872_154r

1945 Gay Annie M. Goodwin1945_02335_108r

1968 Gebo Horatio Goodwin1968_17692_080r

1952 Geddes Lillian Mabel Goodwin1952_13729_112r

1961 Geddes Martha Christina Goodwin1961_16079_108r

1959 Gelbrich Martha Matilda Goodwin1959_15267_055r

1959 Gelinas Emma Marion Goodwin1959_15352_140_1r

1969 Genest Richard E. Goodwin1969_17953_159r

1946 Genoud Anna Carlotta Goodwin1946_02454_047r

1965 Genstil Harmond E. Goodwin1965_17006_177r

1961 Geoffrion Edward George Goodwin1961_15992_021r

1963 Geoffrion Margaret H. Goodwin1963_16515_096r

1952 George Howard Wakeman Goodwin1952_13748_131r

1952 George Emma Louise Goodwin1952_13752_135r

1954 George Thomas Mavro Goodwin1954_14275_197r

1959 George Mary Flora Goodwin1959_15684_172r

1961 George Evangeline Goodwin1961_16149_178r

1947 Gerber Carl Albert Goodwin1947_12716_128r

1960 Gerrish Katie Grace Goodwin1960_15769_051r

1949 Getchell Laura Maria Goodwin1949_13032_072r

1961 Gibbons Thomas Goodwin1961_16132_161r

1966 Gibbons Robert Thomas Goodwin1966_17326_230r

1950 Gibbons Minnie Colman Goodwin1950_13205_020r

1958 Gibson Hiram C. Goodwin1958_15113_119r

1947 Gibson Halsey Goodwin1947_12698_110r

1952 Gifford Joseph Goodwin1952_13734_117r

1951 Gilchrist Raguel Putnam Goodwin1951_13530_129r

1956 Gile Hugh Edward Jr. Goodwin1956_14724_204r

1959 Gile Hugh Edward Goodwin1959_15305_096r

1962 Gile Edith Nancy Goodwin1962_16371_192r

1967 Giles Allen Goodwin1967_17587_248r

1948 Giles Benjamin Franklin Goodwin1948_12838_064r

1946 Giles Otis Gardner Goodwin1946_02584_177r

1967 Gillespie Lee David Goodwin1967_17440_101r

1947 Gillespie John J. Goodwin1947_12628_040r

1960 Gillis Bessie Frances Emerson Goodwin1960_15756_038r

Page 42: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1969 Gillispie William Nelson Goodwin1969_17994_200r

1954 Gilman Lori Goodwin1954_14120_042r

1959 Gilman Harry Fred Goodwin1959_15260_048r

1961 Gilman William Daniel Goodwin1961_15983_012r

1965 Gilman Lewis Bartlett Sr. Goodwin1965_17004_175r

1968 Gilman Harry Henry Goodwin1968_17656_044r

1968 Gilman Dorothy Elizabeth Main Goodwin1968_17842_230r

1969 Gilman Raymond Plummer Sr. Goodwin1969_17830_036r

1969 Gilman Martha Cole Goodwin1969_17916_122r

1950 Gilman Gertrude Baisley Goodwin1950_13284_099r

1949 Gilman Lucy Burnham Goodwin1949_13050_090r

1949 Gilman Ernest Linwood Goodwin1949_13182_222r

1947 Gilman Wilbur Mason Goodwin1947_12761_173r

1958 Gilmore William E. Jr. Goodwin1958_15119_125r

1958 Gilmore Arthur Eldridge Goodwin1958_15210_216r

1968 Gilmore John Roscoe Goodwin1968_17613_001r

1950 Gilmore Willaim Henry Samuel Goodwin1950_13355_170r

1948 Gilmore Guy Whitten Goodwin1948_12827_053r

1948 Gilmore Infant of Richard Gilmore Goodwin1948_12845_071r

1964 Girardet Gustave Samuel Goodwin1964_16908_236_1r

1958 Gladstone William Goodwin1958_15204_210r

1960 Gladstone James Goodwin1960_15898_180r

1956 Gladysz Freida Goodwin1956_14550_030r

1952 Gleason Everett P. Goodwin1952_13699_082r

1960 Gleason Ethel Eastman Goodwin1960_15935_217r

1949 Gleason Richard Orrin Goodwin1949_13099_139_2r

1947 Gleason George L. Goodwin1947_12674_086r

1946 Gleason Lee Allen Goodwin1946_02518_111r

1951 Gleitsman Hugho Goodwin1951_13455_054r

1952 Glidden Ella May Harrington Goodwin1952_13636_019r

1955 Glidden Annie Belle Goodwin1955_14493_196_1r

1965 Glidden Louise Mary Goodwin1965_17037_208r

1967 Glidden Harold Joseph Goodwin1967_17380_041_1r

1967 Glidden Roland Andrew Jr. Goodwin1967_17479_140r

1952 Glines Eva Elizabeth Thomspon Goodwin1952_13744_127r

1955 Glines Anabel Large Goodwin1955_14443_146r

1950 Glines George Benj Goodwin1950_13225_040r

1950 Glover Jessie Maria Goodwin1950_13247_062r

1962 Glynn Frank Aloysius Goodwin1962_16259_080r

1969 Godbout Oscar Goodwin1969_18023_229r

1968 Goedecke George Goodwin1968_17713_101r

1968 Goedecke Anna Louise Koch Goodwin1968_17820_208r

1948 Goetschius Maria Catherina Carmilla Stephany Goodwin1948_12958_184r

1960 Goetz Mary Babette Goodwin1960_15961_243r

1953 Goggin Bruce Goodwin1953_14038_193r

1967 Golden Frank A. Goodwin1967_17387_048r

1954 Goldsmith Fred Hayes Goodwin1954_14149_071r

Page 43: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1964 Goode Stanley Goodwin1964_16740_040r

1964 Goodell Kenneth D. Goodwin1964_16890_218_2r

1952 Gooden Kate M. Goodwin1952_13649_032r

1953 Goodrich Frederick Prescott Goodwin1953_14043_198r

1962 Goodrich Doris Andrew Goodwin1962_16188_009_2r

1969 Goodstein Anna Rathstein Goodwin1969_17968_174r

1951 Goodwin Ava A. Goodwin1951_13471_070r

1952 Goodwin Sarah Elizabeth Goodwin1952_13807_190r

1955 Goodwin Nellie M. Goodwin1955_14351_054r

1955 Goodwin Arlene Elizabeth Goodwin1955_14494_197r

1958 Goodwin Eldora Nudd Goodwin1958_15053_059r

1959 Goodwin Thomas Eugene Goodwin1959_15249_037r

1963 Goodwin Elmer Daniel Goodwin1963_16495_076_1r

1963 Goodwin Myrtle Mae Goodwin1963_16509_090r

1964 Goodwin George Baker Goodwin1964_16833_161r

1967 Goodwin George Allen Sr. Goodwin1967_17445_106r

1968 Goodwin A. Ray Goodwin1968_17666_054r

1948 Goodwin Ella Lizzie Sargent Goodwin1948_12795_021r

1947 Goodwin Matilda Goodwin1947_12690_102r

1947 Goodwin Bertha Greeley Goodwin1947_12725_137r

1946 Gookin Hattie Louise Goodwin1946_02426_019r

1953 Gordon Myra Almira Fletcher Goodwin1953_14008_163r

1957 Gordon Jeanie M. McIver Goodwin1957_14869_130r

1960 Gordon Bertha Lowell??? Goodwin1960_15809_091r

1963 Gordon Charles Hildreth Goodwin1963_16435_016r

1948 Gordon Emma Florence Goodwin1948_12851_077r

1945 Gordon Arvilla Pingree Goodwin1945_02374_147r

1965 Gorey Alice K. Goodwin1965_17031_202_1r

1957 Gorham Rebecca Caldwell Rae Goodwin1957_14769_030r

1953 Gormley Elmer James Goodwin1953_13922_077_1r

1956 Gosselin Florence Ernestine Goodwin1956_14697_177r

1957 Gosselin Gustave J. Goodwin1957_14799_060r

1969 Gossler John Herman Goodwin1969_17907_113r

1953 Gott Birney Berton Keeler Goodwin1953_14028_183r

1954 Gott Jay Birney Goodwin1954_14156_078r

1957 Gott Minnie Salisbury Goodwin1957_14898_159r

1959 Gott Irene Lovewell Goodwin1959_15233_021r

1948 Gott John William Sr. Goodwin1948_12793_019r

1969 Gottlieb Adele Wallace Goodwin1969_17811_017r

1954 Gould Lester Colby Goodwin1954_14264_186r

1955 Gould Ella Almeda Goodwin1955_14498_201r

1956 Gould Mildred Morang Goodwin1956_14563_043r

1961 Gould Rose Goodwin1961_16107_136r

1964 Gould Alfred Brackett Goodwin1964_16860_188r

1948 Gould Zoe Goodwin1948_12806_032r

1948 Gould Melvin Warren Jr. Goodwin1948_12882_108r

1945 Gould Hilton Joel Goodwin1945_02363_136r

Page 44: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1953 Goupille Emile Joseph Goodwin1953_13980_135r

1961 Gove Lillian M. Goodwin1961_16154_183_1r

1969 Gove Clara May Goodwin1969_17839_045r

1947 Gove Ralph Stearns Goodwin1947_12697_109r

1957 Goward Eva Barbara Goodwin1957_14796_057r

1968 Gowett Gladys Maude Goodwin1968_17853_241r

1947 Gowing Frank A. Goodwin1947_02600_012r

1953 Gowitzke William Benjamin Goodwin1953_14035_190r

1948 Gowitzke Harriet (Smith) Smith Goodwin1948_12941_167r

1964 Gracie Andora Goodwin1964_16676_004r

1968 Grady Henry J. Goodwin1968_17716_104r

1952 Graf Theodore Goodwin1952_13713_096r

1962 Graf Flora Folsom Goodwin1962_16209_030r

1964 Graf Baby Boy Goodwin1964_16725_053r

1967 Grandlemire Georgia E. Goodwin1967_17590_251r

1966 Granford Ellis W. Goodwin1966_17289_193r

1961 Granigan John Goodwin1961_16142_171r

1962 Granigan Luella Giddings (Gaddis) ??? Goodwin1962_16247_068r

1957 Grant Donald Clark Goodwin1957_14747_008r

1960 Grant George Burgess Goodwin1960_15838_120r

1963 Grant Harry Proctor Goodwin1963_16458_039r

1969 Grant Herbert Conway Goodwin1969_18034_240r

1949 Grant Edna Sarah Batchelder Goodwin1949_13124_164r

1952 Granville Sarah Beal Goodwin1952_03695_078r

1965 Graubart Z. Peter Goodwin1965_16963_034_1r

1965 Graubart Z. Peter Goodwin1965_16963_034_2r

1957 Graupner Lena A. Goodwin1957_14885_146r

1968 Graves Fanny Wilkins Fisher Goodwin1968_17731_119r

1951 Gray Lilly Eleanor Hybsch Goodwin1951_13427_016r

1956 Gray James Owen Goodwin1956_14613_093r

1958 Gray Mrs. Emma D. Goodwin1958_15159_165r

1969 Gray Perley Edwin Winfred Goodwin1969_18000_206r

1964 Green Samuel Goodwin1964_16873_201r

1950 Green Eliza B. McIntire Goodwin1950_13209_024r

1955 Greene Infant of Harvey Leon Goodwin1955_14511_214r

1961 Greene Alice Lund Goodwin1961_16045_074r

1966 Greenland Margie Sue Goodwin1966_17300_204_1r

1952 Greenleaf Harry William Goodwin1952_13723_106r

1953 Greenleaf Margaret B. Goodwin1953_14074_229r

1945 Greenleaf Arthur Russell Sr. Goodwin1945_02395_168r

1956 Greenough Charles Melvin Goodwin1956_14538_018r

1946 Greenough Agnes Elizabeth Goodwin1946_02540_133r

1952 Greer Raymond Chase Goodwin1952_13797_180r

1954 Greer Delia Cantin Goodwin1954_14146_068r

1955 Greer Ernest Eugene Goodwin1955_14404_107_1r

1957 Greer Sherman Leon Goodwin1957_14941_202r

1960 Greer Adams Leonard Goodwin1960_15757_039r

Page 45: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1961 Greer Nettie Isabelle Hanscom Goodwin1961_16152_181r

1960 Gregg Harris Scott Goodwin1960_15795_077_2r

1969 Gregorian Lucy Goodwin1969_18057_263r

1952 Grenier Romeo Joseph Goodwin1952_13665_048r

1966 Grenier Rosiemay (Rosemary) Mansfield Goodwin1966_17204_108r

1951 Grider Haskell Hubert Goodwin1951_13426_015r

1954 Grider Helen Freeman Hewins Goodwin1954_14134_056r

1951 Griffin Corabel Baker Goodwin1951_13425_014r

1953 Griffin George Henry Goodwin1953_13932_087_1r

1953 Griffin George Henry Goodwin1953_13932_087_2r

1953 Griffin Carl Parker Goodwin1953_13942_097r

1955 Griffin Wayne Marshall Goodwin1955_14509_212r

1962 Griffin Edith Boyd Goodwin1962_16233_054r

1965 Griffin Fred Goodwin1965_16979_150r

1967 Griffin Grace Herrick Coan Goodwin1967_17346_007r

1950 Griffin Edward David Goodwin1950_13239_054r

1945 Griffin Francis Edwin Goodwin1945_02307_080_1r

1967 Griffiths Infant, Bertram Schays Jr. Goodwin1967_17341_002r

1947 Grigarones William Goodwin1947_02611_023r

1958 Grinnell Ulysses Grant Goodwin1958_15154_160r

1947 Grocock William Goodwin1947_12640_052r

1967 Grossman Catherine Anna Hagemeister Goodwin1967_17421_082r

1969 Grossman William Weber Goodwin1969_17948_154r

1948 Grover Alvira Mary Hamilton Goodwin1948_12819_045r

1969 Gruber Samuel Goodwin1969_17871_077r

1960 Gruszewski Rachel McCoo Goodwin1960_15893_175r

1954 Grzyb Infant Goodwin1954_14296_218r

1953 Guay Bertha Knight Goodwin1953_13916_071r

1964 Guile Charles William Goodwin1964_16719_047r

1967 Guillemette Pearl Corbin Goodwin1967_17562_223r

1964 Guimond Florence Gertrude Goodwin1964_16842_170r

1967 Guimont Patrick John Goodwin1967_17354_015_1r

1945 Gurney Charles Harrison Goodwin1945_02304_077r

1962 Gurnsey Frank Norris Goodwin1962_16313_134_1r

1954 Gustafson Jennie Belle Goodwin1954_14250_172r

1958 Gustafson Lotten Augusta Nelson Goodwin1958_15213_219r

1964 Gustafson Victoria (Tora) Goodwin1964_16836_164r

1968 Gustafson Hattie May Goodwin1968_17748_136r

1946 Gustafson Charles August Goodwin1946_02570_163r

1945 Gustafson Norman Warren Goodwin1945_02259_032r

1955 Guthrie David Goodwin1955_14473_176r

1968 Guthrie Andrew Barkley Goodwin1968_17747_135r

1947 Guthrie Jane William Goodwin1947_12620_032r

1947 Hadcock Susie Elizabeth Martin Goodwin1947_12774_186r

1947 Hadley Harris Pearson Goodwin1947_12703_115_2r

1966 Hadlock Sherman James Goodwin1966_17250_154_1r

1968 Hadlock Wilbur Loring Goodwin1968_17620_008r

Page 46: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1956 Hagberg Yngue Hjalmar Goodwin1956_14593_073r

1947 Haggett Lloyd Chas Goodwin1947_12701_113r

1955 Hagland John Albin Goodwin1955_14310_013r

1957 Hagland Anna S. Skoglund Goodwin1957_14782_043r

1949 Haglund Carl Victor Goodwin1949_13047_087r

1959 Haigh Mabel Lillian Goodwin1959_15717_205r

1961 Haigh Grover Markham Goodwin1961_15993_022r

1953 Haines Lester Nahun Goodwin1953_14031_186r

1959 Haines Martha Ann Goodwin1959_15701_189r

1954 Hair Stephen Goodwin1954_14186_108r

1952 Hale Mary A. Goodwin1952_13757_140r

1954 Hale Walter Thomas Goodwin1954_14161_083r

1966 Hale William Ellis Goodwin1966_17152_056r

1951 Haley Bertha Goodwin1951_13422_011r

1956 Hall Laura Frances Goodwin1956_14561_041r

1957 Hall Hester Cousens Goodwin1957_14824_085r

1957 Hall Gertrude Louise Goodwin1957_14895_156r

1960 Hall Edward Bradford Goodwin1960_15859_141r

1960 Hall George Frank Goodwin1960_15951_233r

1961 Hall Edith Mae Goodwin1961_16080_109r

1962 Hall William Dana Goodwin1962_16215_036r

1962 Hall George Washington Goodwin1962_16293_114_1r

1962 Hall Steven Lawrence Goodwin1962_16354_175r

1962 Hall Jessie Wooding Goodwin1962_16384_205r

1964 Hall Richard Taylor Goodwin1964_16737_065r

1964 Hall Ellenette M. Fletcher Goodwin1964_16741_069r

1964 Hall Fredrick George Goodwin1964_16870_198r

1965 Hall Arthur Proctor Goodwin1965_17023_194r

1967 Hall Dorothy Pearl Morey Goodwin1967_17526_187r

1967 Hall Camilla Harriett Goodwin1967_17582_243r

1968 Hall Ralph Edwin Goodwin1968_17817_205r

1969 Hall Linda Mae Goodwin1969_17878_084r

1969 Hall Raymond Manson Jr. Goodwin1969_17883_089r

1969 Hall Mary Margaret McKendry Goodwin1969_17938_144r

1946 Hall Arthur Stanley Goodwin1946_02495_088_1r

1968 Hallett Wallace Seldon Goodwin1968_17616_004r

1952 Hall-Maclauchlan Minnie Goodwin1952_13707_090r

1947 Hallowell Anna Miriam Goodwin1947_12634_046r

1959 Hallquist Eric William Goodwin1959_15686_174r

1964 Hallquist Robert Franklin Goodwin1964_16869_197r

1952 Hamel Alice L. Goodwin1952_13742_125r

1945 Hamelin George Vondell (ASHES) DOD 9/18/1944 Goodwin1945_02257_030_2r

1945 Hamelin Emma Jane Goodwin1945_02258_031r

1967 Hamer Lewis Albert Goodwin1967_17478_139r

1968 Hamer Emil Goodwin1968_17885_273r

1954 Hamilton David Goodwin1954_14165_087_1r

1954 Hamilton Robert Hugh Goodwin1954_14214_136r

Page 47: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1955 Hamilton Anna Mae Goodwin1955_14382_085r

1957 Hamilton Mary Abbie Goodwin1957_14808_069r

1963 Hamilton Infant of Bruce T. Goodwin1963_16503_084_4r

1963 Hamilton Marie Therese Goodwin1963_16504_085r

1965 Hamilton Bertha Caroline Goodwin1965_16938_109r

1948 Hamilton Robert James Goodwin1948_12781_007r

1953 Hamlin Leon Rupert Goodwin1953_14012_167r

1965 Hammell William Goodwin1965_17033_204r

1966 Hammer Arthur Goodwin1966_17332_236r

1966 Hammond Catherine E. Haggerty Goodwin1966_17267_171r

1968 Hammond Proctor Marshall Goodwin1968_17619_007r

1947 Hammond David Goodwin1947_12696_108r

1946 Handschumacher John Goodwin1946_02549_142r

1948 Handschumacker Henry Goodwin1948_12951_177r

1958 Handyside Richard Goodwin1958_15129_135r

1959 Hanham Robert Alexander Goodwin1959_15235_023r

1955 Hanninen Hjalmar Goodwin1955_14335_038r

1968 Hanninen Jennie Marie Goodwin1968_17774_162r

1965 Hanscom Emma Neagle Goodwin1965_16967_138r

1946 Hanscom Charles Henry Goodwin1946_02582_175r

1950 Hansen Emma Florence Asmussen Goodwin1950_13234_049r

1950 Hansen Christian Hans Goodwin1950_13274_089r

1959 Hanson Dawn Goodwin1959_15218_006r

1960 Hanson Clara Minerva Goodwin1960_15937_219r

1964 Hanson Elizabeth Myra Goodwin1964_16926_254r_1r

1957 Hardcastle Lewis Goodwin1957_14755_016r

1957 Harden Emily French Goodwin1957_14950_211r

1949 Harden Geo. Wm Goodwin1949_13107_147r

1947 Harden Clara Pierce Goodwin1947_12646_058r

1961 Harding Anna May Goodwin1961_16007_037r

1962 Harding Edward Victor Goodwin1962_16191_012r

1952 Hardy George Goodwin1952_13743_126r

1960 Hardy Infant Boy Goodwin1960_15833_115r

1964 Hardy John Wesley Goodwin1964_16715_043r

1964 Hardy Ernest Alvin Goodwin1964_16739_067r

1965 Hardy Katherine Driggs Goodwin1965_16931_002_1r

1967 Hardy James Franklin Goodwin1967_17433_094r

1968 Hardy Norma June Goodwin1968_17807_195r

1949 Hardy Herbert Franklin Goodwin1949_13006_046r

1948 Hardy Angelina (Angie) Turner WeeksTurner Goodwin1948_12870_096r

1947 Hardy Major Philip Poor Goodwin1947_02606_018r

1946 Hardy Emma Goodwin1946_02432_025r

1945 Hardy Everett Adams Goodwin1945_02357_130r

1964 Harkeem Elizabeth Assad Goodwin1964_16788_116r

1949 Harlow Minerva Wagner Goodwin1949_13065_105r

1949 Harmon Elizabeth Blandina Harmon Goodwin1949_12996_036r

1967 Harra Benjamin F. Goodwin1967_17417_078r

Page 48: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1955 Harriman Charles Bert Goodwin1955_14500_203r

1960 Harriman Harriott Knight Goodwin1960_15744_026r

1958 Harrington Ernest Goodwin1958_15017_023r

1960 Harrington Daniel Webster Goodwin1960_15890_172r

1961 Harrington Leola Carmen Staples Goodwin1961_16147_176r

1963 Harrington Margaret Gladstone Gladstone Goodwin1963_16524_105r

1967 Harrington Warren B. Goodwin1967_17517_178r

1951 Harris Lillian Pearl Goodwin1951_13413_002r

1951 Harris James Joseph Goodwin1951_13423_012r

1952 Harris Theresa Dunbar Goodwin1952_13663_046r

1960 Harris Mrs. Grace Emma Carney or Canney??? Goodwin1960_15808_090_2r

1961 Harris Constance Rose Palmer Goodwin1961_16027_056r

1962 Harris Charles Parker Goodwin1962_16249_070r

1964 Harris Richard Harrington Goodwin1964_16875_203r

1967 Harris John M. Goodwin1967_17427_088r

1968 Harris Leander D. Goodwin1968_17698_086r

1969 Harris James F. Goodwin1969_17939_145r

1947 Harris Ida Schmidt Goodwin1947_12702_114r

1946 Harris Hervey Edgar Goodwin1946_02569_162r

1952 Harrison Nathan Courtney Goodwin1952_13657_040r

1957 Harrison Gertrude Elizabeth Fairbairn Goodwin1957_14822_083r

1957 Harrison Helene Frances Goodwin1957_14896_157_2r

1954 Hart Alice Chandler Goodwin1954_14114_036r

1954 Hart Willard John Goodwin1954_14256_178r

1951 Hartford Grover Cleveland Goodwin1951_13495_094r

1951 Hartford Joseph Benjiman Goodwin1951_13564_163r

1952 Hartford Mary Jane Prescott Goodwin1952_13630_013r

1952 Hartford Charles William Goodwin1952_13762_145r

1953 Hartford Ingrid Wilhelmina Goodwin1953_13900_055r

1955 Hartford Prentice Albert Goodwin1955_14501_204r

1966 Hartford Elmer Goodwin1966_17133_037r

1968 Hartford Edward Spaulding Sr. Goodwin1968_17810_198r

1947 Hartford Musa May Goodwin1947_12652_064r

1965 Hartley William Goodwin1965_17027_198r

1966 Hartley Ralph Franklin Goodwin1966_17167_071_1r

1952 Hartshorn George Edgar Goodwin1952_13696_079r

1952 Hartshorn Minnie L. Heath Goodwin1952_13718_101r

1953 Hartshorn Margaret Milburn P. Milburn Goodwin1953_13860_015_1r

1957 Hartshorn Ina Main Goodwin1957_14741_002r

1966 Hartshorn Arthur G. Goodwin1966_17309_213r

1953 Hartwell Erving Garfield Goodwin1953_13955_110r

1967 Harvell Richard Kenefick Goodwin1967_17557_218r

1954 Harvey Lillian Smiley Goodwin1954_14168_090r

1961 Harvey Maude Ives Simmons Goodwin1961_16053_082r

1968 Harvey Clarence Eugene Goodwin1968_17638_026r

1968 Harvey Harry Courtland Goodwin1968_17688_076r

1950 Harvey Walter Goodwin1950_13285_100r

Page 49: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1948 Harvey Isabella Gibson Goodwin1948_12907_133r

1946 Harvey Anna Eliza Goodwin1946_02410_003r

1951 Haselton George Truing Goodwin1951_13587_186r

1956 Haselton Josephine N. Goodwin1956_14628_108r

1960 Haselton Ernest Fletcher Goodwin1960_15751_033_1r

1952 Haskell Rose Etta Beede Goodwin1952_13736_119r

1952 Haskell Fred Clifton Goodwin1952_13840_223r

1965 Haskell Cheryl Goodwin1965_16946_017_2r

1969 Haskell Eric David Goodwin1969_18028_234r

1947 Haskell Hiram Bradsett Goodwin1947_02608_020r

1946 Haskell Leone Ingalls Goodwin1946_02459_052r

1966 Hastings Clifton William Goodwin1966_17213_117r

1967 Hastings Elizabeth Gilmore Gilmore Goodwin1967_17483_144r

1968 Hastings Lillian Marie Goodwin1968_17753_141r

1968 Hastings Alfred Floyd Goodwin1968_17785_173r

1952 Hatch Ethel May Goodwin1952_13814_197r

1967 Hattin Florence D. Davis Goodwin1967_17361_022r

1958 Hatton John Goodwin1958_15023_029r

1960 Hatton Alice Ann Goodwin1960_15851_133r

1957 Haverstock Mabel Goodwin1957_14791_052r

1949 Hawker Anna Belle Goodwin1949_13007_047r

1951 Hawley Gertrude Elizabeth Whitcomb Goodwin1951_13570_169r

1952 Haworth Lillian Lannigan Goodwin1952_13673_056r

1955 Haworth Infant of Albert F. Goodwin1955_14299_002r

1964 Haworth Eastwood Goodwin1964_16806_134r

1953 Hayden Carl Clement Jr. Goodwin1953_13852_007r

1952 Hayes Samuel Goodwin1952_16370_053r

1953 Hayes Fred Scott Goodwin1953_13943_098r

1954 Hayes Espy Amasa Goodwin1954_14278_200r

1957 Hayes Mattie (LeClerc) Goodwin1957_14880_141r

1958 Hayes Viola P. Goodwin1958_15073_079r

1958 Hayes Mrs. Frances S. Goodwin1958_15202_208_1r

1959 Hayes Katherine M. Goodwin1959_15361_149r

1967 Hayes Aurilla B. Goodwin1967_17370_031r

1968 Hayes Marion McKay McKay Goodwin1968_17727_115r

1950 Hayes Caroline Anderson Anderson Goodwin1950_13260_075r

1960 Haynes Horace Libby Goodwin1960_15768_050_1r

1960 Hayward Gladys Macaulay Goodwin1960_15863_145r

1954 Hazelton Ernest Morton Goodwin1954_14092_014r

1957 Hazelton Elizabeth Mabel Goodwin1957_14803_064r

1957 Hazelton Mabel A. Coombs Coombs Goodwin1957_14963_224r

1948 Hazelton Helen L. Goodwin1948_12865_091r

1962 Hazen Dorothy Mae Dukeshire Goodwin1962_16257_078r

1967 Hazen Dwight George Goodwin1967_17466_127r

1947 Hazen Mary Bolderness Goodwin1947_12748_160r

1952 Head Natt Goodwin1952_13753_136r

1959 Head Mary Harriet Goodwin1959_15288_076r

Page 50: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1960 Head William Hoyt Goodwin1960_15727_009r

1949 Head Hattie Hoyt Goodwin1949_13004_044r

1961 Headbloom Elizabeth Edith Haynes Goodwin1961_16164_193r

1951 Heald Frank Emerson Goodwin1951_13523_122r

1967 Heald Benjamin Goodwin1967_17431_092r

1953 Healey Laura Edna Goodwin1953_13891_046r

1966 Healey Lillian Miller Miller Goodwin1966_17335_239_1r

1966 Healy LeRoy Augustus Goodwin1966_17337_241r

1967 Healy Bertha V. Goodwin1967_17381_042r

1946 Heard Ora Farrar Goodwin1946_02460_053r

1953 Heath Clara Mitchell Goodwin1953_13994_149r

1953 Heath William Cate Goodwin1953_14030_185r

1964 Heath Nellie Southard Nellie Viola Southard Goodwin1964_16916_244_1r

1967 Heath Elmer Olson Sr. Goodwin1967_17452_113r

1950 Heath Bernice E. Chadwick Goodwin1950_13314_129r

1958 Hebert Ernest Clarence Goodwin1958_15140_146r

1952 Hecker Fred Herman Goodwin1952_13842_225r

1966 Heilman Emil C. Goodwin1966_17339_243r

1955 Heim Theodore Edward Goodwin1955_14510_213r

1961 Heim Alma E. Morency Goodwin1961_16001_030r

1951 Helyar Dorothy P. Goodwin1951_13600_199r

1953 Hendershot Mary Emiline Goodwin1953_13886_041r

1955 Henderson Dorothea Chilcott Goodwin1955_14484_187r

1960 Henderson Harold Wright Goodwin1960_15737_019r

1961 Henderson Josiah Nelson Goodwin1961_16005_034r

1966 Henderson Martha Emma Goodwin1966_17120_024r

1966 Henderson Frederick George Goodwin1966_17192_096_1r

1968 Henderson Geroge Louis Goodwin1968_17763_151r

1948 Henderson Richard Henry Goodwin1948_12830_056r

1946 Hendrickx Marie Goodwin1946_02523_116r

1967 Hennessey Jean McKelvie Goodwin1967_17495_156r

1947 Hennessey Joseph Stevens Goodwin1947_12638_050r

1948 Henrickson Wayne Goodwin1948_12880_106r

1967 Henry Cora Ceal Goodwin1967_17376_037r

1949 Hentschel Clara Thorgerson Goodwin1949_13097_137r

1964 Hering Flora Goodwin1964_16688_016r

1948 Herkner Johana Dabal Goodwin1948_12780_006r

1957 Hermsdorf Max Emil Goodwin1957_14779_040r

1968 Hermsdorf Ida Steiner Steiner Goodwin1968_17867_255r

1958 Hernquist Chester Olof Goodwin1958_15181_187r

1952 Herridge William G. Goodwin1952_13749_132r

1953 Herridge Neva Mary Goodwin1953_13927_082r

1957 Herron George Wilbur Goodwin1957_14753_014r

1953 Hersey Sarah Elizabeth Goodwin1953_13999_154r

1966 Hertel Ada Whitney Goodwin1966_17132_036r

1949 Hertrich Clara Hedwig Goodwin1949_13001_041r

1964 Hesch Elwood Frank Goodwin1964_16705_033r

Page 51: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1956 Heselton Anne Douglass Goodwin1956_14543_023r

1953 Hicken Olive Eldora Goodwin1953_14048_203r

1958 Hickman Harold William Sr. Goodwin1958_15075_081r

1956 Higgins Clarence Earl Goodwin1956_14549_029r

1958 Higgins Fred R. Goodwin1958_15186_192_2r

1962 Higgins Ella Charlotte Goodwin1962_16246_067r

1948 Higgins Wilson Freeman Goodwin1948_12831_057r

1964 High Walter Edward Goodwin1964_16865_193r

1960 Hilchey Ray Edward Goodwin1960_15789_071r

1966 Hilchey Ruth May Goodwin1966_17089_003r

1951 Hill Marion Hayes Goodwin1951_13455_044r

1952 Hill Lucius Everett Goodwin1952_13677_060r

1952 Hill Lillian May Goodwin1952_13841_224r

1953 Hill Sallie-May Chandler Goodwin1953_14023_178r

1956 Hill Norman Elmer Goodwin1956_14641_121r

1957 Hill Della May Goodwin1957_14746_007r

1958 Hill Edmund Walker Goodwin1958_15101_107r

1959 Hill Edna Emeline Goodwin1959_15237_025r

1959 Hill Brice Washington Goodwin1959_15291_079r

1959 Hill Harry Austin Goodwin1959_15322_110r

1959 Hill Guild Franklin Goodwin1959_15679_167r

1960 Hill Gwendolyn Jean (infant) Goodwin1960_15945_227r

1961 Hill David James Goodwin1961_16102_131r

1961 Hill Donald Underhill Goodwin1961_16104_133r

1962 Hill Leo Goodwin1962_16250_071r

1963 Hill Harold Channing Goodwin1963_16501_082r

1964 Hill Frances Elizabeth Goodwin1964_16897_225r

1964 Hill Maurice Cleveland Goodwin1964_16915_243r

1967 Hill Arthur Blanchard Goodwin1967_17461_122r

1967 Hill Sarah Purcell Purcell Goodwin1967_17589_250r

1968 Hill William Louis Goodwin1968_17765_153r

1969 Hill Daniel Joseph Goodwin1969_17841_047r

1969 Hill Leon Ray Goodwin1969_17945_151r

1948 Hill Nettie Emaline Stockwell Goodwin1948_12884_110r

1946 Hill Grace Tucker Goodwin1946_02417_010r

1946 Hill Infant of Edmund W. Hill Goodwin1946_02491_084r

1945 Hill Mary Elizabeth Goodwin1945_02247_020r

1946 Hills Mary Darling Goodwin1946_02561_154r

1961 Hilton William Edgar Goodwin1961_16042_071_1r

1954 Hinds Edgar Eugene Goodwin1954_14192_114r

1969 Hinds Minnie Parker Goodwin1969_17910_116r

1964 Hirsh Pearl Goodwin1964_16852_180r

1960 Hitchcock Harvey Hamilton Goodwin1960_15861_143r

1950 Hitchcock Alice Laura Goodwin1950_13217_032r

1962 Hobby Ethel Sterling Goodwin1962_16380_201r

1968 Hodgdon Edwin Knight Goodwin1968_17792_180r

1954 Hodgkins Elizabeth Norris Goodwin1954_14293_215r

Page 52: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1964 Hodgkins Albert Augustus Goodwin1964_16756_084r

1946 Hodgkins Edith Fogg Edith Adel Fogg Goodwin1946_02558_151r

1953 Hodgman Etta May Goodwin1953_14006_161r

1954 Hodgman Mary Elizabeth Packard Goodwin1954_14261_183r

1956 Hodgman Lewis Edmund Goodwin1956_14562_042r

1956 Hodgman Arthur Nathaniel Goodwin1956_14617_097r

1958 Hodgman Albert Clinton Goodwin1958_15134_140r

1962 Hodgman Waldo Marshall Goodwin1962_16312_133r

1963 Hodgman Aurelia T. Goodwin1963_16539_120r

1965 Hodgman Charlotte Elizabeth Goodwin1965_16936_007r

1965 Hodgman Sarah Ann Goodwin1965_17028_199r

1966 Hodgman Nellie Aussress Goodwin1966_17116_020r

1967 Hodgman Grace Brown Brown Goodwin1967_17583_244r

1969 Hodsdon Anna Harris Harris Goodwin1969_17911_117_1r

1951 Hoehn Minnie Berger Goodwin1951_13559_158r

1963 Hoellrigl ??? Annie Johanna Goodwin1963_16421_002r

1952 Hoffman John A. Goodwin1952_13726_109r

1953 Hoffman Julius B. Goodwin1953_13902_057r

1955 Hoffman Clara Alvina Goodwin1955_14374_077r

1964 Hoffman Maude Mary Goodwin1964_16708_036r

1956 Hoffmann Mary Nichols Goodwin1956_14689_169r

1957 Hoffmann Maurice Sr. Goodwin1957_14789_050r

1962 Hoffmann Helen A. Goodwin1962_16181_002r

1956 Hoffses Granville Ernest Goodwin1956_14629_109r

1961 Hogan Harry James Goodwin1961_16174_203r

1950 Hogan Estelle Benge Goodwin1950_13256_071r

1950 Hoglund Gustaf William Goodwin1950_13396_211r

1953 Hohman Anna Louise Stieght Goodwin1953_13893_048r

1953 Hoitt Florence Emma Rowe Goodwin1953_13904_059r

1953 Hoitt George Barnard M.D. Goodwin1953_14003_158r

1957 Hoitt Guy Elvin Goodwin1957_14899_160r

1963 Hoitt Annie Josephine Goodwin1963_16439_020r

1949 Hoitt Proctor Goodwin1949_12964_004r

1952 Holbrook Dora Delma Goodwin1952_13661_044r

1957 Holbrook Chester Mason Goodwin1957_14826_087r

1961 Holbrook Wynne William Goodwin1961_16120_149r

1962 Holbrook Bessie Nichols Goodwin1962_16240_061r

1966 Holbrook Elizabeth Maude Goodwin1966_17159_063r

1950 Holbrook Nellie May Goodwin1950_13293_108r

1954 Holland John Goodwin1954_14121_043r

1965 Holland M. Isabell Goodwin1965_17081_252r

1949 Holland Thomas William Goodwin1949_13108_148r

1969 Holleran Ruth Newton Newton Goodwin1969_17860_066r

1954 Holloway Fannie Adam Goodwin1954_14198_120r

1950 Holmberg Carl John Goodwin1950_13340_155r

1945 Holmberg Gustave W. Goodwin1945_02322_095r

1952 Holmes Myrtle Douglas McCallum Goodwin1952_13811_194r

Page 53: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1955 Holmes John Franklin Goodwin1955_14403_106r

1956 Holmes Harry Lawrence Goodwin1956_14636_115r

1957 Holmes Sadie Berry Goodwin1957_14960_221r

1960 Holmes Nettie Philbrook Goodwin1960_15801_083r

1966 Holodinski Louise Goodwin1966_17136_040r

1954 Holt Georgia Carpenter Goodwin1954_14251_173r

1956 Holt Fred George Goodwin1956_14630_110r

1957 Holt Helene Fortuna Goodwin1957_14845_106r

1957 Holt Mary Goodwin1957_14976_237r

1960 Holt George Sumner Goodwin1960_15788_070r

1961 Holt Vina Margaret Goodwin1961_16100_129r

1945 Holt Caroline Wyman Goodwin1945_02308_081r

1950 Hooker Ella Patience McGregor Goodwin1950_13242_057r

1969 Hooper Mabel Cottam Cottam Goodwin1969_17848_054_1r

1952 Hopkins James Edward Goodwin1952_13793_176r

1956 Hopkins Jessie Harmina Goodwin1956_14696_176r

1962 Hopkins Anna Schafer Hart Hart Goodwin1962_16295_116r

1964 Hopkins Daisy Flanders Goodwin1964_16901_229r

1969 Hopkins Marion Gertrude Goodwin1969_17893_099r

1950 Hopkins Magna Saraphia Goodwin1950_13261_076r

1946 Hoppe Emma Clara Goodwin1946_02452_045r

1956 Hopwood Claude Jake Goodwin1956_14680_160r

1965 Hopwood Grace H. Goodwin1965_17046_217r

1964 Horn Rose Viola Goodwin1964_16687_015r

1951 Horne Margaret Bessie Goodwin1951_13561_160r

1957 Horne Alton Roy Goodwin1957_14802_063r

1958 Horne Lester Porter Goodwin1958_15131_137r

1950 Horne Albert Pattee Goodwin1950_13214_029r

1947 Horne Mamie Miller Goodwin1947_12675_087r

1968 Horton Lester Cecil Goodwin1968_17801_189r

1968 Hough Wilbur Berrian Goodwin1968_17826_214r

1956 Houghton Ida Luella Goodwin1956_14695_175r

1957 Houlne John Camille Goodwin1957_14819_080r

1961 Houlne Jesse Arthur Goodwin1961_16172_201r

1966 Houlne Emma E. Goodwin1966_17227_131r

1958 House James Mahlon Goodwin1958_15111_117r

1963 House Charles Albert Goodwin1963_16443_024r

1969 Hovey Margaret Goodwin1969_17944_150r

1946 Hovey Susan Diane Goodwin1946_02447_040r

1967 Howard Janet E. Worthen Goodwin1967_17397_058r

1968 Howard Frank Clifton Goodwin1968_17648_036r

1950 Howarth Augusta Goodwin1950_13302_117r

1945 Howarth John Goodwin1945_02345_118r

1958 Howe George Campbell Goodwin1958_15201_207r

1967 Howe Louise Bailey Goodwin1967_17520_181r

1969 Howe Emma Esther Graves Goodwin1969_17809_015r

1952 Howes William F. Goodwin1952_13625_008r

Page 54: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1950 Howes Mary Charlotte Malmborg Goodwin1950_13243_058r

1963 Howson Robert Goodwin1963_16499_080r

1953 Hoyt Leon Edward Goodwin1953_13981_136r

1953 Hoyt Sadie Maria Danah Goodwin1953_14007_162r

1954 Hoyt Alfred Stanley Goodwin1954_14265_187r

1968 Hoyt Dora Bery Goodwin1968_17752_140r

1969 Hoyt Dorothy Pudrah Pudrah Goodwin1969_17984_190r

1950 Hoyt Flora May Knight Goodwin1950_13398_213r

1964 Hrepatsos Aglaia Goodwin1964_16855_183r

1949 Hrepatsos Peter Goodwin1949_13119_159r

1956 Hudson Victor Earl Goodwin1956_14557_037r

1961 Hudson Thomas Noah Goodwin1961_16130_159_2r

1945 Huestis Fannie Isabell Tarbell Goodwin1945_02253_026r

1961 Hughes Laura M. Goodwin1961_16083_112r

1962 Hughes Mary Ann Goodwin1962_16385_206r

1969 Hughes Patricia Linsley Goodwin1969_17833_039r

1948 Hughes Hirma Champney Goodwin1948_12815_041r

1969 Hugny Rollin Philip Jr. Goodwin1969_17966_172r

1969 Hull Grace E. Goodwin1969_18022_228r

1952 Humphrey Samuel Parker Goodwin1952_13668_051r

1954 Humphrey Cora Elizabeth Goodwin1954_14159_081r

1955 Humphrey John Royden Goodwin1955_14396_099r

1957 Humphrey Ralph Frederick Goodwin1957_14908_169r

1963 Humphrey Ella Stevenson Goodwin1963_16480_061r

1961 Hunkins Pearl May Goodwin1961_16151_180r

1969 Hunnewell Linwood Weymouth Goodwin1969_17899_105r

1951 Hunt Barbara Smith Goodwin1951_13458_057r

1958 Hunt Samuel P. Goodwin1958_15133_139r

1960 Hunt Harry J. Goodwin1960_15767_049r

1961 Hunt Aubrey Leigh Goodwin1961_15995_024r

1964 Hunt Minnie Carr B. Goodwin1964_16703_031r

1967 Hunt Frederick Benjamin Goodwin1967_17423_084r

1949 Hunt Lucy Agnes Rowell Goodwin1949_12974_014r

1948 Hunt Ellen Jane Goodwin1948_12805_031r

1969 Hunter Euphenia Cunningham Currie Goodwin1969_17844_050r

1946 Hunter Infant of Clarence Hunter Goodwin1946_02462_055r

1947 Hurlbutt Alice Marie Goodwin1947_12683_095r

1956 Huse Raymond Warren Goodwin1956_14688_168r

1969 Huse Anna L. Goodwin1969_17829_035r

1951 Huskie Frank Robert Goodwin1951_13476_075r

1967 Huskie Hector Thomas Goodwin1967_17586_247r

1968 Huskie Mabel Goodwin1968_17739_127r

1959 Hussey Helen Green Goodwin1959_15695_183r

1958 Hussong Mabel Murdoch Goodwin1958_15030_036r

1954 Hutchins Reginald Solon Goodwin1954_14224_146r

1955 Hutchins Cora Cornelia Goodwin1955_14343_046r

1956 Hutchins Fred Burton Goodwin1956_14542_022r

Page 55: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1949 Hutchins Grace Emily (Fitzgerald) Fitzgerald Goodwin1949_13111_151r

1948 Hutchins Sarah Harriet Peaslee Goodwin1948_12811_037r

1954 Hutchinson Nettie Benson Goodwin1954_14227_149r

1963 Hutchinson Lulu Statira Lulu S. Knight Goodwin1963_16530_111r

1964 Hutchinson Harry Edson Goodwin1964_16771_099r

1964 Hutchinson Alice M. Goodwin1964_16812_140r

1966 Hutchinson Georgia West West Goodwin1966_17243_147r

1966 Hutchinson Alfred Eugene Goodwin1966_17307_211_1r

1955 Iles Edward Stewart Goodwin1955_14491_194r

1953 Iller Cynthia Ann Goodwin1953_14013_168r

1965 Imrie Samuel Goodwin1965_17010_181r

1967 Indyk Frank Allen Goodwin1967_17605_266_1r

1967 Ingalls Beatrice K. Evans Goodwin1967_17464_125r

1946 Ingle Harry Goodwin1946_02534_127r

1959 Ingleson Helmer Oscar Goodwin1959_15332_120r

1948 Inglis William Jr. Goodwin1948_12928_154r

1953 Ingram Thomas James Goodwin1953_13881_036r

1966 Irwin Norfollk Goodwin1966_17131_035_1r

1958 Jache Kathy Diane Goodwin1958_15139_145r

1959 Jache Wayne Edward Goodwin1959_15317_105r

1965 Jack Arvilla Clarabelle Goodwin1965_16957_028r

1946 Jacke Martha Neubert Goodwin1946_02508_101r

1962 Jackman James Tyndel Goodwin1962_16368_189_1r

1958 Jackson Josie Clearihue Goodwin1958_15150_156r

1959 Jackson Albra Ellen Goodwin1959_15311_099r

1960 Jackson Mrs. Lena Goodwin1960_15722_004r

1960 Jackson Harry Eugene Goodwin1960_15754_036r

1964 Jackson Wm H. Goodwin1964_16820_148r

1950 Jackson Charles Thurston Goodwin1950_13196_011_2r

1947 Jackson Nathaniel Goodwin1947_12700_112r

1945 Jackson S.B. infant of Paul R. Jackson Goodwin1945_02366_139r

1946 Jacobs Herbert Hiram Goodwin1946_02568_161r

1962 Jacobsen Josephine May Tompkins Goodwin1962_16412_233_1r

1952 Jacques Ada Berry Goodwin1952_13741_124r

1947 Jacques Charles Lindsey Goodwin1947_12722_134r

1958 Jaden Donald Richard Goodwin1958_15099_105r

1963 James Florence H. Goodwin1963_16445_026r

1967 James Lewis Bertram Goodwin1967_17340_001r

1967 James Virginia Ruth Cavanaugh Goodwin1967_17472_133_1r

1969 James Alice Schryver Goodwin1969_17801_007r

1969 James Carl P. Goodwin1969_17810_016r

1950 James John Frank Goodwin1950_13223_038r

1957 Jameson Nina E. Goodwin1957_14768_029r

1947 Jameson David Alexander Goodwin1947_12668_080r

1955 Jaques Ella Frances Curtis Goodwin1955_14446_149r

1964 Jeffers Bertha E. Goodwin1964_16724_052r

1946 Jellis Samuel C. Goodwin1946_02502_095r

Page 56: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1958 Jenkins Bruce Robert Goodwin1958_15175_181r

1961 Jenkins Mary Shaw Goodwin1961_16070_099r

1948 Jenkins William A. Goodwin1948_12903_129r

1948 Jenkins Ernest Alford Sr. Goodwin1948_12946_172r

1947 Jenks Arthur Byron Goodwin1947_12766_178r

1954 Jensen Ivan Alfred Goodwin1954_14184_106r

1962 Jerauld Marion Isabel Goodwin1962_16379_200r

1969 Jewell Annie M. Goodwin1969_17979_185r

1952 Jobst John Goodwin1952_13778_161r

1951 Jodoin Marcel Edgar Goodwin1951_13506_105r

1959 Jodoin Fred H. Goodwin1959_15299_087r

1964 Johansson Adolf Goodwin1964_16795_123r

1951 Johnson Anna B. Goodwin1951_13489_088r

1951 Johnson John Eric Goodwin1951_13509_108r

1951 Johnson Axel Edward Goodwin1951_13526_125r

1952 Johnson Ellen Anderson Goodwin1952_13687_070r

1952 Johnson George Henry Goodwin1952_13702_085r

1952 Johnson Ernest Everett Goodwin1952_13732_115r

1953 Johnson Helga Theresa Goodwin1953_13855_010r

1953 Johnson Lula Alice Goodwin1953_13974_129r

1954 Johnson Carl Algot Goodwin1954_14144_066r

1954 Johnson Emma Roy Goodwin1954_14181_103r

1954 Johnson Alfred Goodwin1954_14267_189r

1955 Johnson Noyes P. Goodwin1955_14304_007r

1955 Johnson Alma Marie Goodwin1955_14355_058r

1955 Johnson Basil Hadgi Goodwin1955_14368_071r

1955 Johnson Delia Mary Goodwin1955_14474_177r

1957 Johnson Martin Goodwin1957_14758_019r

1957 Johnson Tecklas Goodwin1957_14810_071r

1957 Johnson Elida Maria Goodwin1957_14897_158r

1957 Johnson Ida Natalie Goodwin1957_14907_168r

1957 Johnson Baby Boy Goodwin1957_14946_207r

1958 Johnson David Middleton Goodwin1958_15121_127r

1958 Johnson Edward Carl Goodwin1958_15163_169r

1958 Johnson Carrie B. Goodwin1958_15211_217r

1960 Johnson Albin Eric Goodwin1960_15883_165r

1961 Johnson Etta L. Goodwin1961_15976_005r

1961 Johnson Gertrude Ellen Goodwin1961_16013_042r

1962 Johnson Esther E. Goodwin1962_16277_098r

1962 Johnson Frank Titus Goodwin1962_16282_103r

1963 Johnson David Wilmont Goodwin1963_16440_021r

1963 Johnson infant Alice Goodwin1963_16534_115r

1964 Johnson George Ernest Goodwin1964_16735_063r

1964 Johnson Florence Mae Goodwin1964_16763_091r

1964 Johnson Dulcie M. Goodwin1964_16866_194r

1964 Johnson Gertrude E. Goodwin1964_16891_219r

1964 Johnson Ruth I. Goodwin1964_16927_255r

Page 57: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1965 Johnson Verona Goodwin1965_16930_101r

1965 Johnson Theodore Goodwin1965_17029_200r

1965 Johnson Myron F. Goodwin1965_17042_213r

1966 Johnson Arthur F. Goodwin1966_17150_054_1r

1966 Johnson Earl C. Goodwin1966_17171_075r

1966 Johnson Ernest William Goodwin1966_17201_105r

1966 Johnson Elmer Gene Goodwin1966_17208_112r

1966 Johnson Henry Knut Goodwin1966_17280_184r

1966 Johnson Pearl Goodwin1966_17316_220r

1967 Johnson Roy Eugene Goodwin1967_17379_040r

1967 Johnson Dorothy Fletcher Fletcher Goodwin1967_17537_198r

1967 Johnson Nicholas C. Goodwin1967_17581_242r

1968 Johnson Sigrid Augusta Anderson Goodwin1968_17632_020r

1968 Johnson Esther B. Emerson Goodwin1968_17795_183r

1969 Johnson Myrtie Reed Reed Goodwin1969_17930_136r

1950 Johnson Adelaide V. Goodwin1950_13277_092r

1950 Johnson Anton John Goodwin1950_13315_130r

1950 Johnson William Robert Goodwin1950_13331_146r

1950 Johnson Axel Goodwin1950_13366_181r

1949 Johnson Archie Goodwin1949_13080_120r

1948 Johnson Carl Werner Goodwin1948_12788_014r

1948 Johnson Francis Godfrey Goodwin1948_12868_094r

1947 Johnson Esther Augusta Goodwin1947_12682_094r

1947 Johnson Ida Josephine Goodwin1947_12743_155r

1947 Johnson Frank Robert Goodwin1947_12763_175r

1947 Johnson Jospeh D. Goodwin1947_13276_091r

1945 Johnson Carl August Goodwin1945_02284_057r

1945 Johnson Frank Redlou Goodwin1945_02316_089r

1945 Johnson Anna Mathilda Berg Goodwin1945_02377_150r

1954 Johnston James William Goodwin1954_14079_001r

1955 Johnston Mary Edna Goodwin1955_14412_115r

1957 Johnston Mary B. Goodwin1957_14931_192_2r

1958 Johnston James Harrison Goodwin1958_15081_087r

1960 Johnston Olive Mary Goodwin1960_15914_196r

1966 Johnston Esther Sandquist Sandquist Goodwin1966_17235_139_1r

1966 Johnston Clarence Carl Goodwin1966_17270_174r

1967 Johnston Richard Bruce Goodwin1967_17469_130r

1958 Johonett Milo G. Goodwin1958_15034_040r

1958 Johonnett Millie M. Goodwin1958_15179_185r

1945 Johonnett Henry Emerson Goodwin1945_02320_093r

1962 Jondrow Laura M. Rice Goodwin1962_16323_144r

1951 Jones Elizabeth E. Sanborn Goodwin1951_13484_083r

1951 Jones Helen Deborah Hunt Goodwin1951_13557_156r

1952 Jones Mary R. Goodwin1952_13683_066r

1952 Jones Marion Putnam Goodwin1952_13823_206r

1957 Jones Carlton Burnham Goodwin1957_14834_095_1r

1957 Jones Ernest Milton Goodwin1957_14973_234_2r

Page 58: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1958 Jones George Andrew Goodwin1958_15007_013r

1958 Jones Lewis Howard Goodwin1958_15132_138r

1960 Jones Dean Sanborn Goodwin1960_15894_176r

1962 Jones Robert Carl Goodwin1962_16297_118r

1963 Jones Euphemia Durgin Goodwin1963_16508_089r

1966 Jones Todd Andrew Goodwin1966_17239_143r

1968 Jones Alice A. Howe Goodwin1968_17775_163_1r

1969 Jones Helen Drewry Goodwin1969_18042_248r

1950 Jones Blanche Thompson Goodwin1950_13328_143r

1949 Jones Gertrude Safford Goodwin1949_13122_162r

1948 Jones Mary Crowell Goodwin1948_12879_105r

1947 Jones Alice Clark Clark Goodwin1947_12742_154r

1955 Jordan Henry Raymond Goodwin1955_14308_011r

1956 Jordan Earl Weymouth Goodwin1956_14707_187r

1962 Jordan Carrie Chase Goodwin1962_16338_159r

1962 Jordan Chester F. Goodwin1962_16383_204r

1966 Jordan Fred Elmer Goodwin1966_17232_136_1r

1951 Joseph Abraham Goodwin1951_13604_203r

1966 Josephson Albert Seigfrid Goodwin1966_17215_119r

1949 Josephson Carl Goodwin1949_13059_099r

1954 Joy Nancy Mendenhall Lewis Goodwin1954_14158_080r

1955 Joy Barbara B. Goodwin1955_14475_178r

1960 Joy Helen Minnie Goodwin1960_15724_006r

1963 Joy Blanche Mildred Goodwin1963_16481_062r

1967 Joy Charles Lewis Goodwin1967_17543_204r

1968 Joy William Arthur Goodwin1968_17773_161r

1969 Joy William Clyde CorporalGoodwin1969_17977_183r

1947 Judkins William Osgro Goodwin1947_12627_039r

1962 Julius Van Den Wingaert ??? Goodwin1962_16401_222r

1968 Jutras Wilbur Joseph Goodwin1968_17682_070r

1962 Kahn Gordon Goodwin1962_16419_240r

1964 Kahn Jennie C. Goodwin1964_16731_059r

1960 Kallander Oscar Julius Goodwin1960_15776_058r

1962 Kallenberg Frank Emil Goodwin1962_16226_047r

1945 Kallenberg Katherine Dixon Goodwin1945_02301_074r

1969 Kaplan Michael A. Goodwin1969_17862_068r

1969 Kapopoulos Archilles (Jack) A. Goodwin1969_18015_221r

1962 Karafotis Chris P. Goodwin1962_16378_199r

1949 Karcher Carl Albert Goodwin1949_13133_173r

1962 Katchker Rose May Goodwin1962_16205_026r

1951 Katsikas Naoma Goodwin1951_13583_182r

1969 Katz Minnie Goodwin1969_17965_171r

1968 Kay Martha B/ Backoff Goodwin1968_17636_024r

1952 Kearns Nellie W. Goodwin1952_13779_162r

1950 Kearns Charles Brown Goodwin1950_13257_072r

1949 Kearns James Goodwin1949_13053_093r

1945 Kearns Mary Slack Goodwin1945_02387_160r

Page 59: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1951 Kebbon Emma Seastrom Goodwin1951_13419_008r

1950 Kebbon Leonard Alphonso Goodwin1950_13188_003r

1954 Keeler Sarah Elizabeth Holmes Goodwin1954_14166_088r

1958 Keeler Bernard R. Goodwin1958_14995_001_1r

1950 Keene Truman E. Goodwin1950_13300_115r

1957 Keeper Mary Delaphine Goodwin1957_14855_116r

1957 Keilig Albert Richard Goodwin1957_14775_036r

1959 Keilig Frederick Herman Goodwin1959_15712_200r

1967 Keith Thomas William Goodwin1967_17533_194r

1967 Kelble Oliver Goodwin1967_17363_024r

1951 Keller Hilma Olivia Goodwin1951_13463_062r

1959 Keller Roger Rheinhold Goodwin1959_15319_107_1r

1961 Keller Charles H. Goodwin1961_16141_170r

1966 Keller Rudolph Carl Goodwin1966_17093_007_1r

1967 Keller Ruth Elenara Goodwin1967_17527_188r

1952 Kelley Gary Dana Goodwin1952_13669_052r

1952 Kelley Grace Pearl Lovejoy Goodwin1952_13837_220r

1956 Kelley William Percy Goodwin1956_14735_215r

1959 Kelley Robert Redington Goodwin1959_15215_003r

1961 Kelley Calvin Delmore Goodwin1961_16030_059r

1962 Kelley Frank Tilton Goodwin1962_16262_083r

1963 Kelley Anna E. Goodwin1963_16436_017r

1965 Kelley Eola L. Goodwin1965_16953_024r

1965 Kelley Florence Lillian San Soucie Davis Goodwin1965_17032_203r

1950 Kelley Grace Georgiorina Goodwin1950_13344_159r

1952 Kellogg Tom Lane Goodwin1952_13722_105r

1954 Kellogg Rose Marie Goodwin1954_14287_209r

1955 Kellogg Frederick Gillespie Goodwin1955_14519_222r

1957 Kellogg Blanche Gertrude Bell Goodwin1957_14788_049r

1949 Kellogg Ethel Lucelia Goodwin1949_12962_002r

1956 Kemp Bertha L. Goodwin1956_14674_154r

1953 Kendall Helene Elvira Goodwin1953_14071_226r

1946 Kendall Eunice Trenholm Goodwin1946_02501_094r

1946 Kendall Francis Samuel Jr. Goodwin1946_02541_134r

1957 Kendrick Edward Wallace Goodwin1957_14886_147r

1952 Keniston Hilda Lohnes Goodwin1952_13642_025r

1964 Kennard Joseph Harrison Goodwin1964_16818_146r

1966 Kennard May Pratt Pratt Goodwin1966_17324_228r

1957 Kennedy Sarah Maria Goodwin1957_14991_252r

1963 Kennedy Thomas Charles Goodwin1963_16429_010r

1966 Kennedy Mabelle Simmons French Goodwin1966_17214_118r

1966 Kenney Augusta Rebecca Goodwin1966_17092_006r

1959 Kent Anna E. Goodwin1959_15711_199r

1962 Kent Infant son of David Goodwin1962_16318_139r

1963 Kent Leo Ivan ??? Goodwin1963_16465_046r

1965 Kent Grace Adeline Goodwin1965_17043_214r

1968 Kent Clarence L. Goodwin1968_17665_053r

Page 60: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1948 Kent Justin Foster DOD 2/3/45 FRANCE Goodwin1948_12832_058r

1945 Kent Isabelle Vanderbilt Goodwin1945_02346_119r

1961 Kenyon Helen Lawrence Goodwin1961_16153_182r

1958 Kerr John L. Goodwin1958_15158_164r

1959 Kerr Myra Van Goodwin1959_15676_164r

1965 Kerrigan Charles Hunter Goodwin1965_16987_158r

1951 Kershaw Charles Edward Goodwin1951_13424_013r

1955 Kershaw Edward Emil Goodwin1955_14457_160r

1958 Kershaw Clara E. Colter Goodwin1958_15188_194r

1963 Kershaw Arabella Jane Goodwin1963_16433_014r

1966 Keyes Baby Boy Goodwin1966_17277_181r

1969 Keyes Emma Frances Butcher Goodwin1969_17998_204r

1952 Kidder Bertha Grace Leavitt Goodwin1952_13658_041r

1968 Kidder Lee Dana Goodwin1968_17668_056r

1969 Kidder Maude Hubbard Goodwin1969_17958_164_1r

1947 Kidder Harry Stark Goodwin1947_12724_136r

1945 Kidder Mary McClellan Goodwin1945_02386_159r

1967 Kierstead Mildred Marie Allen Goodwin1967_17538_199r

1962 Kilton Robert Lane Goodwin1962_16243_064r

1949 Kilton Orra Gile Goodwin1949_12992_032r

1957 Kimball Forrest I. Goodwin1957_14867_128r

1958 Kimball Harold Goodwin1958_15015_021_2r

1958 Kimball Ernest Thorndyke Goodwin1958_15066_072r

1958 Kimball Blanche Allbee Allbee Goodwin1958_15118_124r

1958 Kimball Robert Gage Goodwin1958_15183_189r

1959 Kimball Frank Brown Goodwin1959_15287_075r

1959 Kimball Harry Andrew Goodwin1959_15354_142r

1960 Kimball Ray A. Goodwin1960_15733_015_1r

1962 Kimball Laura May Goodwin1962_16284_105r

1965 Kimball Myra Josephine Goodwin1965_16934_105r

1966 Kimball Esther Augusta Goodwin1966_17169_073r

1969 Kimball Florence L. Goodwin1969_17808_014r

1949 Kimball Annie Agnes Goodwin1949_13018_058r

1949 Kimball Charles Valentine Goodwin1949_13021_061r

1949 Kimball Clara Newton Spofford Goodwin1949_13092_132r

1949 Kimball Roxanna Fannie Beckford Goodwin1949_13095_135r

1947 Kimball Alice Maude Gamache Goodwin1947_12669_081r

1945 Kimball Maude Belle Goodwin1945_02384_157r

1954 King Allen French Goodwin1954_14112_034r

1956 King Maurice J. Goodwin1956_14725_205r

1960 King Raymond Bertram Goodwin1960_15741_023r

1969 King Mary Felton Goodwin1969_17822_028r

1950 King William J. Goodwin1950_13253_068r

1965 Kingsbury Howard Eugene Goodwin1965_16956_027r

1968 Kingsley Charles Ledyard Goodwin1968_17780_168r

1957 Kinne Guy Bradford Goodwin1957_14814_075r

1960 Kinne Kathleen Ann Cross Goodwin1960_15949_231r

Page 61: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1960 Kinney Major Joseph Ritchie Jr. Goodwin1960_15871_153r

1949 Kinson Flora Marcia Haselton Goodwin1949_13106_146r

1961 Kiontke Robert Herman Goodwin1961_15994_023r

1949 Kiontke Margareta Schrepfer Goodwin1949_12995_035r

1967 Kirk Nellie Louise Goodwin1967_17400_061r

1956 Kirste Albert Goodwin1956_14705_185r

1947 Kirste Charles Goodwin1947_12635_047r

1945 Kirste Ernest Robert Goodwin1945_02272_045r

1949 Kittredge Joseph LeRoy Goodwin1949_13084_124r

1946 Kittredge Ethel D. Goodwin1946_02440_033r

1956 Klaubert Karl Adam Goodwin1956_14654_134r

1949 Klaubert Luella Maude French Goodwin1949_13164_204r

1966 Klein Jacob Goodwin1966_17134_038r

1966 Klein Florence Haag Goodwin1966_17185_089r

1957 Klotz Marie Therese Goodwin1957_14892_153r

1957 Knef Carrie Goodwin1957_14925_186r

1958 Knight Burton Wiilder Goodwin1958_15200_206r

1959 Knight Cora Lynn Goodwin1959_15290_078r

1969 Knight Jean Hendry Hendry Goodwin1969_18058_264r

1947 Knight Josephine Sarah Goodwin1947_02618_030r

1957 Knoetig Emma Emily Kuchnel Goodwin1957_14947_208r

1947 Knoettner George Goodwin1947_02617_029r

1954 Knowles Fred Goodwin1954_14253_175r

1955 Knowles Hoyt Martin Goodwin1955_14333_036r

1956 Knowles Pearl Goodwin1956_14729_209r

1958 Knowles Alice Turner Turner Goodwin1958_14997_003r

1967 Knowles Sarah Ela Ela Goodwin1967_17503_164r

1969 Knowles Kenneth Knowlton Goodwin1969_17818_024r

1949 Knowles Albert Cate Goodwin1949_13125_165r

1951 Knowlton Amos Curtis Goodwin1951_13572_171r

1953 Knowlton Elizabeth Ann Lewis Goodwin1953_13865_020_1r

1956 Knowlton Maude Briggs Goodwin1956_14642_122r

1964 Knowlton Edward T. Goodwin1964_16747_075r

1955 Knox Annette Corliss Goodwin1955_14381_084r

1969 Knox Leslie Edgar Goodwin1969_17923_129r

1955 Koch Lena H. Goodwin1955_14317_020r

1961 Koch Albert Claude Goodwin1961_16021_050r

1964 Koch Laura Ellen Goodwin1964_16738_066r

1948 Koch Frank Paul Otto Goodwin1948_12860_086r

1966 Koehler Nellie Josephine French Goodwin1966_17296_200r

1967 Koehler Lilliam Clara Goodwin1967_17596_257r

1969 Koehler Ida Margaret Goodwin1969_17847_053r

1969 Koehler George T. Goodwin1969_17903_109r

1948 Koehler Frank Trougott Sr. Goodwin1948_12839_065r

1952 Koehnline Morgan Cornelius Goodwin1952_13689_072r

1955 Koehnline Carrie Elizabeth Goodwin1955_14423_126r

1969 Kolinas Anasstasios Goodwin1969_18049_255r

Page 62: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1959 Komaridis Vassilios Goodwin1959_15356_144r

1969 Kondrat Charles (Casimier) Domnini Goodwin1969_17895_101_1r

1956 Kopytowski Peter Simon Goodwin1956_14704_184r

1961 Kopytowski Edward A. Goodwin1961_15972_001r

1967 Koral Matthew Goodwin1967_17548_209r

1962 Korol Anna S. Goodwin1962_16275_096r

1965 Koster Dorothea Marie Goodwin1965_17050_221_1r

1969 Kramer Mary Goodwin1969_17875_081r

1964 Krants Baby Boy Goodwin1964_16684_012r

1951 Kratz Richard Goodwin1951_13435_024r

1954 Krauss Clara Emma Goodwin1954_14295_217r

1960 Krauss Fred Herman Goodwin1960_15928_210r

1954 Kraut Marie Bertha Goodwin1954_14294_216r

1964 Krueger Hedwig Goodwin1964_16733_061r

1967 Kurlansky Robery Jacob Goodwin1967_17350_011r

1956 La Bonta Cora Folsom Goodwin1956_14602_082r

1963 Labelle Rene Wilfred Goodwin1963_16554_135r

1965 LaBerge Joseph Goodwin1965_17035_206r

1965 Laflamme Charles William Goodwin1965_17068_239r

1960 LaFrancois Ruth Helen Marston Goodwin1960_15957_239r

1954 Lagerquist Malvina Annette Goodwin1954_14220_142r

1957 Lagerquist Harold George Goodwin1957_14914_175r

1950 Lagerquist Claus Emil Goodwin1950_13399_214r

1949 Lagerquist Anna Alett Goodwin1949_13086_126r

1948 Lagerquist Carl Vidolf Goodwin1948_12902_128r

1960 Laing Grace M. Baldwin Goodwin1960_15766_048r

1962 Laing John Meikle Goodwin1962_16418_239r

1964 Laing Sarah Goodwin1964_16728_056r

1966 Laing Mazelle Clarke Goodwin1966_17188_092r

1968 Laing Robert C. Goodwin1968_17657_045r

1950 Laing Gertrude Amelia Goodwin1950_13238_053r

1966 Lake Fred Clifton Goodwin1966_17218_122r

1955 Lamb Edna B. Goodwin1955_14497_200r

1957 Lamb Elfleda Goodwin1957_14966_227r

1959 Lamb Alice Gertrude Goodwin1959_15365_153_1r

1964 Lamb Amy N. Goodwin1964_16683_011r

1967 Lamb Sylvia Lee Goodwin1967_17425_086r

1946 Lamb Fred William Goodwin1946_02538_131r

1955 Lambert Annie Thompson Goodwin1955_14376_079r

1955 Lambert Wilbur E. Goodwin1955_14387_090r

1952 Lamora Amanda Filion Goodwin1952_13839_222r

1950 Lamora Henry John Goodwin1950_13320_135r

1962 Lamos John Stephen Goodwin1962_16193_014r

1952 Lamper Elizabeth Goodwin1952_13828_211r

1953 Lamper Sharon Lee Goodwin1953_13991_146r

1955 Lamper Elizabeth Louise Goodwin1955_14410_113r

1960 Lamper Alfred Chesley Goodwin1960_15884_166r

Page 63: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1962 Lamper Arnold Leon Goodwin1962_16248_069r

1946 Lamper George Washington Goodwin1946_02481_074r

1953 Lamprey Winnifred L. Moulton Goodwin1953_13954_109r

1966 Lamprey Howard Lowell Goodwin1966_17149_053r

1967 Lamprey Ann Davis Goodwin1967_17401_062r

1950 Lamprey Abbie Jane Corson Goodwin1950_13361_176r

1945 Lamprey (Alice) Maude Goodwin1945_02325_098r

1955 Lamy Charles Arthur Goodwin1955_14366_069r

1961 Lamy Alfred Joseph Goodwin1961_16135_164_1r

1965 Landahl Dorothea Goodwin1965_17020_191r

1966 Landahl Viva Alberta Goodwin1966_17283_187r

1967 Lander Malcalm Hall Goodwin1967_17559_220r

1958 Landers Frances Marion Goodwin1958_15156_162r

1968 Landers Ethel I. Goodwin1968_17621_009r

1955 Lane Inez G Goodwin1955_14371_074r

1960 Lane Ida Nelson Goodwin1960_15826_108r

1966 Lane Earle Talmage Goodwin1966_17274_178r

1968 Lane Bertha Frances Poore Goodwin1968_17624_012r

1968 Lane Martha Natalie Chalbeck Goodwin1968_17703_091r

1950 Lane Jeremiah Goodwin1950_13259_074r

1948 Lane Sarah White Goodwin1948_12925_151r

1947 Lane Thomas Waterman Goodwin1947_12711_123r

1954 Lang Clara Elnora Goodwin1954_14129_051r

1958 Lang Ida Temperance Goodwin1958_15124_130r

1960 Lang Helen Goodwin1960_15885_167_2r

1961 Lang Infant Girl of Kennard H. Goodwin1961_16176_205r

1963 Lang Robert Kennard Goodwin1963_16511_092r

1963 Lang Infant of Winfield Goodwin1963_16529_110r

1967 Lang William H. Goodwin1967_17601_262_1r

1965 Lange William T. Goodwin1965_16995_166r

1947 Lange Robert Goodwin1947_12625_037r

1964 Langer Fritz Bruno Goodwin1964_16810_138r

1964 Langford Maude S. Goodwin1964_16766_094r

1952 Langley Clarence Edward Goodwin1952_13751_134r

1959 Langley Martha L. Goodwin1959_15678_166r

1966 Langley David Alexander Ensel Goodwin1966_17321_225r

1949 Langley Maurice Lamphrey Goodwin1949_13151_191r

1959 Langmaid Wilfred B. Goodwin1959_15341_129r

1966 Langmaid Irving Leland Goodwin1966_17205_109r

1967 Lanza Renee Goodwin1967_17612_273_1r

1953 Laraba Archibald Chester Goodwin1953_13880_035r

1959 Laraba Percival Claude Goodwin1959_15696_184r

1962 Laraba Gladys Mae Goodwin1962_16196_017r

1962 Laraba Mae Louise Goodwin1962_16216_037r

1967 Laraba Beatrice P. Goodwin1967_17365_026r

1968 Laraba Forest Monroe Goodwin1968_17855_243r

1948 Laraba Frank Eugene Goodwin1948_12910_136r

Page 64: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1958 Large Miss Elsie Martha Goodwin1958_15168_174r

1955 Larson Maria S Goodwin1955_14422_125r

1949 Laskey Nellie Gault Goodwin1949_13131_171r

1959 Laskosky Herman Gustave Goodwin1959_15372_160r

1949 Latham Josephine Southard Goodwin1949_13066_106r

1946 Latham Robert Granville Goodwin1946_02474_067r

1964 Lathe Minnie Maria Goodwin1964_16893_221r

1947 Lathe Ernest Weston Goodwin1947_12710_122r

1953 Latorella Anna Hall Hall Goodwin1953_13851_006r

1957 Latorella Salvatore Goodwin1957_14756_017r

1957 Latsiou Evelyn Minnie Goodwin1957_14878_139r

1965 Laurence Dorothy Goodwin1965_16939_110r

1952 LaVergne Jeanne Sinclair Goodwin1952_13628_011r

1962 LaVergne Wilfred Joseph Goodwin1962_16195_016r

1946 LaVergne Julia Phyllis Teas Goodwin1946_02535_128r

1951 Lavigne Stella Lavigne Goodwin1951_13560_159r

1969 Lavigne Paul G. (Infant) Goodwin1969_17908_114r

1956 Lavoie Julia A. Goodwin1956_14583_063r

1945 Law Alfred Goodwin1945_02228_001r

1967 Lawes William Frederick Goodwin1967_17416_077r

1951 Lawrence Emma T. Goodwin1951_13412_001r

1951 Lawrence Annie Stickney Goodwin1951_13452_041_1r

1957 Lawrence Gertrude Webster Goodwin1957_14937_198r

1959 Lawrence Hector A. Goodwin1959_15344_132r

1963 Lawrence Roxana (or Anna???) W. McKean Goodwin1963_16450_031r

1963 Lawrence Arthur M. Goodwin1963_16455_036r

1965 Lawrence Joseph Curtis Goodwin1965_16979_050r

1965 Lawrence Robert Gordon Goodwin1965_17064_235_1r

1968 Lawrence Nathaniel Nelson Goodwin1968_17711_099r

1968 Lawrence Guy Harold Goodwin1968_17737_125r

1947 Lawrence Charles Goodwin1947_12692_104r

1945 Lawrence Infant of Leander Lawrence Goodwin1945_02388_161r

1953 Leach Francis Joseph Goodwin1953_14042_197_1r

1960 Leach George Arthur Goodwin1960_15856_138r

1946 Leach Esther Lillian Goodwin1946_02429_022r

1957 Leahy John Leo Goodwin1957_14765_026r

1969 Leahy Daniel Michael Goodwin1969_17874_080r

1967 Lear Ada Lillian Goodwin1967_17502_163r

1954 Leathers Lawrence Ernest Goodwin1954_14286_208r

1957 Leathers Clifford Lawrence Goodwin1957_14906_167r

1965 Leathers Carroll Lewellyn Goodwin1965_17076_247r

1953 Leavitt Edwin Allen Goodwin1953_13976_131r

1957 Leavitt Willis Emmons Goodwin1957_14836_097r

1969 Leavitt Clarence Hubert Goodwin1969_17890_096r

1960 Leckie Charles Roland Goodwin1960_15875_157r

1967 Leckie Margaret Mabel Goodwin1967_17360_021r

1947 Leclair Albert Arthur Goodwin1947_12758_170r

Page 65: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1951 Lee Marcus Wright Goodwin1951_13517_116r

1953 Lee Minnie Eleanor Goodwin1953_14022_177r

1960 Lee Harry Alexander Goodwin1960_15830_112r

1962 Lee James Henry Goodwin1962_16366_187_1r

1965 Lee Lillian Mae Goodwin1965_17045_216r

1954 Leeman Frank Wilder Goodwin1954_14108_030r

1954 Leeman Frank Walter Goodwin1954_14277_199

1962 Leeman William Arthur Goodwin1962_16212_033r

1964 Leeman Mary Leontize Goodwin1964_16821_149r

1969 Leeman Bertha Whitney Goodwin1969_17925_131r

1954 Lefabvre William Joseph Goodwin1954_14210_132r

1961 LeFavor Walter A. Goodwin1961_16134_163r

1957 Lefebvre Arline Harriet Goodwin1957_14920_181r

1960 Leiby Louis Eugene Goodwin1960_15723_005r

1955 Leighton Infant S. Douglas Goodwin1955_14477_180r

1954 Leinsing Clothilde (Lottie) Goodwin1954_14245_167r

1957 Leinsing Henry Goodwin1957_14860_121r

1949 Leinsing Michael Goodwin1949_13136_176r

1960 Leitch Donald Goodwin1960_15948_230r

1962 Leland Ada Hall Goodwin1962_16203_024r

1968 Lengyel Klara Balla Goodwin1968_17615_003r

1956 Lenz Katie Dreschsel Goodwin1956_14586_066_1r

1957 Lenz Ethel Edith Burns Goodwin1957_14988_249r

1966 Lenz Robert Alexander Goodwin1966_17282_186r

1968 Lenz Therese Goodwin1968_17687_075r

1955 Leslie Ellen Clyde Goodwin1955_14401_104_1r

1955 Leslie Robert Sr. Goodwin1955_14418_121r

1960 Leslie William Clyde Goodwin1960_15943_225r

1964 Leslie John Goodwin1964_16697_025r

1960 Lesmerises Infant Goodwin1960_15795_077_1r

1954 Lessard Robert Clive Goodwin1954_14218_140r

1967 Lessieur Elizabeth Edith Patrick Goodwin1967_17567_228r

1956 Lester Nora Bell Goodwin1956_14565_045r

1961 Lester Francis William Sr. Goodwin1961_16166_195r

1965 Lester Carrie E. Goodwin1965_16913_084r

1948 Lester Warren Henry Goodwin1948_12926_152r

1953 Levesque Elizabeth Pearl Signor Goodwin1953_13929_084r

1965 Levesque Edouard Ferdinand Goodwin1965_16961_032r

1959 Levey Jeffrey Alan Goodwin1959_15286_074r

1969 Lewis Lois Ann Goodwin1969_17947_153r

1969 Lewis Charles Robert Goodwin1969_17961_167r

1969 Lewis Elizabeth Ring Goodwin1969_17989_195r

1949 Lewis Estella Alice Goodwin1949_13143_183r

1947 Lewis Agnes McCullough Goodwin1947_12623_035r

1945 Lewis Annie Maria Reid Goodwin1945_02262_035r

1952 Libby Wesley Jordan Sr. Goodwin1952_13815_198r

1953 Libby William Dunham Goodwin1953_13911_066r

Page 66: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1963 Libby Mattie Belle Cheney Goodwin1963_16454_035r

1963 Libby John Raymond Goodwin1963_16532_113r

1947 Libby Clement Staniels Goodwin1947_12664_076r

1969 Lichtenstein James Goodwin1969_17897_103r

1952 Liebing Minnie Luella Goodwin1952_13725_108r

1964 Liebing Alma K. Goodwin1964_16884_212r

1951 Lilly Agnes Jane Smith Goodwin1951_13504_103r

1954 Lilly Avalon Robert Goodwin1954_14246_168r

1952 Lincoln John Edward Goodwin1952_13804_187r

1951 Lindahl Carl Edward Goodwin1951_13535_134r

1953 Lindahl Gustaf Adolph Johan Goodwin1953_14069_224r

1955 Lindahl Carl Marland Goodwin1955_14506_209r

1965 Lindahl Margaret M. Mahoney Goodwin1965_16959_130r

1969 Lindahl Wesley Carl Goodwin1969_17942_148r

1969 Lindahl Albert J. Goodwin1969_18060_266r

1948 Lindahl Martha Goodwin1948_12844_070r

1964 Lindberg Otto A. Goodwin1964_16817_145r

1954 Lindh Gustave Rudolph Goodwin1954_14243_165r

1963 Lindh Paula Marie Goodwin1963_16541_122_1r

1953 Lindquist Charles Goodwin1953_13917_072r

1955 Lindquist Augusta Malvina Lagerquist Goodwin1955_14311_014r

1955 Lindquist Walter Leonard Goodwin1955_14492_195r

1956 Lindquist Edith Charlotte Goodwin1956_14683_163r

1960 Lindquist Maria Wilhelmina Goodwin1960_15904_186r

1948 Lindquist Emily Augusta Goodwin1948_12937_163r

1961 Lindsay William David Goodwin1961_16168_197r

1965 Lindsay Margaret T. Goodwin1965_16989_060_1r

1949 Lindsey Nellie Marie Burnham Goodwin1949_13046_086r

1962 Lindskog Ida Goodwin1962_16293_114_2r

1962 Lindstrom Blenda Constance Goodwin1962_16300_121r

1965 Lindstrom Karl Elof Goodwin1965_16949_120r

1946 Lindstrom Betty Goodwin1946_02436_029r

1969 Linko Danielle Eleanor Goodwin1969_17817_023r

1954 Little Charles Daniel Goodwin1954_14095_017r

1955 Little Minnie Jones Goodwin1955_14341_044r

1957 Little Robert Thomas Goodwin1957_14772_033r

1958 Little Edward Augustine Goodwin1958_15142_148r

1959 Little Rennie George Goodwin1959_15710_198r

1961 Little Theodore Goodholt Goodwin1961_15975_004r

1962 Little Margaret Elizabeth Henrietta Morrell ??? Goodwin1962_16256_077r

1962 Little Ruth Adelaide Goodwin1962_16273_094r

1965 Little Roscoe W. Goodwin1965_17009_180r

1967 Little Marion G. Goodwin1967_17385_046r

1968 Little Henry Albert Goodwin1968_17650_038r

1946 Little Katherine Goldsbury Goodwin1946_02544_137r

1945 Little Ellie (Arthur ?) Goodwin1945_02233_006r

1952 Littlefield Homer Hobbs Goodwin1952_13690_073r

Page 67: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1955 Littlefield Lillian Tierney Goodwin1955_14402_105r

1956 Littlefield George F. Goodwin1956_14536_016r

1957 Littlefield Otis Moulton Goodwin1957_14887_148r

1957 Littlefield Minnie Ella Goodwin1957_14949_210r

1958 Littlefield Charles David Goodwin1958_15122_128r

1961 Littlefield Loren Austin Goodwin1961_16169_198r

1949 Littlefield Fannie Belle Goodwin1949_13078_118r

1954 Llewellyn Hilda Beatrice Goodwin1954_14151_073r

1955 Llewellyn Rhys Hywel Goodwin1955_14433_136r

1951 Lloyd Thomas James Sr. Goodwin1951_13457_046r

1955 Lloyd Edna Parker Goodwin1955_14468_171r

1965 Lloyd Athol E. V. Goodwin1965_16981_152_1r

1956 Locke Joseph Alfred Goodwin1956_14564_044r

1963 Locke Cornelia Frances Goodwin1963_16471_052r

1949 Locke Gertrude Marilla Parker Goodwin1949_13117_157r

1954 Lockhead James Roger Goodwin1954_14255_177r

1960 Lockhead ??? Anna M. Goodwin1960_15925_207r

1953 Locklin Earl Goodwin1953_13938_093_2r

1957 Lockwood Helen J. Goodwin1957_14884_145r

1955 Lodge Charles Barrington Goodwin1955_14332_035r

1962 Loman Grace Mae Goodwin1962_16261_082_2r

1957 Longa Grace Goodwin1957_14981_242r

1955 Loomis Margaret Christine Goodwin1955_14431_134r

1955 Loos Catherine Caroline Goodwin1955_14321_024r

1959 Loos Joseph Henry Sr. Goodwin1959_15336_124r

1951 Lord Marion Elizabeth Chisholm Goodwin1951_13468_067r

1953 Lord Alice M. M. Goodwin1953_13889_044r

1956 Lord Ella Avery Goodwin1956_14541_021r

1960 Lord Florence M. Goodwin1960_15843_125r

1961 Lord Gladys Hesser Goodwin1961_16049_078r

1962 Lord George Merton Goodwin1962_16332_153r

1967 Lord Elizabeth S. Goodwin1967_17344_005r

1967 Lord George Pease Goodwin1967_17574_235r

1948 Lord Harry Guy Goodwin1948_12803_029r

1947 Lord Morton Bean Goodwin1947_12667_079r

1950 Lorenzen Nellie Bunton Goodwin1950_13404_219r

1948 Lovejoy Jeannette Woodman Young Goodwin1948_12794_020r

1952 Lovell Marion Stebbins Goodwin1952_13662_045r

1952 Lovering Mae-DeClair Goodwin1952_13724_107r

1968 Lovering Harry Taylor Goodwin1968_17679_067r

1969 Lovering Rupert Goodwin1969_17917_123r

1950 Lovering Laura Maybelle Goodwin1950_13291_106r

1967 Lowe Carroll Henry Goodwin1967_17449_110r

1967 Lowe Clara Leining Goodwin1967_17607_268r

1958 Luce Ellis Clyde Goodwin1958_15014_020r

1966 Luce Irene Mae Goodwin1966_17299_203r

1959 Lucy Frances Anna Goodwin1959_15300_088r

Page 68: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1966 Ludlow Albert Ernest Goodwin1966_17197_101r

1959 Luft Ida S. Goodwin1959_15213_001_2r

1946 Luft Henry Goodwin1946_02482_075r

1963 Luicha Robert Irving Jr. Goodwin1963_16491_072r

1956 Lund Maria Kristine Goodwin1956_14731_211r

1947 Lundberg Adeline Anna Goodwin1947_12677_089r

1953 Lundgren Haskell Theodore Goodwin1953_13961_116r

1967 Lundgren George E. Goodwin1967_17489_150r

1967 Lundgren Olive K. Kelchner Goodwin1967_17514_175r

1949 Lundh Eric Hjalmar Goodwin1949_13099_139_1r

1954 Lundquist Carl Botolf Goodwin1954_14235_157r

1964 Lundquist Elin I. Goodwin1964_16707_035r

1950 Lupfer Donald Andrew Jr. Goodwin1950_13286_101r

1950 Lurvey James Marian Goodwin1950_13345_160r

1969 Luscombe Harold Clayton Goodwin1969_18054_260r

1962 Lusignan Martha Henrietta Goodwin1962_16265_086_1r

1954 Lyman Edward Dean Goodwin1954_14099_021r

1955 Lynch Donald Albert Goodwin1955_14312_015r

1965 Lynch Bartlett Richard Goodwin1965_17005_176r

1955 Lyon William Gardon Goodwin1955_14313_016r

1963 Lyons Thomas Patrick Goodwin1963_16502_083r

1947 MacArthur Mary Goodwin1947_12670_082r

1964 MacAulay Catherine P. Goodwin1964_16840_168r

1965 MacAulay John Andrew Goodwin1965_17000_171_1r

1965 Macaulay Jack Goodwin1965_17057_228r

1949 MacAulay Lyall Robert Goodwin1949_13162_202r

1946 MacAulay Richard Ian Infant of John MacAulayGoodwin1946_02573_166r

1954 Macauley James Colin Goodwin1954_14160_082r

1951 MacDonald Ray Ellsworth Goodwin1951_13416_005r

1952 MacDonald Frank James Goodwin1952_13691_074r

1952 MacDonald George Henry Goodwin1952_13704_087r

1952 MacDonald Alexander D. Goodwin1952_13792_175r

1953 MacDonald Clyde William Goodwin1953_14032_187r

1954 MacDonald Ruth Elizabeth Goodwin1954_14234_156r

1963 MacDonald Ray A. Goodwin1963_16506_087r

1966 MacDonald Lillian May Brown Goodwin1966_17328_232r

1948 MacDonald Constance Arabella (Shaw) Shaw Goodwin1948_12947_173r

1952 MacDonough Charles Wells Goodwin1952_13829_212r

1956 MacDonough Elizabeth K. Harvey Goodwin1956_14611_091r

1949 MacDougall Thomas Goodwin1949_12993_033r

1948 MacDougall John Goodwin1948_12823_049r

1963 MacDowell Alvin William Goodwin1963_16540_121r

1964 MacDowell Florence E. Goodwin1964_16797_125r

1945 MacEwen Stewart Goodwin1945_02362_135r

1955 MacFadden Gladys Goodwin1955_14370_073r

1959 MacFadden Clara H. Goodwin1959_15327_115r

1957 MacFarland Matilda Goodwin1957_14873_134r

Page 69: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1968 MacFarlane William Miller Goodwin1968_17701_089r

1968 MacFarlane Florence Benton Goodwin1968_17715_103r

1960 MacGaunn Grace Salter Goodwin1960_15855_137r

1964 MacGaunn Charles Goodwin1964_16804_132r

1949 MacInnis or McInnis Florence Anna Waterman Goodwin1949_13109_149r

1951 MacIver Donald Alec Goodwin1951_13567_166r

1961 MacIver Neil Frye Goodwin1961_16012_041r

1967 MacIver George Donald Goodwin1967_17348_009r

1967 MacIver Jucy Jane Goodwin1967_17353_014r

1951 Mack Mabel Priscilla Goodwin1951_13516_115r

1958 Mack Benjamin Johnson Goodwin1958_15085_091r

1947 Mack Minnie Amelia Goodwin1947_12757_169r

1956 MacKenzie Allan Ceylon Goodwin1956_14600_080r

1964 MacKenzie Eugene Robert Goodwin1964_16799_127_2r

1967 MacKenzie Florence Kidder Kidder Goodwin1967_17420_081r

1967 MacKenzie Elizabeth Russell Russell Goodwin1967_17585_246r

1949 MacKenzie Grace Darling Goodwin1949_13144_184r

1953 MacLaughlan Ella Jane Goodwin1953_13906_061r

1951 MacMillan Amelia Youngjohns Goodwin1951_13441_030r

1956 MacMillan James Dunn Goodwin1956_14656_136_1r

1955 MacRury Lauretta Catherine Goodwin1955_14411_114r

1956 MacRury Colin Howard Goodwin1956_14603_083r

1965 Madden Thomas Francis Goodwin1965_16966_137r

1959 Maehss Richard W. Goodwin1959_15370_158r

1968 Magarian Manuella Hamilton Goodwin1968_17691_079r

1968 Magdziasz Colleen Mary Goodwin1968_17702_090r

1956 Magee Elizabeth Sarah Goodwin1956_14559_039r

1966 Magnuson Gustaf M.Goodwin Goodwin1966_17158_062r

1969 Magnuson Eric Goodwin1969_18014_220r

1950 Magnuson Matilda Charlotta Wellander Goodwin1950_13341_156r

1951 Magoon Clayton Ira Goodwin1951_13534_133r

1969 Magoon Annie Goodwin1969_17823_029r

1950 Magoon Anna L. Goodwin1950_13313_128r

1948 Magoon Calvin Gustav DOD 3/11/45 IWO JIMAGoodwin1948_12856_082r

1964 Mahoney Coleen Theresa Goodwin1964_16704_032r

1956 Main Kenneth Walton Goodwin1956_14553_033r

1949 Main Mary Grace Goodwin1949_13178_218r

1945 Maiwald William Frederick Jr. Goodwin1945_02232_005r

1957 Maker Annie Elizabeth Goodwin1957_14912_173r

1952 Malick Henry Clay Goodwin1952_13831_214r

1956 Mallard Albert Henry Goodwin1956_14567_047r

1960 Mallard Charles Stewart Goodwin1960_15921_203r

1957 Maller Josephine Clark Goodwin1957_14742_003r

1961 Mallett Lansing Preston Goodwin1961_16059_087_1r

1946 Mallett Mary Graham Taylor Goodwin1946_02536_129r

1961 Mangelinckx Camiel Goodwin1961_16082_111r

1945 Mangelinks Peter Frank Goodwin1945_02255_028r

Page 70: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1969 Mangurian Harry S. Goodwin1969_17880_086r

1951 Mank Edgar Day Goodwin1951_13451_040r

1953 Mank Lillie Irene Wellwood Goodwin1953_13987_142r

1956 Mank Ernest Dewey Goodwin1956_14619_099r

1952 Manley Florence P. Goodwin1952_13827_210r

1956 Manley Bert Silman Goodwin1956_14677_157_1r

1957 Manley Samuel Goodwin1957_14972_233r

1960 Manley Ernest Frank Goodwin1960_15765_047r

1960 Manley George Henry Goodwin1960_15805_087r

1962 Manley Walter Clinton Goodwin1962_16189_010r

1967 Manley Raymond Harwood Goodwin1967_17393_054r

1951 Mann Clarence Horace Goodwin1951_13479_078r

1954 Mann Winifred Elmira Goodwin1954_14199_121r

1954 Mann Elizabeth Brown Goodwin1954_14203_125r

1959 Mann James Horatio Goodwin1959_15366_154r

1960 Mann Ina or Inah? K. Goodwin1960_15870_152r

1950 Mannering Amy Christina Bowers Goodwin1950_13208_023r

1955 Manning Harriett Flora Goodwin1955_14325_028r

1962 Manning Wilfred P. Goodwin1962_16344_165r

1964 Manning Frances Fay Goodwin1964_16674_002r

1965 Manning Mary Carpenter Goodwin1965_16972_043r

1951 Mansfield Alice May Goodwin1951_13553_152r

1955 Mansfield Edith Etta Goodwin1955_14512_215r

1956 Mansfield Clinton Tewksbury Goodwin1956_14685_165r

1955 Mara Infant of Lawrence Joseph Goodwin1955_14421_124r

1954 Marden Frank William Goodwin1954_14268_190r

1957 Marden Mae Eliza Story Goodwin1957_14992_253r

1969 Marden Elvina S. Anderson Goodwin1969_17996_202r

1946 Marden Louise Moulton Goodwin1946_02414_007r

1945 Marden Harold M. Goodwin1945_02378_151r

1952 Mardin Marie Isabelle Fenton Goodwin1952_13810_193r

1969 Mardin George Israel Sr. Goodwin1969_17864_070r

1969 Margan Brian Jeffrey Goodwin1969_17838_044r

1953 Margolis Samuel A. Goodwin1953_13865_020_2r

1946 Markham Clarence Percy Goodwin1946_02574_167r

1950 Marland Gertrude L. Goodwin1950_13230_045r

1951 Marrs Samuel Adelbert Goodwin1951_13439_028r

1967 Marrs Adeline Cameron Goodwin1967_17371_032r

1955 Marsh Almon Isaac Goodwin1955_14375_078r

1964 Marsh Mildred French Goodwin1964_16723_051r

1966 Marsh Robert French Goodwin1966_17193_097r

1966 Marsh Albert Clifford Goodwin1966_17252_156r

1968 Marsh Harold Potter Goodwin1968_17789_177r

1947 Marsh Jessie Elmira Southwick Southwick Goodwin1947_12759_171r

1946 Marsh Stephen Joel Goodwin1946_02532_125r

1951 Marshall Ella May Goodwin1951_13436_025r

1952 Marshall Sherburne N. Goodwin1952_13692_075r

Page 71: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1953 Marshall Mary Goodwin1953_14018_173r

1957 Marshall Earle Jay Goodwin1957_14780_041r

1957 Marshall Stephan Anthony Goodwin1957_14871_132r

1960 Marshall Benjamin Goodwin1960_15750_032r

1962 Marshall Harry Sutton Goodwin1962_16218_039r

1963 Marshall Matthew Robert Goodwin1963_16559_140_1r

1965 Marshall Cora I. Bond Goodwin1965_16923_094r

1950 Marshall Martha Erlman Erlman Goodwin1950_13288_103r

1950 Marshall Gladys Bernice Goodwin1950_13321_136r

1950 Marshall Doris Gertrude Goodwin1950_13369_184r

1948 Marshall Francis Crossley Goodwin1948_12923_149r

1946 Marshall Jessie Goodwin1946_02412_005r

1957 Marston Kenneth Earl Goodwin1957_14830_091r

1957 Marston Charles Harley Goodwin1957_14846_107r

1958 Marston John Edgar DVM Goodwin1958_15020_026r

1967 Marston Ralph Fulson Goodwin1967_17591_252r

1969 Marston Lyle S. Goodwin1969_18047_253r

1945 Marston Sally Helen Goodwin1945_02405_178r

1955 Martin Clara M. Goodwin1955_14476_179r

1956 Martin Willis Arthur Goodwin1956_14659_139r

1959 Martin Lillian Maria Goodwin1959_15709_197r

1962 Martin Emma Artazt Goodwin1962_16184_005_2r

1962 Martin Clarence Fred Goodwin1962_16299_120_2r

1964 Martin Matthew Sr. Goodwin1964_16755_083r

1968 Martin Ethel Hunter Hunter Goodwin1968_17635_023r

1969 Martin Elizabeth Taylor Goodwin1969_18056_262r

1949 Martin William Robert Goodwin1949_12985_025r

1947 Martin Amelia Nelson Goodwin1947_12653_065r

1946 Martin Cora B. Bridges Goodwin1946_02517_110r

1957 Martinath William J. Goodwin1957_14827_088r

1963 Martinson Harry A. Goodwin1963_16448_029r

1967 Martinson William P. Goodwin1967_17467_128r

1969 Martinson Katherine Goodwin1969_17906_112r

1967 Marvin William Scott Goodwin1967_17463_124r

1964 Mason Pamela Jean Goodwin1964_16689_017r

1964 Mason Howard Goodwin1964_16748_076r

1964 Mason William Andrew Goodwin1964_16929_257_1r

1948 Mason Eunice Carolyn Aiken Goodwin1948_12861_087_2r

1945 Mason Carrie Ridlon Goodwin1945_02394_167r

1965 Massey Henry Garfield Goodwin1965_16898_069_1r

1960 Mather Mrs. Evelyn Viola Staples Goodwin1960_15719_001r

1965 Mathews Wilbur Learned Goodwin1965_16939_010_1r

1967 Mathews Herman Allen Goodwin1967_17577_238r

1959 Matthews Gilbert James Goodwin1959_15220_008r

1968 Matthews Margaret Goodwin1968_17836_224r

1951 Mattson Emma Augusta Johnson Goodwin1951_13469_068r

1952 Mattson Adeline Josephine Goodwin1952_13716_099r

Page 72: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1958 Mattson Helmer Julius Goodwin1958_15061_067r

1960 Mattson Carl Hugo Goodwin1960_15919_201r

1963 Mattson Eleanor L. Goodwin1963_16548_129r

1966 Mattson Alma Maria Goodwin1966_17162_066r

1949 Mattson Matilda Goodwin1949_13222_037r

1948 Mattson Wayne Prentiss Goodwin1948_12877_103r

1946 Mattson John August Goodwin1946_02455_048r

1948 Mauter George Washington Goodwin1948_12817_043r

1947 Maxfield Fred Grant Goodwin1947_12723_135r

1964 Maxim Jesse H. Goodwin1964_16762_090_2r

1967 Maxwell Elizabeth Mary Haggerty Goodwin1967_17362_023r

1946 Maxwell Eugene Orr D.O. Goodwin1946_02554_147_1r

1950 Mayberry Harry William Goodwin1950_13240_055r

1964 Mayer Beatrice Underhill Goodwin1964_16831_159r

1946 Mayhew Clementine Goodwin1946_02505_098r

1959 Maynard Arthur Oscar Goodwin1959_15296_084r

1959 Maynard Louise Ida Goodwin1959_15320_108r

1963 Maynard Ida Maude Goodwin1963_16434_015r

1967 McAllaster Helene Mansur Goodwin1967_17558_219r

1969 McAllaster Richard Vose Goodwin1969_18001_207r

1947 McAllaster Mary Vose Goodwin1947_12721_133r

1945 McAllaster John Goffe Goodwin1945_02339_112r

1958 McAllister Allen Victor Goodwin1958_15044_050r

1960 McAllister Charles William Goodwin1960_15781_063r

1962 McAllister Rolland Stanley Goodwin1962_16220_041r

1969 McAllister Carolyn H. Hoitt Goodwin1969_17913_119r

1957 McAulay Donald McLeod Goodwin1957_14856_117r

1966 McAulay Elizabeth Jane Bishop Goodwin1966_17305_209r

1964 McAuley Bernice T. Goodwin1964_16751_079r

1945 McCaffery Fred'k Vincent Goodwin1945_02313_086_2r

1965 McCarthy John F. Goodwin1965_17085_256_2r

1967 McCarthy Evelina Marlow Goodwin1967_17389_050_1r

1969 McCarthy Jeremiah Joseph Goodwin1969_17967_173r

1957 McCauley Waldo James Goodwin1957_14862_123r

1950 McCauley Jennie May Goodwin1950_13289_104r

1948 McCauley Alice Gertrude Goodwin1948_12892_118r

1964 McClarty Zelda Goodwin1964_16827_155r

1951 McClintock George Everett Goodwin1951_13477_076r

1947 McClintock Jessie Estelle Noyes Goodwin1947_12681_093r

1960 McClure Mary Nichole Goodwin1960_15944_226r

1957 McComb Susan Goodwin1957_14805_066r

1963 McCoo Mary Jane Goodwin1963_16446_027r

1952 McCord Gladys Colby Goodwin1952_13730_113r

1949 McCormack Lawrence Albert Goodwin1949_13027_067r

1952 McCoy Philip Goodwin1952_13648_031r

1964 McCoy Lenna B. Goodwin1964_16693_021r

1964 McCoy Charles Walter Goodwin1964_16799_127_1r

Page 73: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1967 McCoy Mabel Johnson Goodwin1967_17343_004r

1949 McCoy Wallis Angus Goodwin1949_12990_030r

1946 McCreedy Agnes Bertha Goodwin1946_02572_165r

1951 McCullough David Alexander Goodwin1951_13445_034r

1956 McCullough Dana Lawrence Goodwin1956_14726_206r

1969 McCullough Thomas J. Goodwin1969_17882_088r

1947 McCullough Jennie L. Goodwin1947_12626_038r

1945 McCullough William G. Goodwin1945_02381_154r

1945 McCullough Catherine Goodwin1945_02406_179r

1954 McDougall Roy Gage Goodwin1954_14197_119r

1949 McDougall Andrew Goodwin1949_13150_190r

1945 McDowell Joseph Curry Goodwin1945_02240_013r

1956 McDuffee Emma D. Goodwin1956_14644_124r

1968 McDuffee Mary Adena Thorsen Goodwin1968_17854_242r

1956 McDuffey Irene Frances Goodwin1956_14716_196r

1953 McDuffie Iney Pearl Felch Goodwin1953_14046_201r

1957 McDuffie Charles Harry Goodwin1957_14969_230r

1960 Mcellwin ??? Isabella Fraser Goodwin1960_15836_118r

1951 McElroy John Samuel Goodwin1951_13496_095r

1956 McElroy Joseph Walter Goodwin1956_14585_065_1r

1968 McElroy Gertrude Mary Goodwin1968_17876_264r

1967 McEwen Harold Everett Goodwin1967_17484_145r

1946 McFadden Martha Goodwin1946_02493_086r

1959 McGibbon Raymond Chester Goodwin1959_15225_013r

1966 McGoon Kenneth F. Goodwin1966_17325_229r

1965 McGregor Annie Middleton Goodwin1965_16927_098r

1966 McGregor Alexander Goodwin1966_17220_124_1r

1967 McGregor Nettie Martha Goodwin1967_17536_197r

1949 McIninch John Aubrey Goodwin1949_13181_221r

1953 McIntire Grace L. Goodwin1953_13983_138r

1968 McIntire Ada Blanche Ricker Goodwin1968_17738_126r

1948 McIntire James Webster Goodwin1948_12797_023r

1947 McIntire William "Willie" Goodwin1947_02602_014r

1951 McIntyre Donald Goodwin1951_13462_051r

1957 McIntyre Sarah P. Goodwin1957_14876_137r

1969 McKay Elizabeth Mann Mann Goodwin1969_17812_018r

1956 McKean Ruth Ellen Goodwin1956_14546_026r

1949 McKean Amelia I. Goodwin1949_13031_071r

1960 McKelvie Peter Fullerton Goodwin1960_15927_209r

1964 McKelvie John Neil Goodwin1964_16906_234r

1967 McKelvie Harrriet Lavina Goodwin1967_17351_012r

1946 McKelvie Clara Isabelle Goodwin1946_02512_105r

1957 McKewin Lilla Belle Goodwin1957_14771_032r

1964 McKewin Earle Dearborn Goodwin1964_16759_087r

1947 McKinley Robert Goodwin1947_12660_072r

1947 McKinley Sarah Jane Goodwin1947_12686_098r

1947 McKinnon Archibald Goodwin1947_12639_051r

Page 74: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1950 McLane John Whipple Goodwin1950_13376_191r

1949 McLane John W. Jr. Goodwin1949_13149_189r

1953 McLaren Harry Newell Goodwin1953_14016_171r

1955 McLaren Frederick Erskine Goodwin1955_14434_137r

1956 McLaren Winnifred Hall Goodwin1956_14575_055r

1965 McLaren Emma Lizzie Goodwin1965_16974_045_1r

1954 McLaughlin Melvin Kitteridge Goodwin1954_14131_053r

1954 McLaughlin Helen Fitch Goodwin1954_14147_069_1r

1954 McLaughlin Neil Goodwin1954_14195_117r

1957 McLaughlin Edna Smith Goodwin1957_14790_051r

1950 McLaughlin Frank Derby Goodwin1950_13187_002r

1945 McLaughlin Harold James Goodwin1945_02300_073r

1955 McLean William Ernest Goodwin1955_14496_199r

1959 McLean Jean Clara Goodwin1959_15343_131r

1965 McLean Mary Goodwin1965_16941_012r

1954 McLeod Charles J. Goodwin1954_14133_055r

1954 McLeod Emma Goodwin1954_14290_212r

1966 McNulty Beatrice Jackson Goodwin1966_17315_219_1r

1953 McPherson Walter E. Goodwin1953_14054_209r

1958 McPherson Fred Homer Goodwin1958_15032_038r

1968 McPherson Maude Helen Dearborn Goodwin1968_17858_246r

1948 McQuesten Daniel Moore Goodwin1948_12927_153r

1963 McVicar Emma Schrepfer ??? Schrepfer Goodwin1963_16467_048r

1966 McVicar Hugh A. Goodwin1966_17318_222r

1958 McVicker Catherine Johnston Goodwin1958_15128_134r

1953 Mead Addie Bacon Bacon Goodwin1953_13971_126r

1956 Mead Donald Sheperd Jr. Goodwin1956_19690_170r

1958 Mead Harry T. Goodwin1958_15054_060r

1960 Mead Caroline Goodwin1960_15915_197r

1949 Mead Hattie E. Goodwin1949_13179_219r

1965 Mebis Antoon Goodwin1965_16988_159r

1968 Medeiros John Xavier Jr. Goodwin1968_17745_133r

1969 Meehan Albert Frederick Goodwin1969_18039_245r

1958 Meekins Earl Raymond Goodwin1958_15205_211r

1950 Meekins Susan Goodwin1950_13237_052r

1966 Mehlhorn Fred William Goodwin1966_17284_188r

1968 Mehlhorn Rose Caroline Deitzel Goodwin1968_17649_037r

1948 Meijer John Gustav Goodwin1948_12776_002r

1960 Melendy William Goodwin1960_15752_034r

1948 Meloen William H. Goodwin1948_12847_073r

1959 Melton Jeanette Halverson Goodwin1959_15338_126_1r

1950 Melvin Myrtle Gabrielle Goodwin1950_13393_208r

1960 Mercer Caroline C. Goodwin1960_15924_206r

1946 Mercer Paul Manning Goodwin1946_02515_108r

1966 Merchant Charlotte Mary MacGibbon Goodwin1966_17222_126r

1952 Merrill Mariehelen Goodwin1952_13651_034r

1952 Merrill Adelbert Samuel Goodwin1952_13685_068r

Page 75: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1953 Merrill Parker Elmer Goodwin1953_13964_119r

1953 Merrill Mabel Judith McDuffee Goodwin1953_13972_127r

1953 Merrill William Alonzo Goodwin1953_14001_156r

1953 Merrill Hannah M. Goodwin1953_14051_206r

1955 Merrill Hartwell Kendell Goodwin1955_14483_186r

1956 Merrill Grace Crocker Goodwin1956_14601_081r

1958 Merrill Oscar Eugene Goodwin1958_15106_112r

1959 Merrill Nellie J. Goodwin1959_15246_034r

1960 Merrill Lewis Perley Goodwin1960_15763_045r

1960 Merrill Harry George Goodwin1960_15916_198r

1964 Merrill Eunice Etta Goodwin1964_16834_162r

1964 Merrill Georgia Goodwin1964_16887_215r

1965 Merrill Gertrude E. Goodwin1965_16946_017_1r

1967 Merrill Willis Herbert Goodwin1967_17426_087r

1968 Merrill Alice Estelle Benson Goodwin1968_17627_015r

1968 Merrill Mabel E. Cross Goodwin1968_17740_128r

1968 Merrill Philip Edwin Goodwin1968_17871_259r

1950 Merrill Edwin Whipple Goodwin1950_13403_218r

1946 Merrill Eunice Lacey Goodwin1946_02438_031r

1951 Merritt Emma Augusta Clifford Goodwin1951_13591_190r

1955 Merron Arthur Joseph Goodwin1955_14354_057r

1966 Merron John W. Goodwin1966_17253_157r

1956 Merrow Fred Wingate Goodwin1956_14579_059r

1969 Merrow Alice Marion Grant Goodwin1969_17978_184r

1948 Merrow Lizzie Belle Quimby Goodwin1948_12876_102_1r

1968 Mertsch Hildried Etta Merrifield Goodwin1968_17673_061_1r

1961 Meserve Madge Evelyn Hanscom Goodwin1961_16033_062r

1951 Meyer Axel Goodwin1951_13447_036r

1960 Meyer Frederick Goodwin1960_15772_054r

1960 Meyer Paul Gustave Goodwin1960_15887_169r

1952 Miccolo Louis Michael Goodwin1952_13799_182r

1952 Miccolo Michele Louise Goodwin1952_13800_183r

1960 Michaud Cindy Lon or Lou ??? Goodwin1960_15959_241r

1966 Michaud Addye Graham Graham Goodwin1966_17291_195_1r

1967 Middleton John Joseph Goodwin1967_17602_263r

1950 Miles Arthur Weeks Goodwin1950_13305_120r

1949 Miles Walter Arthur Goodwin1949_13011_051r

1945 Millar George Fred'k Goodwin1945_02306_079r

1951 Miller Annie Chapman Goodwin1951_13576_175r

1951 Miller Caroline May May Goodwin1951_13581_180r

1954 Miller Stella Lee Goodwin1954_14102_024r

1956 Miller Harlow Erwin Goodwin1956_14657_137r

1957 Miller Fanny Parker Goodwin1957_14829_090r

1958 Miller John Samuel Goodwin1958_15016_022r

1958 Miller Brenda Jean Goodwin1958_15115_121r

1959 Miller Theodore Seymore Goodwin1959_15256_044r

1959 Miller Hesper Amelia Goodwin1959_15328_116r

Page 76: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1962 Miller Wilfred Joseph Goodwin1962_16269_090r

1962 Miller William Kenneth Goodwin1962_16290_111r

1963 Miller Agnes Gladstone Goodwin1963_16431_012r

1965 Miller Lyndhurst Hall Goodwin1965_16954_025r

1967 Miller George Stephen Goodwin1967_17435_096r

1967 Miller Meda Whitehead Goodwin1967_17457_118r

1968 Miller Harry Goodwin1968_17776_164r

1950 Miller Frank Elliot Goodwin1950_13408_223r

1947 Miller Otto Ernest Goodwin1947_12645_057r

1946 Miller Camille Meunier Goodwin1946_02506_099r

1945 Miller Lydia Goodwin1945_02278_051r

1963 Millet Antoinette Goodwin1963_16503_084_1r

1956 Milliken Estella G. Goodwin1956_14712_192r

1962 Mills Louise Ann Goodwin1962_16358_179_2r

1949 Mills Jennie Mary Eaton Goodwin1949_13139_179r

1948 Mills John Stockwell Goodwin1948_12814_040r

1947 Mills Wirt Goodwin1947_02605_017r

1951 Milne Norman Forbes Goodwin1951_13529_128r

1968 Milnes Lillian W. Goodwin1968_17796_184r

1960 Miner Harold Thayer Goodwin1960_15814_096r

1953 Minigan Rebecca Jane Dency Goodwin1953_14075_230r

1947 Minnigan Joseph Goodwin1947_12654_066r

1951 Mischke August Goodwin1951_13514_113r

1967 Mitchell Clara Ruby Hitchen Goodwin1967_17593_254r

1947 Mitchell Aura Etta Goodwin1947_12641_053_1r

1946 Mitchell Anna Jane Goodwin1946_02425_018r

1960 Mockler Peter Joseph Goodwin1960_15733_015_2r

1945 Modis Elise Goodwin1945_02349_122r

1957 Moffitt Charles Winfield Goodwin1957_14879_140r

1969 Moffitt Camille Emma Schimmel Goodwin1969_17976_182r

1966 Moll Fred Goodwin1966_17196_100r

1969 Moll Marjorie M. Ralph Goodwin1969_17940_146r

1956 Moller Ida Hulder Goodwin1956_14713_193r

1956 Moncrieff Bruce Charles Goodwin1956_14672_152r

1968 Moncrieff James Goodwin1968_17680_068r

1969 Mongeau Paul Dennis Goodwin1969_17800_006r

1965 Mongeon Louis Robert Goodwin1965_17078_249r

1966 Mongeon Margaret Cora Goodwin1966_17144_048r

1959 Monighetti Arnold Frank Goodwin1959_15708_196r

1964 Monroe Baby Boy Goodwin1964_16732_060r

1969 Monroe Elsie Kapiaske Goodwin1969_17851_057r

1968 Monsseau William Henry Goodwin1968_17690_078r

1960 Montague William Joseph Goodwin1960_15823_105r

1954 Monte Edward Goodwin1954_14183_105r

1956 Montgomery Frank Raymond Goodwin1956_14545_025r

1966 Montgomery Gertrude Josephine Dr. Goodwin1966_17164_068_1r

1948 Montgomery Ethel Linscott Goodwin1948_12905_131r

Page 77: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1961 Montress Walter Clarence Goodwin1961_16088_117r

1951 Moody Lizzie Augusta Goodwin1951_13433_022r

1954 Moody Margery Harris Goodwin1954_14153_075r

1956 Moody Mary Belle Goodwin1956_14631_111r

1961 Moody Annie Simes Goodwin1961_16148_177_2r

1964 Moody Laura Georgianna Goodwin1964_16925_253r

1950 Moody Norman Rosewell Goodwin1950_13190_005r

1949 Moody Louis H. Goodwin1949_13088_128_1r

1949 Moody Percival Daniel Goodwin1949_13161_201r

1946 Moody Lottie May Goodwin1946_02477_070r

1951 Mooney Christine Fogg Fogg Goodwin1951_13475_074r

1953 Mooney Augustine Aloysius Goodwin1953_13986_141r

1954 Mooney Adelaide Ames Goodwin1954_14084_006_1r

1958 Mooney Virginia Fogg Goodwin1958_15001_007r

1965 Mooney Joseph Eugene Goodwin1965_17002_173r

1952 Moore John Groves Goodwin1952_13795_178r

1953 Moore Martha Leonard Goodwin1953_13958_113r

1955 Moore Marinda Avery Goodwin1955_14441_144r

1955 Moore Charles Stearns Goodwin1955_14447_150r

1956 Moore Mildred McCullough Goodwin1956_14652_132r

1956 Moore Florence Goodell Goodwin1956_14722_202r

1957 Moore Lawrence John Goodwin1957_14793_054r

1961 Moore Florence May Goodwin1961_15990_019r

1962 Moore Gordon E. Goodwin1962_16237_058r

1963 Moore Earl David Goodwin1963_16452_033r

1964 Moore Lawrence Oliver Goodwin1964_16760_088r

1950 Moore Edwin Fales Goodwin1950_13374_189r

1951 Morgan Charles S. Goodwin1951_13491_090r

1951 Morgan Ethel May Goodwin1951_13596_195r

1956 Morgan Annie Odell Goodwin1956_14675_155r

1956 Morgan Ralph Dudley Goodwin1956_14708_188r

1964 Morgan Arthur Henry Goodwin1964_16877_205r

1946 Morgan Helen Schadlick Goodwin1946_02521_114r

1969 Morganstern Esther Selina Goodwin1969_18027_233r

1961 Morgrage Mildred Hoyt Goodwin1961_16171_200_2r

1963 Morgrage Margaret Aroline Goodwin1963_16543_124_2r

1953 Moriarty Sarah Elizabeth Goodwin1953_13949_104r

1963 Moriarty Bernice Dora Goodwin1963_16544_125r

1962 Morin William John Goodwin1962_16330_151r

1969 Morin Mary Anna Goodwin1969_17970_176r

1963 Morison Major James F. ret. Goodwin1963_16556_137r

1969 Morra Melissa Jane (Premature) Goodwin1969_17962_168r

1952 Morrill Eugene Abel Goodwin1952_13835_218r

1954 Morrill Arthur Payson Goodwin1954_14115_037r

1962 Morrill Earle Goodwin1962_16329_150r

1964 Morrill Winifred Robie Goodwin1964_16673_001r

1964 Morrill Etta Elisabeth Goodwin1964_16829_157r

Page 78: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1965 Morrill Jennie Mary Goodwin1965_17070_241r

1953 Morris Huldah Eleanora Anderson Goodwin1953_13846_001r

1956 Morris A. Josephine Goodwin1956_14651_131r

1962 Morris Frederick Thomas Goodwin1962_16184_005_1r

1966 Morris Robert James Sr. Goodwin1966_17251_155r

1952 Morrison George Wesley Goodwin1952_13709_092r

1954 Morrison Pearl Mabel Morgan Goodwin1954_14206_128r

1957 Morrison Paul Richard Goodwin1957_14776_037r

1957 Morrison William James Goodwin1957_14954_215r

1959 Morrison Samuel W. Goodwin1959_15232_020_2r

1961 Morrison Herman Llewellyn Goodwin1961_16019_048r

1965 Morrison Lila May Goodwin1965_16975_046r

1951 Morse Etta Foster Moulton Goodwin1951_13473_072r

1952 Morse Mabel Eola Way Goodwin1952_13819_202r

1953 Morse Garry Monroe Goodwin1953_14039_194r

1954 Morse Minnie Goodwin1954_14104_026r

1954 Morse Walter Goodwin1954_14139_061r

1954 Morse Charles Henry Goodwin1954_14171_093_1r

1954 Morse Charles Nelson Goodwin1954_14172_094r

1954 Morse Lizzie Woodworth Morss Goodwin1954_14280_202r

1955 Morse Katherine Goodwin1955_14502_205r

1956 Morse Charles Irving Goodwin1956_14710_190r

1958 Morse Eleanor J. Bunton Goodwin1958_15022_028r

1959 Morse Elsie Ellen Reade Goodwin1959_15277_065r

1960 Morse Clayton Harold Goodwin1960_15850_132r

1965 Morse Lillian Mae Hamilton Goodwin1965_16948_019r

1966 Morse Elven Nelson Goodwin1966_17269_173r

1966 Morse Millicent S. Goodwin1966_17317_221_1r

1967 Morse Marion Sutherland Goodwin1967_17355_016r

1968 Morse Ida McGregor McGregor Goodwin1968_17671_059r

1968 Morse Helen McCormick Goodwin1968_17823_211_1r

1969 Morse Edwin Blanchard Goodwin1969_17952_158r

1949 Morse Veasey Lyman Goodwin1949_12991_031r

1948 Morse Lucy J. Goodwin1948_12837_063r

1948 Morse Sadie Elizabeth Goodwin1948_12849_075r

1948 Morse Ruth Berry Ruth Hazel Berry Goodwin1948_12924_150r

1947 Morse Grace Eliza Goodwin1947_12728_140r

1946 Morse Edgar Hanson Goodwin1946_02448_041r

1945 Morse James Arthur Goodwin1945_02340_113r

1962 Morton John Johnson Goodwin1962_16202_023r

1962 Moses George H. Goodwin1962_16405_226r

1963 Moss Floyd Elmore Goodwin1963_16459_040_1r

1967 Mosscrop Roger Gambee Goodwin1967_17544_205r

1950 Moul Jonathan Goodwin1950_13301_116r

1949 Moul Mary Jane Goodwin1949_12977_017r

1951 Moulton Eva B. Goodwin1951_13601_200r

1961 Moulton Louise Ena Goodwin1961_16129_158r

Page 79: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1950 Moulton Elsie Ethel Domony Goodwin1950_13210_025r

1948 Moulton Rosa Benson Goodwin1948_12833_059r

1945 Moulton Settie C. Goodwin1945_02249_022r

1945 Moulton Matilda Elizabeth Gamsby Goodwin1945_02276_049r

1961 Mousseau HillsgroveRose Anna Goodwin1961_16036_065r

1961 Mowe Maude M. Goodwin1961_15978_007_1r

1967 Moy William J. Goodwin1967_17444_105_1r

1965 Mudgett Roscoe John Goodwin1965_16977_048r

1948 Mudgett Georgette Pattee Goodwin1948_12822_048r

1952 Muehling Klara Farm Goodwin1952_13624_007r

1948 Muehling Martha Greene Goodwin1948_12948_174r

1960 Mugridge Ida Mabel Goodwin1960_15954_236r

1962 Muir Jeanie McGregor ??? Goodwin1962_16252_073r

1965 Mulcahy Edmund J. Goodwin1965_16994_165r

1946 Mullikins Herman A. Goodwin1946_02497_090r

1964 Mulman Myer Goodwin1964_16881_209r

1948 Mumford Vira Louise Annis Goodwin1948_12893_119r

1945 Mundt Emma Burbank Goodwin1945_02260_033r

1948 Munoz John B. Goodwin1948_12876_102_2r

1963 Munro George Arthur Goodwin1963_16427_008r

1968 Munson Clarence H. Goodwin1968_17663_051r

1954 Murdoch William Robert Goodwin1954_14145_067r

1956 Murdoch Ellen Rogers Goodwin1956_14719_199r

1968 Murdoch Ethel Jane Brock Goodwin1968_17766_154r

1955 Murphey Nellie Gertrude Goodwin1955_14455_158r

1958 Murphey Frederick Lund Goodwin1958_15096_102r

1959 Murphey Mary Alice Goodwin1959_15323_111r

1954 Murphy Walter Anthony Goodwin1954_14225_147r

1957 Murphy Patrick Eugene Goodwin1957_14761_022r

1958 Murphy Mrs. Susan Loudon Cochran Goodwin1958_15151_157r

1968 Murphy Barbara A. Goodwin1968_17647_035r

1947 Murphy Ernest Carl Goodwin1947_02609_021r

1956 Murray Edison Corliss Goodwin1956_14605_085r

1967 Musgrave Geogie N. Libby Goodwin1967_17475_136r

1952 Myers Helen Louise Goodwin1952_13684_067r

1969 Myers Max Goodwin1969_17971_177r

1964 Naccach Elias Gabriel Goodwin1964_16714_042r

1958 Nadeau Florida Goodwin1958_15024_030r

1949 Nagel Josie Averill Goodwin1949_13116_156r

1968 Nakashian Jacob S. Goodwin1968_17718_106r

1967 Napier Issac Goodwin1967_17552_213_1r

1959 Nash Alice G. Goodwin1959_15690_178r

1968 Nash Delia Perron Goodwin1968_17822_210r

1965 Nason Lionel Ensworth Goodwin1965_16903_074r

1965 Nason Leon A. Goodwin1965_17024_195_1r

1965 Nassikas Nicholas J. Goodwin1965_16989_160_1r

1966 Nassikas Tina Constantina Goodwin1966_17154_058r

Page 80: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1959 Nay Ralph Alden Goodwin1959_15677_165r

1964 Nay Elmer Franklin Goodwin1964_16780_108r

1952 Nayes Charles William Goodwin1952_13789_172r

1951 Neal Elizabeth Clough Goodwin1951_13431_020r

1950 Neal Mary Frances Goodwin1950_13335_150r

1947 Neal Arthur Samuel Goodwin1947_12772_184r

1968 Nealey Walter Arthur Goodwin1968_17749_137r

1946 Nealey Jennie Herbert Goodwin1946_02557_150r

1966 Neill Elibeth H. Hill Goodwin1966_17265_169_1r

1967 Neill Robert Austin Goodwin1967_17367_028r

1951 Nelson Olive Coon Goodwin1951_13571_170r

1951 Nelson Anna Sophia Goodwin1951_13612_211r

1952 Nelson Emily Medora Goodwin1952_13676_059r

1952 Nelson John E. E. Goodwin1952_13832_215r

1953 Nelson Andrea Christina Lindstrom Goodwin1953_13982_137r

1966 Nelson Ralph S. Goodwin1966_17137_041_1r

1966 Nelson Michael Ellis Goodwin1966_17178_082r

1967 Nelson Grace Richardson Goodwin1967_17508_169r

1969 Nelson John G. (Jack) Goodwin1969_17888_094r

1969 Nelson Louise Wilbour Goodwin1969_18003_209r

1948 Nelson Olga Johnson Goodwin1948_12940_166r

1960 Netsch Augusta Henrietta Goodwin1960_15902_184r

1966 Netsch Laura Jane Goodwin1966_17195_099r

1949 Netsch Clara Kraut Goodwin1949_13074_114r

1955 Nettleton George Franklin Goodwin1955_14330_033r

1957 Nettleton Jessie Hague Goodwin1957_14944_205r

1962 Neubert Hattie C. Goodwin1962_16316_137r

1949 Neubert Hermiena Goodwin1949_13035_075r

1951 Neudeck Ralph Henny Goodwin1951_13568_167r

1958 Neudeck Mary Anna Goodwin1958_15143_149r

1966 Neudeck Paul Leo Goodwin1966_17276_180r

1948 Neudeck Leo Henry Goodwin1948_12945_171r

1965 Neville Edward David Goodwin1965_16896_067r

1968 Neville Jessie Twaddle Twaddle Goodwin1968_17811_199r

1951 Newcomb Cora Elizabeth Smith Goodwin1951_13574_173r

1951 Newell Volney Chase Goodwin1951_13460_059r

1954 Newell Carlton Ray Jr. Goodwin1954_14118_040r

1957 Newell Charles Alva Goodwin1957_14929_190r

1964 Newell Edwin Allen Goodwin1964_16716_044r

1968 Newell Bernice M. Goodwin1968_17652_040r

1968 Newell Eleanor E. Dodge Goodwin1968_17653_041r

1968 Newell Herbet Frank Sr. Goodwin1968_17860_248r

1955 Newman Addie Walker Goodwin1955_14436_139r

1962 Newry Clinton Mead Goodwin1962_16227_048r

1959 Newton James Clarence Goodwin1959_15276_064r

1962 Newton Ella A. Goodwin1962_16201_022r

1965 Newton Mabel Elizabeth Goodwin1965_17055_226_1r

Page 81: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1968 Newton Harold A. Goodwin1968_17693_081r

1950 Newton Margaret Henrietta Scholhamer Goodwin1950_13397_212r

1948 Newton Ralph Adin dod 12/23/44 BelgiumP.F.C. Goodwin1948_12944_170_1r

1947 Newton Mary Jane Goodwin1947_12658_070r

1951 Nichols Maude E. Goodwin1951_13490_089r

1964 Nichols Augusta Matilda Goodwin1964_16822_150_1r

1947 Nichols May Ardelle Goodwin1947_02613_025r

1945 Nichols Willis Rodney Goodwin1945_02333_106_1r

1945 Nichols Helen Edith Goodwin1945_02348_121r

1959 Nicholson Ellen Goodwin1959_15325_113_2r

1965 Nickerson Thomas Freeman Goodwin1965_17064_235_2r

1962 Niederer Esther Worrell Goodwin1962_16221_042r

1966 Nightingale Sarah Pauline Goodwin1966_17172_076r

1959 Niles Edith M. Goodwin1959_15263_051r

1952 Noden Lillian Baines Goodwin1952_13686_069r

1967 Noden Ernest Goodwin1967_17532_193r

1947 Nordin Carl William Goodwin1947_12719_131r

1954 Noreen Frederick Arthur Goodwin1954_14233_155r

1964 Norris Albert E. Goodwin1964_16702_030r

1949 Norris John Allen Tenney Goodwin1949_13062_102r

1947 Norris Ida May Paige Goodwin1947_12707_119r

1948 Northrup Clemeda Maud Connor Goodwin1948_12954_180r

1953 Norton Edwin Asa Goodwin1953_14063_218_1r

1956 Norton Elmer Russell Goodwin1956_14582_652r

1950 Notermann Vienna Bartlett Bartlett Goodwin1950_13406_221r

1964 Nottenburg Arthur A. Goodwin1964_16790_118r

1965 Novosad Harry G. Goodwin1965_16960_131r

1953 Noyes Hattie A. M. Vose Goodwin1953_14042_197_2r

1955 Noyes Frank James Goodwin1955_14326_029r

1955 Noyes George E. Goodwin1955_14458_161r

1961 Noyes Benning Goodwin1961_16055_084_1r

1961 Noyes Howard Prince Goodwin1961_16074_103r

1962 Noyes Millie Augusta Goodwin1962_16333_154r

1950 Noyes Florence E. Fletcher Goodwin1950_13287_102r

1949 Noyes Horace Willy Goodwin1949_13155_195r

1965 Nunes Manuel V. Sr. Goodwin1965_16922_093r

1960 Nute Walter Gilman Goodwin1960_15738_020r

1961 Nute Carl Speare Goodwin1961_16002_031r

1963 Nute Eva M. Gillman Goodwin1963_16424_005r

1946 Nute Percy Linwood Goodwin1946_02555_148r

1955 Nutting Charles Edward Goodwin1955_14406_109r

1959 Nutting Elmer Ellsworth Goodwin1959_15258_046r

1966 Nutting Kathleen Elizabeth Goodwin1966_17129_033r

1946 Nutting Margaret May Short Goodwin1946_02433_026r

1945 Nutting Lyman Eben Goodwin1945_02294_067r

1945 Nutting Frederic Summer Goodwin1945_02334_107r

1957 Nuttle Catherine Goodwin1957_14811_072r

Page 82: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1968 Nuttle Ernest Reid Goodwin1968_17791_179r

1945 Nuttle Emma Rocilla Goodwin1945_02234_007r

1950 Nyberg Gladys Borghild Goodwin1950_13387_202r

1951 Nyden Gustaf Goodwin1951_13500_099r

1947 Nyden Emma Lydia Gustafson Goodwin1947_12720_132r

1954 Nye John Henry Goodwin1954_14263_185r

1957 Nye Flora Subrina Corson Goodwin1957_14968_229r

1958 Nye Perley William Goodwin1958_15067_073r

1968 Nye George Truing Sr. Goodwin1968_17883_271r

1949 Nye Myra Gertrude Goodwin1949_12967_007r

1949 Nye Lillian May Goodwin1949_13030_070r

1954 Oakes Charles William Goodwin1954_14155_077r

1953 Ober Gustav Adolf Goodwin1953_13995_150r

1954 Ober Emily Goodwin1954_14202_124r

1945 Ober Charles Frederick MD Goodwin1945_02242_015r

1961 O'Brien Mellissa Goodwin1961_16072_101r

1969 O'Brien George Theodore Jr. Goodwin1969_18009_215r

1967 Obst Eva K. Poehlman Goodwin1967_17540_201r

1965 Ochs Ernestine V. Goodwin1965_16992_163r

1953 O'Connell Mildred Cora Brown Goodwin1953_13935_090r

1969 O'Connor Ella Elizabeth Goodwin1969_18051_257r

1964 O'Donnell John Joseph Goodwin1964_16729_057r

1956 Oettler Mary Roger Goodwin1956_14740_219r

1960 Oettler Augusta Rogler Goodwin1960_15760_042r

1964 Oettler John Max Goodwin1964_16811_139r

1952 O'Leary Leonora Mary Goodwin1952_13647_030r

1953 Oliver Scott Bradford Goodwin1953_13962_117_1r

1963 Oliver Infant Goodwin1963_16541_122_2r

1967 Oliver Joseph Leo Goodwin1967_17563_224r

1947 Oliver Herbert Elbridge Goodwin1947_12630_042r

1964 Olmstead Harry Perry Goodwin1964_16775_103r

1952 Olson Albert Daniel Goodwin1952_13664_047r

1957 Olson John T. Goodwin1957_14986_247r

1958 Olson Eric G. Goodwin1958_15047_053r

1958 Olson Olga M. Goodwin1958_15136_142r

1962 Olson Diamond Eskel Goodwin1962_16415_236r

1969 Olson Grace Goodwin1969_18041_247r

1948 Olson Hans Goodwin1948_12915_141r

1950 Olzendam Lena Steele Steele Goodwin1950_13246_061r

1967 O'Malley Mabel Lois Bronson Goodwin1967_17352_013r

1952 Omand Louise Perce Winch Goodwin1952_13711_094r

1969 O'Neil David Goodwin1969_17960_166r

1961 O'Neill Alexander Hill Goodwin1961_16044_073r

1945 Orcutt Ella Baston Baston Goodwin1945_02343_116r

1957 Ordway Orien Mason Goodwin1957_14859_120r

1959 Ordway James Osgood Goodwin1959_15675_163r

1948 Ordway John Frederick Goodwin1948_12796_022r

Page 83: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1951 Orrill Dora May French Goodwin1951_13594_193r

1967 Orrill George Edward Goodwin1967_17406_067r

1969 Osberg Lois Helen Bates Goodwin1969_17935_141r

1948 Osberg Sven Anton Goodwin1948_12949_175r

1953 Osborne Flora Lettie Goodwin1953_14015_170r

1950 Osborne Edred Marcus Goodwin1950_13198_013r

1958 Osgood Marion Chasse Chasse Goodwin1958_15036_042r

1961 Osgood Alfred Earle Goodwin1961_16121_150r

1961 Osgood Clinton Stanley Goodwin1961_16126_155r

1955 Osia Hattie May Goodwin1955_14298_001r

1963 Ostberg Jennie Goodwin1963_16494_075r

1948 Osterman Infant Daugher of Charles Osterman Goodwin1948_12783_009r

1955 Otis George Demetrius Goodwin1955_14342_045r

1958 Otterson Burt Goodwin1958_15071_077r

1946 Otterson Mary Augusta Kimball Goodwin1946_02576_169r

1946 Otto-Peterson Per Goodwin1946_02451_044r

1965 Owen Edith Martha Goodwin1965_16947_018r

1950 Owen Sadie Ellen Goodwin1950_13278_093r

1958 Page Ralph Moses Goodwin1958_15039_045r

1958 Page Sarah E. Goodwin1958_15135_141r

1960 Page Robert Edward Goodwin1960_15732_014r

1960 Page Bertha Goodwin1960_15912_194r

1964 Page Fred E. Goodwin1964_16765_093r

1966 Page Edith L. Leighton Goodwin1966_17254_158r

1967 Page Viola Lillian Goodwin1967_17450_111r

1969 Page Perley Edwin Goodwin1969_17963_169r

1948 Page Mary Priscilla Titus Goodwin1948_12886_112r

1965 Paige Clarence Gillis Goodwin1965_16943_014r

1967 Paige Lester Randall Goodwin1967_17396_057r

1968 Paige Mildred May Goodwin1968_17756_144_1r

1949 Paige Alice May Goodwin1949_13168_208r

1948 Paige Hattie Lucetto Furman Goodwin1948_12863_089r

1956 Paine Henry Nelson Goodwin1956_14586_066_2r

1968 Pallock William B. Goodwin1968_17844_232r

1951 Palmer Arthur Woodbury Goodwin1951_13510_109r

1951 Palmer Annie Charlotte Kelty Goodwin1951_13554_153r

1958 Palmer Frank Horace Goodwin1958_15074_080r

1958 Palmer George Ernest Goodwin1958_15087_093r

1959 Palmer Oliver Andrew Goodwin1959_15295_083r

1961 Palmer Florence E. Goodwin1961_15981_010_1r

1967 Palmer Nancy Amity Scott Goodwin1967_17428_089r

1968 Palmer William Henry Goodwin1968_17845_233r

1969 Palmer Clarence Eugene Goodwin1969_17853_059r

1965 Papciak John Goodwin1965_16955_026r

1964 Pappageorge Alexandra Goodwin1964_16845_173r

1968 Pappas Arthur Constantine Goodwin1968_17862_250r

1948 Pappas Florence Gertrude Goodwin1948_12936_162r

Page 84: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1961 Paquette Theodore Francis Goodwin1961_16090_119r

1967 Paquette Timothy Goodwin1967_17506_167r

1958 Paradis Albert A. Goodwin1958_15091_097r

1952 Parfitt Ernest Andrew Goodwin1952_13717_100r

1953 Parfitt John William Goodwin1953_13925_080r

1948 Parfitt Bertha Jean Goodwin1948_12917_143r

1951 Paris Infant of Roger Joseph Goodwin1951_13540_139r

1967 Pariseau Maymie Goodwin1967_17368_029r

1948 Pariseau Maude May Goodwin1948_12890_116_2r

1968 Parke Raymond Tasker Goodwin1968_17828_216r

1951 Parker Emma Frances Goodwin1951_13446_035r

1955 Parker Cecil Randall Goodwin1955_14480_183r

1962 Parker Alfred C. Goodwin1962_16294_115r

1963 Parker Lucy Sanborn Sanborn Goodwin1963_16460_041r

1965 Parker Ann Coghill Goodwin1965_16916_087r

1948 Parker Infant of J. Dean Goodwin1948_12919_145r

1965 Parkes Phyllis Anne Goodwin1965_16920_091r

1952 Parkhurst Harriet Jane Goodwin1952_13818_201r

1945 Parkhurst Annie Goodwin1945_02229_002r

1965 Parkinson Thomas Goodwin1965_16937_108r

1949 Parkinson William Goodwin1949_13123_163r

1946 Parkinson Thomas Sr Goodwin1946_02578_171r

1958 Parks Hazel-Dell ??? Goodwin1958_15059_065r

1953 Parmenter Mabel Cogswell Gogswell Goodwin1953_14065_220r

1959 Parmenter Ralph Edward Goodwin1959_15292_080r

1965 Parmenter Clarence LeRoy Goodwin1965_16962_133_1r

1959 Parnell Alyss Townsend Goodwin1959_15251_039r

1959 Parnell Carroll Abbott Goodwin1959_15252_040r

1964 Parnell Mary Condon Goodwin1964_16849_177r

1950 Parnell Jennie Mae Goodwin1950_13270_085r

1956 Paro Clara Etta Goodwin1956_14730_210r

1955 Parshley Richard Goodwin1955_14324_027r

1968 Parshley Richard Joshua Goodwin1968_17857_245r

1951 Parsons Mamie L. Glassett Goodwin1951_13613_212r

1953 Parsons Ralph W.(illiam) Goodwin1953_13885_040r

1955 Parsons Lura Batchelder Goodwin1955_14420_123r

1958 Parsons Baby Girl (Rebecca Lynn ???) Goodwin1958_15088_094r

1959 Parsons Anna Harriet Goodwin1959_15687_175r

1946 Parsons Harold Ernest Goodwin1946_02430_023r

1954 Partridge Ellen Augusta Goodwin1954_14137_059r

1958 Partridge Mrs. Gertrude Joy Brown Goodwin1958_15149_155r

1959 Partridge Martha Josephine Goodwin1959_15358_146r

1960 Partridge Carlie Brock Brock Goodwin1960_15933_215r

1950 Partridge Robert Ashby Goodwin1950_13400_215r

1955 Pastor John Goodwin1955_14424_127r

1953 Patch Harry Edward Goodwin1953_13905_060r

1949 Patten Jessie Edna Goodwin1949_13126_166r

Page 85: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1951 Patterson George Thompson Goodwin1951_13444_033r

1953 Patterson Florence Wike Goodwin1953_13873_028r

1958 Patterson William Goodwin1958_15209_215r

1965 Patterson Nettie Goodwin1965_16919_090r

1966 Paul Wilhem H. Goodwin1966_17182_086r

1967 Pavlidis Anthony S. Goodwin1967_17441_102r

1963 Payne Howard Warren Goodwin1963_16476_057r

1965 Payne Chauncey Walter Goodwin1965_16944_115r

1958 Peabody Douglas Herrick Goodwin1958_15069_075r

1962 Peabody George O. Goodwin1962_16182_003r

1959 Peach George Herbert Goodwin1959_15374_162r

1968 Peach Emma Bessie Goodwin1968_17685_073r

1960 Pearl Laroy Ernest Goodwin1960_15812_094r

1950 Pearl Nellie Ann Goodwin1950_13317_132r

1954 Pearson Matilda Backstrom Goodwin1954_14152_074r

1964 Pearson Ellen Helena Goodwin1964_16749_077r

1966 Pearson Jennie Victoria Goodwin1966_17140_044r

1967 Pearson Carl Oscar Goodwin1967_17492_153_1r

1950 Pearson Edward (Edgar) Willis Goodwin1950_13318_133r

1946 Pearson Charlotte Louise Goodwin1946_02450_043r

1966 Peart Lottie Goodwin1966_17263_167r

1951 Pease Annie Louisa Goodwin1951_13414_003r

1951 Pease Susie Crowell Goodwin1951_13537_136r

1967 Pease Ella Rebecca Murray Goodwin1967_17394_055r

1967 Peaslee Valida L. Lavigne Goodwin1967_17407_068r

1969 Peaslee Fannie Bell Goodwin1969_17863_069r

1948 Peaslee Infant of Donald H. Goodwin1948_12895_121r

1956 Peasley Venetta Dell Goodwin1956_14604_084r

1965 Peasley Charles Almon Goodwin1965_17079_250r

1958 Peavey Louis (or Lew???) Edson Goodwin1958_15089_095r

1947 Peavey John N. Goodwin1947_12762_174r

1960 Peckham Daniel Wade Goodwin1960_15906_188r

1952 Pellenz Lillian Hildreth Goodwin1952_13740_123r

1958 Pellenz Donald Walter Goodwin1958_14999_005r

1964 Pellenz James Goodwin1964_16794_122r

1962 Pelton Edna Louise Goodwin1962_16326_147_1r

1965 Penniman Malvina Mary Goodwin1965_17072_243r

1965 Peoples Eliza Ruth Goodwin1965_16934_005r

1965 Pepek Joseph M. Goodwin1965_16963_134r

1960 Pepin William Henry Goodwin1960_15778_060r

1964 Pepper Thomas Donald Goodwin1964_16919_247r

1964 Perdue Harry Walker Goodwin1964_16742_070r

1952 Perkins Robert Donald Goodwin1952_13769_152r

1958 Perkins Harry Munde Goodwin1958_15125_131r

1958 Perkins Mrs. Althea Frances Goodwin1958_15178_184r

1959 Perkins Katharine Means Goodwin1959_15227_015r

1964 Perkins Ellsworth Winfred Goodwin1964_16752_080r

Page 86: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1964 Perkins Carl F. Goodwin1964_16761_089r

1968 Perkins Gertrude Goodwin1968_17637_025r

1949 Perkins Frank Byron MD Goodwin1949_13067_107r

1948 Perkins Joshua Dean Goodwin1948_12782_008r

1948 Perkins William Henry Goodwin1948_12813_039r

1948 Perkins Jennie Corning Goodwin1948_12858_084r

1957 Peront Eva Goodwin1957_14911_172r

1952 Perrigo Lawrence Edward Goodwin1952_13775_158r

1956 Perrigo Susan Margaret Goodwin1956_14558_038r

1956 Perrigo Walter Asa Goodwin1956_14709_189r

1969 Perrigo Lawrence Hebert Goodwin1969_17845_051r

1969 Perron Eustin Raymond Goodwin1969_17803_009r

1949 Perry Ula Grace Goodwin1949_13036_076r

1949 Perry Albert Goodwin1949_13147_187r

1958 Perry??? Martha Gibson Goodwin1958_15184_190r

1963 Person Alma Charlotte Goodwin1963_16521_102r

1963 Peters George Metro Goodwin1963_16525_106r

1966 Peters Lena K. Knapp Goodwin1966_17189_093r

1949 Peters Barnett Goodwin1949_13165_205r

1954 Peterson Ida Julliette Goodwin1954_14248_170r

1957 Peterson David Nathaniel Goodwin1957_14767_028r

1961 Peterson Henry Frederick Goodwin1961_16159_188r

1965 Peterson Addie L. Goodwin1965_16984_055r

1950 Peterson Albert Goodwin1950_13353_168r

1950 Peterson Selma Olivia Goodwin1950_13392_207r

1948 Peterson Axelina Goodwin1948_12824_050r

1948 Peterson Carl Adolph Goodwin1948_12943_169r

1947 Peterson Jennie Helen Goodwin1947_12636_048r

1947 Peterson Emily Louisa Goodwin1947_12649_061r

1946 Peterson Selma Goodwin1946_02473_066v

1964 Pethick Ralph Dearborn Goodwin1964_16686_014r

1961 Pettengill Orcelia Lizzie Blair Goodwin1961_15977_006r

1949 Petterson Ellen Maria Goodwin1949_12978_018r

1951 Pettigrew Florence Eva Goodwin1951_13527_126r

1957 Pettigrew Marion Maude Goodwin1957_14828_089r

1960 Pettigrew Alexander Peter Goodwin1960_15867_149r

1949 Pettigrew Alfred Howard Goodwin1949_13040_080r

1945 Pettingell Elizabeth Moulton Goodwin1945_02297_070r

1947 Phelon Elizabeth Goodwin1947_12624_036r

1953 Phelps Eleanor May Bassett Goodwin1953_14027_182r

1960 Phelps Ethel Whitten Whitten Goodwin1960_15886_168r

1950 Phelps William Roy Goodwin1950_13199_014r

1946 Phelps Gertrude Goodwin1946_02472_065r

1955 Pherson Cora L. Goodwin1955_14409_112r

1957 Pherson Emma Edith Gilman Goodwin1957_14797_058r

1948 Philbrick Grace Saphronia Goodwin1948_12786_012r

1969 Philippy L. Andrew Goodwin1969_18020_226r

Page 87: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1945 Phillips Grace A. Goodwin1945_02289_062r

1953 Pierce Kate Moore Goodwin1953_14049_204_2r

1958 Pierce Susie Sargent Goodwin1958_15028_034r

1968 Pierce Thomas Robert Jr. Goodwin1968_17662_050_1r

1958 Pike Roscoe Marston Goodwin1958_15160_166r

1960 Pike Eugene Augustus Goodwin1960_15908_190r

1962 Pike Ralph Waldo Goodwin1962_16336_157_1r

1947 Pike Infant of Roscoe M. Pike (Linda Rae) Goodwin1947_12740_152r

1954 Piller Harriet Voight Goodwin1954_14242_164r

1951 Pillsbury Henry Fletcher Goodwin1951_13602_201r

1956 Pillsbury Marietta Bourne Goodwin1956_14590_070r

1958 Pillsbury Blanche L. Rundlett Goodwin1958_15063_069r

1951 Pinard Violet Williams Goodwin1951_13448_037r

1949 Pine Thomas Archer Goodwin1949_13003_043r

1952 Pingree Jennie Belle Goodwin1952_13805_188r

1958 Pingree Fred William Goodwin1958_15148_154r

1946 Pinkerton Frances Bell Goodwin1946_02543_136r

1955 Pinkes Mary Antonia Goodwin1955_14450_153r

1956 Pinkes Richard Paul Goodwin1956_14699_179r

1960 Pinkes Rita Claire Goodwin1960_15835_117r

1967 Pinkham Mabel A. Goodwin1967_17511_172r

1952 Piper Franklin Samuel Goodwin1952_13764_147r

1962 Piper Louise Catherine Goodwin1962_16208_029r

1962 Piper Bernard Livingston Goodwin1962_16411_232r

1963 Piper Harriet Emerson Goodwin1963_16533_114r

1950 Piper Carrie Anna Chase Goodwin1950_13245_060r

1949 Piper Myrtle Amanda Sargent Goodwin1949_12987_027r

1952 Pitman Ida May Bunker Goodwin1952_13629_012r

1950 Pitman Marcia M. Varney Goodwin1950_13352_167r

1947 Pitman Jacob Foster Goodwin1947_12693_105r

1967 Pixley Alice Goodwin Goodwin Goodwin1967_17374_035_1r

1965 Place Hattie A. Goodwin1965_16983_154r

1966 Plaisted Harold Charles Dr. Goodwin1966_17323_227_1r

1960 Plant Sarah Fox Goodwin1960_15729_011_1r

1955 Plante Vernetta Gertrude Goodwin1955_14459_162r

1956 Plante Fred (Eugene) Goodwin1956_14667_147r

1968 Plante Nancy Ann Riley Goodwin1968_17835_223r

1957 Platts Bertha Alice Goodwin1957_14989_250r

1959 Platts Florence Goodwin1959_15714_202r

1950 Platts Nathanael Tucker Goodwin1950_13390_205r

1952 Ploss Lina Emma Goodwin1952_13756_139r

1954 Ploss Edna Mildred Goodwin1954_14180_102r

1957 Ploss Gustave Herman Goodwin1957_14745_006r

1968 Ploss Mary Cadwell Goodwin1968_17791_279r

1956 Pluff William Joseph Goodwin1956_14669_149r

1949 Plumer Gertrude Hope Goodwin1949_13020_060r

1955 Plummer Helen Miriam Goodwin1955_14520_223r

Page 88: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1958 Plummer Dallas Richard Goodwin1958_15056_062_1r

1963 Plummer Amie M. Goodwin1963_16498_079r

1948 Plummer Edward Montcastle Goodwin1948_12914_140r

1950 Plumpton Alfred Ephriam Goodwin1950_13307_122r

1960 Poehlman Frank Fred Goodwin1960_15748_030r

1964 Poehlman Clara Louise Goodwin1964_16734_062r

1961 Poff Eugene LaForest Goodwin1961_15982_011r

1946 Pogee Maude V. Goodwin1946_02419_012r

1958 Pohl Philip Dietrich Goodwin1958_15078_084r

1961 Pohl Iris (Alice) B. Goodwin1961_15984_013r

1969 Poirier Michele Lee Goodwin1969_17905_111r

1969 Poirier Eugne A. Goodwin1969_17941_147r

1956 Polimeros Costas Goodwin1956_14681_161r

1961 Polland Rebecca Ann Goodwin1961_16020_049_1r

1963 Pollard Euphemia Blackwood Blackwood-Currie Goodwin1963_16477_058r

1962 Pollock Harold Robert Goodwin1962_16219_040r

1963 Pollock James Allan Sr. Goodwin1963_16537_118r

1966 Pollock Elizabeth McPherson Goodwin1966_17249_153r

1962 Polonsky Lucy Goodwin1962_16225_046_1r

1960 Polson Karl W. Goodwin1960_15802_084r

1964 Poole Linwood Ellis Goodwin1964_16711_039r

1955 Poor Lois Eva Munson Goodwin1955_14489_192r

1960 Poor Joseph Louis Goodwin1960_15785_067r

1946 Poor Arthur Edward Goodwin1946_02461_054r

1958 Poore Wallace Edgar Goodwin1958_15000_006r

1965 Porter William Goodwin1965_16931_102r

1966 Porter Grace Irene Williams Goodwin1966_17258_162r

1968 Porter George William Goodwin1968_17769_157r

1951 Potter Clarence Ryerson Goodwin1951_13542_141r

1954 Potter Norman Austin Goodwin1954_14191_113r

1955 Potter Ray James Goodwin1955_14448_151r

1957 Potter Raymond Allen Goodwin1957_14948_209r

1964 Potter Lena May Goodwin1964_16718_046r

1966 Potter Fanny Elizabeth Goodwin1966_17114_018r

1966 Potter Harry Ryerson Goodwin1966_17203_107r

1968 Potter Paul Goodwin1968_17618_006r

1950 Potter Mabel Goodwin1950_13312_127r

1949 Potter Nellie Hooper Goodwin1949_13177_217r

1966 Potts Annie Goodwin1966_17170_074r

1946 Poulos Infant of James Goodwin1946_02435_028r

1948 Poulos (Panagiotopoulos)Anna Clara Nicolakopoulos Goodwin1948_12878_104r

1953 Powers Dora Elizabeth Goodwin1953_14066_221r

1957 Powers Emma Ernestine Goodwin1957_14945_206r

1959 Powers Harris Earle Goodwin1959_15685_173_1r

1961 Powers Jennie Maude Goodwin1961_16157_186r

1963 Powers Anna June Goodwin1963_16422_003r

1966 Powers Mary Jane Yvonne Gilman Goodwin1966_17333_237r

Page 89: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1967 Powers Tiffany Rae Goodwin1967_17383_044r

1958 Prahl Charles A. Goodwin1958_15015_021_1r

1957 Pratt Blanche V. Goodwin1957_14956_217r

1958 Pratt Walter Goodwin1958_15191_197r

1964 Pratt Albert Plumber Goodwin1964_16825_153r

1946 Pratt Alice Finette Goodwin1946_02470_063r

1950 Precourt Albert James Goodwin1950_13255_070r

1953 Premke Josetta May Goodwin1953_13931_086r

1959 Prendergast Joseph Goodwin1959_15704_192r

1961 Prentiss Winfred Clarence Goodwin1961_16106_135r

1951 Prescott Bessie A. Marden Goodwin1951_13487_086r

1952 Prescott Horace Clay Goodwin1952_13816_199r

1955 Prescott Agnes Augusta Goodwin1955_14488_191r

1966 Prescott John Head Goodwin1966_17121_025r

1968 Prescott Mildred Estger Stevens Goodwin1968_17622_010r

1969 Prescott Raymond Goodwin1969_18035_241r

1950 Prescott Dollie Ann Baker Goodwin1950_13359_174r

1949 Prescott Frank Leroy Goodwin1949_13045_085r

1949 Prescott Helen Eliza Goodwin1949_13128_168r

1952 Preston John Hardwood Goodwin1952_13675_058r

1960 Preston Florence Fletcher Goodwin1960_15758_040r

1961 Preston Frederick Barrett Goodwin1961_16124_153r

1964 Preston Frank Prescott Goodwin1964_16899_227r

1967 Preston Florence Alice Pike Goodwin1967_17373_034r

1949 Preston (infant of) Robert H. Goodwin1949_13070_110r

1967 Prevoneau Henry Frederick Goodwin1967_17459_120r

1952 Price Ralph Frederick Goodwin1952_13698_081r

1955 Price Abbie Herbert Goodwin1955_14414_117r

1962 Price Edite Almira Staples Goodwin1962_16185_006r

1945 Price Daniel Emmett Goodwin1945_02286_059r

1945 Price Benjamin Goodwin1945_02407_180r

1951 Prichard Jennie I. Goodwin1951_13488_087r

1964 Pride John G. Goodwin1964_16803_131r

1956 Primeau Richard E. Goodwin1956_14676_156r

1958 Prince Velmer H. Goodwin1958_15008_014r

1962 Proctor James Albert Goodwin1962_16236_057r

1963 Proctor Arthur Williams Goodwin1963_16482_063_2r

1950 Proctor Emma Streeter Goodwin1950_13281_096r

1969 Prout Lillian Goodwin1969_17804_010r

1952 Prouty Goerge Carleton Goodwin1952_13766_149r

1967 Provost Dorothy J. Martin Goodwin1967_17522_183r

1945 Puchacz Infant of Harold Puchacz Goodwin1945_02295_068r

1955 Puffer Carol Ann Goodwin1955_14513_216r

1955 Puffer Brenda Lee Goodwin1955_14514_217r

1965 Pulford Charles Lefferts Goodwin1965_16962_033r

1955 Purdie George Goodwin1955_14339_042r

1962 Purdie Mary Wallace Wallace Goodwin1962_16229_050r

Page 90: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1959 Purington George Albert Goodwin1959_15240_028r

1955 Purmort Hazel Marion Goodwin1955_14454_157r

1955 Pushee Beryl Goodwin1955_14345_048r

1956 Putnam Stephen James Goodwin1956_14727_207r

1958 Putnam Nettie Edith Tilton Goodwin1958_15040_046r

1949 Putnam Kathleen Dorothy Goodwin1949_13140_180r

1949 Putnam Fred Arthur Goodwin1949_13183_223r

1960 Pyne infant Goodwin1960_15818_100r

1958 Quaid Grace Almira Goodwin1958_15187_193r

1953 Quiet Donald Lawrence Goodwin1953_13847_002r

1951 Quimby Lizzie Pierce Goodwin1951_13483_082r

1955 Quimby Jessie Jane Goodwin1955_14427_130r

1955 Quimby George Edward Goodwin1955_14517_220r

1962 Quimby Idella Jane Goodwin1962_16289_110r

1964 Quimby William Don Goodwin1964_16843_171_1r

1966 Quimby Gertrude Lincoln Lincoln Goodwin1966_17288_192r

1945 Quimby Edwin Eugene Sr. Goodwin1945_02241_014r

1953 Quincy Ruth Sweetser Sweetser Goodwin1953_13862_017r

1964 Quincy Frank Brick Goodwin1964_16680_008r

1954 Quinn Edith Clark Goodwin1954_14222_144r

1956 Quint Cora B. Goodwin1956_14609_089r

1960 Race Alfred Ernest Goodwin1960_15791_073r

1952 Rae Janet Goodwin1952_13654_037r

1956 Rae Mary Caldwell Goodwin1956_14647_127r

1969 Rae Dennis Michael Goodwin1969_17837_043r

1947 Rae Mary Goodwin1947_12651_063r

1964 Rainford Charlotte Helen Goodwin1964_16776_104r

1959 Ralph Kermit Morton Goodwin1959_15269_057r

1963 Ramsay Elizabeth Hannah Goodwin1963_16552_133r

1955 Ramsey Amelia Malvina Goodwin1955_14328_031r

1955 Ramsey David George Goodwin1955_14438_141r

1956 Ramsey Thomas Goodwin1956_14587_067r

1964 Ramsey Stanley Everett Goodwin1964_16713_041r

1945 Ramsey Albert Thomas Goodwin1945_02341_114r

1966 Randall Alice A. Moore Goodwin1966_17240_144r

1948 Randall Naomi Rogers (?sp) Eroy Goodwin1948_12889_115r

1949 Ranlet Ethel Clark Goodwin1949_13100_140r

1962 Rasmussen Harold M. Goodwin1962_16324_145r

1956 Rausch John Dittrich Goodwin1956_14532_012r

1951 Ravey Ina Julia Goodwin1951_13590_189r

1968 Rawlings Jane F. Bailey Goodwin1968_17831_219r

1958 Ray Mary Elizabeth Goodwin1958_15207_213r

1962 Ray Harry Leroy Jr. Goodwin1962_16279_100r

1964 Ray Florence L. Loomis Goodwin1964_16675_003r

1945 Ray Emma Camerou Camerou Goodwin1945_02313_086_1r

1962 Raymond George Egbert Goodwin1962_16183_004r

1967 Raymond Dorothy May McKenny Goodwin1967_17446_107r

Page 91: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1948 Raymond Edsina J. Goodwin1948_12933_159r

1955 Read Gertrude Burns Goodwin1955_14463_166r

1952 Redman Wilhelmina Marie Anderson Goodwin1952_13843_226r

1960 Reed Sarah A. Goodwin1960_15761_043r

1968 Reed Clarice Marie Goodwin1968_17812_200_1r

1958 Reese Garson Alvin Goodwin1958_15208_214r

1952 Regan Charles W. Goodwin1952_13639_022r

1969 Regan Peggy Anne Goodwin1969_17909_115r

1964 Reich Adelbert Goodwin1964_16914_242r

1953 Reid John Albert Goodwin1953_13996_151_1r

1955 Reid Margaret Anderson Goodwin1955_14472_175r

1959 Reid Mary F. Goodwin1959_15248_036r

1962 Reid George Andrew Goodwin1962_16283_104r

1967 Reid Helen Hilda Wescott Goodwin1967_17542_203r

1967 Reid Arthur G. Goodwin1967_17546_207r

1968 Reid Effie C. Proctor Goodwin1968_17654_042r

1966 Reidel William Goodwin1966_17290_194r

1967 Reische Merrill G. MD Goodwin1967_17494_155r

1949 Reischer Ida L. Goodwin1949_13048_088r

1947 Reischer Bertha Katrina Goodwin1947_12663_075r

1947 Reischer Fredrick Leinhart Goodwin1947_12745_157r

1965 Remick Marguerite H. Goodwin1965_17084_255r

1949 Remick Sarah Inez Reynolds Goodwin1949_13134_174_1r

1952 Remington William John Goodwin1952_13715_098r

1956 Remington Laverna Sophia Goodwin1956_14576_056r

1965 Rene Anna M. Goodwin1965_16966_037_1r

1947 Rennie Carroll Edward Goodwin1947_12684_096r

1946 Rennie David Alfred Goodwin1946_02423_016r

1962 Reno George Luther Sr. Goodwin1962_16244_065r

1961 Resseguie Anne Goodwin1961_16139_168r

1967 Resseguie Harold D. Goodwin1967_17369_030_1r

1953 Reynolds Arthur Goodwin1953_13941_096r

1953 Reynolds Ida Ward Stonell Goodwin1953_13988_143r

1957 Reynolds Catherine Cook Cook Goodwin1957_14740_001r

1958 Reynolds Cassie Beaton Forbes Goodwin1958_15033_039r

1960 Reynolds Gene Martin Goodwin1960_15876_158r

1962 Reynolds William Henry Goodwin1962_16372_193r

1948 Reynolds Mary Elizabeth Goodwin1948_12950_176r

1946 Reynolds Alberto Foster Goodwin1946_02562_155r

1965 Rhodes Annebelle Call Goodwin1965_16985_156_1r

1966 Rhodes Mary Barbara Goodwin1966_17186_090r

1969 Rhodes Susan R. Glines Goodwin1969_17802_008r

1951 Rice John Henry Goodwin1951_13518_117r

1958 Rice Alexander Hamilton Goodwin1958_15198_204r

1961 Rice Walter Rose Goodwin1961_16068_097r

1969 Rice Rosa Russell Russell Goodwin1969_17826_032r

1969 Rice Ilona L. Goodwin1969_17921_127_1r

Page 92: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1969 Rice Twin baby boys Goodwin1969_17943_149r

1951 Richards Leslie Newland Goodwin1951_13507_106r

1958 Richards Lena Gertrude Goodwin1958_15212_218r

1966 Richards Charles Watson Goodwin1966_17145_049_1r

1966 Richards Laura Goodwin1966_17181_085r

1969 Richards Laura Augusta Forbes Goodwin1969_17840_046r

1969 Richards William R. Goodwin1969_18048_254r

1951 Richardson Mary Downer Goodwin1951_13589_188r

1955 Richardson Charles Kimball Goodwin1955_14397_100r

1959 Richardson Grace Mabel Washburn Goodwin1959_15232_020_1r

1959 Richardson Mildred Goodwin1959_15298_086r

1960 Richardson David Goodwin1960_15775_057_2r

1962 Richardson Katharine Persis Lowther Goodwin1962_16187_008_1r

1965 Richardson Lulu Alice Goodwin1965_17077_248r

1968 Richardson Grace Marion Brown Goodwin1968_17783_171r

1969 Richardson George Frederick Goodwin1969_17969_175r

1946 Richardson Phoebe Agnes Goodwin1946_02511_104r

1966 Ricker Margie G. Jenkins Goodwin1966_17302_206_1r

1947 Ricker Mary Goodwin1947_12770_182r

1968 Rickert Julian Francis Goodwin1968_17799_187r

1968 Rickert Belle Kimball Kimball Goodwin1968_17804_192r

1965 Rideout Maynard W. Goodwin1965_17085_256_1r

1958 Ried Mrs. Lottie Bulis Goodwin1958_15197_203r

1962 Ried Raymond William Goodwin1962_16355_176r

1953 Riedel Robert Andrew Goodwin1953_14056_211_1r

1954 Riedel William Goodwin1954_14127_049r

1957 Riedel Henry Goodwin1957_14970_231r

1958 Riedel Esther Prahl Prahl Goodwin1958_15123_129r

1968 Riel Kenneth Robert Goodwin1968_17700_088_1r

1952 Riley Martha Emma Gardner Goodwin1952_13767_150r

1956 Riley Harry Joseph Goodwin1956_14723_203r

1957 Riley Esther Mary Sullivan Goodwin1957_14842_103r

1965 Riley Lena Luella Goodwin1965_17019_190r

1966 Riley Webster C. Goodwin1966_17094_008r

1967 Riley Joseph Herbert Goodwin1967_17375_036r

1969 Riley Ernest W. Sr. Goodwin1969_18010_216r

1950 Riley Mabel Blanche Goodwin1950_13202_017r

1949 Riley Mabel Haley Goodwin1949_13142_182r

1969 Rinchart Alberta Jeanetta Goodwin1969_17955_161r

1952 Ring John Everett Goodwin1952_13682_065r

1958 Ring Nelson Harvey Goodwin1958_15103_109r

1959 Ring Mary Hinkley Buck Goodwin1959_15700_188r

1965 Ring Frank E. Goodwin1965_17073_244r

1957 Ringenwald Ida Babel Goodwin1957_14801_062r

1954 Riordan Catherine Goodwin1954_14085_006_2r

1960 Rishton Lillias Agnew Goodwin1960_15739_021r

1953 Rix Margret Fell Goodwin1953_13863_018r

Page 93: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1958 Rix Olive Louise Goodwin1958_15050_056r

1964 Rix Franklin John Goodwin1964_16813_141r

1949 Rix Mary Woodbury Parker Parker Goodwin1949_13166_206r

1953 Roach Frank Rowell Goodwin1953_13858_013r

1958 Roach Amy Gertrude Goodwin1958_15079_085r

1964 Roach Jerimiah Page Whipple Goodwin1964_16830_158_2r

1965 Robbins Iva Helen Goodwin1965_16942_013r

1955 Roberge Albert Thomas Goodwin1955_14432_135r

1955 Roberts Ethel Lucilla Goodwin1955_14305_008_1r

1955 Roberts Martha Elizabeth Goodwin1955_14361_064r

1961 Roberts Amelia Goodwin1961_16076_105r

1964 Roberts William H. Goodwin1964_16858_186r

1949 Roberts Arthur Osbourne Goodwin1949_12980_020r

1946 Roberts Frederick Martin Goodwin1946_02428_021r

1960 Robertson Nellie Elizabeth Goodwin1960_15860_142r

1952 Robie Esther Elvira Robinson Goodwin1952_13652_035r

1955 Robie Emily Wilcox Goodwin1955_14390_093_1r

1962 Robie Edward Guy Goodwin1962_16366_187_2r

1967 Robie George William Goodwin1967_17549_210r

1951 Robinson Grace Belle Hosmer Goodwin1951_13462_061r

1951 Robinson DeLafayette Goodwin1951_13566_165r

1951 Robinson Fannie E. Goodwin1951_13605_204r

1953 Robinson Philip Alexander Goodwin1953_13968_123r

1955 Robinson Lew Frank Goodwin1955_14340_043r

1956 Robinson Mary Barber Goodwin1956_14721_201r

1959 Robinson Harry Francis Goodwin1959_15280_068r

1959 Robinson John Arthur Goodwin1959_15364_152r

1960 Robinson Maud L. Goodwin1960_15735_017r

1960 Robinson Arthur John Goodwin1960_15775_057_1r

1960 Robinson Guy Thomas Goodwin1960_15798_080r

1961 Robinson Baby Boy Goodwin1961_16029_058r

1961 Robinson Ralph Floyd Goodwin1961_16085_114r

1962 Robinson Mabelle E. Emery Goodwin1962_16213_034r

1962 Robinson Frederick George Goodwin1962_16291_112r

1962 Robinson Portia Frances Beckley Goodwin1962_16299_120_1r

1962 Robinson Faustina A. Goodwin1962_16301_122r

1962 Robinson Olive Lydia Barnes Goodwin1962_16328_149r

1963 Robinson Ida Meunier Goodwin1963_16428_009r

1963 Robinson Adelbert W. Goodwin1963_16520_101r

1964 Robinson Olive Gladys Goodwin1964_16743_071_2r

1964 Robinson Frank L. Goodwin1964_16904_232r

1965 Robinson Alice Walmsley Goodwin1965_16999_170r

1965 Robinson Mabel F. Goodwin1965_17018_189r

1968 Robinson Elizabeth D. Downie Goodwin1968_17787_175r

1969 Robinson Chester Thomas Goodwin1969_17835_041r

1969 Robinson Archie Vaughn Goodwin1969_17866_072r

1969 Robinson Florence Stevens Stevens Goodwin1969_17912_118r

Page 94: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1969 Robinson George Arthur Goodwin1969_17932_138r

1969 Robinson Daisy May Fesette Goodwin1969_18045_251r

1950 Robinson George Allen Goodwin1950_13213_028r

1950 Robinson Phyllis Haight Haight Goodwin1950_13339_154r

1948 Robinson Albert Goodwin1948_12778_004r

1948 Robinson Robert (Infant of Wm. Henry Robinson) Goodwin1948_12934_160r

1947 Robinson William Goodwin1947_12689_101r

1945 Robinson Williard Pliny Rev. Goodwin1945_02250_023r

1945 Robinson Elizabeth Blackburn Goodwin1945_02385_158r

1951 Roby Lyman Johnson Goodwin1951_13508_107r

1961 Roche Margaret C. McDougall Goodwin1961_16116_145r

1950 Roche Louis Jules Goodwin1950_13391_206r

1946 Rockwell Hattie Goodwin1946_02546_139_1r

1951 Rodanas Richard Theodore Goodwin1951_13522_121r

1952 Rodawig Emily Louise Goodwin1952_13727_110r

1961 Roed Olga Eriksen Goodwin1961_16047_076r

1952 Rogers Joseph Albert Goodwin1952_13780_163r

1953 Rogers Myra Baker Baker Goodwin1953_13859_014r

1956 Rogers Edwin May Goodwin1956_14591_071_1r

1956 Rogers Franklin Norwood Goodwin1956_14706_186r

1956 Rogers Cora M. Goodwin1956_14732_212_2r

1958 Rogers Charles William Goodwin1958_15003_009r

1958 Rogers Robert Allen Goodwin1958_15031_037r

1958 Rogers Olivia Jane Goodwin1958_15035_041r

1958 Rogers Florence C. Goodwin1958_15076_082r

1960 Rogers Harold Emerson Goodwin1960_15873_155r

1961 Rogers Henry Knox Goodwin1961_16015_044_1r

1961 Rogers Nathan Goodwin1961_16052_081r

1962 Rogers Richard Lawrence Goodwin1962_16274_095_1r

1962 Rogers Baby Boy Goodwin1962_16346_167r

1965 Rogers Olive May Goodwin1965_16978_149r

1967 Rogers Minnie Alice Goodwin1967_17541_202r

1950 Rogers Hollis Frank Goodwin1950_13333_148r

1949 Rogers Jessie Louisa Goodwin1949_13157_197r

1949 Rogers Anna Goodwin1949_13185_225r

1945 Rogers Walter LeRoy Goodwin1945_02248_021r

1956 Rogler Philip John Macks Karl Goodwin1956_14573_053r

1956 Rogler Leonard James Goodwin1956_14610_090r

1964 Rogler Max Goodwin1964_16854_182r

1965 Rogler Edward Goodwin1965_16976_047r

1950 Rogler Annie Katrina Goodwin1950_13304_119r

1949 Rogler Margaret Ernestine Goodwin1949_13057_097r

1969 Rolfe Marrison Ivan Goodwin1969_17986_192_1r

1957 Rolland James Goodwin1957_14750_011r

1967 Rollins Jessie Greenleaf Goodwin1967_17521_182r

1967 Rollins Wilbur Lawrence Goodwin1967_17575_236r

1946 Rollins Norman Allen Goodwin1946_02431_024r

Page 95: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1967 Romas Manuel Sousa Goodwin1967_17568_229r

1961 Romm Irving Walter Goodwin1961_15973_002_1r

1946 Roper Fannie Lee Goodwin1946_02449_042r

1956 Rork John Edward Goodwin1956_14577_057r

1953 Rosborough Katherine Lillian Trafton Goodwin1953_14002_157r

1955 Rosborough Robert Harry Goodwin1955_14300_003r

1957 Rosborough Francelia Eliza Goodwin1957_14917_178r

1954 Rose Agnes Antonia Goodwin1954_14207_129r

1954 Rose Theodore Albin Goodwin1954_14231_153r

1959 Rosenblum Natalie I. Goodwin1959_15306_097r

1962 Rosenblum James Morton Goodwin1962_16325_146r

1959 Ross Kenneth Kane Goodwin1959_15339_127r

1969 Ross Walter Henry Goodwin1969_17937_143r

1954 Rossiter Patrick Joseph Goodwin1954_14271_193r

1960 Rossiter Stephen Farley Goodwin1960_15783_065r

1966 Rossiter William Anthony Goodwin1966_17279_183r

1966 Rostad Gunnar Norman Goodwin1966_17119_023_1r

1957 Roth William Edward Jr. Goodwin1957_14748_009r

1965 Roth Stella Ann Legenc R.N. Goodwin1965_16976_147r

1955 Rourke Darrell Joseph Goodwin1955_14407_110r

1952 Rouse Maude Josephine Baker Goodwin1952_13812_195r

1945 Rousten Hassan Goodwin1945_02263_036r

1956 Rowe Mary Jorde Goodwin1956_14637_117r

1959 Rowe Olive Ann Goodwin1959_15285_073r

1965 Rowe William Everett Goodwin1965_16969_140r

1950 Rowe Barbara Goodwin1950_13275_090r

1951 Rowell Mary Ella Goodwin1951_13421_010r

1955 Rowell Clara Belle Goodwin1955_14425_128r

1956 Rowell Harry M. Goodwin1956_14658_138_2r

1958 Rowell Alice Ora Goodwin1958_15068_074r

1961 Rowell Eva pearl Goodwin1961_15998_027r

1949 Rowell Fred Ashton Goodwin1949_13019_059r

1947 Rowell Sarah A. Goodwin1947_02594_006r

1947 Rowey Joseph Randall Goodwin1947_12706_118r

1965 Rowley Mary Brown Snow Goodwin1965_16984_155r

1945 Rowley Lillian Anna Kinsman Goodwin1945_02252_025r

1958 Roy ??? Or (Roy) King???Emma Goodwin1958_15064_070r

1959 Royall Donald Wm. Goodwin1959_15231_019_1r

1969 Royer Armand Louis Goodwin1969_17990_196r

1959 Ruden John William Goodwin1959_15242_030r

1968 Ruden Sadie Mae Plummer Goodwin1968_17672_060r

1963 Rudnick Joseph Goodwin1963_16486_067_1r

1950 Ruelke Emil Paul Goodwin1950_13299_114r

1950 Ruiter Catherine Ann Goodwin1950_13388_203r

1954 Russell Infant of Burton D. Goodwin1954_14080_002r

1954 Russell Infant of Edward Arthur Goodwin1954_14178_100r

1967 Russell Jennie Goodwin1967_17443_104r

Page 96: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1969 Russell Christiana Lilian Foley Goodwin1969_17813_019r

1969 Russell Edward Arthur Sr. Goodwin1969_17843_049r

1950 Russell George William Goodwin1950_13251_066r

1949 Russell Cora Jeanette Goodwin1949_13041_081r

1946 Russell Thomas Goodwin1946_02520_113r

1960 Ryan Charles Joseph Goodwin1960_15774_056r

1957 Ryder Frances Helen Pease Goodwin1957_14764_025r

1961 Rydin Theresa Oberg Goodwin1961_16178_207r

1957 Sabo Steven F. Goodwin1957_14951_212r

1945 Sadowsky Leonard Goodwin1945_02323_096r

1964 Salisbury Clara Hoyt Goodwin1964_16746_074r

1948 Salls Mattie Belle Hansom Goodwin1948_12779_005r

1946 Salls Lloyd Benjamin Goodwin1946_02542_135r

1957 Salsbury Maude Alma Goodwin1957_14931_192_1r

1951 Samson Jean Ellen Goodwin1951_13499_198r

1952 Sanborn John Andrew Goodwin1952_13644_027r

1952 Sanborn Richard Wyman Goodwin1952_13791_174r

1955 Sanborn Abigail F. Goodwin1955_14380_083r

1956 Sanborn Florence Silvia Goodwin1956_14540_020r

1957 Sanborn Mary Caroline Bryant Goodwin1957_14794_055r

1961 Sanborn Caroline A. Goodwin1961_16115_144r

1964 Sanborn Walter Ray Goodwin1964_16898_226r

1965 Sanborn Winfield Scott Goodwin1965_17025_196r

1966 Sanborn Earl Bowers Goodwin1966_17153_057r

1968 Sanborn Eva Badger Goodwin1968_17869_257r

1948 Sanborn Fannie May Goodwin1948_12875_101r

1947 Sanborn Lydia Frances Goodwin1947_12688_100r

1945 Sanborn Alice Amelias Goodwin1945_02283_056r

1945 Sanborn Shuah H. Goodwin1945_02315_088r

1953 Sandberg Frank Turc Waldemar Goodwin1953_14040_195r

1948 Sander George Herman Goodwin1948_12855_081r

1958 Sanders Leland Richard Goodwin1958_15138_144r

1961 Sanders Ralph Morgan Goodwin1961_15978_007_2r

1946 Sanders Deborah Branch Goodwin1946_02492_085r

1963 Sandmann A. G. Robert Goodwin1963_16490_071_1r

1960 Sanford Rosamond Gilman Goodwin1960_15862_144r

1964 Sanford William Elgin Goodwin1964_16677_005r

1946 Sanford Hester Josephine Gallup Goodwin1946_02567_160r

1953 Santoro Bettina Paula Milano Goodwin1953_13848_003r

1965 Santos Alice Shepherd Goodwin1965_16970_041r

1954 Sargeant Frank Wadleigh Goodwin1954_14106_028_1r

1968 Sargeant Theodosia Grant Goodwin1968_17751_139r

1952 Sargent Clarence Grover Goodwin1952_13745_128_1r

1953 Sargent Maurice James Goodwin1953_13978_133r

1953 Sargent Myrton Estes Goodwin1953_14019_174r

1955 Sargent Myrtle Whittemore Goodwin1955_14516_219r

1959 Sargent Mortimer Warner Goodwin1959_15314_102_1r

Page 97: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1959 Sargent Abbie Chase Goodwin1959_15680_168r

1961 Sargent Howard M. Goodwin1961_16028_057r

1964 Sargent George Wilbur Goodwin1964_16777_105r

1965 Sargent Walter James Sr. Goodwin1965_16917_088r

1965 Sargent Doris Goodwin1965_17071_242r

1968 Sargent Edward Goodwin1968_17729_117r

1968 Sargent Hellen Morison Goodwin1968_17772_160r

1950 Sargent Paulina Twinning Goodwin1950_13189_004r

1950 Sargent Herbert Guy Goodwin1950_13241_056_1r

1948 Sargent John Marshall Goodwin1948_12909_135r

1945 Sargent Lizzie Annabell Goodwin1945_02256_029r

1945 Sargent Emma Anderson Goodwin1945_02351_124r

1965 Sass Olive Edwards Goodwin1965_16996_167r

1966 Sass Irving Wilbur Goodwin1966_17260_164r

1956 Sasseville Arthur Mitchell Goodwin1956_14648_128r

1968 Sasseville Jennie Laurette Rasbarough Goodwin1968_17790_178r

1959 Saturley Florence Allen Goodwin1959_15307_098r

1954 Saunders Henry Clayton Goodwin1954_14081_003r

1958 Saunders Blanche A. Payton Goodwin1958_15042_048r

1966 Saunders Sarah Hix Goodwin1966_17095_009_1r

1949 Saunders Edith L. Goodwin1949_12979_019r

1949 Saunders Frances Rogers Goodwin1949_13013_053r

1955 Savage Etta Frances Goodwin1955_14493_196_2r

1957 Savage Clarence Linwood Goodwin1957_14813_074r

1957 Savage Amos Curtis Goodwin1957_14833_094r

1959 Savage Eva Fearon Goodwin1959_15222_010r

1963 Savage Melvina M. Parento Goodwin1963_16437_018r

1962 Sawtelle Annie Laurie Goodwin1962_16361_182r

1951 Sawyer Armenia R. Bartlett Goodwin1951_13485_084r

1955 Sawyer Alfred Grant Goodwin1955_14363_066r

1955 Sawyer Betsey (Bessie) Burbank Goodwin1955_14395_098r

1961 Sawyer Alice M. Magoon Goodwin1961_16110_139r

1962 Sawyer Bertha Clark Goodwin1962_16398_219r

1968 Sawyer Robert William Sgt. Goodwin1968_17782_170r

1949 Sawyer Harold Haseltine Goodwin1949_13075_115r

1947 Sawyer Geo. Bean Goodwin1947_12751_163r

1954 Saxton Lucy May Goodwin1954_14283_205r

1956 Saxton William Henry Goodwin1956_14528_008r

1964 Saxton William Louis Goodwin1964_16826_154_1r

1969 Sayward Harold Alfonzo Goodwin1969_18030_236r

1957 Scamman Benjamin Joseph Goodwin1957_14924_185r

1968 Scamman Marion Loring Bennett Goodwin1968_17818_206r

1950 Schandelmayer Charles Goodwin1950_13334_149r

1954 Schatz Lena Goodwin1954_14094_016r

1960 Schatz John Hans Goodwin1960_15936_218r

1956 Scheer Emma Anna Schubert Goodwin1956_14522_002r

1959 Scheer Bertha Rodelsperger Goodwin1959_15340_128r

Page 98: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1949 Scheer Marco Goodwin1949_13137_177r

1953 Scheid Ida Emily Meyner Goodwin1953_13890_045r

1955 Schellenberg Hattie Read Goodwin1955_14357_060r

1950 Schellenberg Herman Arnold Goodwin1950_13200_015r

1967 Schelzel Fred Adolph Goodwin1967_17468_129r

1964 Schesser Paul Orton Goodwin1964_16745_073r

1950 Schier Richard Arthur Goodwin1950_13402_217r

1964 Schiller Dorothy Crawford Goodwin1964_16736_064r

1966 Schiller Mary Louise Bray Goodwin1966_17200_104r

1968 Schiller Rudolph Goodwin1968_17717_105r

1957 Schilling Falko William M.D. Goodwin1957_14973_234_1r

1961 Schilling Hans Herbert Goodwin1961_16101_130r

1959 Schlink Doris Muriel Rockwell Goodwin1959_15715_203r

1962 Schlink Claire Goodwin1962_16347_168r

1963 Schlink Freda ??? Goodwin1963_16464_045r

1969 Schlink Albert Goodwin1969_17999_205r

1953 Schloth Helena Marie Rhuether Goodwin1953_14059_214r

1954 Schmerder Infant of Ernest A. Goodwin1954_14163_085r

1960 Schmerder Kathleen Goodwin1960_15746_028r

1957 Schmidtchen William Goodwin1957_14787_048r

1959 Schmidtchen Pearl Goodwin1959_15309_097r

1947 Schmidtchen Kenneth Ernest Goodwin1947_12731_143r

1946 Schneider Jacob Goodwin1946_02484_077r

1961 Schoepf Martin Goodwin1961_15999_028r

1964 Schofield Thomas Whalley Goodwin1964_16767_095r

1961 Scholz William Carl Goodwin1961_16091_120r

1968 Schonland Lina Marie Gaam Goodwin1968_17678_066r

1969 Schonland Charles Henry Goodwin1969_17988_194r

1947 Schramm William Goodwin1947_12714_126r

1952 Schreiber Edmond Goodwin1952_13667_050r

1959 Schreiber Paul Albert Jr. Goodwin1959_15265_053r

1963 Schreiber Albert Goodwin1963_16514_095r

1948 Schreiber Richard Goodwin1948_12812_038r

1946 Schreiber Margaret Goodwin1946_02514_107r

1951 Schricker Herbert Andrew Goodwin1951_13459_058r

1962 Schricker Martha A. Goodwin1962_16200_021_1r

1969 Schricker Arthur Bemjamin Goodwin1969_17972_178r

1968 Schroeder William Herman Goodwin1968_17874_262r

1949 Schroeder Freida Margaret Brether Goodwin1949_12986_026r

1949 Schroth Charles Lawrence Goodwin1949_12969_009r

1962 Schryver Anna Catherina Goodwin1962_16409_230r

1965 Schryver Douwe Goodwin1965_16971_142r

1950 Schryver William Goodwin1950_13273_088r

1959 Schuff Harry George Goodwin1959_15345_133r

1956 Schulhofer Max Morgan Goodwin1956_14556_036_1r

1964 Schultz Michael Clayton Goodwin1964_16793_121r

1954 Sconsa Harry Charles Goodwin1954_14173_095r

Page 99: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1959 Sconsa Charles John Goodwin1959_15303_091r

1966 Scotland Daniel Brower Goodwin1966_17275_179r

1954 Scott Jeanette Beatrice Goodwin1954_14260_182r

1960 Scott Esther Marie Pearson Pearson Goodwin1960_15958_240r

1962 Scott Ethel Chandler Brooks Goodwin1962_16368_189_2r

1963 Scott William Lee Goodwin1963_16482_063_1r

1969 Scott William Walter Goodwin1969_17806_012_1r

1969 Scott Emily Hunter Goodwin1969_17957_163r

1948 Scott Fred Winfield Goodwin1948_12784_010_1r

1947 Scott Henry Struthers Goodwin1947_12691_103r

1947 Scott William Fenwick Goodwin1947_12727_139r

1945 Scott Anna Eastman Goodwin1945_02268_041r

1959 Scribner Fenton Daniel Goodwin1959_15224_012r

1960 Scruton Victor Brock Goodwin1960_15815_097r

1946 Scruton Infant daughter Mr. & Mrs. Victor Scruton Goodwin1946_02533_126r

1954 Seaman Frederick Warren Goodwin1954_14174_096r

1954 Seaman Carl Oscar Goodwin1954_14187_109r

1962 Seaman Anna Louise Goodwin1962_16394_215r

1967 Seaman Cora Varnum Goodwin1967_17504_165r

1968 Seamans John Howe Goodwin1968_17865_253r

1957 Searles Walter Eugene Goodwin1957_14942_203r

1958 Searles Robert M. Goodwin1958_15127_133r

1947 Searles Mabel Elizabeth Goodwin1947_12622_034r

1958 Sears Archie Wilfred Goodwin1958_15080_086r

1962 Sears Frank Stasiak Goodwin1962_16360_181r

1947 Seaver Edgar Daniel Goodwin1947_02612_024r

1951 Seavey Nellie Cross Goodwin1951_13513_112r

1962 Seavey Fred Abbott Goodwin1962_16228_049r

1969 Seaward Florence Alma Cadwell Goodwin1969_17959_165r

1964 Seiberlich Lawrence William Goodwin1964_16808_136r

1966 Seiberlich Myra Henrietta Goodwin1966_17177_081r

1961 Seifert George Goodwin1961_16050_079r

1945 Seifert Augusta Goodwin1945_02399_172r

1954 Seitz John Goodwin1954_14281_203r

1961 Sell Doris Josephine Rennie Goodwin1961_16122_151r

1957 Sell Germaine Margaret Thresa Clark Goodwin1957_14888_149r

1952 Sellers Margaret Patience Seeley Goodwin1952_13733_116r

1946 Sellers George Goodwin1946_02525_118r

1948 Senter Clement Cutler Goodwin1948_12859_085r

1962 Severance William Bernard Goodwin1962_16285_106r

1967 Severance May Benson Benson Goodwin1967_17382_043r

1961 Shackford William Paul Goodwin1961_15979_008r

1948 Shannon Mary Gertrude (Lane) Goodwin1948_12939_165r

1964 Shapazian Oscar Goodwin1964_16787_115r

1965 Shapiro Alexander Goodwin1965_16987_058r

1966 Sharf Mabel E. Goodwin1966_17099_013_1r

1968 Sharp Jeanie Moore Currie Goodwin1968_17623_011r

Page 100: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1949 Sharp John Gordon Goodwin1949_13169_209r

1954 Sharpe Willietta May Goodwin1954_14259_181r

1961 Sharpe Ernest William Goodwin1961_16040_069r

1967 Shattuck Mary Ellen (Daisy) Goodwin1967_17388_049r

1954 Shaw Jeanette R. Rennie Goodwin1954_14205_127r

1956 Shaw Amos Gale Goodwin1956_14700_180r

1959 Shaw William Ernest Goodwin1959_15230_018r

1961 Shaw Percy Augustus Goodwin1961_16160_189_1r

1964 Shaw Lois Warren Goodwin1964_16700_028r

1964 Shaw Gertrude Adeline Butler Goodwin1964_16924_252_2r

1965 Shaw Etta Goodwin1965_16911_082r

1966 Shaw Thomas Goodwin1966_17151_055r

1968 Shaw Wesley Russell Goodwin1968_17722_110r

1969 Shaw James Reynolds Goodwin1969_17918_124r

1950 Shaw Charles E. Goodwin1950_13249_064r

1945 Shaw Myra Augusta French Goodwin1945_02371_144r

1945 Shaw Elizabeth Henkle Goodwin1945_02383_156r

1964 Shea Richard John Goodwin1964_16872_200_1r

1968 Shechet Salomon Goodwin1968_17825_213r

1945 Shed Madison Fogg Sgt Goodwin1945_02235_008r

1957 Shedd Winona (Jackson) Goodwin1957_14875_136r

1968 Shedd Donald Francis Goodwin1968_17642_030r

1949 Shedd George Garnett Goodwin1949_13113_153r

1958 Shedrick Elsie Jane Goodwin1958_15130_136r

1963 Shelly Charles Edward Goodwin1963_16474_055r

1946 Shepard Charles Franklin Goodwin1946_02476_069r

1960 Sherburne Ada Frances Goodwin1960_15736_018r

1945 Sherburne Eugene Tisdale Col. Goodwin1945_02361_134r

1961 Sherk Joy Kelsey Smith Goodwin1961_16026_055r

1953 Sherman Dorothy Pennimen Goodwin1953_13992_147r

1959 Sherman Victor Goodwin1959_15337_125r

1969 Sherman Emily Johnson Goodwin1969_17951_157r

1957 Shields Florence S. Goodwin1957_14864_125r

1952 Shirley Lula Della Harrington Goodwin1952_13659_042r

1952 Shirley Orion Clinton Goodwin1952_13701_084r

1954 Shirley Walter Elmer Goodwin1954_14125_047r

1955 Shirley Erwin Merrill Goodwin1955_14445_148r

1957 Shirley Annie V. Merrill Goodwin1957_14896_157_1r

1949 Shirley George Herbert Goodwin1949_13051_091r

1952 Sholds Ella Letitia Atwood Goodwin1952_13637_020r

1964 Sholds Edna Leona Goodwin1964_16922_250r

1960 Shontell Frederick William Goodwin1960_15797_079_1r

1964 Shontell Edith Davis Goodwin1964_16878_206_1r

1963 Shoul Abraham Goodwin1963_16535_116r

1962 Showers Mary Ellen Goodwin1962_16402_223r

1968 Shute George H. Goodwin1968_17699_087r

1966 Sidell Michael M. Goodwin1966_17166_070r

Page 101: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1953 Siderofagos David Alyn Goodwin1953_13899_054r

1964 Sidore Saul O. Goodwin1964_16678_006r

1945 Siegel Richard Goodwin1945_02332_105r

1959 Sigel Alice B. Goodwin1959_15226_014_1r

1968 Silberberg Frederic Goodwin1968_17675_063r

1964 Silverman Abraham Bernard Goodwin1964_16785_113r

1965 Silverman Jeffrey Goodwin1965_16950_121_1r

1959 Simard Michael Eugene Goodwin1959_15259_047r

1957 Simmons Annie Bright Goodwin1957_14990_251r

1961 Simmons Charles Andrew Goodwin1961_15988_017r

1969 Simmons Gertrude McCullogh Goodwin1969_17936_142r

1950 Simmons Hattie Goodwin1950_13372_187r

1961 Simonds Homer Goodwin1961_16165_194r

1963 Simonds Roland Scott Goodwin1963_16547_128r

1955 Simpkins Mark Herbert Goodwin1955_14392_095r

1949 Simpkins Ida Elizabeth Goodwin1949_13180_220r

1957 Simpson Marion Ramsey Ramsey Goodwin1957_14831_092r

1963 Simpson Fred Steavens Goodwin1963_16500_081r

1966 Simpson Edith Whitten Whitten Goodwin1966_17217_121_2r

1946 Simpson Carrie Alice Goodwin1946_02421_014r

1946 Simpson Andrew R. dod 1/13/1944 Removal from Morrison Cem to Old Cem. In DeerfieldGoodwin1946_02546_139_2r

1945 Simpson James A. Goodwin1945_02342_115r

1951 Sinclair Frank Wendell Goodwin1951_13578_177r

1966 Sinclair Edward Hebert Goodwin1966_17311_215_1r

1966 Sinclair Edward Hebert III Goodwin1966_17312_216r

1955 Sinnen Myrtle Fredericksen Goodwin1955_14456_159r

1950 Sisco Walter George Goodwin1950_13227_042r

1967 Sjoholm Eric August Goodwin1967_17438_099r

1968 Skalkeas Socrates Goodwin1968_17669_057r

1948 Skilton Edward Jason Goodwin1948_12829_055r

1951 Skinner Thomas Lyall Goodwin1951_13502_101r

1954 Skinner Anna Theresa Goodwin1954_14091_013r

1961 Skinner Alice Carrick Goodwin1961_16156_185_1r

1965 Skinner Walter Gay Goodwin1965_17007_178r

1966 Skinner Anne L. Goodwin1966_17100_014r

1951 Skinnir Prescott Orde Goodwin1951_13443_032r

1962 Skoglund Margaret Gertrude Goodwin1962_16417_238r

1965 Skoglund Axel Leonard Goodwin1965_16974_145r

1968 Skoglund Hjalman Leander Goodwin1968_17868_256_1r

1947 Skoglund Alexius Alfred Goodwin1947_12732_144r

1955 Skora Joseph Antonio Goodwin1955_14503_206r

1968 Skora Dorothea Goodwin1968_17705_093r

1966 Skrzysowski Chester John Goodwin1966_17212_116r

1951 Slayton John Hoyt Goodwin1951_13498_097r

1963 Slayton Hovey E. Jr. Goodwin1963_16459_040_2r

1957 Sleeper Nathan Harold Goodwin1957_14934_195r

1950 Sleeper Hattie Belle Chase Goodwin1950_13196_011_1r

Page 102: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1945 Sleeper Flora Johnson Goodwin1945_02237_010r

1945 Sleeper Susan Goodwin1945_02333_106_2r

1956 Sletten Gudrun Karoline Goodwin1956_14663_143_1r

1966 Sloan William Leroy Goodwin1966_17128_032r

1969 Sloan Ralp Laverne Goodwin1969_18061_267r

1957 Small William Fred Goodwin1957_14777_038r

1968 Smart James D. Goodwin1968_17879_267r

1950 Smart James Dede Goodwin1950_13322_137r

1964 Smets Maurice J. Goodwin1964_16779_107r

1952 Smith Mary Gauthier Goodwin1952_13656_039r

1952 Smith May Lillian Goodwin1952_13813_196r

1954 Smith Nellie Louise Goodwin1954_14119_041r

1954 Smith William Kittridge Goodwin1954_14132_054r

1954 Smith Edwin Addison Goodwin1954_14212_134r

1955 Smith Ella Frances Goodwin1955_14347_050r

1955 Smith Stearns Herbert Goodwin1955_14384_087r

1955 Smith George Walter Goodwin1955_14413_116r

1955 Smith Charles Reed Goodwin1955_14451_154r

1955 Smith Agnes Jane Goodwin1955_14505_208r

1956 Smith Walter Goodwin1956_14574_054r

1956 Smith Ewing Margaret Goodwin1956_14638_118r

1956 Smith Alexander Goodwin1956_14662_142r

1956 Smith Willis Dana Goodwin1956_14692_172r

1956 Smith Louisa Hoyle Goodwin1956_14732_212_1r

1956 Smith Marcia Mae Goodwin1956_14736_216r

1957 Smith Charlotte Stewartson M.D. Goodwin1957_14851_112_1r

1957 Smith Helen A. Goodwin1957_14921_182r

1957 Smith Scott David Goodwin1957_14943_204r

1958 Smith Geneva Elizabeth Goodwin1958_15027_033r

1958 Smith Miss Robina Guthrie Goodwin1958_15144_150r

1958 Smith Mrs. Lelia Dennett Goodwin1958_15162_168r

1958 Smith Lucinda Maria Goodwin1958_15189_195r

1959 Smith Gertrude Leavitt Goodwin1959_15319_107_3r

1959 Smith Kenneth Roderick Goodwin1959_15321_109r

1959 Smith Christina L. Goodwin1959_15330_118r

1959 Smith Grace Marie Goodwin1959_15346_134r

1960 Smith Edwin Fletcher Goodwin1960_15773_055r

1961 Smith Mary Ann Boundy Goodwin1961_16128_157r

1961 Smith Mary Ellen Goodwin1961_16133_162r

1962 Smith Elizabeth Goodwin1962_16223_044r

1962 Smith Willard Henry Goodwin1962_16302_123r

1962 Smith Vera Viola Peterson Goodwin1962_16390_211r

1962 Smith Adela Marie Goodwin1962_16403_224r

1963 Smith Donald Levingston Goodwin1963_16441_022r

1963 Smith John Franklin Goodwin1963_16453_034r

1963 Smith Harriet Marcia Goodwin1963_16492_073r

1964 Smith Irene Chandler Goodwin1964_16868_196r

Page 103: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1965 Smith Harry John Goodwin1965_16902_073_1r

1965 Smith Herbert Elisha Goodwin1965_16928_099r

1965 Smith Arthur Judson Goodwin1965_16983_054r

1965 Smith Martha A. Goodwin1965_17051_222r

1965 Smith Walter Benjamin Goodwin1965_17061_232r

1965 Smith William J. Goodwin1965_17080_251r

1966 Smith Eunice MacDonald Goodwin1966_17264_168_1r

1966 Smith Willard Goodwin1966_17273_177r

1967 Smith Bary Bell Pickering Goodwin1967_17390_051_1r

1967 Smith Myrtie L. Goodwin1967_17419_080r

1967 Smith Ida Crombie Crombie Goodwin1967_17498_159r

1967 Smith Ned Harold Goodwin1967_17545_206r

1968 Smith Arthur E. III Goodwin1968_17625_013r

1968 Smith Maude Elilzabeth Geer Goodwin1968_17764_152r

1968 Smith Margaret Louise Miller Goodwin1968_17872_260r

1968 Smith Willardd Wallace Goodwin1968_17886_274r

1969 Smith Blanche W. Waite Goodwin1969_17799_005r

1969 Smith Maurice C. Goodwin1969_17827_033r

1969 Smith Geroge Lorenzo Goodwin1969_17857_063r

1969 Smith Frances Bickford Birckford Goodwin1969_18011_217r

1969 Smith Daldry Earl Goodwin1969_18016_222r

1969 Smith Sadie Elsie Dennison Goodwin1969_18050_256r

1950 Smith Lucy Golder Rogers Goodwin1950_13224_039r

1950 Smith Emil Herman Goodwin1950_13292_107r

1950 Smith Roswell James Goodwin1950_13309_124r

1949 Smith Cyrus Howard Goodwin1949_12988_028r

1949 Smith Helen May Goodwin1949_13026_066r

1948 Smith May Dell Langely Goodwin1948_12843_069r

1948 Smith Harry Milton Goodwin1948_12904_130r

1947 Smith Elvira Severance Goodwin1947_02619_031r

1947 Smith Joseph Brodie Goodwin1947_12665_077r

1947 Smith William C. Goodwin1947_12685_097r

1946 Smith Edith Clara Goodwin1946_02475_068r

1946 Smith Dundas Simpson Goodwin1946_02500_093r

1946 Smith Hortense Young Young Goodwin1946_02522_115r

1946 Smith James Goodwin1946_02571_164r

1945 Smith Nora Dearborn Goodwin1945_02327_100r

1945 Smith George William Goodwin1945_02393_166r

1953 Smith Kate Luella Goodwin1953_13867_022r

1953 Smith Nellie Cressey Goodwin1953_13928_083_1r

1953 Smith Margaret Corkum Goodwin1953_14036_191r

1956 Smyrl James Alexander Goodwin1956_14670_150_1r

1966 Smyrl Sarah May Goodwin1966_17190_094r

1969 Smyrl Elvin Leslie Goodwin1969_17927_133r

1946 Smyth Marion Hamilton Cossar Goodwin1946_02510_103r

1956 Snell Maude E. Goodwin1956_14524_004r

1955 Snelling Clara Woods Goodwin1955_14405_108r

Page 104: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1963 Snelling Alberta Jane Nelson Goodwin1963_16468_049_1r

1967 Snelling Ralph Byron Goodwin1967_17454_115r

1949 Snook Ann Jane (Beattie) Goodwin1949_13010_050r

1947 Snook Robert Hayward Goodwin1947_12699_111r

1953 Snow Earl Frederick Goodwin1953_14034_189r

1956 Snow Infant of David B. Goodwin1956_14607_087r

1958 Snow Bruce MD Goodwin1958_15114_120r

1961 Snow Harry Clinton Goodwin1961_16039_068r

1966 Snow Gertrude Josephine Goodwin1966_17087_001r

1946 Snow Harold Newell Goodwin1946_02560_153r

1945 Snow Parke Goodwin1945_02347_120r

1956 Snyder Inez Winifred Goodwin1956_14624_104r

1945 Snyder Emma Belle Goodwin1945_02302_075r

1945 Snyder Bertha Jenkins Noyes Goodwin1945_02324_097r

1952 Soderberg Anna Pauline Boman Goodwin1952_13738_121r

1953 Soderberg Lars Wilfrid Goodwin1953_14010_165r

1948 Soderberg Infant of Elmer N. Goodwin1948_12818_044r

1964 Sohl Jacob Michael Goodwin1964_16907_235r

1959 Solomon Harry Goodwin1959_15255_043r

1968 Solomon Dora B. Barq Goodwin1968_17659_047r

1958 Somers Joseph Augustus Goodwin1958_15180_186r

1967 Somes Alma Estelle Curtis Goodwin1967_17424_085r

1956 Sommerman Minnie Eva Goodwin1956_14568_048r

1956 Sommerman Cleyon Milo Goodwin1956_14569_049r

1963 Soule Mildred Mildred Grace Smith Goodwin1963_16551_132r

1950 Soule Susan Ryerson Darrah Goodwin1950_13201_016r

1963 Spaulding Michael Anthony Goodwin1963_16503_084_3r

1966 Spear Irwin Goodwin1966_17160_064r

1969 Spector Louis Goodwin1969_17949_155r

1964 Spekin Louis Jack Goodwin1964_16692_020_1r

1952 Spencer Lewis Guy Goodwin1952_13755_138r

1959 Spencer Hosea Wilbur Goodwin1959_15703_191r

1967 Spiller Frank Russell Goodwin1967_17496_157r

1965 Spitz William Goodwin1965_16940_111r

1958 Sprague Sineon??? Andrew Goodwin1958_15045_051r

1966 Sprague Birnie B. Goodwin1966_17207_111r

1968 Sprague Alice May Glines Goodwin1968_17808_196r

1965 Spratt Catherine Bernadette Goodwin1965_17047_218r

1966 Sprigg Clara Ester Goodwin1966_17117_021_1r

1968 Springer Titus Yeaman Goodwin1968_17667_055r

1953 Spurr Georgianna Goodwin1953_13951_106r

1961 Spurr Frank H. Goodwin1961_16094_123r

1962 Spurr Fred Goodwin1962_16270_091r

1968 Squire Solomon Goodwin1968_17887_275r

1950 Squire Ammi Channing Goodwin1950_13192_007r

1962 St Pierre Henry Walter Goodwin1962_16204_025r

1968 St. Hilaire Philip Alfred Sr. Goodwin1968_17779_167r

Page 105: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1953 St. Peter Ernest Nelson Goodwin1953_13884_039r

1953 Stackpole Leonore Deane Hitchcock Goodwin1953_14005_160r

1956 Stacy Ella Christina Goodwin1956_14592_072r

1949 Stahl Roland Eugene Goodwin1949_12961_001r

1954 Stahlman Elizabeth C. Goodwin1954_14292_214r

1955 Stanbrook Lillian Esther Goodwin1955_14481_184r

1956 Stanbrook Henrietta Elizabeth Goodwin1956_14578_058r

1967 Stanbrook Alfred John Goodwin1967_17486_147r

1960 Stanhope Helen M. Morrison Goodwin1960_15896_178r

1961 Stanhope Earl Clifton Goodwin1961_16010_039r

1962 Staniels Alice Eastham Goodwin1962_16253_074r

1951 Stanley Nellie O'Brien Goodwin1951_13565_164r

1957 Stanley Grover Carl Goodwin1957_14926_187r

1949 Stanley Maude Freida (Cashman) Cashman Goodwin1949_12989_029r

1965 Staples Lilla Goodwin1965_16965_036r

1968 Staples Minnie Belle Goodwin1968_17851_239r

1947 Staples Grace Ladd Goodwin1947_12637_049r

1946 Staples Delia Almira Goodwin1946_02458_051r

1945 Staples Charles Lewis Goodwin1945_02282_055r

1948 Starkweather Jay Otis Goodwin1948_12789_015r

1964 Starr Margaret E. Goodwin1964_16902_230r

1952 Stearns Lillian Douglass Goodwin1952_13777_160r

1953 Stearns Margaret Kiria Scott Goodwin1953_13912_067r

1956 Stearns Clarence Edward Goodwin1956_14552_032r

1957 Stearns George Amos Goodwin1957_14955_216r

1958 Stearns Anna Margaret Yeoman Goodwin1958_15037_043r

1958 Stearns Edward Balch Goodwin1958_15120_126r

1959 Stearns Leo H. Goodwin1959_15326_114r

1961 Stearns Catherine Nixon Goodwin1961_16056_085r

1961 Stearns Alice T. Thompson Goodwin1961_16081_110r

1961 Stearns Arthur Emerson Goodwin1961_16177_206r

1965 Stearns Lewis Thomas Goodwin1965_16960_031r

1955 Stearns John Dillon Goodwin1966_17272_176r

1966 Stearns Amelia Adell Barton Goodwin1966_17310_214r

1969 Stearns Marguerite Drew Drew Goodwin1969_18017_223r

1950 Stearns Edna A. Ball Goodwin1950_13272_087r

1946 Stearns Charles Merrill Goodwin1946_02445_038r

1955 Steele Charles George Goodwin1955_14490_193r

1957 Steele Kathryn Goodwin1957_14979_240r

1961 Steele Howard Lawrence Goodwin1961_16060_089_1r

1949 Steele John Ray Goodwin1949_12975_015r

1948 Steele Charles David Goodwin1948_12921_147r

1963 Steffensen Henry Rossnald ??? Goodwin1963_16473_054r

1967 Steffensen Christian Henry Goodwin1967_17473_134r

1950 Steinhoff Joseph Goodwin1950_13375_190r

1954 Stephenoff Infant of Robert Goodwin1954_14096_018r

1951 Sterling Albert James Goodwin1951_13482_081r

Page 106: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1965 Sterling Guy Willis Goodwin1965_17048_219r

1966 Sterling Georgia Marie Knowlton Goodwin1966_17241_145r

1968 Sterling Marjorie G. Gott Goodwin1968_17661_049r

1953 Stevens Mary Sarah Goodwin1953_13940_095r

1955 Stevens Susan Goodwin1955_14442_145r

1956 Stevens Lester Davis Goodwin1956_14525_005r

1956 Stevens Caroline-Alice Goodwin1956_14526_006r

1956 Stevens Edwards Park Goodwin1956_14615_095r

1956 Stevens Judson Frederick Goodwin1956_14465_145r

1958 Stevens Henry Albert Goodwin1958_15043_049r

1960 Stevens Jessie Pearson Chamberlain Goodwin1960_15811_093_1r

1963 Stevens Annie Winslow Goodwin1963_16449_030r

1963 Stevens Newell Richard Goodwin1963_16496_077r

1965 Stevens Nellie Francina Goodwin1965_16892_063r

1966 Stevens Gertrude C. Coolidge Goodwin1966_17202_106r

1967 Stevens Gertrude Mitchell Mitchell Goodwin1967_17513_174r

1967 Stevens Ethel Isabel Goodwin1967_17600_261r

1950 Stevens Elizabeth Caroline Goodwin1950_13383_198r

1948 Stevens Margaret Helen Goodwin1948_12792_018r

1946 Stevens Darius Wilson Goodwin1946_02588_181r

1945 Stevens Charles Summer Goodwin1945_02266_039r

1953 Steward Rancall Hall Goodwin1953_14077_232r

1954 Stewart Arthur Raymond Goodwin1954_14239_161r

1955 Stewart Virginia McLain Goodwin1955_14377_080r

1960 Stewart Thomas Vincent Goodwin1960_15771_053r

1961 Stewart Teresa Barry Goodwin1961_16136_165r

1962 Stewart Roy Benjamin Goodwin1962_16232_053_1r

1964 Stewart Edmund Littlefield Goodwin1964_16783_111r

1965 Stewart Nettie A. Goodwin1965_1891_062r

1969 Stewart Bertha Harris Cook Goodwin1969_17846_052r

1963 Stiasny Baby Boy Goodwin1963_16531_112r

1951 Stickney Myron Lucius Goodwin1951_13533_132r

1952 Stickney Carter G. Goodwin1952_13626_009r

1954 Stickney Agnes Goodwin1954_14126_048r

1950 Stiles Elizabeth Rogers Goodwin1950_13203_018r

1947 Stiles Dorothy Allen Goodwin1947_12768_180r

1958 Stillman Edward Gillette Goodwin1958_15164_170_1r

1963 Stockbridge Nellie Choate Goodwin1963_16423_004_1r

1952 Stone Frederick William Goodwin1952_13706_089r

1953 Stone William Byron Goodwin1953_13872_027r

1953 Stone Herbert L. Goodwin1953_13990_145r

1955 Stone Oscar P. Goodwin1955_14314_017r

1957 Stone Chester Charles Goodwin1957_14891_152r

1957 Stone Genieve Goodwin1957_14902_163r

1957 Stone Nellie Goodwin1957_14923_184r

1957 Stone Dana Leroy Goodwin1957_14971_232r

1958 Stone Sgt. Earl Arthur Goodwin1958_15196_202r

Page 107: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1959 Stone Marguerite M. Goodwin1959_15683_171r

1960 Stone Annie Giles Giles Goodwin1960_15813_095r

1962 Stone Lester Paige Goodwin1962_16392_213r

1963 Stone Florence Gertrude Goodwin1963_16438_019r

1963 Stone Bert H. Goodwin1963_16485_066r

1969 Stone Hazel May Goodwin1969_17834_040r

1950 Stone Lottie Amanda Goodwin1950_13329_144r

1948 Stone Arthur William Goodwin1948_12820_046r

1947 Stone Lucy Arimanda Gore Goodwin1947_12672_084r

1947 Stone Alice Gertrude Goodwin1947_12754_166r

1945 Stone Mabel Mary Goodwin1945_02261_034r

1959 Story Lester Clement Goodwin1959_15718_206r

1962 Story Daisy G. Goodwin1962_16309_130r

1963 Story Ida Josephine Goodwin1963_16489_070r

1964 Story Charlotte Jane Goodwin1964_16681_009r

1948 Story Annie M. Goodwin1948_12953_179r

1964 Straczynski Stanislaw Goodwin1964_16883_211r

1960 Stratton Pearl Alice Tatelman Goodwin1960_15963_245r

1951 Straw Herman Foster Jr. Goodwin1951_13599_198r

1953 Straw William Parker Goodwin1953_14061_216r

1955 Straw Zatae Longsdorf Goodwin1955_14462_165_1r

1955 Straw Josephine Perkins Goodwin1955_14504_207r

1950 Straw Harry Ellis Goodwin1950_13368_183r

1948 Straw Anne Goodwin1948_12888_114r

1948 Straw Clara Gertrude Goodwin1948_12932_158r

1960 Streeter Howard Alvertus ??? M.D. Goodwin1960_15841_123_1r

1964 Strickland Alice Elizabeth Goodwin1964_16696_024r

1948 Stringham Ida Goodwin1948_12866_092r

1964 Strout Dwinal Frederick Goodwin1964_16730_058_1r

1960 Sturtevant Augustus Charles Goodwin1960_15847_129r

1965 Sturtevant Ethel Josephine Goodwin1965_16914_085r

1948 Sturtevant John Andrew Goodwin1948_12942_168r

1945 Sturtevant Mills M.D. Goodwin1945_02369_142r

1952 Sullivan Frederick William Goodwin1952_13731_114r

1954 Sullivan Chester L. Goodwin1954_14130_052r

1955 Sullivan Abbie Oliver Goodwin1955_14515_218r

1966 Sullivan Mae E. Goodwin1966_17228_132r

1950 Sullivan Lydia Ann Goodwin1950_13271_086r

1945 Sulloway Helen Belle Goodwin1945_02299_072r

1947 Summer Flora Goodwin1947_12666_078r

1945 Summerville Carrie Goodwin1945_02270_043r

1952 Sundeen Emma Goodwin1952_13770_153r

1962 Sundeen Daniel Arthur Goodwin1962_16225_046_2r

1966 Sundeen Henry Richard Goodwin1966_17223_127r

1966 Sundeen Walter Einar Goodwin1966_17242_146r

1957 Sundell Amanda Headlake Goodwin1957_14910_171r

1956 Sutton Mabel J. Goodwin1956_14728_208r

Page 108: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1959 Swallow George Wilson Goodwin1959_15272_060r

1956 Swan Selma E. Goodwin1956_14714_194r

1946 Swan Alma Josephine Swan Goodwin1946_02565_158r

1952 Swanburg Hannah Anderson Goodwin1952_13719_102r

1965 Swanburg Flora Mae Goodwin1965_16899_070_1r

1946 Swanburg Ernest George Goodwin1946_02456_049r

1966 Swank Ruth Anne Goodwin1966_17176_080r

1955 Swanson John Albert Goodwin1955_14319_022r

1956 Swanson George Henry Goodwin1956_14521_001r

1962 Swanson Richard A. Goodwin1962_16241_062r

1967 Swanson Emma Christina Goodwin1967_17366_027r

1968 Swanson Stephen Robert Goodwin1968_17733_121_1r

1968 Swanson Linnea Isabella Swedberg Goodwin1968_17770_158r

1968 Swanson Forrest R. Goodwin1968_17873_261r

1949 Swanson Charles Oscar Goodwin1949_13175_215r

1953 Swanwick Herbert William Goodwin1953_13892_047r

1969 Swartz Charles W. Goodwin1969_17805_011r

1953 Sweatt Nettie Elizabeth Young Goodwin1953_13901_056r

1958 Sweatt Miss Editha Newbern Goodwin1958_15166_172r

1964 Sweatt Dora Lydia Goodwin1964_16913_241r

1964 Sweet Jay Roland Goodwin1964_16764_092r

1969 Sweet Ruth Marion Wright Goodwin1969_17975_181r

1964 Sweetser Rena Goodwin1964_16848_176r

1965 Sweetser John Goodwin Goodwin1965_16944_015r

1954 Swenson John Maurice Goodwin1954_14232_154r

1960 Swenson Paul Martin Goodwin1960_15721_003r

1946 Swenson Jennie A. Goodwin1946_02552_145r

1962 Swett Harold Franklin Goodwin1962_16327_148r

1960 Swinston Eliza Belle Pierce Goodwin1960_15905_187r

1947 Swinston Charles Goodwin1947_12621_033r

1955 Tack Susan Goodwin1955_14415_118r

1968 Tack Erick Paul Goodwin1968_17768_156r

1960 Taft Earl Davison??? Goodwin1960_15877_159_2r

1955 Taggart Mary Edith Goodwin1955_14334_037r

1955 Taggart Alice Carrie Goodwin1955_14349_052r

1962 Taggart Effie May Goodwin1962_16341_162r

1967 Taggart Winston Adam Goodwin1967_17611_272_1r

1969 Taggart Charles Alexander Goodwin1969_17956_162r

1954 Taintor Albert Warren Jr. Goodwin1954_14216_138r

1954 Tait Katherine Goodwin1954_14226_148r

1955 Tait Minnie Chapman Goodwin1955_14383_086r

1965 Tait Jean Belle Goodwin1965_16980_151r

1952 Tallman Anna Amanda Goodwin1952_13836_219r

1954 Tallman Charles Francis Goodwin1954_14221_143r

1961 Tallman Julia Vaughn Goodwin1961_16167_196r

1963 Tallman Arthur D. Goodwin1963_16513_094r

1968 Tallman Ruth Goodwin1968_17658_046r

Page 109: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1962 Tambackiss Charles J. Goodwin1962_16381_202r

1968 Tappan Ruth M. Goodwin1968_17847_235_1r

1957 Tarbell Ida Mae Goodwin1957_14850_111r

1958 Tarbell Ida Belle Goodwin1958_15005_011r

1949 Tarbell Grace Edith Goodwin1949_13060_100r

1948 Tarbell George Leander Goodwin1948_12867_093r

1960 Tarr Nettie Belle Goodwin1960_15747_029r

1962 Tarr Lattie (or Lottie???) Belle Goodwin1962_16362_183r

1949 Tarr Charles Albert Goodwin1949_13028_068r

1945 Tarr Ida May Simpkins Goodwin1945_02243_016r

1952 Tarrant Minnie E. Goodwin1952_13776_159r

1962 Tasker Grace P. Goodwin1962_16194_015r

1954 Tatro Pearl Goodwin1954_14244_166r

1950 Tatro Lawrence Goodwin1950_13282_097r

1949 Tatro Luella Hamor Brown Goodwin1949_13127_167r

1951 Taylor Alfred Edward Goodwin1951_13586_185r

1954 Taylor Flora Estelle Goodwin1954_14175_097r

1965 Taylor Ruth Goodwin1965_16933_104r

1967 Taylor Alma Winifred L. Goodwin1967_17347_008r

1967 Taylor Richard B. Goodwin1967_17507_168r

1969 Taylor Robert Goodwin1969_17854_060r

1950 Taylor Annie Mary Fraser Goodwin1950_13268_083r

1948 Taylor Ellen Ann Cooper Goodwin1948_12899_125r

1948 Taylor Blanche E. Goodwin1948_12916_142r

1947 Taylor Benjamin Morris Goodwin1947_12737_149r

1952 Tebbetts Orrin Wilbur Goodwin1952_13714_097r

1953 Tebbetts Harry Ellsworth Goodwin1953_13864_019r

1957 Tebbetts Tessie May Goodwin1957_14841_102r

1964 Tebbetts Arlean Francis Goodwin1964_16857_185r

1949 Tebetts Stanley Wentworth Goodwin1949_13083_123r

1961 Tejirian Eli Goodwin1961_16140_169r

1965 Tennant Grace Isabelle Goodwin1965_16990_161r

1957 Tenney William Rix Goodwin1957_14953_214r

1951 Terjeson Anders Goodwin1951_13461_050r

1954 Tessier Elizabeth Thomas Goodwin1954_14088_010r

1948 Tessier Alfred Leander Goodwin1948_12929_155r

1967 Tetzlaff Fred C. Goodwin1967_17422_083r

1959 Thacher Muriel Emily Goodwin1959_15223_011r

1950 Thayer Hattie May Sweatt Goodwin1950_13250_065r

1951 Theall John William Sr. Goodwin1951_13503_102r

1957 Theiss Fred Goodwin1957_14806_067r

1966 Theiss Charles Henry Goodwin1966_17230_134_1r

1968 Theiss Elizabeth Seifert Goodwin1968_17856_244r

1946 Theiss Infant George Henry Theiss (aka ? Richard Chas.)Goodwin1946_02548_141r

1951 Theodor Mildred Woodbury Goodwin1951_13437_026r

1946 Theodore (Theodoroulis) James Goodwin1946_02587_180r

1969 Theriault Ronald Richard Goodwin1969_17821_027r

Page 110: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1953 Theuner Helen Frieda Goodwin1953_14062_217r

1955 Thibault Mabel Pearl Goodwin1955_14337_040r

1961 Thibault Ruth Marion Goodwin1961_16127_156r

1945 Thibault Proper Joseph Goodwin1945_02396_169r

1957 Thibodeau Infant Goodwin1957_14974_235r

1967 Thigpen Marvin Jerome Goodwin1967_17497_158r

1951 Thomas George Edward Goodwin1951_13472_071r

1953 Thomas John Alexander Goodwin1953_13860_015_2r

1956 Thomas Frank Harrington Goodwin1956_14634_114r

1957 Thomas Jennie Corrinne Goodwin1957_14809_070r

1960 Thomas Clara Goodwin1960_15917_199_1r

1967 Thomas Florence Van Wirt Van Wirt Goodwin1967_17470_131_1r

1947 Thomas Mary Patty Goodwin1947_12741_153r

1953 Thomes Bertha P Goodwin1953_14029_184r

1954 Thompkins Jane Rebecca Goodwin1954_14211_133r

1952 Thompson Lillian Calvert Goodwin1952_13641_024r

1952 Thompson Bruce Paul Goodwin1952_13739_122r

1952 Thompson Joseph Andrew Goodwin1952_13761_144r

1952 Thompson Wllington Andrew Goodwin1952_13765_148r

1953 Thompson Earle Clifton Goodwin1953_13952_107r

1957 Thompson Thelma Goodwin1957_14757_018_3r

1960 Thompson George Alexander Goodwin1960_15753_035r

1960 Thompson (Miss) Mabel Josephine Goodwin1960_15808_090_1r

1962 Thompson Leigh Adair Goodwin1962_16230_051r

1962 Thompson Alice Ruth Goodwin1962_16234_055r

1962 Thompson Malvina Rowell Fecteau ??? Goodwin1962_16387_208r

1963 Thompson Josie G. Goodwin1963_16523_104r

1965 Thompson Florence Margaret Goodwin1965_16955_126_1r

1967 Thompson F. Louise Goodwin1967_17395_056r

1969 Thompson Mary Jane Goodwin1969_18044_250r

1946 Thompson Sarah Simpkins Goodwin1946_02580_173r

1960 Thompson (leg) George Goodwin1960_15742_024_3r

1958 Thomson Robina Lawson Goodwin1958_15029_035r

1963 Thomson Joseph Lake Goodwin1963_16550_131r

1948 Thomson Robert Goodwin1948_12955_181r

1957 Thorgerson Henry William Goodwin1957_14980_241r

1961 Thorgerson Normal Russell Goodwin1961_16069_098r

1962 Thorgerson Arthur Waldemer Goodwin1962_16276_097r

1964 Thorndike Marion York Goodwin1964_16839_167r

1950 Thorne Weston Harry Goodwin1950_13279_094r

1961 Thornhill Herbert Trevor Goodwin1961_16003_032r

1958 Thorp Mrs. Justyne Elizabeth Goodwin1958_15203_209r

1964 Thorp Justin Goodwin1964_16792_120r

1946 Thorp Ada M. Morse-Thorp Goodwin1946_02507_100r

1959 Threlfall Thomas Edward Goodwin1959_15318_106r

1951 Thurber Norman Pillsbury Goodwin1951_13606_205r

1953 Thurber Hattie May Pillsbury Goodwin1953_14055_210r

Page 111: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1957 Thurber Charles Francis Adams Goodwin1957_14889_150r

1947 Thurber Carl Benton Goodwin1947_12726_138r

1945 Thurston Fannie May Goodwin1945_02380_153r

1962 Thyng George Earle Goodwin1962_16406_227r

1968 Thyng Myra Goodwin1968_17750_138r

1958 Tibbetts Eva Jane Goodwin1958_15097_103r

1966 Tibbetts Kenneth William Goodwin1966_17219_123r

1968 Tibbo Doris Eleanor Goodwin1968_17784_172r

1968 Ticehurst Alberta D. Chase Goodwin1968_17790_278r

1952 Tierney Baby Girl Goodwin1952_13746_129r

1953 Tillotson Daniel Frye Goodwin1953_13930_085r

1961 Tilton Leon David Goodwin1961_16025_054r

1962 Tilton Frieda Hattie Wagner Goodwin1962_16268_089r

1968 Timberman Perry Goodwin1968_17771_159r

1953 Tinker Charles Joseph Goodwin1953_13966_121r

1947 Tinker Margaret Wesselhoeft Currie Goodwin1947_12671_083r

1954 Tinkham Arthur Elmer Goodwin1954_14107_029r

1959 Tinkham Chester Leon Goodwin1959_15279_067r

1950 Tinkham Lillian May Main Goodwin1950_13306_121r

1955 Tirrell Edgar Clinton Goodwin1955_14426_129r

1957 Tirrell Nettie Mack Goodwin1957_14861_122r

1957 Titcomb Carrie Louise Goodwin1957_14918_179r

1959 Titcomb Ruth Anna Goodwin1959_15682_170_2r

1951 Titus Blanche Elizabeth Goodwin1951_13463_052r

1966 Titus Infant Girl Goodwin1966_17191_095r

1967 Titus James L. Goodwin1967_17412_073r

1969 Titus Verna Pearl Goodwin1969_18018_224r

1949 Titus Elizabeth Idabell Young Goodwin1949_13079_119r

1951 Tobey Loretta Radenhorst Capell Goodwin1951_13617_216r

1953 Tobey Chas William Goodwin1953_13970_125r

1947 Tobey Francelia Lovett Goodwin1947_12712_124r

1946 Tobey Isabelle Charlotte Dahlberg Goodwin1946_02464_057r

1951 Todd Amy Frances Calvert Goodwin1951_13610_209r

1968 Todd John William Goodwin1968_17676_064r

1945 Todd Arthur Allen Lt. Goodwin1945_02303_076r

1945 Todd Bert F. Goodwin1945_02403_176r

1966 Todis Charles Goodwin1966_17142_046_1r

1951 Togus Leopold Theodore Goodwin1951_13528_127r

1964 Togus Mary Marsden Goodwin1964_16722_050r

1962 Tolles Edith Kendall Goodwin1962_16357_178r

1957 Tompkins Emily Caroline Goodwin1957_14932_193r

1960 Tompkins Ralph Wilfred Goodwin1960_15907_189r

1968 Toombs Carnelia Carter Carter Goodwin1968_17797_185r

1948 Topping Etta Lillian Goodwin1948_12775_001r

1964 Torrey Frances Bean Bean Goodwin1964_16862_190r

1969 Torrey Elmer Fillmore Goodwin1969_17859_065r

1949 Torrey (infant of) Donald W. Goodwin1949_13088_128_2r

Page 112: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1952 Totman Florence Helen Goodwin1952_13821_204r

1966 Totman Bertha L. Goodwin1966_17102_016r

1959 Tower David Bates Goodwin1959_15270_058r

1953 Towers Mary Elizaabeth Robinson Goodwin1953_14033_188r

1957 Towle Annie Gault Goodwin1957_14894_155r

1959 Towle Martha L. Goodwin1959_15360_148r

1967 Towle Josephine Maria Young Goodwin1967_17477_138r

1954 Towne Sarah Ann Marsters Goodwin1954_14162_084r

1962 Towne Ada Isabelle Goodwin1962_16365_186r

1955 Towns Allan Frank Goodwin1955_14359_062r

1966 Towns Hilda Irene Goodwin1966_17183_087r

1968 Townsend Thomas Miller Goodwin1968_17837_225r

1948 Tozier Annie Goodwin1948_12850_076r

1956 Tracy Avis Marie Goodwin1956_14527_007r

1959 Tracy Warren W. Goodwin1959_15335_123r

1962 Tracy Alice Woodeson Goodwin1962_16274_095_2r

1968 Trahan Harriett Lilliam Hamilton Goodwin1968_17630_018r

1949 Trahan Wilfred C. Goodwin1949_13024_064r

1950 Trask Jessie May Edwards Goodwin1950_13308_123r

1956 Traub Peter Edward Goodwin1956_14678_158r

1965 Travisanello Alice Gertrude Goodwin1965_16973_044r

1959 Trayes Sadie W. Goodwin1959_15250_038r

1964 Trefry Arthur F. Goodwin1964_16754_082r

1960 Tremblay Fannie Evelyne Taylor Goodwin1960_15806_088r

1957 Trenoweth Herbert Clarence Goodwin1957_14987_248r

1958 Trott Clement Elbert Goodwin1958_15062_068r

1968 Trott Jennnie B. Merrow Goodwin1968_17832_220r

1946 Trott John Howe Goodwin1946_02494_087r

1946 Trow Delle Clark Clark Goodwin1946_02585_178r

1955 Trudeau Adrien Ulderic Goodwin1955_14331_034r

1956 Trudeau Ulderic N. Goodwin1956_14618_098r

1957 Trudeau Allen Junior Goodwin1957_14893_154r

1964 Trudeau Yvonne M. Goodwin1964_16917_245r

1948 Trudeau Ronald Paul Goodwin1948_12885_111r

1949 Truesdale Albert Carroll Goodwin1949_13114_154r

1951 Trull Jessie Mabelle Goodwin1951_13453_042r

1953 Trull Frank Eugene Goodwin1953_14025_180r

1960 Trull Grace Annie Goodwin1960_15840_122r

1947 Trull Lyman Arvidia Goodwin1947_02592_004r

1951 Trumbull Female Goodwin1951_13497_096r

1957 Tryon Luella Green Goodwin1957_14868_129_1r

1960 Tsemanis Nicholas Constantine Goodwin1960_15940_222r

1965 Tsemanis Minnie G. Goodwin1965_16988_059r

1957 Tucker Ethel Richards Goodwin1957_14759_020_1r

1962 Tucker Mary Harvey Goodwin1962_16199_020r

1968 Tucker Susie F. Burke Goodwin1968_17670_058r

1952 Tufts Matthew Goodwin1952_13817_200r

Page 113: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1965 Tufts Cleon Howard Goodwin1965_16930_001_1r

1947 Tufts Cleon David Goodwin1947_12642_054r

1955 Turnblom Charlotte Rose Goodwin1955_14329_032r

1951 Turnbull Lucinda Beatrice Goodwin1951_13417_006r

1954 Turnbull John Elye Goodwin1954_14185_107r

1951 Turner Florine Mabel Goodwin1951_13494_093r

1963 Turner Hannah (Annie) ??? Goodwin1963_16444_025r

1949 Turner Mary Cain Goodwin1949_13063_103r

1946 Turner James Goodwin1946_02564_157r

1952 Turney George Wakeman Goodwin1952_13750_133r

1947 Turney Harriet Nellie Goodwin1947_12680_092r

1968 Tuson Albert Marshall Fire Capt. (also asst. curator at MHAGoodwin1968_17646_034r

1956 Tuthill Frandon Lois Goodwin1956_14646_126r

1955 Tuttle Harriet Shaw Goodwin1955_14388_091r

1965 Tuttle Louise H. Hargedon Goodwin1965_16909_080r

1946 Tuttle June Edna Goodwin1946_02442_035r

1945 Tuttle Elizabeth Mabel Goodwin1945_02355_128r

1947 Twaddle William Francis Goodwin1947_02614_026r

1969 Twombly James Austin Goodwin1969_17814_020r

1951 Tyrrell Eva Mabel Knight Goodwin1951_13519_118r

1954 Tyrrell Wesley E. Goodwin1954_14109_031r

1950 Udell John Chesley Goodwin1950_13194_009r

1948 Uhlig Edward Jefferson Goodwin1948_12834_060r

1959 Ulhenbusch Audrey Goodwin1959_15302_090r

1952 Ullock Harry James Goodwin1952_13638_021r

1959 Ulmer Geneva Victoria Goodwin1959_15234_022r

1969 Ulmer Alden H. Goodwin1969_17901_107r

1956 Underhill Caroline Melvin Goodwin1956_14633_113_1r

1956 Underhill Caroline Melvin Goodwin1956_14633_113_2r

1961 Underhill Fred Chase Goodwin1961_15987_016r

1950 Underhill Lizzie Maria Goodwin1950_13252_067r

1951 Underwood Mary Brooks Goodwin1951_13460_049r

1953 Underwood Ray Marshall Goodwin1953_13908_063r

1956 Underwood Gladys Isabelle Goodwin1956_14679_159r

1965 Underwood Ralph Roy Goodwin1965_16977_148r

1949 Underwood Addie Marshall Goodwin1949_13102_142r

1951 Upton George William Goodwin1951_13450_039r

1957 Upton Carl E. Goodwin1957_14901_162r

1959 Upton Emma Florence Goodwin1959_15241_029r

1966 Upton Jeanie Hutcheon Goodwin1966_17301_205r

1945 Upton Samuel M. Goodwin1945_02376_149r

1945 Upton Eugene Frederick Goodwin1945_02392_165r

1954 Urann Nellie Augusta Elliott Goodwin1954_14236_158r

1952 Urquhart Barbara Chapman Goodwin1952_13745_128_2r

1968 Vaders Maria DePauw Goodwin1968_17694_082r

1964 Vail Minnie Libbey Goodwin1964_16863_191r

1966 Vajabedian Harry Goodwin1966_17155_059r

Page 114: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1951 Valentine Charles Nelson Goodwin1951_13525_124r

1959 Valentine Erick P.A. Goodwin1959_15699_187r

1966 Valentine Lois Mary Goodwin1966_17138_042r

1963 Valley Fred Joseph Goodwin1963_16507_088r

1947 Valliere Victoria Grace Goodwin1947_02610_022r

1956 Van Brocklin George Goodwin1956_14640_120r

1957 Van Den Wingaert Louise Myers Goodwin1957_14744_005r

1963 Van Der Beken Florence Ethel Goodwin1963_16478_059r

1964 Van Riet Peter A. Goodwin1964_16879_207_1r

1955 Van Stelten Leida Goodwin1955_14495_198r

1968 Van Ummerson Jessie P. Paine Goodwin1968_17664_052r

1951 Van Wambeke Theodore Goodwin1951_13615_214r

1953 Van Wambeke Clothilde Amelie Goodwin1953_13975_130r

1969 Vanderveer Harold Cornelius Brig. Gen. RetGoodwin1969_17795_001_1r

1969 VanUden Rebecca M. Goodwin1969_17914_120r

1948 VanVliet Peter Goodwin1948_12911_137r

1967 Varjabedian Satenig Goodwin1967_17404_065r

1969 Varney Mary L. Goodwin1969_17886_092_1r

1946 Varney George N. Goodwin1946_02439_032r

1959 Vaughan Edith Mabel Goodwin1959_15350_138r

1965 Vaughs Ruby Jean Goodwin1965_16938_009r

1958 Vercauteren John B. Goodwin1958_15193_199r

1953 Verdonck Louis or Aloysius Goodwin1953_13921_076r

1956 Verdonck Elizabeth Goodwin1956_14715_195r

1969 Vereanteren Louisa M. Goodwin1969_17824_030r

1951 Vergas Soterios Anagnostou Goodwin1951_13493_092r

1958 Veruille ??? Mary Ernistine Goodwin1958_15057_063r

1957 Verville Henry Joseph Goodwin1957_14844_105r

1967 Victor Blanchart Goodwin1967_17342_003r

1968 Villas Newell Allen Goodwin1968_17870_258r

1966 VinckevleugelAnna Emma Goodwin1966_17313_217r

1969 Vinckkevleugel Joseph Jacob Goodwin1969_17992_198r

1952 Vogel George A. Goodwin1952_13666_049r

1956 Vogel Ralph Francis Sr. Goodwin1956_14612_092r

1969 Vogel Mabel Anna Laxson Goodwin1969_18053_259_1r

1958 Volgman William Louis Goodwin1958_15082_088r

1964 Volgman Lillian Goodwin1964_16920_248r

1959 Volkman Gustave Walter Goodwin1959_15368_156r

1967 Volkman Minnie Pauline Goodwin1967_17458_119r

1950 Vose Francis Reed Goodwin1950_13336_151r

1949 Vose John Raymond Goodwin1949_13101_141r

1946 Vose Eunice Luceba Goodwin1946_02468_061r

1967 Voulgaris Alexandra N. Goodwin1967_17599_260r

1968 Voulgaris Vaios Goodwin1968_17746_134r

1960 Vratsenes Diane Maria Goodwin1960_15742_024_1r

1951 Vreeland Margaret May Curtis Goodwin1951_13511_110r

1950 Wachter George Goodwin1950_13228_043r

Page 115: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1967 Wadleigh Sylvia L. Leach Goodwin1967_17529_190r

1954 Wagner John Frederick Goodwin1954_14200_122r

1957 Wagner John H. Goodwin1957_14766_027r

1962 Wagner Nellie Augusta Goodwin1962_16190_011r

1963 Wagner Clara Hubner Hubner Goodwin1963_16457_038r

1969 Wagner Geroge A. Goodwin1969_17887_093r

1949 Wagner Emma Neubert Goodwin1949_13043_083r

1945 Waight Lida L. Harvey Goodwin1945_02244_017r

1967 Waisman Ora Maude (Durrell) Rowe Goodwin1967_17570_231r

1957 Waite Carrie Lillian Boone Goodwin1957_14784_045r

1950 Waite Amos Gardner Goodwin1950_13229_044r

1962 Wakefield Charlotte M. Goodwin1962_16292_113r

1957 Walch Amelia Jane Goodwin1957_14840_101r

1955 Walcott Fred Herbert Goodwin1955_14391_094r

1955 Waldron Etta Seward Goodwin1955_14393_096_2r

1965 Waldron Bessie Beryl Goodwin1965_17062_233r

1969 Waldron Raymond Wentworth Goodwin1969_17902_108r

1957 Wales Annie Lucinda (Clair) Morton Goodwin1957_14751_012r

1953 Walker Addie Laura Goodwin1953_13882_037r

1953 Walker John Wesley Goodwin1953_13883_038r

1954 Walker Roberta Power Goodwin1954_14143_065r

1956 Walker Francis Goodwin1956_14555_035r

1959 Walker Allan Palmer Goodwin1959_15362_150r

1960 Walker Ulee Mary Goodwin1960_15827_109r

1964 Walker Lawrence Dewey Goodwin1964_16861_189r

1967 Walker Edith Vernon Currier Goodwin1967_17453_114r

1968 Walker Marion Muir Muir Goodwin1968_17814_202r

1947 Walker Jesse Goodwin1947_02607_019r

1951 Wallace Infant of Robert J. Goodwin1951_13592_191r

1952 Wallace Jessie Palmer Goodwin1952_13643_026r

1952 Wallace Hattie Belle Goodwin1952_13680_063r

1955 Wallace Infant of Leonard H. Goodwin1955_14316_019r

1958 Wallace Louis Osgood Sanborn Goodwin1958_15084_090r

1958 Wallace William Goodwin1958_15141_147r

1958 Wallace Mrs. Alice V. Goodwin1958_15146_152r

1960 Wallace Audrey Lynn Goodwin1960_15969_251r

1962 Wallace Miles Goodwin1962_16404_225r

1963 Wallace Julia Goodwin1963_16451_032r

1965 Wallace Edward John Goodwin1965_16968_139r

1967 Wallace Christine M. Thompson Goodwin1967_17349_010r

1967 Wallace John Gibson Goodwin1967_17569_230r

1968 Wallace Edith Pillsbury Davis Goodwin1968_17641_029r

1968 Wallace Clarence Edwin Goodwin1968_17794_182r

1945 Wallace Harry William Goodwin1945_02356_129r

1945 Wallace Mary Mathilda Goodwin1945_02379_152r

1966 Walllingford Susie May Littlefield Goodwin1966_17248_152r

1950 Walmsley William Goodwin1950_13365_180r

Page 116: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1953 Walsh Ina Robinson Goodwin1953_13895_050r

1960 Walsh Margaret Elizabeth Anderson Goodwin1960_15821_103r

1956 Walter Dudley Hall Goodwin1956_14650_130r

1960 Walter Maude B. Goodwin1960_15794_076r

1966 Wanat Frances Goodwin1966_17125_029r

1953 Warburton Janet Graham Goodwin1953_13877_032r

1950 Warburton Peter Goodwin1950_13241_056_2r

1955 Ward Gladys Iola Goodwin1955_14360_063r

1956 Ward Ruth Louise Goodwin1956_14627_107r

1957 Ward Arthur Mitchell Goodwin1957_14915_176r

1962 Ward Beula May Bartlett Goodwin1962_16342_163r

1966 Ward Ralph J. Goodwin1966_17173_077r

1948 Ward Mitchell Goodwin1948_12901_127r

1947 Wardman Annette E. Goodwin1947_02615_027r

1953 Ware Mabel Elizabeth Goodwin1953_13870_025r

1963 Warner Leona May Goodwin1963_16463_044r

1948 Warner Inez Evelyn Dominick Goodwin1948_12894_120r

1967 Warnock Ruth Schelzel Goodwin1967_17579_240r

1952 Warren Mary Goodwin1952_13681_064r

1954 Warren George Herbert Goodwin1954_14170_092r

1959 Warren Ina Ellen Webster Goodwin1959_15348_136r

1948 Warren Curtis Arthur Goodwin1948_12821_047r

1960 Warriner Baby Girl Goodwin1960_15947_229r

1961 Washburn Eva Mae Stevens Goodwin1961_16016_045r

1961 Wasley Lulu Agnes Goodwin1961_16098_127r

1948 Wasley Frank Holt Goodwin1948_12807_033r

1954 Wasson Joseph William Goodwin1954_14802_004r

1945 Wasson Mary Louise Goodwin1945_02273_046r

1962 Waterman Leone ??? Althea ??? Goodwin1962_16231_052r

1968 Waterman Arthur Bernard Goodwin1968_17781_169r

1963 Wathen Lura Gage Goodwin1963_16479_060r

1965 Watkins Harry Goodwin1965_16907_078r

1956 Watson Martha Eccles Ward Goodwin1956_14589_069r

1958 Watson Agnes Banner Banner Goodwin1958_15018_024r

1960 Watson Parker Hannaford Goodwin1960_15923_205r

1960 Watson Charles William Goodwin1960_15941_223r

1962 Watson Leona Grant Bartlett Goodwin1962_16335_156r

1964 Watson Albert Priestly Goodwin1964_16695_023_1r

1964 Watson George Wesley Goodwin1964_16758_086r

1965 Watson Rena Pearl Goodwin1965_16921_092_1r

1965 Watson Jennette McKinney Bartlett Goodwin1965_17049_220r

1953 Watts Gerald Roy Goodwin1953_13919_074r

1953 Watts Lena Mae Smith Goodwin1953_13979_134r

1957 Watts George Frank Goodwin1957_14975_236r

1967 Watts Perley Goodwin1967_17462_123r

1945 Waugh George A. Goodwin1945_02330_103r

1960 Weaver Eva Boody Goodwin1960_15968_250r

Page 117: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1967 Weaver William H. Goodwin1967_17481_142r

1946 Weaver Ella B. Goodwin1946_02443_036r

1958 Webb Thom W. Goodwin1958_15182_188r

1949 Webb Henry Alonzo Goodwin1949_12972_012r

1951 Webber Joseph Goodwin1951_13480_079r

1954 Webber Jeanie Rogers Goodwin1954_14103_025r

1948 Webber Horace Eugene Goodwin1948_12952_178r

1958 Weber Helen Alma Hoffman Goodwin1958_15051_057r

1949 Weber Margie Ann Manning Goodwin1949_13130_170r

1948 Weber Adam John Goodwin1948_12890_116_1r

1956 Webster Herman Whilhelm Goodwin1956_14580_060r

1961 Webster Alma E. Goodwin1961_16158_187r

1963 Webster Harry L. Goodwin1963_16462_043_1r

1949 Webster Clarence Harold Goodwin1949_13159_199r

1947 Webster Annie Dunnells Goodwin1947_12736_148r

1968 Weden Ruth Goodwin1968_17755_143_1r

1953 Weed Ernest Melville Goodwin1953_13871_026r

1956 Weed Ernest Willard Goodwin1956_14691_171r

1957 Weed Katherine M. Goodwin1957_14870_131r

1957 Weeks Madie Goodwin1957_14939_200r

1950 Weeks Emma Tuttle Goodwin1950_13350_165r

1968 Weir Edward Goodwin1968_17884_272r

1962 Welander Elsa Lillian Goodwin1962_16358_179_1r

1954 Welch Infant of Paul E. Goodwin1954_14254_176_1r

1957 Welch Mary Lucy Boutin Goodwin1957_14857_118_1r

1965 Welch William Thomas Goodwin1965_16971_042r

1965 Welch Clarence Ralph Goodwin1965_16993_164r

1966 Welch Frank L. Goodwin1966_17319_223_1r

1967 Welch Lillie Louise Goodwin1967_17528_189r

1947 Welch Minnie Mabel Goodwin1947_02596_008r

1958 Welcome Adeline Mae Goodwin1958_15086_092r

1949 Wellman Florence Vincent Goodwin1949_12981_021r

1956 Wells Lewis Newton Goodwin1956_14694_174r

1964 Wells Caroline Mary Goodwin1964_16824_152r

1955 Wendell Cecelia Belle Goodwin1955_14399_102r

1953 Wentworth Raymond Chase Goodwin1953_13875_030r

1958 Wentworth Chester Nelson Goodwin1958_15095_101r

1966 Wentworth Edgar C. Goodwin1966_17244_148r

1949 Wentworth Blanche Marion Goodwin1949_12998_038r

1953 Wenzel Herbert Gustave Goodwin1953_14047_202r

1955 Wenzel Gustav Fred Goodwin1955_14369_072r

1966 Wenzel Gustave William Goodwin1966_17209_113r

1956 Wessner Fred Jacob Goodwin1956_14614_094r

1950 West Carol Louise Goodwin1950_13386_201r

1962 Westover Carl Daniel Sr. Goodwin1962_16255_076r

1960 Wheat Rachel Flint Goodwin1960_15731_013_1r

1958 Whedon Betsey McGregor Goodwin1958_15174_180r

Page 118: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1947 Whedon Eben Eastman Goodwin1947_12679_091r

1945 Whedon Mattie A. Goodwin1945_02321_094r

1958 Wheeler Walter Erwin Goodwin1958_15108_114r

1961 Wheeler Delia Maria Goodwin1961_16073_102r

1965 Wheeler Agnes Goodwin1965_16948_119r

1965 Wheeler Ernest K. Goodwin1965_16951_122r

1967 Wheeler Wesley Goodwin1967_17487_148r

1968 Wheeler Elmer Wallace Goodwin1968_17710_098r

1947 Wheeler Marcia Ellen - inf. Goodwin1947_02589_001r

1946 Wheeler Mary Abbie Goodwin1946_02537_130r

1966 Whelpley Bertha Rawson Goodwin1966_17168_072_1r

1969 Whelpley Margaret Estey Goodwin1969_17849_055r

1960 Whelpley ??? Percival Medley Goodwin1960_15817_099r

1960 Whipple Mrs. Hilda Maria Goodwin1960_15759_041r

1960 Whipple Lloyd Elwin Goodwin1960_15950_232r

1950 Whipple Bertha May Goodwin1950_13297_112r

1946 Whipple Willard Ernest Goodwin1946_02550_143r

1948 Whitaker David Marshall Goodwin1948_12828_054r

1967 Whitcher Chester Rand Goodwin1967_17588_249r

1948 Whitcher Edna Mae Aldrich Goodwin1948_12795_021r

1957 Whitcomb Josephine Henrietta Goodwin1957_14872_133r

1951 White Donna Louise Goodwin1951_13614_213r

1960 White Louis Bartlett Goodwin1960_15764_046r

1961 White John Aldred Goodwin1961_16173_202r

1961 White Norman Ford Goodwin1961_16179_208r

1962 White Laura M. Elliot Goodwin1962_16395_216r

1950 White Elizabeth Ella Goodwin1950_13310_125r

1953 Whitehead Edith Tenney Tenney Goodwin1953_14057_212r

1954 Whitehouse Annie Kizar Goodwin1954_14177_099r

1954 Whitehouse Albert Hunter Goodwin1954_14189_111r

1957 Whitehouse Clarence R. Goodwin1957_14837_098r

1952 Whiting Grace Mitchell Clark Goodwin1952_13705_088r

1954 Whiting John Harley Edward Goodwin1954_14285_207r

1960 Whiting Jean Goodwin1960_15853_135r

1946 Whitman William David Goodwin1946_02495_088_2r

1957 Whitney Winthrop W. Goodwin1957_14930_191r

1962 Whitney Lewis Albert Goodwin1962_16198_019r

1963 Whitney Lillian Goodwin1963_16469_050r

1969 Whitney Mae Martin Goodwin1969_18059_265r

1962 Whittemore Jesse Arthur Goodwin1962_16305_126_2r

1962 Whittemore Jesse Arthur Goodwin1962_16306_127r

1966 Whittemore Grace Mabel Goodwin1966_17287_191r

1969 Whittemore Harry Chase Dr. Goodwin1969_17924_130r

1962 Whitten Lionel Peterson Goodwin1962_16305_126_1r

1964 Whitten Hattie E. Goodwin1964_16823_151r

1950 Whitten George Albert Goodwin1950_13316_131r

1949 Whitten Mary Elizabeth Woodbury Goodwin1949_13076_116r

Page 119: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1953 Whittier Jeannette Nelson Goodwin1953_13918_073r

1964 Whittier Clara Maria Goodwin1964_16880_208r

1969 Whittier Paul Thomas Goodwin1969_17885_091_1r

1955 Wiesner Helen Emily Goodwin1955_14367_070r

1965 Wiesner Clara A. Goodwin1965_16985_056r

1959 Wiggin Harold Jewell Goodwin1959_15689_177r

1961 Wiggin Mary Florence Minot Goodwin1961_16059_088r

1961 Wiggin Albert Augustus Goodwin1961_16078_107r

1964 Wiggin Barbara L. Goodwin1964_16859_187r

1965 Wiggin Martha Jane Goodwin1965_16981_052r

1966 Wiggin Willetta Belknap Belknap Goodwin1966_17271_175r

1968 Wiggin Grace D. Goodwin1968_17735_123r

1950 Wiggin Arthur Hoag Goodwin1950_13337_152r

1945 Wiggin Richard Lawrence Jr. Goodwin1945_02328_101r

1955 Wik Alfhild Maria Goodwin1955_14350_053r

1964 Wik Karl Otto Goodwin1964_16841_169r

1968 Wik John Adolph Goodwin1968_17802_190r

1949 Wike John Goodwin1949_13135_175r

1952 Wilber Mae Elizabeth Jones Goodwin1952_13754_137r

1950 Wilcock Harry Goodwin1950_13311_126r

1951 Wilcomb George Edmund Goodwin1951_13432_021r

1969 Wilcomb Anna May Benner Goodwin1969_17891_097r

1953 Wilde Charlotte Kollmyer Goodwin1953_13963_118r

1952 Wilder Richard Henry Goodwin1952_13758_141r

1961 Wilder Grace Marjorie Goodwin1961_15974_003r

1957 Wildey Paul Brooks Goodwin1957_14863_124r

1952 Wildman Edward Goodwin1952_13653_036r

1964 Wildman Thomas Edwin Goodwin1964_16721_049r

1968 Wildman Percey Goodwin1968_17805_193r

1957 Wiley Fannie Therese Goodwin1957_14940_201r

1959 Wiley John Nelson Goodwin1959_15355_143r

1965 Wiley Hazel Louise Goodwin1965_16986_157r

1948 Wiley Thomas A. Goodwin1948_12785_011r

1965 Wilhelm Joseph Henry Goodwin1965_16950_021_1r

1949 Wilkie Arthur Edward Goodwin1949_13038_078r

1956 Wilkins Kenneth Bradford Goodwin1956_14701_181r

1959 Wilkins George Clarence Goodwin1959_15705_193r

1964 Wilkins Stuart Bray Goodwin1964_16815_143_1r

1946 Wilkins John Merton Goodwin1946_02478_071r

1967 Wilkinson Roger Albert Goodwin1967_17531_192r

1953 Willand Bertha Allen Goodwin1953_13874_029r

1949 Willand Hattie Goodwin1949_13154_194r

1948 Willand Ernesh Berg Goodwin1948_12790_016r

1955 Willey Alice Laura Goodwin1955_14408_111r

1946 Willey Frank Eugene Goodwin1946_02579_172r

1951 Williams Charles H. Goodwin1951_13458_047r

1953 Williams Addie Ida Taft Goodwin1953_13936_091r

Page 120: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1954 Williams Chauncey Amos Goodwin1954_14270_192r

1958 Williams Lenwood David Goodwin1958_15058_064r

1959 Williams John Frederick Goodwin1959_15331_119r

1959 Williams Harold Fletcher Goodwin1959_15688_176r

1961 Williams Nettie B. Goodwin1961_16089_118r

1962 Williams Ida Eveline Goodwin1962_16319_140r

1964 Williams Florence Bell Goodwin1964_16886_214r

1949 Williams James H. Goodwin1949_13022_062r

1948 Williams Clara Eugenia Goodwin1948_12825_051r

1948 Williams Earl Cranston Goodwin1948_12864_090r

1961 Williamson Arthur Mitchell Goodwin1961_16095_124r

1966 Willis Sidney Joel Goodwin1966_17118_022_1r

1966 Willis Richard Thomas Goodwin1966_17216_120r

1945 Willis Sara Lapham Tucker Goodwin1945_02311_084r

1953 Willoughby Gertrude S. Williamson Goodwin1953_14026_181r

1960 Willoughby Arthur Perley Goodwin1960_15770_052r

1966 Willoughby Anna Grace Patterson Goodwin1966_17304_208r

1963 Wills Emma Helena Bradley Goodwin1963_16425_006r

1946 Willson Mary Bell Goodwin1946_02409_002r

1952 Wilmot Edwin N. Goodwin1952_13620_003r

1951 Wilson Nellie Beale Goodwin1951_13532_131r

1952 Wilson Carrie Jarvis Goodwin1952_13678_061r

1952 Wilson Everett Leon Goodwin1952_13697_080r

1952 Wilson Canie Pearl Goodwin1952_13809_192r

1953 Wilson Allan Melbourne Goodwin1953_13933_088_1r

1953 Wilson Allan M. Goodwin1953_13933_088_2r

1955 Wilson Mary Goodwin1955_14366_069_2r

1955 Wilson Ralph Minot Goodwin1955_14416_119r

1955 Wilson Estelle Elizabeth (Estelle Ayer) Goodwin1955_14465_168r

1956 Wilson Richard Bigelow Goodwin1956_14598_078r

1957 Wilson Helen (Orik) Goodwin1957_14877_138r

1957 Wilson Emily Sarah Goodwin1957_14994_255r

1958 Wilson Earle Clayton Goodwin1958_15092_098r

1959 Wilson George Stewart Goodwin1959_15347_135r

1962 Wilson Katherine Florian Goodwin1962_16267_088r

1965 Wilson Burton Arthur Goodwin1965_16982_153r

1966 Wilson Archie Edgar Goodwin1966_17135_039r

1966 Wilson Olga Marion Swanburg Goodwin1966_17198_102r

1968 Wilson Isabel Kane Kane Goodwin1968_17757_145r

1946 Wilson John Alfred Goodwin1946_02556_149r

1948 Winchell F. (Flora) Mabel Goodwin1948_12854_080_1r

1950 Winchester Florence LeClair Goodwin1950_13236_051r

1953 Winegar Maude Ethel Goodwin1953_14045_200r

1959 Wing Fred Alice Goodwin1959_15706_194r

1945 Wingate Ida Maria Goodwin1945_02257_030_1r

1952 Winkler Emile Ernest Goodwin1952_13640_023r

1951 Winslow Adah Brewer Goodwin1951_13575_174r

Page 121: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1963 Winslow Margaret Jean Goodwin1963_16558_139r

1959 Winterton Marion R. Goodwin1959_15278_066r

1964 Winterton William James Goodwin1964_16698_026r

1957 Witzel Martin Julius Goodwin1957_14909_170r

1950 Wolcott Alice M. Goodwin1950_13380_195r

1954 Wolf Bernhard-Martin Goodwin1954_14272_194r

1949 Wolf Russell Curtis Goodwin1949_12983_023r

1945 Wolf Franz Goodwin1945_02291_064r

1957 Wolfel Ernest Goodwin1957_14993_254r

1959 Wolfel Anna Aurelia Goodwin1959_15693_181r

1969 Wolff Annie F. Goodwin1969_18019_225r

1955 Wollrath Helen Gertrude Goodwin1955_14460_163r

1956 Wood Arabella Greenwood Goodwin1956_14523_003r

1958 Wood William Collister Goodwin1958_15046_052r

1961 Wood Eunice Eleanor Goodwin1961_16023_052r

1965 Wood Edward Everett Goodwin1965_16895_066r

1969 Wood William Henry Sr. Goodwin1969_17995_201r

1949 Wood Helen Sophia Goodwin1949_13012_052r

1946 Wood Agnes Goodwin1946_02415_008r

1951 Woodbury Luella J. Goodwin1951_13457_056r

1953 Woodbury Frank Erwin Goodwin1953_13960_115r

1954 Woodbury Ruth Trefethen Goodwin1954_14215_137r

1955 Woodbury John Dean Goodwin1955_14323_026r

1961 Woodbury Ella Frances Goodwin1961_16054_083r

1966 Woodbury Adele Elise Beaupre Goodwin1966_17217_121_1r

1966 Woodbury Charlotte Eliza Goodwin1966_17256_160_1r

1966 Woodbury Charles Lee Goodwin1966_17314_218r

1968 Woodbury Eleanor Goodwin1968_17721_109r

1968 Woodbury Herman Lawrence Goodwin1968_17859_247r

1950 Woodbury Leon Wesley Goodwin1950_13206_021r

1950 Woodbury Catherine Egan Goodwin1950_13294_109r

1950 Woodbury Charles Rufus Goodwin1950_13324_139r

1947 Woodbury Marjorie Stone Goodwin1947_12633_045r

1956 Woodeson Beatrice Elizabeth Goodwin1956_14639_119r

1957 Woodeson William Richard Goodwin1957_14821_082r

1948 Woodeson Sidney Edward Goodwin1948_12938_164r

1948 Woodeson Ernest Leslie Goodwin1948_12959_185r

1951 Woodman Phronie A. Goodwin1951_13430_019r

1957 Woodman Lilla Belle Goodwin1957_14904_165r

1959 Woodman Allen Cooper Goodwin1959_15371_159r

1950 Woods Joseph Marshall Goodwin1950_13342_157r

1952 Woodward Nancy Elizabeth Goodwin1952_13618_001r

1952 Woodward Edith Edna Goodwin1952_13820_203r

1956 Woodward Laura Ada Goodwin1956_14625_105r

1957 Woodward Arline Tilton Goodwin1957_14985_246r

1958 Woodward George Clifton Goodwin1958_15055_061r

1967 Woolner Gordon P. Jr. Goodwin1967_17524_185r

Page 122: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1953 Woolson Clara Bancroft Goodwin1953_13989_144r

1964 Worcester Maude Alice Avery Goodwin1964_16743_071_1r

1947 Wormwood Infant of Paul N. (Joan Marjorie) Goodwin1947_12738_150r

1954 Worrell Howard George Goodwin1954_14124_046_1r

1964 Worrell Florence Grace Goodwin1964_16903_231r

1947 Worrell Lou F. Goodwin1947_02604_016r

1957 Worthen Herbert True Goodwin1957_14760_021r

1957 Worthen Elizabeth M. Goodwin1957_14798_059r

1963 Worthen Forest Adrien Sr. Goodwin1963_16497_078r

1963 Worthen Henry Albert Goodwin1963_16512_093r

1964 Worthen Helen Clair Goodwin1964_16889_217r

1968 Worthen Harold M. Goodwin1968_17846_234r

1946 Worthen Gertrude Porter Porter Goodwin1946_02545_138r

1962 Worthley Leona Mabel Goodwin1962_16339_160r

1951 Wright Harriet Rebbeca Goodwin1951_13546_145r

1953 Wright Jean Jackson MacFarland Goodwin1953_13903_058r

1960 Wright Mrs. Georgia Mae Goodwin1960_15800_082r

1964 Wright Oscar Goodwin1964_16706_034r

1965 Wright Robert Anderson Goodwin1965_16980_051r

1965 Wright Warren Leslie Goodwin1965_17066_237r

1967 Wright Alvah David Goodwin1967_17580_241r

1968 Wright Lizzie M. Goodwin1968_17645_033r

1947 Wright Edwin (Salvanis) Goodwin1947_12694_106r

1967 Wrinsieder Adolph Goodwin1967_17456_117r

1959 Wunderlich Katherine Goodwin1959_15273_061r

1955 Wyman Alfred Frank Goodwin1955_14486_189r

1957 Wyman Louis Eliot Goodwin1957_14832_093_1r

1962 Wyman Edward Goodwin1962_16337_158_1r

1950 Wyman Kate Sherburne Goodwin1950_13377_192r

1947 Wyman Ida Carswell Goodwin1947_02597_009r

1947 Yeatter Luella George Goodwin1947_12756_168r

1957 Youland Irving True Goodwin1957_14853_114r

1960 Youland Edith Mabel Goodwin1960_15892_174r

1951 Young Stephen John Goodwin1951_13577_176r

1952 Young Clarence Henry Goodwin1952_13708_091r

1956 Young John Aldrich Sr. Goodwin1956_14571_051r

1956 Young Grace Emma Glover Goodwin1956_14711_191r

1957 Young John Walter Goodwin1957_14858_119r

1957 Young Bernice Abigail Goodwin1957_14865_126r

1960 Young Minnie May Goodwin1960_15889_171r

1968 Young Lila M. Goodwin1968_17714_102r

1968 Young Henry Aaron Goodwin1968_17730_118r

1969 Young Milfred Frances Goodwin1969_18032_238r

1949 Young William Elmer Goodwin1949_13174_214r

1948 Young Lena F. Goodwin1948_12869_095r

1950 Young (Ljungh) John V. Goodwin1950_13298_113r

1952 Youngquist Rose Manter Goodwin1952_13737_120r

Page 123: Goodwin Funeral Home Records 1945-1969 Manchester Historic

1953 Youngquist Alfred Goodwin1953_13854_009r

1953 Youngquist Gustaf Victor Goodwin1953_13926_081r

1947 Youngquist Anna P. Boberg Goodwin1947_12657_069r

1957 Yousoufian Richard Martin Goodwin1957_14905_166r

1957 Yuill James Martin Goodwin1957_14800_061r

1947 Yuill Lizzie E. Goodwin1947_12661_073r

1945 Yuill Infant of Arthur G. Yuill Goodwin1945_02251_024r

1960 Zankowski John Goodwin1960_15952_234r

1955 Zanzinger Emma Louise Goodwin1955_14435_138r

1966 Zeidler Marie Emma Maser Goodwin1966_17262_166r

1967 Zelinsky William Goodwin1967_17501_162r

1952 Zickendrath Emma Caroline Goodwin1952_13845_228r

1964 Zickendrath Helen May Goodwin1964_16816_144r

1947 Zickendrath Henry Goodwin1947_02601_013r

1957 Ziegler John M. Goodwin1957_14852_113r

1951 Zoller Edna Estelle Goodwin1951_13440_029r