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Binary Pixel a reputed and well experienced SEO and internet marketing services provider presenting SEO checklist on major search engine algorithm updates. Before start SEO for your website check Binary Pixel's checklist presentation it will helpful to get top rank in search engine.


  • 1.Google Major Update 2013-14

2. 2013-14 Changes From last 2 year changes in search algorithm are not minor, Google Panda and Google Penguin changes affects SERP results. Internet Marketer must know the dates and effect of changes. 3. Page Layout Page layout algorithm change is the new change by Google. Its also called top heavy page update. This was a 3rd update of this series, First such change was in Jan2012 This penalizes sites which have too many ads Page Layout 6 Feb 2014 4. Authorship Shake-up December 19, 2013 Authorship Shake-up December 19, 2013 Disappeared roughly 15% of queries over a period of about a month. Authorship is now a hot topic in Industry. Total number of clicks increased by 150% chances.. 5. Penguin 2.1 Penguin 2.1 October 4, 2013 Penguin 2.1 October 4, 2013 After 4 and half month gap, another Penguin update launched on web. Its a part of data update. Not a major changes. It affected 0.3% of queries. 6. Hummingbird Hummingbird August 20, 2013 Hummingbird August 20, 2013 Hummingbird was compared to Caffeine. It seems a core algorithm update. Hummingbird gives Google a better understanding of query meaning Original and engaging content is still king. 7. Panda Recovery Panda Recovery July 18, 2013 Panda Recovery July 18, 2013 Google confirm a panda update. It is based on some previous panda penalties. It was a 2nd chance to remove unnatural links, 8. "Payday Loan "Payday Loan" Update June 11, 2013 "Payday Loan" Update June 11, 2013 It was an update on niche topics. Reduced Sammy results. Payday targeted loans & porn sites. 9. Penguin 2.0 Penguin 2.0 May 22, 2013 Penguin 2.0 May 22, 2013 This was more precisely targeted to the page level. This update decreased SERP rankings of those websites that didnt follow google webmaster guidelines. 10. Panda Panda January 22, 2013 Panda January 22, 2013 Google announced changes officially first time. 1.2% SERP queries affected. It was targeted to effect low-quality content websites. This change was good for original content. 11. About us Binary Pixel is one of the growing SEO Company in Sydney. We will help you to grow your business. Dial us to recover your penalize site. 0434 424 842