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Greater Lincolnshire LEP. Greater Lincolnshire Area. Greater Lincolnshire has many assets which provide a good platform for economic growth. Wider perspective. Greater Lincolnshire LEP. Purpose. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Greater Lincolnshire LEP

  • Greater Lincolnshire AreaGreater Lincolnshire has many assets which provide a good platform for economic growth.

  • Wider perspective

  • Greater Lincolnshire LEPThe Greater Lincolnshire LEP is a public/private sector partnership whose aim is sustainable economic growth. Our goal is to help create a dynamic economy where businesses can prosper; and we will focus on key growth sectors and our priorities are securing and improving conditions for business in Lincolnshire.



  • Greater Lincolnshire LEPVision Economy by 2030

  • Funding

  • Progress and SuccessesLincoln Eastern Bypass/ A18/A180 link roadsTeal Park BDUK (Broadband) Growing Places Fund (Invest & Grow)Grimsby Enterprise Zone RGF 4,5 & 6 - 17 million won Rail lobbyingStrategic Economic Plan submittedGrowth Ambitions Plan 2013 Preparation of key Sector PlansPreparation of Strategic Investment Fund (EU)Pinch point funding announced from DfTDelivered key events and hosted visits

  • Priority SectorsAgri-foodManufacturing Visitor Economy RenewablesPorts and LogisticsHealth and Care

    Our priority sectors have been identified where we demonstrate our most unique qualities and competitive edge.Greater Lincolnshire LEP

  • Growth Plans (SEPs)LEPs are being devolved greater powers and funding

    Growth Plans are long term strategic local economic plans and will:-

    Define linkages between strategic and delivery provisionBe a direct route to governmentIdentify our competitive edge and to lever single pot fundingIn return government will devolve some elements of funding to the Local Area

    These actions will create 13,000 new jobs, help 22,000 businesses and increase the value of the Greater Lincolnshire economy by 3.2 billion by 2030

  • Growth Plans (SEPs)Setting the Scene

  • Greater Lincolnshire plays an important role in the national economy by contributing to:

    food securitymanufacturing outputthe UK visitor economyour countrys housing needs

    Business leaders in our area have told us that their business will grow if they:

    are able to access the right skills and trainingcan access new markets through innovation, supply chains, technology and financial improvementshave confidence that there will be improved infrastructure and securitycan operate in a growing area, with vibrant housing and community provision that is recognised countrywide

    Growth Plans (SEPs)Priorities for Growth

  • To drive the growth of the areas three defining and strongest sectors that offer the most competitive advantage: agri-food/ manufacturing/ visitor economy

    To grow specific opportunities identified as future defining: features of the area/ health and care/ low carbon/ ports and logistics

    To drive this growth by putting expansion into new markets, modern telecommunications, infrastructure improvements and the skills of individuals and business owners

    To promote Greater Lincolnshire as a place for sustainable growth through improved transport infrastructure, enabling wider enjoyment of our world-class heritage sites, culture and strong communities

    To recognise the need for new housing for the existing local population and those moving to the area, and to support balanced housing and economic development through promoting the areas capacity to deliver high-quality growth.Growth Plans (SEPs)5 Priorities and drivers for Success

  • The Greater Lincolnshire LEP recognises that our leadership of economic growth must be balanced with the facilitation of projects that give businesses the confidence to invest. Projects of varied scope and scale are being developed but we focus here on those that meet our immediate strategic priorities and can be delivered in 2015/2016 and 2016/17.

    Growth Plans (SEPs)Delivering Major Projects

  • Grantham southern relief road will create 17 hectares of employment land and 1,600 housing units, levering 260m of private sector funding.Boston quadrant will create 4.5 hectares of employment land and 500 housing units, levering 78m of private sector funding.Boole Technology Centre and Lincoln transport hub will create 93 jobs, assist 219 businesses and open up 3.76 hectares of employment land.Unlocking rural housing programme will create 2,059 housing units.Bishop Burton College, West Lindsey will develop a new agricultural college creating 35 new jobs and assisting 410 businesses.Innovation programme will provide advice and support to 400 of Greater Lincolnshires growing businesses.Delivering Major Projects Now Skegness western relief road will create 31 hectares of employment land, levering 2.9m of private sector funding.Grimsby Freeman Street and West & East Marsh Road will assist 166 businesses and create 280 housing units.Grantham College will create 43 new jobs and assist 300 businesses.Lincolnshire Lakes Blue and Green Infrastructure, Scunthorpe will open up employment land and create 600 housing units.Access to Employment Zones, North East Lincolnshire will open up employment land and create 600 housing units.

  • Together, these projects will:

    open up 57 hectares of employment landcreate 7,799 housing unitscreate 171 jobsassist 1,495 businesses

    It is important to note that this is an iterative process with government and negotiations are underway

    Additional projects and detail can be found in our SEP and Technical Appendix available on our website.

    Growth Plans (SEPs)Delivering Major Projects Now

  • GLLEP BoardPrivate SectorUrsula Lidbetter (Chair) Lincolnshire Co-opDavid Dexter (deputy Chair) FSBChris Baron ButlinsHerman Kok Lindum GroupMark Tinsley PC TinsleyNeil Corner SiemensLeendert Den Hollander Youngs SeafoodAndy Orrey NL Homes

    Cllr Liz Redfern NLCCllr Colin Davie LCCCllr Doreen Stephenson ELDCCllr Chris Shaw NELCCllr Mick Burnett NELC Professor Mary Stuart University of LincolnAndy Baxendale Ex. Environment AgencyDr Tony Hill NHS LincolnshireRichard Wills LCCPublic Sector

  • How do I get involved?

  • [email protected]

    *Why Greater Lincolnshire as an area?

    Greater Lincolnshire has many assets which provide a good platform for economic growthCovers an area from the humber to the wash, one of the largest in terms of land mass in the Country with 1 million people and 37,000 businessesIt works as a placeWe have Historical ConnectionsWe have Shared Characteristics from our coast to our rural hinterlands and our towns and city. We have Shared Growth Sectors Agri FoodManufacturingTourism

    Opportunity to explore and exploit the strengths between Urban and Rural

    *The LEP describes itself as have permeable boundaries. Enterprise does not recognise boundaries, so we are looking at opportunities for collaboration and joint working with areas outside of the LEP, such as wider opportunities for the agri-food sector rom the wet stuff in grimsby to agricultural opportunities in the South and East of us.*The LEP is a public/Private sector partnership

    Role of the LEPTo Act as the voice of Businesses in Enterprise in shaping the economyTo Lobby for Key Infrastructure Projects across Greater Lincolnshire To improve condition for business in Lincolnshire through lobbying

    Delivery is on the whole undertaken by our partners across the patch such Local authorities, Higher education, chamber, FSB and other bodies

    *The GLLEP published our Vision to 2030 in 2013. The key points are around:-The right conditions for growthRealistic and deliverable infrastructure in the areas needed most (including digital) Using competitive edge and focusing on priority sectors.Selling a sense of place and identity.

    *The GLLEP published our Vision to 2030 in 2013. The key points are around:-The right conditions for growthRealistic and deliverable infrastructure in the areas needed most (including digital) Using competitive edge and focusing on priority sectors.Selling a sense of place and identity.

    **We have supported our local partners in bidding for and lobbying for funds for Greater Lincolnshire and this has resulted in:- Endorsed transport schemes for Eastern Growth Corridor and the A180 in North East Lincolnshire, Port of Immingham Improvement scheme and the Lincoln Eastern Bypass 50 million.Teal Park is the largest new Employment Park in the East Midlands offering fully serviced commercial development in the City of Lincoln suitable for a variety of commercial uses. Teal Park safeguarded 500+ jobs and is anticipated to deliver 4,000 jobs long term. BDUK 48m project. The GLLEP were firm supporters of LCC bid to improve broadband in Lincolnshire. LCC were successful in enabling the Governments Broadband Delivery UK programme, invested in improving the countys broadband infrastructure, which brings 11.2m from the county council, 4m from the district authorities, 14.3m from national government and 18.8m from BT in one of one of the largest superfast broadband projects in the country.Growing places 9 million. The GLLEP's 9m rolling Invest and Grow infrastructure loan fund supports strategic infrastructure priorities. A 9.5 million mixed used scheme in Mablethorpe has recently been approved with a second in Grantham undergoing due diligence.Grimsby EZ is fast becoming the centre of excellence for operations and maintenance activities for offshore wind farms in the North Sea and have already received significant investment of 25m+ with significantly more to come. 4 successful bids 2 private sector bids: BOC and T&N Plastics, and supporting employment in North East LincolnshireRGF

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