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  • Green SchoolLitter and Waste themeBishop Ahern National School

  • Reduce Re-use RecycleWe had a poster competion to raise awaress of the 3 Rs. Here are the competition winners.

  • Waste Audit Oct 20115th and 6th class conducted a waste audit to discover what kinds of waste are in our bins. These are the results.Tin foil 4%Tissue 13%Paper 8%Yoghurt pots 8%Food waste 16%Packaging 14%Fruit skins 24%Other ( including coffee grinds and teabags)13%

  • Waste Audit continued

  • Day of ActionThe Green School Committee decided that we would have a weekly day of action to reduce waste in the school. We call this day of action Package free lunch box Wednesday. Children are asked not to bring any food wrappers on that day. If anyone forgets they bring their waste home.

  • Green School Slogan CompetitionTaylor OBriens slogan won.

  • National Spring cleanThe teachers and students of Bishop Ahern National School, Leamlara Co. Cork participated in the National Spring Clean on Friday April 26th 2012. All classes engaged in cleaning activities throughout the school building and school grounds. Each child was assigned a different area to clean in their classroom (eg. shelves, cupboards, computers, toys, windows and floors).

  • National Spring CleanBefore


  • National Spring CleanWaste paper found in every classroom was shredded for use as horse bedding.

  • National Spring Clean5th and 6th class pupils cleaned out the Art store room.

    3rd and 4th class students cleaned out Pe store room.

  • National Spring CleanThe children really enjoyed sweeping the school grounds making good use of An Taisce resource pack. We used rubbish pickers and gloves to collect the waste that surrounded the edge of the school.

  • National Spring Clean. Pebbles and stone were removed from the garden and gathered in buckets so that the children could begin to plant flowers and vegetables in our new school garden.

  • National Spring Clean

  • National Spring CleanThe children found plastic bottles, wrappers and newspaperthat had blown onto the school grounds.

    We really enjoyed our day of action!

  • Our school gardenTeachers, parents and some students worked together shovelling soil, gravel, painting tyres and planting trees and flowers to create our school garden.

  • Our school gardenSoil was donated by parents and gravel was donated by the Healy Brothers quarry.

  • ECI Carrigtwohill donated tractor tyres that we painted green used as flower beds.

  • Making Paper LogsWe shredded newspaper brought from home.

  • We put our shredded paper in buckets and added water

  • We put pulped paper into paper press to make paper logs and left to dry.

  • Class room compost boxes are emptied into compost bin daily.

  • Litter WardensThere are two litter wardens in each room. Their job is to make sure that there is no litter on the ground at the end of the day. They also remind other children of the correct bin to use for their rubbish.

  • WashbagsWe discovered from a waste audit that 30% of the waste in our bins was created by handtowels.

    All children now have their own wash bag containing a towel and soap to reduce tissue in the bins.

  • Green School Fashion ShowWe formed groups from 3rd to 6th class to design an outfit re-using waste materials. We spent three weeks designing and making our outfits before we presented them to the school. One person from each group modelled and one person gave a brief explanation about the outfit.

  • Green School Fashion ShowWe made our outfits using cds, bubble wrap, plastic bottles, cereal boxes, bottle tops, card board, twine and bin bags.

  • Designing and Making

  • Design teams with their models.

  • Design teams with their models.

  • Monitoring and Evaluating

    We reduced our waste by 50% and our recycling by 33%

  • Monitoring and EvaluatingJason Hegarty and Darragh Carey collected our bins bags for one week this November. We produced two 40ltr waste bags and 1 and a half recycling bags. This shows a massive waste reduction

  • Litter and Waste Green FlagWe really enjoyed working towards achieving the Green flag for litter and waste. We learned so much about respecting our local environment and the global environment.