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Meet Joy Gryson, ex-accessories director at Marc Jacobs. Launched in 2006, Gryson brings you quality and style at a price tag that makes a little more sense.


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    Lets take a little journey back. You remember how much you wanted the Marc Jacobs Sophia bag. The Zoe. The Stella. The waiting list you, well, waited on. The elation when your turn was finally up. The cardiac a r r e s t y o u r b a c k a c c o u n t experienced upon acquisit ion. Where was Joy when we needed her?

    Joy was Director of Design & Development at Marc Jacobs. Her first name wasnt Marc (because it was Joy) but she had a hand (and maybe a foot, or both) behind the bags we lusted after. But she was also a cool chick who liked great bags with exceptional quality (Coach

    and Calvin Klein are also on her resume) so she decided to do a Christopher Columbus and chartered a bold, fearless expedition: a journey in search of an affordable label with killer style and quality.

    She didnt find it.

    So she created it.

    Thats the way with trailblazers.

    Gryson isnt just a handbag label that will catch your eye because the designs are killer (they are) or because only the most sumptuous leathers are used (they are) or that the price seems to good to be true (but its true). Its also a label cloaked with legacy. But smarter. And more affordable..

    Gryson is new-ish (okay launched in 2006, but you know us and how we feel about people who roll their eyes if youre not breaking Fashion news Nasdaq style.) Were more about the slow and steady wins the race, so if we dig it, you can be sure its dig-worthy and not because we have 500 PR girls breathing heavy into our phones.

    We dig Joy. We dig Gryson. No Stellas or Zoes or Sophias, but maybe an Olivia Harris after her daughter.

    We might love Joy. 2/6

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    chic. sumptuous. affordable.

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