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Snap up your Brand with Snapchat

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  • Snap up your Brand with Snapchat

  • So what exactly is Snapchat?

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    Snapchat is ...

    A video messaging applica0on created by three Stanford University students: Evan

    Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown.

    Users can take photos, record videos, add text and drawings, and send them to a controlled list of recipients through this


    The unique thing about Snapchat is that photos and videos only last briefly before they disappear forever, making the app

    ephemeral in nature, though users can take a screenshot to save snaps but the sender will

    be no0fied when snapshots are taken.

  • How does Snapchat work?

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    Process... Experts have said that Snapchat is so simple that it can be confusing! The en0re process of making a snap can be done within the app itself.

    One can literally take a photo or video, add text, filter images, or can even sketch on the message.

    Tap the large camera buJon to take a snap or hold down to record a video on the main


    Once youre finished, a

    preview screen will appear with

    op0ons for customizing,

    adjus0ng length, sending the

    Snap, and more.

    The sender can set the 0me limit and also

    choose as many contacts as he or she wants to

    send the post to.

    The receiver can view the post only twice

    before it gets deleted but he or she can take a snapshot of it.

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  • Who are the users?

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    User Profile

    Most of the users are between 18-34 years of age and 69% of them are females.

  • Why use Snapchat for marketing?

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    Why use Snapchat for Marketing ?

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    Preview of products Recently, the interna0onal brand, Burberry

    announced that it will premiere its spring 2016 collec0on via Snapchat.

    Brands big or small should take inspira0on from it and do the same for their products too. One can offer an exclusive speak peak into their

    products through Snapchat

    Customer engagement through contents Snapchat can be a great tool for customer

    engagement. Encourage customers to engage and get crea0ve with your brand and you can do so by

    running contests on a regular basis.

    Snapchat users will have an incen0ve to always remain up-to-date with the company account and their offers. You can also share promo codes that

    are quite popular these days.

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    Why use Snapchat for Marketing ?

    Behind the scenes coverage Many 0mes, audiences want to know how a par0cular brands things are made and also the stories behind

    the scenes.

    Use Snapchat to create that pla[orm for you wherein you can share the inside stories of your brand and

    products that the customers are eager to know about thereby crea0ng a brand connect.

    Snapchat Discover Discover, one of the features introduced,

    where all Snapchat users can access branded content. It has teamed up with 12 news and content creators to provide daily updated

    content through the Discover page.

    Some of the partners include: Food Network, People, CNN etc. and they also have their own page. The content includes both videos and ar0cles. Here the content creators can seek out third party adver0sers. Though right now the usage is low, once it gets available for

    business, itll get popular.

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