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Units Endorsed for Deletion MAR Apply knowledge of safety management system legal framework in the workplace MARM001 Apply vessel construction theory to marine survey tasks MARM002 Assess compliance with marine environment protection requirements MARM005 Assist in the survey of commercial vessels MARM006 Assist in the survey of vessel mechanical features MARM007 Evaluate vessel stability MARM008 Identify factors that affect a commercial vessel's fitness for purpose MARM003 Implement a systematic approach to the audit of safety management systems MARM009 Maintain firefighting appliances MARB015 Operate and maintain a boiler MARC023 Operate and maintain a steam engine up to 750 kW and steam auxiliary equipment MARC024 Operate and maintain engines for auxiliary systems other than steam auxiliary systems MARC025 Survey lifesaving appliances, fire and other safety systems MARM010 Work in the marine surveying sector MARM004 AHC Account for shearing shed supplies AHCSHG403 Adapt to work requirements in the agrifood industry AHCCMN101 Apply advanced shearing techniques AHCSHG401 Assist with basic earth shaping for nutrient capture and storage AHCPER213 Assist with maintaining structures in a permaculture system AHCPER105 Beak tip poultry AHCPLY305 Build with earth, straw and reclaimed materials AHCPER317 Care for health and welfare of outdoor pigs AHCPRK205 Carry out animal care, maintenance and treatment programs in a permaculture system AHCPER304 Class alpaca fleece 1 of 40

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  • Units Endorsed for DeletionMAR

    Apply knowledge of safety management system legal framework in the workplaceMARM001

    Apply vessel construction theory to marine survey tasksMARM002

    Assess compliance with marine environment protection requirementsMARM005

    Assist in the survey of commercial vesselsMARM006

    Assist in the survey of vessel mechanical featuresMARM007

    Evaluate vessel stabilityMARM008

    Identify factors that affect a commercial vessel's fitness for purposeMARM003

    Implement a systematic approach to the audit of safety management systemsMARM009

    Maintain firefighting appliancesMARB015

    Operate and maintain a boilerMARC023

    Operate and maintain a steam engine up to 750 kW and steam auxiliary equipmentMARC024

    Operate and maintain engines for auxiliary systems other than steam auxiliary systemsMARC025

    Survey lifesaving appliances, fire and other safety systemsMARM010

    Work in the marine surveying sectorMARM004

    AHCAccount for shearing shed supplies

    AHCSHG403Adapt to work requirements in the agrifood industry

    AHCCMN101Apply advanced shearing techniques

    AHCSHG401Assist with basic earth shaping for nutrient capture and storage

    AHCPER213Assist with maintaining structures in a permaculture system

    AHCPER105Beak tip poultry

    AHCPLY305Build with earth, straw and reclaimed materials

    AHCPER317Care for health and welfare of outdoor pigs

    AHCPRK205Carry out animal care, maintenance and treatment programs in a permaculture system

    AHCPER304Class alpaca fleece

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  • AHCWOL313Class goat fibre

    AHCWOL312Comply with deer industry national velvet accreditation requirements

    AHCDER501Conduct outdoor pig operations

    AHCPRK206Coordinate board or committee elections

    AHCCCF412Coordinate fundraising activities

    AHCCCF414Demonstrate care and apply safe practices at work

    AHCCMN103Develop a relocalisation or transition project

    AHCPER506Develop and manage a plan for sustainable production

    AHCAGB517Develop and manage a plan for sustainable supply and use of water on a farm

    AHCSUS501Develop and manage a plan to improve biodiversity on a farm

    AHCSUS502Dispatch materials and composted product

    AHCCOM302Handle, store and grade deer velvet

    AHCDER401Harvest deer velvet

    AHCDER502Identify and secure raw materials supply for compost production

    AHCCOM501Identify and sex poultry

    AHCPLY207Implement Aboriginal cultural burning practices

    AHCILM307Implement the introduction of biotechnology into the production system

    AHCAGB522Inspect a seed crop for quality assurance purposes **

    AHCSDP405Kill and dress small livestock for domestic consumption

    AHCPER311Maintain outdoor pig production environment

    AHCPRK402Manage a landless organic production system

    AHCORG407Manage application of agents to crops or pastures

    AHCAGB514Manage finance, insurance and legal requirements

    AHCBUS519Map relationship of business enterprise to culture and Country

    AHCILM505Operate a compost bagging process

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  • AHCCOM303Operate within a permaculture aid and development program

    AHCPER412Operate within Community cultures and goals

    AHCILM506Operate within community projects

    AHCPER210Oversee alpaca farm activities

    AHCLSK415Plan and implement a biosecurity program **

    AHCNRM401Plan and prepare for alpaca shearing

    AHCSHG307Prepare a sustainable community and bioregional development strategy

    AHCPER510Recognise threats and create opportunities in a permaculture system

    AHCPER211Select and implement a GIS for sustainable agricultural systems

    AHCAGB516Service committees

    AHCCCF413Shear alpacas

    AHCSHG208Shear goats

    AHCSHG207Support alpaca shearing operations

    AHCSHG209Support animal care in a permaculture system

    AHCPER104Undertake basic skirting of alpaca fleece


    Assess and evaluate meat industry requirements and processesAMPX414

    Assess, purchase and transport calvesAMPA2004

    Bone carcase using mechanical aids (large stock)AMPA3067

    Contribute to energy efficiencyAMPX313

    Coordinate contractsAMPX408

    Dry age meatAMPX427

    Eviscerate condemned carcaseAMPA2151

    Eviscerate wild game animal carcaseAMPA3041

    Implement a Quality Assurance program for rendering plantAMPA3091

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  • Operate a decontamination unitAMPA2066

    Operate leg boning machineAMPA3061

    Operate rib pullerAMPA2039

    Prepare and evaluate resource proposalsAMPX409

    Remove and record tagAMPA2020

    Skin slinksAMPA2155

    Trim pig pre eviscerationAMPA2014

    Undertake pre slaughter checks of NVDs and PICs for NLIS for sheep and goatsAMPA3114

    Use standard product descriptions - kangaroosAMPA3096

    AUMAnalyse test vehicles for research purposes

    AUMFTA005Apply quality assurance techniques

    AUMAQA001Calibrate measuring equipment

    AUMATK005Conduct engine hot tests

    AUMFTE001Conduct post-production inspections and tests

    AUMATA002Conduct vehicle performance tests

    AUMATA007Control Stock

    AUMABM001Control vehicle paint line production

    AUMATP002Coordinate automotive project activities

    AUMAMA004Create new product designs

    AUMFTM002Develop conceptual models and prototypes

    AUMFTM003Develop documentation and procedures

    AUMATA001Develop research reports on vehicle design, development and production

    AUMFTA006Diagnose and repair mechanical faults

    AUMATA004Document manufacturing design processes

    AUMFTA001Evaluate vehicle design, development and production information

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  • AUMFTA007Influence and lead work groups in an automotive manufacturing workplace

    AUMAMM001Inspect welding

    AUMATW002Install and maintain motor vehicle instrumentation sensors and transmitters

    AUMATR002Install vehicle plant, equipment and systems

    AUMATK007Machine Parts

    AUMGTW006Maintain vehicle plant, tools, equipment and systems

    AUMATK008Manufacture and modify vehicle plant, tools, equipment and systems

    AUMATK010Monitor and maintain a safe automotive work environment

    AUMASM001Monitor and maintain operation of metal treatment plants

    AUMFTA004Perform die coating

    AUMFTA002Plan and organise automotive production and assembly processes

    AUMFMM003Prepare and document quotations

    AUMANA001Prepare new product designs

    AUMAMA003Produce computer-aided drawings

    AUMAKM002Provide automotive manufacturing advice

    AUMATA006Receive and dispatch vehicle components

    AUMFBK001Rectify assembly faults

    AUMATA005Rectify faults in vehicle metal components

    AUMATA003Rectify minor faults in vehicle paintwork

    AUMATP001Reduce cycle time in automotive manufacturing work processes

    AUMFMM001Reduce waste in automotive manufacturing work processes

    AUMFMM002Repair structural faults in vehicles

    AUMATN001Repair vehicle electrical faults in assembled vehicles

    AUMATR001Repair vehicle plant, tools, equipment and systems

    AUMATK009Rework faulty production engines

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  • AUMATE001Set and adjust automotive production machine tools

    AUMFTA003Stamp and press vehicle parts

    AUMATS001Sustain quality standards in an automotive manufacturing workplace

    AUMFQM002Test automotive production components, equipment and systems

    AUMFTK001Test plant, tools, equipment, product and systems

    AUMATK006Test vehicle welds ultrasonically

    AUMATW001Undertake preliminary fault finding and machine reset

    AUMFTM001Use and maintain measuring equipment

    AUMATK004Use and maintain tools and equipment

    AUMATK001Use technical data relating to plant, tools, equipment and systems


    Act as a marshal at motor sport eventsAURMDA005

    Analyse and evaluate faults in heavy commercial vehicle transmission and driveline systemsAURHTX005

    Analyse and evaluate faults in light marine engine and powerhead systemsAURRTE012

    Analyse and evaluate faults in light marine hull performance and stability systemsAURRTA008

    Analyse and evaluate faults in light marine hydraulic systemsAURRTA007

    Analyse and evaluate faults in light marine transmission systemsAURRTX005

    Analyse and evaluate faults in mobile plant engine and fuel systemsAURKTE001

    Analyse and evaluate faults in mobile plant hydraulic systemsAURKTA007

    Analyse and evaluate faults in motorcycle braking systemsAURJTB002

    Analyse and evaluate faults in motorcycle electrical and electronic systemsAURJTR001

    Analyse and evaluate faults in motorcycle engine and transmission systemsAURJTA003

    Analyse and evaluate faults in motorcycle steering, suspension and frame systemsAURJTD006

    Analyse and evaluate faults in track type mobile plant transmission, steering and braking systemsAURKTA006

    Analyse and evaluate faults in track type mobile plant undercarriage and suspension systemsAURKTD004

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  • Analyse and evaluate faults in wheeled mobile plant steering and suspension systemsAURKTD003

    Analyse and evaluate faults in wheeled mobile plant transmission and driveline systemsAURKTX002

    Communicate using flags and signals at motor sport eventsAURMDA006

    Conduct non-destructive testing of wheel and rim assembliesAURKTJ004

    Design and build bicycle framesAURBTY002

    Develop and apply gas fuel system modificationsAURTTL015

    Develop and apply hydraulic system modificationsAURTTA023

    Develop and apply pneumatic system modificationsAURTTA024

    Develop and implement race strategies for motor sport eventsAURMMA006

    Identify and apply heavy vehicle pneumatic wheeled traction performance enhancement systemsAURHTJ005

    Implement and monitor safety and risk management in a motor sport environmentAURMSA002

    Inspect and service deck, hull and cabin equipmentAURRTA001

    Install LNG fuel systemsAURTTL006

    Install LPG, CNG and LNG electrical control equipmentAURTTL010

    Launch and recover vessels using a trailerAURRGA001

    Manage team pit lane and service area operations at motor sport eventsAURMMA005

    Manage use of tyre management softwareAURKKJ001

    Monitor motor sport official and volunteer application of rules and regulationsAURMLA002

    Moor motor-driven vesselsAURRGA003

    Overhaul air braking system componentsAURHTB004

    Overhaul hydrostatic transmissionsAURTTX010

    Produce drawings from design conceptsAURATA003

    Produce engineering drawings for vehicle componentsAURTTA015

    Recommission vessels and engine systemsAURRTA009

    Recover vehicles at motor sport eventsAURMDA004

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  • Remove and replace heavy commercial vehicle ancillary components and accessoriesAURHTA003

    Repair carbon fibre bicycle framesAURBTY003

    Repair wooden components in vehiclesAURVTS002

    Use cranes, gantries and forklifts to launch and recover vesselsAURRGA002

    Winterise vessels and engine systemsAURRTA003

    AVIAccept freight for air transport

    AVID0008Apply aeronautical knowledge and civil air law to flight dispatch operations

    AVIY0042Be airborne extracted by suspended rope

    AVIW0013Be airborne extracted using suspended extraction equipment

    AVIW0014Carry out aircraft business and first class meal and non-alcoholic beverage service

    AVII0013Carry out food preparation and service on an aircraft

    AVII0011Conduct a flight test

    AVIM0006Conduct aerial application operations

    AVIY0039Conduct maintenance test flight activities

    AVIY0011Defuel aircraft

    AVIW0021Deliver operational flight management training

    AVIM0011Fast rope from a helicopter

    AVIW0015Implement instrument flight rules planning procedures

    AVIH0012Manage aircraft performance and load

    AVIH0011Manage flight training

    AVIN0005Manage human factors in flight dispatch operations

    AVIF0025Monitor flight performance

    AVIY0043Operate a multi-engine helicopter

    AVIY0082Operate aeroplane at low level

    AVIY0038Operate aircraft push-out tug

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  • AVIW0019Operate an aerobridge

    AVIW0010Package dangerous goods for air transport

    AVID0003Perform aerobatic manoeuvres

    AVIY4061Perform an aerobatic sequence

    AVIY0015Perform helicopter deck landing operations

    AVIY4057Pilot a helicopter during hoisting operations

    AVIY0071Pilot a helicopter during rappelling operations

    AVIY0070Plan and conduct multi-crew cooperation training

    AVIM0007Provide approach control services

    AVIY5048Service customer airline contracts

    AVIR0001Supervise aircraft refuelling

    AVIW0031Unload aviation freight and baggage


    Conduct a program for children and young people with special needsCHCLAH007

    Establish and monitor Australian Apprenticeship arrangementsCHCECD004

    Provide programs for people who have been subjected to domestic and family violenceCHCDFV014

    CPCAnalyse, design and evaluate complex special hazard fire systems

    CPCSFS8002Carry out manual general demolition

    CPCCDE2012ACoordinate services and penetrations within a building

    CPCPPS5011BDevelop and submit tenders for fire systems design solutions

    CPCSFS8003Facilitate community development consultation

    CPCCSV6012ALiaise and coordinate with head contractors on building projects

    CPCCBS8010Manage and plan land use

    CPCCSV6014AManage information on compliance requirements for a building surveying team

    CPCCBS8003Manage information on construction methods, materials and services for a building surveying team

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  • CPCCBS8002Manage planning approval processes for all building types

    CPCCBS8005Manufacture gas-charged glass-formed illuminated signs

    CPCCSG3014Operate a self-erecting tower crane

    CPCCBC4043APrepare work plans for restoration work

    CPCCBC4038AProduce working drawings for buildings up to three storeys


    Apply lean management techniquesCPPWMT4060A

    Assist in the selection, operation and maintenance of equipment and suppliesCPPSIS2014A

    Assist with load transfersCPPSIS2016

    Collect and process information relevant to strata communitiesCPPDSM3021

    Communicate and market sustainable solutionsCPPCMN4011A

    Contribute to investigative activitiesCPPSEC2016A

    Contribute to sustainable solutions throughout a building's life cycleCPPCMN4012A

    Cost and quote sustainable product and service provisionCPPCMN4010A

    Design basic minesCPPSIS6031

    Dispose of waste water to sewerCPPWMT3051A

    Identify and develop business opportunitiesCPPCMN8002A

    Lead the strategic planning process for an enterpriseCPPCMN8001A

    Maintain biometrics databaseCPPSEC3022A

    Maintain credit controlCPPWMT3054A

    Modify and repair security equipment and systemCPPSEC3049A

    Produce GIS dataCPPSIS5063A

    Support spatial process improvementCPPSIS3013A

    Undertake spatial process improvement to reduce costs and improve serviceCPPSIS5045A

    Use information technology for spatial information services activityCPPSIS2017A

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  • CSCDetermine the effective use of financial resources

    CSCORG021Establish offender management practices

    CSCOFM023Manage projects in justice and offender services

    CSCORG020Supervise offender management practices

    CSCOFM022Support group activities

    CSCINT005Use group processes to address offending behaviour

    CSCINT007Use therapeutic processes in groups to address offending behaviour


    Adjust cane delivery schedules to meet daily milling requirementsFBPSUG3003

    Analyse and convey workplace informationFBPSUG3008

    Chemically clean equipmentFBPSUG2012

    Conduct cane weighbridge operationsFBPSUG2007

    Construct turnoutsFBPSUG2005

    Control cane traffic movementsFBPSUG3002

    Drive a cane locomotiveFBPSUG3001

    Drive a master-slave locomotiveFBPSUG3004

    Install pre-ballastFBPSUG1001

    Lay rails for cane rail systemsFBPSUG2002

    Lay skeleton track for cane rail systemFBPSUG2003

    Lay sleepers for cane rail systemsFBPSUG2001

    Maintain field nurseryFBPVIT3002

    Manually clean and maintain housekeeping standardsFBPSUG1005

    Monitor a sugar mill powerhouseFBPSUG3006

    Move cane bins in a marshalling yardFBPSUG1003

    Operate a bagasse fuel supply systemFBPSUG2019

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  • Operate a coal fuel supply systemFBPSUG2020

    Operate a coating application process **FBPOPR2031

    Operate a cooling water systemFBPSUG2023

    Operate a crystalliser station processFBPSUG2016

    Operate a fractionation process **FBPGPS2005

    Operate a high grade fugal stationFBPSUG2015

    Operate a juice clarification processFBPSUG2010

    Operate a low grade fugal stationFBPSUG2014

    Operate a mud filtration processFBPSUG2011

    Operate a pan stationFBPSUG2013

    Operate a portion saw**FBPOPR2047

    Operate a reduction process**FBPOPR2049

    Operate a spreads production process **FBPOPR2051

    Operate a sugar systemFBPSUG3005

    Operate a tipping stationFBPSUG2008

    Operate a washing and drying process **FBPOPR2053

    Operate a water purification process **FBPOPR2054

    Operate a winterisation process **FBPGPS2010

    Operate an ash separation systemFBPSUG2021

    Operate an extraction stationFBPSUG2009

    Operate an ice manufacturing process **FBPBEV2003

    Operate nursery cold storage facilitiesFBPVIT2017

    Operate tamping equipmentFBPSUG2004

    Perform cellar door stock control procedureFBPCDS2004

    Perform de-aromatising, de-alcoholising or de-sulphuring operationsFBPCEL3012

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  • Perform first distillation (pot still brandy) operationsFBPCEL3015

    Perform general drilling operationsFBPSUG2026

    Perform general lathe operationsFBPSUG2027

    Perform general milling operationsFBPSUG2028

    Perform general planing and shaping operationsFBPSUG2025

    Perform second distillation (pot still brandy) operationsFBPCEL3016

    Perform shed nursery activitiesFBPVIT3011

    Prepare and wax tanksFBPCEL2010

    Receive grain for malting **FBPGRA2011

    Undertake forming, bending and shapingFBPSUG2018

    Undertake shunting operationsFBPSUG1002

    Undertake simple fabricationFBPSUG2017

    FNSAssess extraordinary risks

    FNSILF501Assess, allocate and supervise work within the personal trustee sector

    FNSPRT503Determine risk rating for investment and insurance products

    FNSISV505Establish entitlements to an intestate estate

    FNSPRT301Evaluate and report on status of claims portfolio

    FNSISV515Facilitate customer knowledge of personal financial statements

    FNSFLT504Facilitate customer or employee knowledge of superannuation as an investment tool

    FNSFLT505Facilitate the setting and achievement of goals

    FNSPIM511Issue a life insurance policy

    FNSILF303Manage group life insurance policy administration

    FNSILF507Manage impairment benefit claims

    FNSPIM504Negotiate settlements for medical indemnity claims

    FNSPIM512Prepare a distribution plan

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  • FNSILD501Process life insurance contract maturity and surrender payment requests

    FNSILF408Provide advice in the regulated emissions market

    FNSASICL503Provide decisions on legal liability and indemnity of a claim

    FNSISV513Represent personal injury management agent or insurer at conciliation and review hearings

    FNSPIM503Resource a distribution plan

    FNSILD502Review and update claim reserves in portfolio

    FNSISV514Review claims settlement policies and procedures

    FNSISV517Settle policy payments and terminations

    FNSILF402Undertake post-loss risk management


    Appearance grade cypress sawn and milled productsFWPCOT2248

    Appearance grade softwood sawn and milled productsFWPCOT2247

    Assess timber product designs for feasibilityFWPTMM5207

    Band edges of panelsFWPCOT2252

    Blend and test binding mixesFWPWPP3219

    Chip or flake woodFWPCOT2225

    Classify flakeFWPWPP3229

    Clip veneerFWPWPP3207

    Convert timber residue into products for further useFWPCOT3253

    Cut panels to profileFWPWPP2212

    Cut paperFWPWPP3215

    Cut veneerFWPWPP2208

    Debark logs mechanically **FWPCOT2226

    Dry Wood FlakesFWPWPP3228

    Finish and pack productsFWPCOT2203

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  • Form boardFWPWPP3204

    Generate and transfer complex computer-aided drawings and specificationsFWPTMM5203

    Hard face saw teethFWPSAW3246

    Heat treat materialFWPWPP3213

    Immunise veneerFWPWPP3223

    Maintain caul plates and screensFWPWPP3211

    Manage timber product designFWPTMM5208

    Match and join veneerFWPWPP3205

    Mechanically stress grade timberFWPCOT3296

    Mechanically stress-grade engineered wood panelsFWPCOT3267

    Move material by transfer equipmentFWPWPP2211

    Operate a continuous press for the production of engineered wood panelsFWPWPP3234

    Operate a heat roll bonding machine to laminate or veneer engineered wood panel surfacesFWPWPP3232

    Operate a laminating press for engineered wood panelsFWPWPP3233

    Optimise CNC operationsFWPTMM5205

    Paint panelsFWPWPP3202

    Perform laboratory testingFWPWPP4202

    Plan and coordinate engineered wood panel productionFWPWPP4203

    Plan and coordinate machining of panelsFWPWPP3218

    Plan and coordinate panel paintingFWPWPP3220

    Plan productionFWPTMM5206

    Prepare chip or fibre blendsFWPWPP2205

    Prepare for timber treatment operationsFWPSAW2210

    Prepare veneer for plyFWPWPP2206

    Press laminated plyFWPWPP3222

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  • Press material using the daylight processFWPWPP3216

    Process production effluentFWPWPP3217

    Produce decorative veneersFWPWPP3230

    Produce fibre from chipsFWPWPP3203

    Produce laminated beamsFWPCOT2222

    Produce pointed timber productsFWPCOT2211

    Produce profile sanding shoes and wheelsFWPWPP3225

    Profile sand productsFWPWPP3224

    Profile saw blanksFWPSAW3248

    Punch peg holes in panelsFWPWPP3208

    Repair veneer and plyFWPWPP2203

    Repair veneer mechanicallyFWPWPP2204

    Round softwood logsFWPSAW2211

    Saw products from continuous plyFWPWPP2209

    Scarf edges of veneerFWPWPP2207

    Schedule and coordinate load shiftingFWPCOT4204

    Select timber preservation techniquesFWPCOT3249

    Sort boards mechanicallyFWPSAW2203

    Split wood productsFWPSAW2208

    Surface treat raw boardFWPWPP2202

    Test heavy structural/engineered productsFWPCOT3246

    Treat paperFWPWPP3214

    Trim new engineered wood panels to sizeFWPWPP3235

    Vacuum paintFWPWPP3227

    HLTAttend to emergency patients being transported by road

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  • HLTDEF004Collect arterial blood samples

    HLTPAT007Operate an incinerator

    HLTHSS001Participate in a land based deployed health capability

    HLTDEF001Perform the duties of a scribe during casualty resuscitation

    HLTDEF003Provide treatments for common conditions


    Ensure process improvements are sustainedICPSUP488

    Manage digital workflowICPPRN552

    Produce basic rotary cut productICPCBF236

    Produce complex coated productICPPRN472

    Produce computer image for screen printingICPSCP382

    Produce specialised gravure printed productICPPRN422

    Produce specialised lithographic printed productICPPRN432

    Produce specialised pad printed productICPPRN442

    Produce specialised relief printed productICPPRN452

    Set up and run machine for sewingICPCBF211

    Set up for complex coatingICPPRN471

    Set up for specialised flexographic printingICPPRN513

    Set up for specialised gravure printingICPPRN521

    Set up for specialised lithographic printingICPPRN531

    Set up for specialised pad printingICPPRN541

    Set up for specialised relief printingICPPRN551

    Set up machine for basic rotary cuttingICPCBF235

    Troubleshoot and optimise materials and machineryICPSUP482

    Troubleshoot and optimise the production processICPSUP583

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  • Use on-press monitoring of print qualityICPPRN491

    Use on-press print control devicesICPPRN492

    ICTApply compliance requirements to telecommunications work

    ICTNPL411Build a telecommunications radio structure

    ICTTCR301Cut over customer premises equipment major upgrades

    ICTTEN407Design a dense wavelength division multiplexing system

    ICTTEN431Design infrastructure for telecommunications network installations

    ICTTEN430Develop integrated digital reception systems

    ICTDRE305Develop provisioning of telecommunications building works project

    ICTNPL405Evaluate core network architectures

    ICTNPL406Evaluate the capability of access networks

    ICTNPL403Evaluate the planning requirements for provisioning a telecommunications building facility

    ICTNPL404Install and configure internet protocol TV in a service provider network

    ICTTEN424Install mobile telecommunications in motor vehicles

    ICTRFN302Install radio plant and equipment on telecommunications structures

    ICTTCR302Install WiMAX customer premises equipment broadband wireless access equipment

    ICTRFN303Integrate data delivery modes

    ICTDRE402Operate a contractor business with employees

    ICTSMB402Plan the deployment of core network

    ICTNPL407Produce planning specifications for end-to-end service delivery

    ICTNPL408Protect against electromagnetic radiation and systems hazards when working on telecomms radio sites

    ICTTCR303Recover customer premises equipment

    ICTTEN319Repair and replace telecommunications network hardware

    ICTTEN307Schedule and supply cabling installation

    ICTCBL402Schedule equipment maintenance

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  • ICTWOR402Test and repair cellular network equipment

    ICTRFN403Undertake radio communications signals monitoring

    ICTRFN404Use operational safety in a telecommunications rigging environment

    ICTTCR202Use rigging practices and systems on telecommunications network structures


    Conduct comprehensive medical grade footwear assessments for clients with footwear-related medical conditionsLMTMF6001A

    Design, evaluate and make patterns for medical grade custom-made footwearLMTMF6002A

    Research and evaluate medical grade footwear conditions, processes and productsLMTMF6003A

    MSFAdvise on security technology, hardware and services

    MSFAH4003Apply emulsion wax to timber flooring

    MSFFL3093Apply finishing techniques to custom furniture

    MSFFDT4001Apply innovation in contemporary leadlight and stained glass

    MSFDG5005Apply standards and codes of practice for the glass industry

    MSFGG4009Assemble copper foil glass components

    MSFDG3004Assess conservation requirements

    MSFDG5001Assess economic impact of a design

    MSFFDT5011Conserve heritage leadlight and stained glass

    MSFDG5003Customise stock lines

    MSFFT4002Design a furniture product using high volume technology services (HVTS) in production

    MSFFDT5006Design and construct ornamental frames

    MSFPF4003Determine and apply gilding techniques

    MSFPF4004Determine production feasibility of designs

    MSFFT5009Establish and develop production processes and area layout

    MSFFT5002Establish and monitor production inventory requirements

    MSFFT4004Fuse glass

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  • MSFDG3005Identify and calculate production costs

    MSFFT4010Install and commission computer numerically controlled (CNC) software

    MSFFT4005Install heritage leadlight and stained glass

    MSFDG5004Install sprung timber flooring

    MSFFL3084Install timber flooring to joists

    MSFFL3088Manage glass processing plant shutdown and restart

    MSFGG4015Manage installation and commissioning of equipment

    MSFFT5003Mirror glass

    MSFGG3032Operate complex glass processing plant control systems

    MSFGG4014Organise Australian Standards testing of products, materials, and their design

    MSFGN2003Organise enterprise maintenance programs

    MSFFT5005Organise production processes

    MSFFT4003Perform laser measurement and levelling for glass windows and doors in buildings

    MSFGG4012Plan and coordinate commercial glazing installations

    MSFGG4016Prepare a tender submission

    MSFFT4012Prepare and install architectural engineered leadlight and stained glass

    MSFDG3002Prepare architectural door hardware schedules

    MSFAH4004Process coloured and textured glass by hand

    MSFDG3006Protect leadlight and stained glass

    MSFDG3001Remove heritage leadlight and stained glass

    MSFDG5002Research and recommend machine technology

    MSFFDT5009Research and select furniture finishes

    MSFFDT4010Sand cork flooring

    MSFFL3097Set up and operate a wood-turning lathe to produce off-centre work

    MSFFDT4014Set up operate and maintain a glass processing line

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  • MSFGG4013Use glass industry data systems

    MSFGG4010Work within a furniture design team


    Create or modify automated calibration proceduresMSL905006

    Monitor performance of structuresMSL974027

    Operate an automated mineral analysis systemMSL974029

    Perform complex laboratory testing of forensic samplesMSL975053

    Perform physical examination of forensic samplesMSL975054

    Prepare animal and plant material for displayMSL975043

    Prepare plans and quality assurance procedures for environmental field activitiesMSL976004

    Supervise a robotic sample preparation systemMSL955002

    Undertake field-based, remote-sensing monitoringMSL974024

    MSMAllocate and complete team tasks

    MSMPMC327Assemble, fabricate and place reinforcement

    MSMPMC318Assess and quote to service a recreational vehicle

    MSMRVS401Cast moulded concrete products

    MSMPMC315Conduct benching operations

    MSMPMC317Cut polymer materials

    MSMOPS201Demould concrete products

    MSMPMC320Design equipment and system modifications

    MSMOPS601Develop WHS management system

    MSMWHS601Fabricate polymer products

    MSMOPS202Finish casting operation

    MSMPMC319Finish cured concrete products

    MSMPMC316Finish green concrete products

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  • MSMPMC314Fit appliances in a recreational vehicle

    MSMRV316Heat accelerate the curing of precast concrete

    MSMPMC305Install solar equipment on a recreational vehicle

    MSMRV317Operate crushing equipment

    MSMPMC306Prepare for and apply shotcrete for installation

    MSMPMC328Produce architectural precast concrete

    MSMPMC330Produce structural precast concrete

    MSMPMC300Remove and replace a camper/pop-top roof

    MSMRV355Remove and replace a recreational vehicle floor

    MSMRV351Remove and replace a recreational vehicle shower cubicle

    MSMRV353Remove and replace a recreational vehicle shower walls

    MSMRV354Schedule, cut and bend reinforcement


    Apply proactive maintenance strategies to sustainabilityMSS014012

    Assist with assessing and monitoring stormwater systemsMSS024021

    Assist with odour field assessmentMSS025011

    Assist with odour source assessmentMSS025010

    Conduct a sustainability related transport auditMSS015031

    Contribute to improving environmental performanceMSS027016

    Contribute to sustainability related auditsMSS014013

    Coordinate air quality management activitiesMSS027021

    Coordinate noise management activitiesMSS027022

    Coordinate site remediation or rehabilitation activitiesMSS027023

    Coordinate water quality management activitiesMSS027020

    Design for sustainabilityMSS017015

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  • Develop a proactive social sustainability strategyMSS017016

    Develop response to sustainability related regulationMSS015036

    Establish and review metrics for social sustainabilityMSS015038

    Identify and improve sustainability interactions with the communityMSS017014

    Implement and maintain the site health and safety management systemMSS027019

    Implement and monitor reengineering for sustainabilityMSS015033

    Inform and educate organisation and community representatives on sustainability issuesMSS015034

    Manage a major sustainability non-conformanceMSS017013

    Perform sampling and testing of stationary emissionsMSS025016

    Select, commission and maintain environmental monitoring instrumentsMSS027024

    MSTApply finishes to leather products

    MSTLG3004Apply pattern specifications to saddlery products

    MSTLG3006Assemble saddle components

    MSTLG3007Conduct medical grade footwear assessments for clients with footwear-related medical conditions

    MSTMF4002Contribute to footwear production improvement processes

    MSTFP3004Cut by machine

    MSTLG2001Determine suitability of hide, skin and leather for leather goods

    MSTHL3001Determine tanning requirements for hide, skin and leather

    MSTHL3002Dye footwear or leather product

    MSTFR3005Fabricate or machine tooling

    MSTGN4012Finish hides, skins or leather

    MSTHL2010Fit complex custom-made medical grade footwear and orthoses

    MSTMF4010Fit medical grade footwear and orthoses that are not complex

    MSTMF4006Modify medical grade footwear

    MSTMF4003Operate machines to crust hides, skins or leather

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  • MSTHL2007Operate machines to prepare hides or skins for tanning

    MSTHL2003Operate sole stitcher

    MSTFR3002Perform drying operations

    MSTHL2009Perform fellmongering processes

    MSTHL2002Produce accommodative orthoses

    MSTMF4007Produce corrective orthoses

    MSTMF4011Produce custom-made medical grade footwear

    MSTMF4009Produce negative and positive casts for lasts and corrective orthoses

    MSTMF4008Re-cover footwear

    MSTFR3004Select and adjust prefabricated footwear-related orthoses

    MSTMF4001Select and adjust prefabricated medical grade footwear and accessories

    MSTMF4004Select, produce and adjust casts for accommodative orthoses

    MSTMF4005Sew leather by hand

    MSTLG3003Sort, grade or class hides, skins or leather

    MSTHL2004Supervise footwear production operations

    MSTFP3005Trim hides, skins or leather

    MSTHL2005Undertake receival, storage, handling and preservation of materials or products

    MSTHL2001Undertake specialised footwear repair techniques

    MSTFR3006Use drum or vessel to crust hides, skins or leather

    MSTHL2008Use drum or vessel to prepare or tan hides or skins


    Coordinate and monitor the operation of drainage systemsNWPIRR035

    PMAApply physiochemical knowledge to select raw materials for surface coatings

    PMAOPS751Bake carbon anodes

    PMASMELT261Build partnerships to improve incident response capacity

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  • PMAOMIR622Cast ingots

    PMASMELT267Clean and strip anode rods

    PMASMELT262Coordinate pipeline projects

    PMASUP432Coordinate welfare support activities in response to an incident

    PMAOMIR575Deliver molten metal

    PMASMELT266Develop a colour formulation

    PMAOPS550Develop a decorative coating

    PMAOPS752Develop a non-decorative coating or ink

    PMAOPS753Develop first aid procedures and manage resources

    PMAWHS420Form carbon anodes

    PMASMELT260Maintain first aid resources and records

    PMAWHS221Manage corporate media requirements in a crisis

    PMAOMIR523Manage environmental management system

    PMASUP620Monitor legal compliance obligations during incidents

    PMAOMIR449Moor ships for transfer of bulk processed particulates or fluids

    PMAOPS242Operate a biotreater

    PMAOPS290Operate a blast furnace

    PMAOPS362Operate a metalliferous kiln/furnace

    PMAOPS360Operate a smelting furnace

    PMAOPS361Operate an electrochemical process

    PMAOPS364Operate cell tending equipment

    PMASMELT269Operate leaching equipment

    PMAOPS263Operate magnetic/electrical separation equipment

    PMAOPS265Operate manufacturing extrusion systems

    PMAOPS211Operate pelletising equipment

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  • PMAOPS365Operate sintering equipment

    PMAOPS366Operate vertical direct casting process

    PMASMELT268Plan and design tailings management facilities

    PMAOPS560Provide first aid response in remote and/or isolated area

    PMAWHS321Provide surface coatings application advice

    PMAOPS755Spray carbon anodes

    PMASMELT263Start up reduction cells

    PMASMELT264Supply product from reduction cells

    PMASMELT270Undertake corrosion inspection on process plant


    Build up rollersPMBPROD319

    Colour optical fibrePMBPROD305

    Compound materials using an internal mill blenderPMBPROD353

    Compound materials using an open mill blenderPMBPROD354

    Convert plastic filmPMBPROD333

    Determine rheology and output of plastics materials from processing equipmentPMBTECH503

    Draw optical fibrePMBPROD373

    Inspect tyres for retreadingPMBPROD324

    Operate bead coiling equipmentPMBPROD268

    Operate blow moulding equipmentPMBPROD211

    Operate centrifugal casting equipmentPMBPROD296

    Operate composite sheeting equipmentPMBPROD295

    Operate equipment using moulding compoundsPMBPROD297

    Operate filament winding equipmentPMBPROD290

    Operate film conversion equipmentPMBPROD233

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  • Operate granulating equipmentPMBPROD259

    Operate injection blow moulding equipmentPMBPROD270

    Operate open flame moulding equipmentPMBPROD284

    Operate polystyrene shape moulding equipmentPMBPROD229

    Operate retread curing equipmentPMBPROD263

    Operate steel cutting equipmentPMBPROD267

    Operate thermoforming equipmentPMBPROD212

    Operate tyre curing equipmentPMBPROD262

    Prepare tyre casings for retreadingPMBPROD266

    Produce composite sheet productsPMBPROD395

    Produce composites using centrifugal castingPMBPROD396

    Produce composites using moulding compoundsPMBPROD397

    Produce compression moulded productsPMBPROD314

    Produce continuous thermoforming productsPMBPROD312

    Produce electroplated productsPMBPROD309

    Produce fibre optic preformsPMBPROD372

    Produce foam injected mouldingsPMBPROD320

    Produce liquid surface coated productsPMBPROD349

    Produce polystyrene shape moulded productsPMBPROD329

    Produce polyurethane foamPMBPROD315

    Produce powder coated productsPMBPROD323

    Produce printed and decorated filmPMBPROD331

    Produce products using twin screw extrudersPMBPROD334

    Produce thermally bent productsPMBPROD332

    Splice cablesPMBPROD237

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  • Store productsPMBHAN208

    RIIAssist cable tool drilling

    RIINHB213DAssist guided boring

    RIINHB209EAssist in maintaining rig safety and emergency procedures

    RIIOGD201EAssist in the transfer of passengers and freight during helicopter operations

    RIIOGF202DAssist underground in-seam directional drilling

    RIINHB216ECarry out bore-field operations

    RIIPGP204DCarry out conveyor system shift

    RIIPEO207ECarry out deck operations

    RIIOGF201DCast a blast furnace

    RIIPSM301DConduct accretion firing

    RIIBLA306DConduct air cleaning activities

    RIIPBP202DConduct auger miner operations

    RIIMCO303EConduct bucket-wheel operations

    RIIMPO330EConduct cable tool drilling

    RIINHB313DConduct cage operations

    RIIUND302EConduct concrete road curing and texturing operations

    RIICRC313DConduct control centre operations

    RIIMCO301DConduct control room operations

    RIIUND308DConduct conveyor-car high wall mining operations

    RIIPEO301EConduct feeder breaker operations

    RIIMCU213EConduct flexible conveyor train (FCT) operations

    RIIMCU310EConduct line of sight remote operations

    RIIUND306DConduct materials extraction operations underground

    RIIMSM305DConduct mobile conveyor operations

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  • RIIMCO202EConduct pressure oxidation

    RIIPBE307DConduct rail haulage operations

    RIIVEH301DConduct roasting operations

    RIIPBE205DConduct skip operations

    RIIUND208EConduct solvent extraction

    RIIPRE201DConduct special roadway operations

    RIIMCU401EConduct stonedusting operations

    RIIMCU210DConduct tracked vehicle/plant operations

    RIIMCU202DConduct wet filling activities

    RIIUMM301DConnect and disconnect reefer refrigeration units

    RIIMPG201DContribute to the control of offshore emergencies

    RIIOGF203DControl molten metal in holding furnace/vessel

    RIIPSM307DControl operations in acid plant

    RIIPBP302DDesign processing plant

    RIIPRO601DDesign stockpile formations and reclaiming systems

    RIISRM502DDesign, develop and maintain pillar system and ground control

    RIIMSM306DEstablish a mining claim

    RIIMSM301DEstablish and maintain maintenance management system for mechanical plant and equipment

    RIISAM602EEstablish and maintain mine closure management systems

    RIIRAI606DEstablish and maintain underground product haulage and transport systems

    RIIRAI612DEstablish and maintain waste and by-product management system

    RIIWBP601DEstablish, implement and maintain operational management plans

    RIIMEX605DExtend, retract and maintain conveyor componentry

    RIIPEO208EHandle and store cargo

    RIIHAN202DHandle, store and use cyanide

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  • RIIPGP205DIncorporate health and hygiene factors into mine management

    RIIWHS602EInsert tie bars in fresh concrete

    RIICRC323DInspect and maintain shafts and structures

    RIISAM312DInstall and commission plant, machinery and services

    RIISAM310DInstall and maintain explosion barriers

    RIIMCU211DInstall and maintain ventilation systems and equipment

    RIIMSM307EInstall de-watering conduit and gas drainage equipment

    RIINHB319DInstall open-cut mine ground support

    RIIMEX202DInstall sets

    RIIUMM302DInstall underground shaft

    RIIMSM303DInstall, maintain and recover electrical services

    RIIMCU207DInstall, maintain and recover gas drainage systems

    RIIMCU206DMaintain lamp cabin operations

    RIIMCU216DMaintain winder equipment

    RIISAM311DManage laser levelling of operating plant

    RIIMPO503DManage the decision making process

    RIIBEF603DMonitor and coordinate waste and process water treatment

    RIIWMG402DMonitor and maintain flue gas efficiency

    RIIPSM309DMonitor and maintain furnace gas efficiency

    RIIPSM308DMonitor casting quality

    RIIPRE304DMonitor, inspect and service ropes and attachments

    RIISAM313DMonitor, operate and maintain mud pits and equipment

    RIIOGF301EOperate a blast furnace

    RIIPSM303DOperate agglomeration circuit

    RIIPHA303DOperate breaker line supports

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  • RIIMCU309EOperate converters

    RIIPSM305DOperate longwall ancillary equipment

    RIIMCU215DOperate personnel and materials hoists

    RIIHAN207DOperate power tram

    RIIMCU201DOperate small open cut mine equipment

    RIIMPO314EOperate winder for shaft sinking

    RIIUND303EPlan small mine operations

    RIIMSM302DPrepare and carry out electrolytic cleaning process

    RIIPRE202DPrepare detailed design of airfield civil works

    RIICWD515DPrepare detailed design of bicycle ways

    RIICWD516DPrepare detailed design of busways

    RIICWD510DPrepare detailed design of canals

    RIICWD506DPrepare detailed design of dams

    RIICWD514DPrepare detailed design of intermodal facilities civil works

    RIICWD519DPrepare detailed design of landscaping

    RIICWD505DPrepare detailed design of lighting

    RIICWD502DPrepare detailed design of marine structures civil works

    RIICWD537DPrepare detailed design of motorways and interchanges

    RIICWD512DPrepare detailed design of open car parks

    RIICWD518DPrepare detailed design of rail civil infrastructure

    RIICWD513DPrepare detailed design of traffic signals

    RIICWD527DPrepare detailed design of tunnels

    RIICWD532DPrepare detailed traffic analysis

    RIICWD526DPrepare drill site

    RIIEGS306DPrepare for pelletising activities

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  • RIIPSM202DPrepare for sintering activities

    RIIPRE203DProcess lime products

    RIIPBP301DProcess movement of containers and cargo

    RIIHAN402DProduce pellets

    RIIPSM203DProvide deck support for conveyor-car high wall mining operations

    RIIPEO202ERecover equipment

    RIIUND304DResource site plans and objectives

    RIIBEF605DSeal concrete pavements

    RIICRC320DService and handover plant and machines

    RIISAM302DSetup and maintain concrete paver stringlines

    RIICRC312DShut down rig

    RIIOGD406DSinter materials

    RIIPRE204DSupervise dredging operations

    RIIMEX402DSupervise operation of electrical equipment and installations

    RIISAM402DSupervise rehabilitation operations

    RIICAR401DSupply molten metal and additives to furnaces

    RIIPSM306DSuppress airborne contaminants

    RIIENV202ETap furnaces

    RIIPSM201DUse automated paving guidance systems


    Slaughter and process crocodilesSFIPRO303

    Work with crocodilesSFIAQU216

    SHBProvide creative leadership to the hairdressing industry


    Arrange and oversee viewings of cremationsSIFCCAC007

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  • Assist with the conduct of funeralsSIFFFNL001

    Bury coffins and casketsSIFCBCR001

    Clean and maintain public conveniences and amenitiesSIFCBGM003

    Conduct internal quality auditsSIFXADQ002

    Construct signsSIFCBGM006

    Coordinate burial worksSIFCCAC008

    Coordinate chapel operationsSIFCCAC005

    Coordinate monument installationsSIFCCAC009

    Coordinate staffSIFXMGT002

    Develop marketing strategies and activitiesSIFXMPR005

    Drive funeral vehiclesSIFXVHC001

    Implement marketing and promotional activitiesSIFXMPR001

    Install basic masonry structuresSIFCBGM004

    Install burial vaultsSIFCBCR012

    Lead customer service teamsSIFXCSS005

    Maintain and care for historical recordsSIFCCAC004

    Manage lift and reposition or deepen operationsSIFCCAC006

    Manufacture vault lidsSIFCBCR011

    Monitor contracted services and suppliesSIFXADQ003

    Place and finish concrete for cemetery or crematorium structuresSIFCBGM005

    Plan a career in the funeral services industrySIFXIND001

    Remove ledgers and concrete lidsSIFCBCR009

    Schedule burials or cremationsSIFCCAC002

    Supervise burialsSIFCCAC010

    Supervise cremationsSIFCCAC011

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  • Supervise exhumationsSIFCCAC012

    Support people dealing with grief and traumaSIFXMGT004

    Transfer deceased personsSIFFFNL002

    SIRComplete debtor processes

    SIRWFIN001Plan to trade internationally

    SIRXSLS005Undertake digital marketing activities


    Coordinate lifeguard service at an aquatic facilitySISCAQU013

    TAEInvestigate the application of ICT content knowledge


    Assess lift requirements and provide quotationTLIP4010

    Assist with preparation of a train prior to operationTLIB0117

    Carry out culler facer canceller operationsTLIW3008

    Conduct maintenance on deployed operationsTLIX5043

    Conduct, balance and secure financial transactionsTLIP2038

    Control and coordinate local rail traffic movementTLIL3071

    Coordinate health support operationsTLIX6053

    Couple and uncouple track maintenance vehiclesTLIC2074

    Develop and manage fitness for work policy and proceduresTLIF5022

    Develop and review configuration management plansTLIX5020

    Develop materiel sustainment processes and proceduresTLIX5013

    Develop workplace policy and proceduresTLIP5037

    Ensure the confidentiality, privacy and security of customer informationTLIP2039

    Grind rail on tram/light rail systemsTLIW3042

    Implement fitness for work proceduresTLIF4103

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  • Inspect poles and associated hardwareTLIB3040

    Install and maintain pole mounted switches and transformersTLIB4071

    Install mechanical signalling locking and interlocking devicesTLIS3009

    Install overhead wiring structureTLIS2020

    Maintain poles and associated hardwareTLIB2034

    Maintain security of railway property and revenueTLIO3015

    Manage a rail yard or terminalTLIL5069

    Manage and monitor catering on deployed operationsTLIX5045

    Manage configuration management processesTLIX5021

    Manage materiel sustainment operationsTLIX5014

    Manage rail freight operationsTLIL5070

    Manage rail passenger operationsTLIL5071

    Manage rail yard operationsTLIL5072

    Manage verification and validationTLIX5006

    Monitor and provide logistics staff support for significant deployed operationsTLIX6047

    Operate and monitor a monorail trainTLIC3039

    Operate computerised mail and parcels sorting equipmentTLIW3006

    Operate signal panel or equipmentTLIL3072

    Organise health support operationsTLIX5044

    Organise supply support on deploymentTLIX5041

    Organise the deployment and delivery of logistics supportTLIX5038

    Plan and conduct road convoyTLIX5039

    Plan deployed logistics support for significant operationsTLIX6046

    Plan health support for deployed personnelTLIX6052

    Plan logistics support for deployed operationsTLIX5037

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  • Plan maintenance for deployed operationsTLIX6051

    Provide specialist configuration management adviceTLIX5025

    Provide specialist materiel sustainment adviceTLIX5019

    Roster train crewsTLIL5065

    Test medium/heavy track vehicle braking systemTLIB2133

    Undertake provisioning in support of deployed operationsTLIX6049

    Use communication systems for on-track vehicle operationsTLIE2031

    Use communications systems to control tram/light rail operationsTLIE4033

    Weld rail on tram/light rail systems using electric welding processTLIW3043

    Weld rail on tram/light rail systems using submerged ARC welding processTLIW0044

    UEGControl LPG storage/processing operations

    UEGNSG611Coordinate and monitor implementation of a risk management plan for a utilities industry facility

    UEGNSG114Custody transfer metering and gas quality analysis

    UEGNSG319Follow company procedures to deal with incidents related to the abuse of drugs and alcohol

    UEGNSG324Identify, evaluate and control threats to transmission pipelines

    UEGNSG308Install and commission stationary gas fuelled turbine engines

    UEGNSG138Manage a customer service gas business unit

    UEGNSG122Manage financial resources in a gas industry facility

    UEGNSG123Manage gas industry physical resources

    UEGNSG116Manage gas systems projects

    UEGNSG115Manage workplace risk in a gas industry facility

    UEGNSG119Plan and implement the data acquisition and metering requirements of a gas system

    UEGNSG117Produce maintenance strategies and plans for a gas facility

    UEGNSG111Remotely check and report on gas station conditions

    UEGNSG508Repair and maintain stationary gas fuelled turbine engines

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  • UEGNSG139Select and commission equipment to meet pressure and temperature control specifications

    UEGNSG118Site control of third party works in the vicinity of a transmission pipeline

    UEGNSG311Supervise technical operations for liquefied petroleum gas storage and processing

    UEGNSG612Undertake hydro-testing for transmission pipeline construction


    Conduct first response within a workplace teamUEPOPS210

    Diagnose and repair faults in complex refrigeration and air conditioning equipmentUEPMNT415

    Diagnose and repair faults in electrical and electronic systemsUEPMNT501

    Diagnose and repair faults in instrumentation systemsUEPMNT503

    Diagnose and repair faults in wind turbine control systemsUEPMNT434

    Diagnose and repair faults in wind turbine mechanical systemsUEPMNT435

    Inspect and repair faults in mechanical equipment and componentsUEPMNT320

    Install and maintain a steam turbineUEPMNT406

    Install electronic equipmentUEPMNT345

    Maintain and test fixed fire protection systemsUEPMNT319

    Maintain electronic instrumentation equipmentUEPMNT426

    Maintain fuel transport equipmentUEPMNT311

    Maintain internal combustion enginesUEPMNT313

    Maintain wind turbine control systemsUEPMNT362

    Maintain wind turbine mechanical systemsUEPMNT361

    Maintain wind turbinesUEPMNT315

    Modify electronic electrical equipmentUEPMNT413

    Modify electronic instrumentation equipmentUEPMNT429

    Monitor efficiency of thermal steam cycle power plantUEPMNT424

    Monitor Work, Health and Safety policy and procedures complianceUEPOPS453

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  • Operate and monitor a wind generatorUEPOPS334

    Overhaul electrical generatorUEPMNT416

    Perform sheet metal workUEPMNT339

    Repair a gas turbine unitUEPMNT407

    Test and commission electronic electrical equipmentUEPMNT352

    Test and commission electronic electrical systemsUEPMNT502

    Test and commission electronic instrumentation equipmentUEPMNT431

    Test and commission instrumentation systemsUEPMNT504

    Test and commission power plant inverter systemsUEPMNT441

    Test and commission wind turbine control systemsUEPMNT436

    Write programs for control systemsUEPMNT432

    UETAnalyse and appraise power system fault and outage data

    UETTDRDS48Commission discrete control and protection systems

    UETTDRSB36Commission energy/revenue metering schemes

    UETTDRTS43Commission energy/revenue metering schemes (complex)

    UETTDRTS47Commission power system distribution field devices

    UETTDRSB38Control power systems generating plant

    UETTDRSO34Coordinate low voltage distribution network demand

    UETTDRSO43Coordinate low voltage distribution networks

    UETTDRSO39Design power system overhead transmission systems

    UETTDRDS57Design power system public lighting systems

    UETTDRDS38Design power system substations modifications

    UETTDRDS44Design power system transmission and sub-transmission protection and control

    UETTDRDS54Design power system transmission and sub-transmission substation earthing

    UETTDRDS55Design power system transmission and sub-transmission substation primary plant

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  • UETTDRDS53Design power system transmission, sub-transmission & zone substation civil & structural components

    UETTDRDS56Design power system transmission, sub-transmission and zone substation buildings

    UETTDRDS52Design power systems secondary isolation instructional documents

    UETTDRTS30Design testing and commissioning procedures for field devices and substations

    UETTDRTS24Design underground transmission systems

    UETTDRDS58Develop crisis power systems management plans

    UETTDRSO44Diagnose and rectify faults in distributed generation systems

    UETTDRIS72Establish and manage power system geographical information systems data

    UETTDRDS49Inspect, maintain and restore energised low voltage overhead distribution network infrastructure

    UETTDRDP15Install and maintain network infrastructure HV underground cables

    UETTDRCJ34Install and maintain network infrastructure LV underground cables

    UETTDRCJ33Install and maintain traction network equipment and components

    UETTDRRT35Install and maintain traction network wiring systems

    UETTDRRT34Install and replace complex energy/revenue metering schemes and associated equipment

    UETTDRTS41Install and replace high voltage metering and associated equipment

    UETTDRTS38Install/maintain overhead transmission network infrastructure

    UETTDRTP34Install/maintain transmission network infrastructure electrical equipment

    UETTDRTP35Maintain capacitor bank equipment for voltage regulation

    UETTDRSB29Maintain compliance with national electricity market metrology practices and procedures

    UETTDRTS39Maintain energised d.c. traction overhead wiring system

    UETTDRRT31Maintain energised traction overhead electrical apparatus using glove techniques

    UETTDRRT33Maintain energised traction overhead electrical apparatus using stick techniques

    UETTDRRT32Maintain high voltage power system static VAR compensators (SVC)

    UETTDRSB30Maintain high voltage power system synchronous condensers

    UETTDRSB31Maintain power system distribution field devices

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  • UETTDRSB37Maintain traction network equipment and components

    UETTDRRT37Maintain traction network wiring systems

    UETTDRRT36Manage an electricity power system WHS/OHS management system

    UETTDRIS66Manage compliance with national electricity market metrology practices and procedures

    UETTDRTS45Manage electrical power systems infrastructure projects

    UETTDRDS41Manage network systems power flows

    UETTDRSO51Manage power system transmission and sub-transmission design process

    UETTDRDS51Manage power systems critical events

    UETTDRSO33Manage power systems transmission network demand

    UETTDRSO42Management of energy registration data errors for revenue billing purposes

    UETTDRTS42Perform current injection testing using phantom load

    UETTDRTS37Prepare and appraise power systems financial impact statements

    UETTDRDS40Review power system asset management strategies

    UETTDRDS47Set-up and install transmission structure stubs

    UETTDRTP28Test and maintain energy/revenue metering schemes

    UETTDRTS40Test and maintain energy/revenue metering schemes (complex)

    UETTDRTS44Verification and certification of revenue metering/energy measurement instruments

    UETTDRTS46Grand Total

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