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  • 1. Audio EngineerThe Audio Engineer puts the sounds in the game making the player respond to reactions and sounds.This is an example of the email I sent to themDear Radical,My name is Dylan Jones and I am in my first year studying for a BTEC Extended Diploma in CreativeMedia Production specialising in Games Design at Salford City Colleges Eccles Sixth Form Centre. Mygroup are currently investigating the job roles within the games industry and I have becomeinterested in the area of animation.In your experience, what technical skills and personal qualities would an effective animator have?Any feedback based on your industrial experience would be greatly appreciated.Regards,Dylan JonesSalford City CollegeEccles sixth Form CentreChatsworth RoadEcclesSalfordM30 9FJThe Audio Engineer put many sounds into the game from explosions and gun fire to voices and otherexpressions.The Audio Engineer puts the theme and mood into the game using music making the atmosphere ofthe game exciting or chilling.An Audio Engineer will have to have the skills to specify and create sound effects, script writing,dialogue direction, recording and editing. An Audio Engineer ill also need the ability to compose andperform music, to have creativity and imagination and to work up to deadlines.

2. This is a job I inquired about for a games tester for sega, there wasnt an audio engineer.There arent many known positions for a game audio engineer that I could find so I chose to inquireabout some other jobs that appeal to me. This is a position at Rockstar as an animator which I havesome confidence. 3. This is the email I received as feedback from the one I sent, I didnt find this very helpful becausethey didnt give me any information as to what I require they just said they were busy & they lookedforward to seeing my application.This I didnt find very helpful either but out of the ones I received back this was the most helpful.I didnt get many results from the email I sent but I did send the email to a few other companiessuch as Naughty Dog, Rock steady & Valve. 4. I have learned that some companies are not interested in new applicants at the minute, for the jobrole of being an audio engineer I didnt find any information which was any use from the emails Ireceived, because of this I had to look on the internet for an average audio engineers skills andqualifications needed but from what I know from a previous set of work is that most jobs require adegree in university or a long time experience in the gaming industry.From the information I have found out from the internet the average audio engineer requires:An audio engineer requires attending a vocational course for a year.During the course you gain more knowledge and skills of being an audio engineer.Requires at least a few years of experience.To be a successful engineer you need to learn the trade of musician and some knowledge ofcomputer software.