hate st.: the art gallery you'd love to hate

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Hate Creative, a non-profit organization is sponsoring a pop-up art gallery from July 7-13 to help spread "Hate" and engage the community through artwork, music, and dancing.


Hate St.: The Art Gallery Youd Love to HateBy Alexzandria Parker Normal art galleries can often be filled with deafening silence, intense glares, and sad attempts to understand the artists true intentions. The stale air and occasional art pieces that convey a true meaning are hard to come by and passerbys seem to only visit the museum for a project or way to escape the reality of the Concrete Jungle. The MOMA, Sothebys, and even the inflatable Boob Castle at the Sex Museum all a part of the amazing attraction within the city but eventually they become chapped nipples after everyone has rubbed up against them. Hey @slowmotionsz Ivy HATEs your art. Photo credit: Instagram (@hatecreative)

While those are great additions for the tourist who want to experience the city life yet what is left for the lifetime New Yorker? Seemingly nothing. However, Hate St. is redefining the terms of what is considered to be an art gallery by packing up in their Hate Van and setting up shop in different areas in New York City. This is the art gallery that you would love to hate. Hate St. is the pop-up art gallery that would cause any fast-paced New Yorker to slow down and look at their world in a different perspective. Thank you for the #hearts #hatestreet Photo credit: Instagram (@hatecreative)

Hatecreative was created by a started by Hila Perry and Tate Ashley, the two combined together to coin the term HATE and their love to spread art and music in different forms. Spreading hate may seem convoluted but Hatecreative hopes to change the meaning of the word through colorful felt hearts and 4x8 cardboard artwork with PB&Js adding a smile to your morning commute. Hate St. interacts their patrons through social media and gives a spontaneous feel to their followers who see their updates every morning. Their location and art pieces that are featured are all detailed through Instagram with hand drawn signs that detail the exact location once their van is parked in the morning. With a sign stating This artwork is free it is subtly spreading hate, artwork and smiles to unsuspecting children and pedestrians in whatever borough they stop in. The artwork is made out of recycled material since art can make a lot of trash with the materials that are needed, once they run out of art they pick up and move to a different location in the city.Although this is the first year for Hate St. the main goal to organize it as an annual event. Hatecreative hopes that the event will be successful and engage in the community through art. Though Hate St. may be a small blip in an average New Yorkers day this year, but eventually HATE will become a fever you wont be able to shake riding in a minivan filled with felt hearts. This Art is Free Photo Credit: Instagram (@hatecreative).