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HCC INSPIRE. INSPIRE Goal 2: PRACTICE. QEP case study modules BIOL 1406, CHEM 1411 & PHYS 1401 Challenging, pivotal chapter Leaner-Centered Pedagogy. Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board Core Objectives. teamwork. communication. e mpirical & quantitative skills. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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INSPIRE Goal 2: PRACTICEQEP case study modules

BIOL 1406, CHEM 1411 & PHYS 1401

Challenging, pivotal chapter

Leaner-Centered Pedagogy

Texas Higher Education Coordinating BoardCore Objectives2http://b86a38.medialib.glogster.com/media/c55c3e986dbef8380d55cad6c44a4d90c35eb2048d7d9e724e50cb6b2a919f23/teamwork-chain-of-hands.jpghttp://blog.readytomanage.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/interpersonal-communication-skills.jpghttp://www.marblesthebrainstore.com/skin/frontend/marbles/marbles/images/media/head_critical_thinking.jpghttp://images.fineartamerica.com/images-medium-large/4-laboratory-test-tubes-in-science-research-lab-olivier-l-studio.jpg

teamworkcommunicationempirical &quantitative skillsCritical thinking2HCC INSPIRE SUCCESS

HCC INSPIREGoal 2 - Objective 2.2: Train Faculty to Deliver QEP Science Modules4FacultySpring 2013 TargetSpring 2013 ResultsFT Biology98PT Biology88FT Chemistry78PT Chemistry63FT Physics32PT Physics13TOTAL3432Implementation Rate: 31/32 4HCC INSPIREGoal 2 - Objective 2.2: Implement QEP Science Modules5SectionsSpring 2013 TargetSpring 2013 ResultsBIOL 14061034CHEM 14111017PHYS 1401510TOTAL25615HCC INSPIRE6

6HCC INSPIRE7Most beneficial:

Assign multiple QEP sections per trained instructor

Assign QEP sections in consecutive semesters7HCC INSPIRE8QEP MOMENTUM CONCERNS:

Upcoming workload issues

Possible split - lecture from lab

Trained faculty not assigned to teach QEP target course

8INSPIRE Goal 1: PREPAREScience emphasis versions of EDUC 1300 (Learning Frameworks)Same EDUC 1300 SLOsAligned EDUC 1300 SLOs with QEP SLOsUnique collaboration between HCC science and EDUC professors6 Science-Based EDUC 1300 Exercises:

Unique approach: students test drive exercise own product on a content test

9ExerciseRaw MaterialConcept MappingGeologyFlashcardsBiologyProblem SolvingPhysicsInternet LiteracyChemistryNote takingMathGraph InterpretationAll Science910

For Example:Flashcard ExerciseCustom Text:


Unordered lists

Ordered lists


Side bar 11Flashcard Exercise

12Flashcard Exercise

13Flashcard Exercise

QEP EDUC Pilots5 instructors, 6 sections, NW, NE, SW and C College (Thank you!)140 students took the 12-question QEP Pre-Test: