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Transformation Update April 10-11, 2017

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Transformation UpdateApril 10-11, 2017

Thank you everyone for joining me today.Im excited to share with you, our key stakeholders, this important update about the current state of transformation here at Houston Community College.I want to start by saying thank you to each of you. Your commitment to moving FORWARD, is what is making our transformation a success. Together, weve made significant progress, and Im proud to say, our vision for HCCs Transformation is coming in to focus.



A cross-functional change initiativethat improves upon theinstitutions strategic, operational, and financial direction,achieving the desired future statethrough a cultural shift and organizational restructuring.

Lets take a moment to review what we mean by transformation.For HCC, transformation means:A cross-functional change initiative that improves upon the institutions strategic operational, and financial direction.Achieving the desired future state through a cultural shift and organizational restructuring.In laymens terms, were evolving in order to Provide the Ultimate Student Experience.We have all been hard at work on our goal, and today, I want to give you a status report on what weve accomplished, and what to expect in the next phase of transformation.2


Lets take a moment to review what we mean by transformation.For HCC, transformation means:A cross-functional change initiative that improves upon the institutions strategic operational, and financial direction.Achieving the desired future state through a cultural shift and organizational restructuring.In laymens terms, were evolving in order to Provide the Ultimate Student Experience.We have all been hard at work on our goal, and today, I want to give you a status report on what weve accomplished, and what to expect in the next phase of transformation.3


Strategic Plan6 Divisions and 14 COEs

CIP Project PerformanceStandards and Oversight

TASB Form Adoptionfor Policy Manual System-wide CustomerService Plan for Financial Aid Debt Management PlanDistrict-wide Accomplishments

Ive seen how our district-wide commitment to change helps us be more responsive to student needs. Your continued support is crucial for HCC to remain a viable and important resource to our community.The Imagine HCC 2019 Strategic Plan has served us well. We instituted an organizational unit redesign which led to positive systemic changes.Our new Centers of Excellence are creating vital career pipelines for our students and reaffirming our role as a valued community partner.We made a number of changes to support organizational stewardship.As a result, our Board-approved a Debt Management Plan including early payment of approximately $4 million in bonds in August 2015, resulting in positive cash flow of $6.1 million during 2016-2030 period.


5Planning and Institutional EffectivenessOrganizational Structure

Contributing to our success is the restructuring of our Planning and Institutional Effectiveness.This included moving SACS-COC from Institutional Services to Planning and Institutional Effectiveness.We also hired Dr. Kurt Ewen as the new Vice Chancellor for Planning and Institutional Effectiveness.Dr. Ewen comes to us from Valencia College which is known as a national vanguard in higher education transformation. He brings immense experience and innovative thinking brining us closer to creating the Ultimate Student Experience.



Instructional Services Accomplishments


In Phase 1, we spent a great deal of time crafting the implementation of new projects that increase our academic rigor.16 HCC programs were accredited or reaccredited.Our data-informed faculty staffing model resulted in filling 25 new and 30 vacant faculty positions.We increased in dual credit enrollment by 8 percent. We made a district-wide investment of $5 million in instructional equipment. And to ensure we remain relevant knowledge leaders, we expanded instructional professional development with 408 faculty requesting more than $514,000 in funds.In all, our efforts prepared us to be more responsive to our student needs.Our HCC teams have many reasons to be proud of what they accomplished, because our transformation remains ONGOING.


Phase 2 TimelineDesign and develop framework for each unit, including staffing modelLaunch FORWARD campaignBegin training unit teamsComplete TransformationPhase 22016Begin Student Services and Information Technology hiring



Working together we established a Phase 2 timeline.We are at the mid-point of Phase 2 and a lot needs to be accomplished between now and August to achieve our goals. During Phase 2, we are turning our attention to Student Services and Information Technology Infrastructure and programs. Due to the crossover of these services our successful transformation will require listening and collaboration.


Inputs to Designing the Ultimate Student Experience7

Our Student Services need to be more agile and realigned with changing student needs.We established theUltimate 360, Ultimate 30 and Ultimate 15 workgroups. It was comprised of staff multiple departments, in collaboration with HCC student representatives. Together, they reimagined how we can better support students throughout their entire life cycle fromrecruitment to graduation to professional growth. Together, they outlined numerous opportunities for improvement.


Student Services PORTFOLIO

First QuarterSecond QuarterThird QuarterFourth QuarterNext YearCustomer Relationship Management PROJECTLast YearContact/Call Center Realignment PROJECTEarly Alert System PROJECT (Shared Service Project)Learning Support Initiative PROJECT (Shared Service Project)New Student Orientation PROJECT (Shared Service Project)Restructuring (Tier One) PROJECT Associate Vice ChancellorsRestructuring (Tier Two) PROJECT Advising, Career Services Incorporating Concepts from the Career Advising Shared Service ProjectOn the Spot Services PROJECTRestructuring (Tier Three) PROJECT Admissions/Registration, Counseling, Outreach, Student Life, Testing, DistrictStudent Services Training Academy PROJECTVirtual Entrepreneur International PROJECTVeterans Academy PROJECT15 to Finish PROJECTAuto-Application PROJECT (Alief ISD)Admissions/Registration Streamlining PROJECT (Shared Service Project)

Transformation requires significant changes across departments, programs and campuses to be entirely successful.Take a look at the many Student Services projects we are implementing during Phase 2.We made it a priority to streamline our admissions and registration processes. Its not enough for HCC to provide a high-quality, affordable education. We have to be accessible and attainable.If transformation is to be a success, business as usual is no longer an option.


Student Services Multi-Year RestructuringTier Two (Proposed) ADVISINGCAREER SERVICES9

An essential change is happening with our advising and career services. It is our responsibility to provide our students with the programs they need to transition to rewarding and sustainable careers.Effective transformation of student services requires us to rethink how we structure our teams to best accomplish our goals. Heres an excellent example of how Student Services wants to adapt their teams to better serve our students pursuing career certifications.This structure recognizes that in order to ensure we correctly advise students, these two services must work closely together. Our advice is going to have a life-long impact on our students, its our duty to get it right and respect their investments in HCC.


Student Services RestructuringTier One (Replacement and Repurposed Positions)Dr. Frances Villagran-GloverAssociate Vice Chancellor, Special Programs and SuccessDr. Amber HollowayAssociate Vice Chancellor, Student Engagement and SuccessShantay GraysAssociate Vice Chancellor, Enrollment Management and Success


Putting the right people in place is the key to making plans work. As part of Phase 2, we restructured key roles in Student Services.Shantay Grays, AVC Enrollment Management and SuccessDr. Frances Villagran-Glover, AVC Special Programs and SuccessDr. Amber Holloway, AVC Student Engagement and SuccessYes, AND SUCCESS. Across the board, it is the responsibility of everyone at HCC to help students on the pathway to student success. Beginning with leadership.When we complete our transformation Student Service will deliver the Ultimate Student Experience.From admissions and registration, to counseling and outreach. Student life and even testing. Across the district, we are making systemic changes to benefit all HCC students.


Easily AccessibleGateway forLaunchingExcellence

EAGLE On-The-Spot11

Heres a great example of the synergy and innovation that exists at HCC.Under the direction of Dr. Madeline Burillo, members of the Southwest College faculty piloted a successful program that uses campus kiosks minimize or eliminate unnecessary wait times at the college.EAGLE On-the-Spot Easily Accessible Gateway for Launching ExcellenceThese kiosks deliver on-the-spot services such as issuance of student ids, registration, payment, parking permits, etc.This tool permits student services staff to spend more time working with students one-on-one on more critical matters.When the right teams converge to develop innovation, we build the Ultimate Student Experience. 12

Information Technology

Vice Chancellor, Information TechnologyCore Information Services Campus Technology ServicesCyber Security and Networks Administrative Services


We have programs in the pipeline that I believe will make HCC the nations leader in education services.To assist our campus teams, we are revitalizing and innovating our Information Technology Services. With the right team and technology in place, we can then delivery the impactful services needed by our faculty, staff and students.Our transformation requires our departments to collaborate. It requires us to think holistically about our resources and how they can be maximized to benefit our students.


Instructional Technology

Indicates a repurposed position

Phase I

Phase 213

Similarly, our Instructional Technology division is also undergoing redevelopment of its leadership team.The result of this multi-phase process is that our Instructional and Information Technology groups will be in alignment.

Information and Instructional Technology Alignment14

As Ive mentioned, communication is key to a successful transformation and for creating best practices for student success.These reorganizations increase communication between two essential HCC service providers.As a result, we are better prepared to keep pace with the 21st century technologies that are required in todays learning spaces.



HCC is on the cusp of our 50-year anniversary. What will our legacy be for our students and community?I hope it is one that reflects our commitment to transformation. That we did our absolute best to ensure our students were prepared for success, in and out of the classroom.Now, Im happy to answer any questions you may have.