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In this presentation, we highlight 5 of these commonly held myths about the US healthcare industry and provide some insight into why they simply are not true. In order to improve the overall healthcare system and create informed consumers it is necessary to negate the common myths surrounding the US healthcare system. Many myths over-simplify the complexity of an industry that generates $2.7 trillion each year and employs 16 million Americans. Other myths try to place blame for problems within the system or arise from a lack of understanding of care delivery and cost drivers within the industry.


  • 1. 1The main driver ofhealthcare costs isunhealthy lifestyles.FACT:There are many more powerful costdrivers such as the fee-for-servicepayment system, fragmentation of careand a rapidly aging population.

2. 2 The insurance industry is the problem.FACT:One entity is not responsible for allissues relating to cost, access anddelivery of care in our healthcare system. 3. 3More care isbetter care.FACT:More healthcare does not always meanbetter care or improved outcomes.Unnecessary care can cause false positivesand even cause health problems. 4. 4 Expensive care is better care.FACT:Studies prove that price has no directcorrelation to healthcare quality. In mostcases, expensive care really means wast-ed resources. 5. 5 The uninsured have good care through the ER.FACT:Hospitals are required by law to stabilizepatients, but are not required to treatunderlying medical conditions or offerpreventative care. 6. Healthcare Myths