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Signposting Health & Social Care


  • North Lincolnshire Health & Social CareSignposting Directory

    Issue 1

    North LincolnshireYour local spotlight on Health & Social Carecovers services in: DN9 - DN15 - DN16 - DN17 - DN18 - DN20 - DN21 - DN38 - DN40


    DisclaimerThis Directory has been compiled to signpost you to health and social care providers throughout North Lincolnshire.

    Whilst Healthwatch North Lincolnshire and Health & Care Publications Limited have taken every care in compiling thispublication, Healthwatch North Lincolnshire and the publishers cannot accept responsibility for any inaccuracies containedherein. All listings are supplied via the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and NHS Choices websites. Neither HealthwatchNorth Lincolnshire nor Health & Care Publications Limited can be held responsible for any errors or omissions.

    This Directory contains advertising from businesses who are offered the opportunity to reach potential customers throughinclusion. However, any information provided by a company or organisation does not carry endorsement or approval ofany product or service by Healthwatch North Lincolnshire or Health & Care Publications Limited.

    Please note that all advertisers are highlighted in bold throughout the directory.

    Healthwatch North Lincolnshire 1 2

    Healthwatch Advocacy 3 -4

    Free NHS Health Check 5 -6

    NHS - Know Your Rights! 7 8

    Your Clinical Commissioning Group 10

    Choosing a GP 11

    GP Surgeries 12

    Pharmacies 13 14

    Dentists, Opticians & Hearing Centres 15 16

    Personal Health Budgets 17

    Advice on Funding for Healthcare 18

    Advice on Funding for Social Care 19

    Recognising Mental Health & Support 20

    Independent Living at Home 21

    Are you a Carer? 22

    Care in your Own Home 23 24

    Choosing Between Residential, Nursing & Independent Living 25 26

    Choosing the Right Care Home 27 28

    Residential Care 29

    Nursing & Residential Care 30

    Help & Advice 31 36

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    About Healthwatch North LincolnshireHealthwatch is the new Consumer Champion, orWatchdog, for health and social care. It exists intwo distinctive forms - local Healthwatch, at locallevel and Healthwatch England, at national level.The aim of Local Healthwatch is to give citizensand communities a stronger voice to influence andchallenge how health and social care services areprovided locally.

    Healthwatch North Lincolnshire has threeprinciple parts:Information and signpostingWe provide people with, or signpost people toinformation about local health and social careservices and how to access them.

    Engagement and outreachWe provide a platform to enable people to sharetheir views and concerns about their local healthand social care services, helping to build a pictureof where services are doing well and where theycan be improved.

    We ensure that the views and experiences ofpatients, carers and other service users are takeninto account when services are planned andcommissioned.

    What Power does Healthwatch North Lincolnshire have?Healthwatch North Lincolnshire can requestinformation from local organisations,commissioners and providers. They then have 20working days to return the information requested.The trained members of Healthwatch (staff orvolunteers) are authorised to perform Enter andView. These are powers to go to a serviceunannounced or announced and have a look at thework/standards in that practice.

    Healthwatch North Lincolnshire has worked veryhard to create partnerships and collaborativerelationships with local services and providers, inorder to discuss issues openly and effectively.

    Once local people bring up an issue, it will beaddressed by Healthwatch and the serviceprovider/organisation together. Twenty workingdays is given to the organisation to respond as tohow they will resolve the issue and improve. Areport is then produced by Healthwatch and madepublic.

    The report will include recommendations bothfrom the public involved in the Healthwatch andthe steps taken by the organisation concerned.Service providers as well as health and social careorganisations have a duty to the public to listen toissues that are brought forward and respond to/actupon them.

    Independent complaints advocacyWe provide people with information about what todo when they are unhappy with the service theyreceived. This includes signposting to independentadvocacy for NHS complaints.

    In addition we: Are able to alert Healthwatch England, or the Care Quality Commission (CQC), where appropriate, to concerns about specific care providers, health or social care matters.

    Healthwatch isindependent andtransparent - withthe authority todemand action

    North Lincolnshire


    Why not come and join us as aHealthwatch North Lincolnshirevolunteer?Healthwatch North Lincolnshire recruits volunteerswho want to make a real difference in the waythat local health and social care services are run.No qualifications are needed to become avolunteer with HWNL just an interest in your localhealth and social care services and a desire toensure the voice of local people is heard.

    Here are some of the areas thatvolunteers can get involved in: Publicising Healthwatch North Lincolnshire and collecting the publics view through talking with people to help get the message across.

    Represent Healthwatch North Lincolnshire at information sessions and events.

    Visiting health and social care premises to gather information about the experiences of services users.

    Enter and View RepresentativesHealthwatch North Lincolnshire (HWNL) are ableunder the provisions of the The Health and SocialCare Act 2012 and associated (draft) Regulations toundertake Enter and View visits to premiseswhich deliver health and social care services andare in receipt of public funds.

    Enter and View is the one of the tools available toHealthwatch to find out peoples experiences ofhealth and social care. Enter and view is not aninspection but instead involves authorisedrepresentatives entering settings where health andsocial care services are conducted, talking topatients, their families/carers and also staff inorder to find out their views and experiences andto observe how well services are being delivered.

    Healthwatch North Lincolnshire Volunteers undergoa recruitment and training programme to ensurethat they are able to understand fully the rationaleand requirements of the procedure. To conductEnter and View Healthwatch North Lincolnshirevolunteers must be authorised and trained.Healthwatch North Lincolnshire will deliver to theHealthwatch England National Framework. AllEnter and View representatives will havesatisfactorily undergone a Disclosure and BarringService (DBS) check.

    Healthwatch North Lincolnshire have implementeda rigorous selection process which requires allmembers who wish to carry out Enter and Viewduties to complete the relevant training whichcovers the legislation and the code of conductbehind enter and view, personal conduct andcommunication skills, evidence gathering andreporting, diversity awareness and safeguardingresponsibilities.

    If you are interested in becoming involved as avolunteer with Healthwatch North Lincolnshirethen contact us:

    Contact us by:

    TELEPHONEInformation & Signposting 01724 245999 NHS Complaints Advocacy 0808 802 3000Office 01724 844986

    [email protected]

    TWITTER @HealthwatchNL NorthLincolnshire

    Or visit our website

    FREEPOST RTEX-LRCT-GTXZHealthwatch North LincolnshireUnit 25, Queensway Business CentreDunlop Way, Scunthorpe DN16 3RN

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    Healthwatch Advocacy helps people to make their NHS complaintsWe can help if you feel you have not had the service you expect from the National Health Service (NHS) and want to complain.

    When your heal