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The marketing assets for my master thesis project the Heart of Gold Gala


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Media Mix

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One of the sponsors of the Heart of Gold gala is the local easy listening radio station in New York City. QLYW is a popular station in the city reaching several million people daily. The station is owned by MajorMedia, which as a large media company will provide a cross-country venue to promote the interactive nature of the gala.

Radio Assets

There will be 20-second radio spots created and broadcast beginning four months prior to the event date. The radio DJ’s will be asked to speak about the gala, and offer a giveaway for radio listeners to be able to attend. All radio stations involved will share on their websites and social media accounts the link to the Heart of Gold crowdsourcing page.   The value of encouragement will come across in the way the ad and DJ’s interact with the event, their enthusiasm for the theme, social aspects, and charity purpose.

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The social media aspect may seem like we are inviting everyone to participate in the event, and in a way we are, however we are targeting those with high disposable incomes and socialite status to attend the actual gala.

There will be an official press release placed on the gala website, with information on the theme, remote gala participation, and links to social and crowdsourcing sites. Social media sites will be created on Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, and more. Banner ads will be created to direct traffic to the crowdsourcing page, and main website.   To keep the viewers interesting in the event an online scavenger hunt will be produced. The hunt will feature items that can be easily found or created that fit the event or charity theme, for example “retrieve a pair of keys, and create a mechanical heart”.

Online Assets

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Websites •  Event site •  Crowd Sourcing Social Media: •  Facebook •  Instagram •  Twitter

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In order to attract attention for non-online donors there will be a large outdoor campaign. Focusing mostly in New York City, Long Island, and West Hampton where the gala is located. There will also be select cities worldwide that will also have outdoor advertising to bring awareness to the interactive abilities of the event.

Billboards, taxi signs, and transit stop posters will be placed in the cities beginning 2 months prior to the gala date. This will include bus, train, light rail, subway, and airport locations.

Outdoor Assets

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The title sponsor of the gala is Long Island General Hospital, the potential for readers in waiting rooms, and health concerns are high. Doctor offices often have a large amount of magazine for waiting patients, in the months leading up to the gala it is a prime opportunity to gain donations and participants in the gala.

Three separate magazine categories will be selected for maximum target audience exposure. Each magazine will have a tailored ad for the genre it reaches.

Print Assets

Other printed materials include: Invitation & Envelope RSVP & Thank You Cards Event Guide

Health Magazines Fitness Magazines Fashion Magazines

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