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  • 7/28/2019 Hebrew Lesson 046


    Hebrew Podcasts

    Lesson 46 Flight to IsraelIntermediate Level

    [email protected] Yedwab, 2009. All rights reserved.


    and welcome back to Hebrew Podcasts.

    In our previous lesson Yael was planning a trip to Israel. Now shesjust returned and we get to hear all about her many adventures.She recounts to Uri the experiences of flying with the kids,collecting the luggage and eating airplane food. Lets hear how it allwent.



    Noa will play the role of Yael and Ill play the role of Uri. Lets beginwith the role play.

    Hi Yael, welcome (back). ,.

    Hay ya-el, broo-ha ha-ba-a.

    How was the visit to Israel? ?

    Eyh ha-ya ha-bi-koor ba-a-rets?Everything went well. .

    Ha-kol ha-lah be-se-der.

    We didnt lose any passport

    Lo ee-bad-noo af dar-kon

    or [flight] ticket. .

    o kar-tis ti-sa.

    The flight left on time

    Ha-ti-sa yats-a ba-zman

    which is a miracle in itself. .

    she-ze nes bif-ney ats-mo.

    On the plane there were personalvideo screens

    Ba-ma-tos ha-yoo ma-sa-hey vi-de-o ee-shi-yimthat saved the kids from boredom. .

    she-hi-tsi-loo et ha-ye-la-dim mi-shi-a-moom.

    They could watch movies

    Hem yah-loo lir-ot sra-tim

    and play video games. .

    oo-le-sa-hek be-mis-ha-key vi-de-o.

    On the other hand, ,

    Mi-tsad she-ni, al ha-o-hel

    its better not to mention the food. .

    yo-ter tov she-lo ne-da-ber.

    The landing was exciting, ,

    Ha-ne-hi-ta hay-ta me-ra-ge-shet,

    because the flight attendants puton Israeli songs

    ki ha-da-ya-lot sa-moo shi-rim is-ra-e-li-yim

    and all the passengers clapped. .

    ve-hol ha-nos-im ma-ha-oo ka-pa-yim.

    We sighed with relief

    Na-sham-noo lir-va-ha

    when the suitcases arrived safely, ,

    kshe-ha-miz-va-dot hi-gi-oo be-sha-lom,

    Past Tense

    To exit, to go out,

    To leave


    I left

    A-ni ya- sa- i

    You left (m. sg.)

    A- a ya-sa-a

    You left (f. sg.)

    At ya- sat

    He left (m. sg.)

    Hoo ya- sa

    She left (f. sg.)

    Hee yats-a

    We left

    A-nah-noo ya- sa-noo

    You left (m. pl.)

    A- em ya- sa- em

    You left (f. pl.)

    A- en ya- sa- en

    They left /

    Hem/Hen yats-oo


    Ha-spor-ta-im yats-oo la-de-reh.

    The athletes left for the road.


    Hoo ya-tsa me-ha-ba-it ba-bo-kerve-ha-zar ba-e-rev.

    He left the house in the morning and

    returned in the evening.

  • 7/28/2019 Hebrew Lesson 046


    Hebrew Podcasts

    Lesson 46 Flight to IsraelIntermediate Level

    [email protected] Yedwab, 2009. All rights reserved.


    because all the gifts for the familywere there.


    ki ha-yoo sham kol ha-ma-ta-not la-mish-pa-ha.I want to hear about the wedding. .

    A-ni ro-tse lish-mo-a al ha-ha-too-na.

    Youll have to call tomorrow

    Tits-ta-reh le-tsal-tsel ma-har

    because I have jet lag '

    ki yesh li jet leg

    and Im exhausted. .

    ve-a-ni ha-roo-ga.

    Noa, lets take a closer look at our dialog as it contains some usefulexpressions. Uri welcomed Yael whos just back from her trip toIsrael. We heard him ask how was the visit to Israel. To ask howwas? its simply


    Eyh ha-ya


    And how was the visit to Israel?


    Eyh ha-ya ha-bi-koor ba-a-rets?


    We should remember that means in Israel.

    Yael said that everything went well we didnt lose any passport orticket. The verb here, to lose, in the past tense


    thats speaking about us . If I was speakingabout the two of you, I would say

    A-tem ee-ba-de-tem

    And speaking about them, I would say

    Hem ib-doo

    To turn the statement negative we didnt lose

    Lo ee-bad-noo

    Past Tense

    To save, to rescue


    I saved

    A-ni hi- sal- i

    You saved (m. sg.)

    A- a hi- sal- a

    You saved (f. sg.)

    At hi- salt

    He saved (m. sg.)

    Hoo hi- sil

    She saved (f. sg.)Hee hi- si-la

    We saved

    A-nah-noo hi- sal-noo

    You saved (m. pl.)

    A- em hi- sal- em

    You saved (f. pl.)

    A- en hi- sal- en

    They saved /

    Hem/Hen hi- si-loo


    Ha-ma-tsi-lim hi-tsi-loo et ha-sah-yanmi-tvi-a.

    The life guards rescued the swimmer fromdrowning.


    Ha-me-il hi-tsil o-ti me-ha-kor ha-no-ra.

    The coat saved me from the bitter cold.

    Welcome (fem.)

    Broo-ha ha-ba-a


    Broo-ha ha-ba-a la-me-si-ba she-la-noo.

    Welcome to our party.


    Hit-ga-a-ga-noo e-la-yih. Broo-ha ha-ba-aha-bay-ta.

    We missed you. Welcome home.

  • 7/28/2019 Hebrew Lesson 046


    Hebrew Podcasts

    Lesson 46 Flight to IsraelIntermediate Level

    [email protected] Yedwab, 2009. All rights reserved.


    The word for a passport is . And to say no passport, Noa,

    Af dar-kon

    So the Hebrew version of we didnt lose any passport uses adouble negative as in we didnt lose no passport

    Lo ee-bad-noo af dar-kon

    Another thing that went well is that the flight left on time. Yael usedan expression to say which is a miracle in itself

    She-ze nes bif-ney ats-mo

    The word for a miracle is . The expression in itself is .

    For example, Noa, the expression a world in itself

    O-lam bif-ney ats-mo

    Yael also pointed out the personal video screens on the plane. Theword for a screen is


    A video screen

    Ma-sah vi-de-o

    In plural, video screens

    Ma-sa-hey vi-de-o

    The word for personal, as in a personal screen, is


    And in plural,


    So, Noa, lets listen to how Yael said on the plane there werepersonal video screens

    Past Tense

    To breathe


    I breathed

    A-ni na-sham- i

    You breathed (m. sg.)

    A- a na-sham- a

    You breathed (f. sg.)

    At na-shamt

    He breathed (m. sg.)

    Hoo na-sham

    She breathed (f. sg.)

    Hee nash-ma

    We breathed

    A-nah-noo na-sham-noo

    You breathed (m. pl.)

    A- em na-sham- em

    You breathed (n. pl.)

    A- en na-sham- en

    They breathed /

    Hem/Hen nash-moo


    Ha-rak-dan na-sham ve-na-shaf a-ha-reyha-ho-fa-a.

    The dancerbreathed heavily after theshow.


    Na-sham-noo a-mok ba-gan ha-boo-ta-ni.

    We breathed deep at the botanic garden.

  • 7/28/2019 Hebrew Lesson 046


    Hebrew Podcasts

    Lesson 46 Flight to IsraelIntermediate Level

    [email protected] Yedwab, 2009. All rights reserved.


    Ba-ma-tos ha-yoo ma-sa-hey vi-de-o ee-shi-yim

    These personal video screens saved the kids from boredom. Theverb to save or to rescue is , and they saved the kids

    Hem hi-tsi-loo et ha-ye-la-dim

    If you ever travelled on long flights with young children, then youknow the perils of children being bored. The word for boredom is


    A good advice is to bring to the flight some new toys and books thatthe kids have not seen before. Those will ensure hours of refugefrom boredom.

    Although things went well, food was another matter. To commentabout the food, Yael started with on the other hand

    Mi-tsad she-ni

    Yael didnt like the food. About the food, she said, better not tomention

    Yo-ter tov she-lo ne-da-ber

    We know that means good. means better.

    Yael was excited about the landing. She told Uri that the flightattendants put on Israeli songs. Noa, lets take a moment topractice this import verb, to put.


    In the past tense, Yael said that the flight attendants put

    Ha-da-ya-lot sa-moo

    Yael referred to female flight attendants. If there were some maleflight attendants, she should have said

    Ha-da-ya-lim sa-moo

    Past Tense

    To clap, to applaud


    I clapped

    A-ni ma-hi- i

    You clapped (m. sg.)

    A- a ma-hi- a

    You clapped (f. sg.)

    At ma-hit

    He clapped (m. sg.)

    Hoo ma-ha

    She clapped (f. sg.)

    Hee mah- a

    We clapped

    A-nah-noo ma-hi-noo

    You clapped (m. pl.)

    A- em ma-hi- em

    You clapped (f. pl.)

    A- en ma-hi- en

    They clapped /

    Hem/Hen ma-ha-oo

    .Ha-ka-hal ma-ha ka-pa-yim


    The audience clapped enthusiastically.


    Ha-kof ha-me-oo-lafma-ha ka-pa-yim.

    The trained monkey clapped.

  • 7/28/2019 Hebrew Lesson 046


    Hebrew Podcasts

    Lesson 46 Flight to IsraelIntermediate Level

    [email protected] Yedwab, 2009. All rights reserved.


    Noa, one more example, if I said I put, that would be

    A-ni sam-ti

    When the airplane touched down, something unexpectedhappened, all the passengers clapped their hands. The expressionhere, clapped their hands was

    Ma-ha-oo ka-pa-yim

    The verb here, , means to clap together. means twohands. Its the double form of the word which means a hand, ormore specifically, the palm of the hand.

    Once off the flight, its time to collect the luggage. Yael used acouple of expression here we sighed with relief, she said, whenthe suitcases arrived safely.

    The expression we sighed with relief is

    Na-sham-noo lir-va-ha

    The verb here, , means we breathed. The word in this

    context means relief.

    The other expression, arrived safely is

    Hi-gi-oo be-sha-lom

    Yael was relieved because the gifts for the family were in theluggage.

    Uri wanted to hear about the wedding that Yael attended in Israel,but Yael said youll have to call tomorrow

    Tits-ta-reh le-tsal-tsel ma-har

    Lets see another example of using this verb. Noa, what if I wantedto say to Rina youll have to go to sleep early

    Tits-tar-hi la-le-het li-shon mook-dam

    The reason that Yael wanted to put the wedding story off tilltomorrow was that she had a jet lag and she was exhausted. Noa,how did she say Im exhausted?

    A-ni ha-roo-ga

    Future Tense

    To talk, to speak


    Ill talk

    A-ni a-da-ber

    Youll talk (m. sg.)

    A- a te-da-ber

    Youll talk (f. sg.)

    At te-dab-ri

    Hell talk (m. sg.)

    Hoo ye-da-ber

    Shell talk (f. sg.)

    Hee te-da-ber

    Well talk

    A-nah-noo ne-da-ber

    Youll talk (plural) /

    A- em/A- en te-dab-roo

    Theyll talk /

    Hem/Hen ye-dab-roo


    A-ni a-da-berbe-kol ram al ha-ba-ma.

    Ill speak loudly on stage.


    Shnei ha-tsda-dim ye-dab-roo e-had eemha-she-ni.

    Both sides will talk with one another.

    To breathe asigh of relief

    Lin-shom lir-va-ha


    Kshe-ga-mar-ti le-e-roz na-sham-ti


    When I finished packing, I breathed a sighof relief.


    Ha-ka-door-se-lan na-sham lir-va-habe-sof ha-mis-hak.

    The basketball player breathed a sigh ofrelief at the end of the game.

  • 7/28/2019 Hebrew Lesson 046


    Hebrew Podcasts

    Lesson 46 Flight to IsraelIntermediate Level

    [email protected] Yedwab, 2009. All rights reserved.


    And with that we come to the end of the dialog. To download thelesson guide and to practice the lesson using the flashcards visit

    our website at http://hebrewpodcasts.com.

    Noa, lets repeat the dialog. As always well pause after each linefor you to repeat it out loud.

    , .



















    A miracle initself

    Nes bif-ney ats-mo


    Ze she-ha-o-hel hi-gi-a ba-zman ze nesbif-ney ats-mo.

    That the food arrived on time is a miraclein itself.


    Ze nes bif-ney az-mo she-ya-hol-noo

    lin-hog ba-ho-sheh.Its a miracle in itself that we could drive inthe darkness.

    On the other hand

    Mi-tsad she-ni


    Ha-me-si-ba hay-ta ya-fa, ah mi-tsad

    she-ni hee hay-ta re-ho-ka.The party was lovely, but on the otherhand it was far away.


    A-ni ro-tse lik-not me-ho-nit ha-da-sha, ahmi-tsad she-ni, zo ho-tsa-a gdo-la.

    I want to buy a new car, but on the otherhand its a big expense.

  • 7/28/2019 Hebrew Lesson 046


    Hebrew Podcasts

    Lesson 46 Flight to IsraelIntermediate Level

    [email protected] Yedwab, 2009. All rights reserved.


    This lessons vocabulary



    how was it

    I, I am

    not... any... ......

    in ...

    in Israel

    on time


    video games

    welcome back (fem.)safely

    jet lag '

    flight attendants (fem.pl.)


    the ...

    they arrived (pl.)


    they were

    they were there

    was (fem.)

    all went well


    they saved

    exhausted (fem.)

    and ...




    they could (pl.)

    children, kidswent out, departed,exited (fem.)

    I have

    Israeli (pl.)



    flight ticket

    when ...

    for, to ...

    we didnt lose

    to call

    to see

    to play

    to hear

    from ...suitcases

    they clapped (pl.)



    personal video screens

    on the other hand

    exciting (fem.)





    a miracle in itself

    we sighed


    about, on



    which, that


    songsnot to mention

    put (pl.) (past tense)

    you will need to

  • 7/28/2019 Hebrew Lesson 046


    Hebrew Podcasts

    Lesson 46 Flight to IsraelIntermediate Level

    [email protected] Yedwab, 2009. All rights reserved.


    Lesson 46 Exercises

    Select the correct form of the verb and write it in the space. Pay attention to gender andplurality.

    1. Ha-git __________ la-ti-yool. 1.________.

    yats-oo (

    yats-a (

    ya-tsa-noo (

    2. Ha-sfi-not __________ et ha-tov-im. 2.________.

    hi-tsi-loo (hi-tsil (

    hi-tsi-la (

    3. Hem __________ lir-va-ha. 3.________.

    na-sham (

    nash-moo (

    nash-ma (

    4. A-nah-noo __________ ka-pa-yim be-hit-la-ha-voot. 4.________.

    ma-ha (

    mah-ta (

    ma-hi-noo (

    5. A-ni __________ eem ha-me-na-hel. 5.________.

    a-da-ber (

    te-dab-roo (

    te-da-ber (

    6. __________ ha-ba-a la-soo-ka she-la-noo. 6.________.

    Ba-rooh (

    Broo-him (

    Broo-ha (

    Both the podcast and this accompanying lesson guide are copyrighted material. All rights reserved. You may not distribute

    these materials without permission from the copyright owner.