heroes journey. the heroes journey and the monomyth the heroes journey and the monomyth

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Heroes Journey. The Heroes Journey and the Monomyth

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Heroes Journey.

Heroes Journey.

The Heroes Journey and the Monomyth1Note to self. Heracles really should have put a safety on those arrows of his (hydra blood)(1)Call to AdventureThe hero is invited by a power or event to join the world of the fantastic, often the hero does not know about the troubles that they are called to help with.Ex: Heracles

2The man mistook his own children for enemy soldiers invading his home due to the mad curse the Jealous Hera placed on him. Spiraling in Depression he went to the Oracle of Delphi to learn how to repent. Philoctetes the Satyr from the Disney movie is actually the Goddess of Youth, and Heracles son.(2)Refusal of the CallThe hero denies their destiny as the chosen one and tries to convince the messenger of their plainness.Ex: Harry Potter

3But Im just plain old Harry Potter(3)Supernatural AidThe hero is taught by a figure often fatherly about their hidden past or of the powers they possess. They begin training and preparationEx: King Arthur

4(4)Crossing the First ThresholdThe hero can no longer go back to their life as it was, they have officially started their quest and must finish it. They have set off.Ex: Superman/Clark Kent

5Interestingly enough, the daily Planet symbol is the same as the Daily Bugle I thinkWhen He decided to use his powers for good.(5)The Belly of the WhaleThe first true test of the heros abilities, often a seemingly hopeless situation. Either a feat to be accomplished or a Foe to defeat.Ex: Pinocchio (Not the actual Whale scene.)

6(6)The Road of TrialsThe hero is challenged and must fight (mental or physical) through a set number of tasks, each more dangerous than the last.Ex: The trials of Heracles

7(7)Meeting with the GoddessThe hero is now ready, he has achieved most if not all of his potential and must now continue. He must now learn the next step from a character, often female.Ex: Galadrial Lord of the Rings

8(8)TemptationThe hero is tempted by the very forces he is sent to defeat. The foe realizes if they tempt the hero, the prophecy will fail.Ex: Darth Vader, Star Wars.

9(9)The Ultimate BoonThe hero has finished the battle and emerged victorious, and comes away with the ultimate reward.Ex: Romulus and Remus

10(10)Refusal to ReturnThe hero has become so used to the realm of the fantastic they wish to stay there forever. But may soon see the folly in that idea.Ex: Bellerophon

11He refuses to release Pegasus(11)The Magic FlightThe hero is whisked quickly back home either by a magic device or the powers of the montage. If only they had that earlier.Ex: The Great Eagles of Middle-Earth

12(12)Crossing the Return ThresholdThe hero must now overcome a challenge to go back to the regular. Often ironically the return threshold is the reverse of the first thresholdEx: Luke Skywalker

13As he faces his father for the last time.(13)Mastery of Two WorldsThe Hero now has completed their first quest and now can blend seamlessly the realms of the fantastic and those of the Ordinary.Ex: Batman/Bruce Wayne

14(14)Freedom to LiveThe hero having completed their task is now allowed to choose their path, most however are never truly able to return thanks to the events that happened.Ex: Frodo Baggins

15Myths and FilmsThe Lord of the Rings Books by J.R.R Tolkien. Step(s) 7, 11, 14Batman by Bob Kane. Step(s) 13Star Wars by George Lucas. Step(s) 8, 12The Trials of Heracles, Greek Mythology. Step(s) 1, 6Pinocchio by Carlo Conodi (who interestingly enough had a nose fetish). Step(s) 5Rome Founding Myth. Step(s) 9Superman by Jerry Siegal. Step(s) 4Bellerophon and the Winged Horse. Step(s) 10Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling. Step(s) 2King Arthur of the Britans. Step(s) 3