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Reconstructing the Nation 1865–1877

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  • 1. Reconstructing the Nation 18651877

2. HIST 1301 Mini-Lectures on YouTube Click Here for the Wk 14 Mini-Lecture Playlist 3. The Beginnings of Reconstruction 4. African Americans Build New Lives After Emancipation 5. Freedpeople Explore the Meaning of Freedom 6. Freedpeople Need Votes and Land 7. Eric Foner on 1866 and the Birth of Civil Rights 8. The Drama of Reconstruction Unfolds 9. President Johnson Versus Congress 10. Conflict Over The Black Codes 11. Radical Reconstruction 12. Radical Reconstruction (Cont.) 13. African Americans Become a Force in Southern Politics 14. Republican Party Activism in the South 15. Gary Gallagher on the "Lost Cause" 16. The End of Reconstruction 17. Southern Democrats and the Klan Redeem the South 18. Southern Democrats and the Klan Redeem the South 19. Southern Democrats and the Klan Redeem the South 20. The Final Assault on Reconstruction 21. Hayes v. Tilden & the End of Reconstruction 22. Additional Resources: David Bight's Lectures Civil War and Reconstruction Course Yale University 23. 19. To Appomattox and Beyond: The End of the War and a Search for Meanings 24. 20. Wartime Reconstruction: Imagining the Aftermath and a Second American Republic 25. 21. Andrew Johnson and the Radicals: A Contest over the Meaning of Reconstruction 26. 22. Constitutional Crisis and Impeachment of a President 27. 23. Black Reconstruction in the South: The Freedpeople and the Economics of Land and Labor 28. 24. Retreat from Reconstruction: The Grant Era and Paths to "Southern Redemption" 29. 25. The "End" of Reconstruction: Disputed Election of 1876, and the "Compromise of 1877" 30. 26. Race and Reunion: The Civil War in American Memory 31. 27. Legacies of the Civil War