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presentation about the history and culture at lumut, perak, design


  • 1. HISTORICALHISTORY OF LUMUTLumut is a coastal town in the state ofPerak,Malaysia.It is the take off point to Pangkor Island and alsoPangkor Laut.This little coastal town serves the local communitywhich largely made up royal navy.Previously Lumut was known as Tanah Merah. .According to the historical records, Tanah Merah(Lumut) is the location where ceremonial signingdelegating of Daerah Dinding to Kerajaan NegeriPerak.This historic event happen on February 16, 1935 andin conjunction with this, Tanah Merah rename asLumut.To commemorate the event, Masjid Al-Adly havebeen built in the city symbolize gratitude on thedelegation of Dinding colonies.Lumut is well known for its beautiful shell and coralhandcraft

2. MORPHOLOGY. 1800-1900 Development of shop houses along Jalan Sultan Idris Shah. Development of shop houses along Jalan Sultan Abdul Samad. . Perjanjian Pangkor 1874 (in conjunction with Daerah Dinding delegation)LegendUndeveloped Area 1900-1950Developed AreaRoadProposed SiteCeremonial signing delegation of Daerah Dinding to 4 Kerajaan Negeri Perak of February 16,1935. 3 2 . Tanah Merah renamed as Lumut 1 Erection of Masjid Al-Adly to commemorate the Daerah Dinding delegation. Development of Navy Base, police station and post office. 3. MORPHOLOGY.Legend Undeveloped Area1960-2000 Developed Area Road Proposed SiteRenovation of shop houses at Jalan Sultan Idris4Shah. Development of Taman Bukit Maju in31992..21 Development of Kampung Padang Tembak.Construction of Sekolah Methodist Acs, and SJK(C) Eng Ling Lumut.Legend2000-2010Undeveloped AreaDeveloped AreaRoadLand backfilling started on 2004 from Navy base,Proposed Site4to the waterfront, to the Marina Wing.Development of shop houses along Jalan Sultan3. Yusoff Izzudin.21Recreational area and commercial buildings havebeen erected on the backfilled land to attracttourists. Construction of multi-storey car park,Sekolah Menengah Agama Al-Adly and verticalhousing development . 4. MORPHOLOGY.LegendUndeveloped AreaDeveloped AreaRoadProposed Site 43 . 2 12011-PRESENT Building extension of Valley Resort Condominium.Land backfilling to the west of Lumut. 5. ARCHITECTURAL TIMELINE .1800 1850190019502000 PRESENT TRADITIONALCOLONIALMODERN HIGH-TECH 6. CULTURAL &COMMUNITY BACKROUNDRACESThe race graph shows that Malay is the dominantrace this site. Secondly Chinese, thirdly Indian andthe rest are non citizen, aborigins and others. B. C 15.5%4%A D A : Uncle David Siva.B : Uncle Taib Ehsan, owner of restaurant in Jalan Sultan Idris Shah.From the respondents, most of them said that the numberof Chinese peoples are more than other races. We are inform that C : Aunty Fatimah Baharom, D : Tourists near Jettyonly 10 Malay dwellers left in Kampung Titi Panjang. resident in Kampung Lumut.Titi Panjang. 7. CULTURAL & COMMUNITY BACKROUNDECONOMYFrom our respondents data and Tourism CentreLumut, it can be classified through the pie chartbelow. The pie chart shows that economy from A Bgovernment sector give highest percentage foreconomy at Lumut. Business and estate have 30%and 20% only. Fisherman become the lowestpercentage than others.. . CD E FA : Stalls near Jetty Lumut. B : Restaurant in Jalan Pegawai.C : Groceries of sea product inD : Groceries sea product in JalanJalan Pegawai .Titi Panjang.E : Shops in Jalan Titi Panjang. F : Navy ship near Marina Wing. 8. CULTURAL & COMMUNITY BACKROUND The percentage of college students are the most highest than other rate of student. The percentage of kindergarten students are the most lowest rate. AB18.52%. CDA : Chinese school in Jalan TitiB : Sekolah Methodist ACS, Lumut. Panjang, Lumut.C : Sekolah Agama Al Adly, Lumut. D : SJK(C) Eng Ling, Lumut.Source : Department of Statistics, Malaysia36.3% 9. CULTURAL &COMMUNITY BACKROUND The highest percentage of religions at Lumut is Islam. Its dramatically decrease for Buddha and the lowest percentage is others religionsAB6.4%71.6% .CDEFA : Driving range beside SekolahB : Masjid Al Adly, Lumut.From the respondents, most of them said that the numberAgama Al adly, Lumut.of Malay peoples are less than other races. Therefore, Muslims at C : Entrace of Masjid Al Adly, Lumut. D : View of chinese temple.Lumut was less compare other religious E : Chinese temple in Jalan TitiF : Entrance of chinese temple, Lumut.Panjang. 10. CULTURAL &COMMUNITY BACKROUNDAGESThe graph bar shows that age below 20 is thedominant percentage of age in Lumut. Secondly agefrom 20 - 40 and the rest is above 40. 39.38%23.4% .37.14%Source : Department of Statistics, Malaysia.From the respondents, most of them said that local resident inLumut majority are senior citizen. The youngsters migrate to towndue to job opportunities. 11. Senior Citizens are the majorities in Lumut, alot of youngsters have migrated to the city fora better job opportunities. Residents from Manjung and Sitiawan cometo Lumut for Commercial matters. Business activities are the main activity here inLumut.. 12. COMMUNITY BACKGROUNDRESIDENTIALThere are a few government quarters; some are abandoned thatwere used to be Custom Officers residence. Other governmentquarters such as the MPM quarters, and abandoned JKR quartersare also available.With the existence of the shop houses in the commercial areas,ABsome quarters are needed to accommodate some city dwellerswho runs business here.There are also a village; Kampung Titi Panjang which is one ofthe oldest village in Lumut.New housing development; Taman Bukit Maju that wasdeveloped in the 90s where there are terrace houses.CD Titi Panjang Damai Laut Apartment ApartmentLumut ValleyCondominiumTamanBukit MajuEFLegend A: The custom quarters along Jalan Titi PanjangResidential AreasB, C: Existing houses of the old Kampung Titi Panjang D, E: A traditional house in Kampung Titi Panjang.Proposed SIte F: The Lumut Valley Condominium 13. COMMUNITY BACKGROUNDCOMMERCIALResidents from Manjung and Sitiawan come to Lumut to runtheir business here as the attractions are quite strong here.The main commercial activities in Lumut are Sea Products, A Brunning food business, and souvenirs.There are some basic needs of business done here such asgrocery shop, workshop, remedy shop and many more.Lumut SuburbsLumut Town. C DLegendCommercial Areas E FProposed SIte A: Souvenir Bazaar B; Old Shop Houses C, D : Famous Sea Product Shops E, F : Caf and Food Courts 14. COMMUNITY BACKGROUNDRECREATIONAL & TOURISMRecreational and Tourism parks are built during the early 2000when the development of Lumut started to convert the town tomaritime and tourism and town.Pedestrian walkways, new shop lots which exhibits local cultureA Band souvenirs, tourist information center, and massiverecreational parks or public places for people to interact.The development of the facilities gives the new image of Lumuthence redefining the landscape of Lumut as a Maritime townand as the gateway to Pangkor Island. .Marina WingC D RecreatonalParksEsplanadeand Tourist Info Cnter Driving Range Legend E F Recreational ParksA: Public Toliet HotelsTourist Center B, C: Pedestrian Walkways and ParksD: Jetty Proposed SIteE: Marina Wing parkF: TouristmAgency 15. COMMUNITY BACKGROUNDEDUCATIONALLumut has 4 academic institutions. There are 3 primary schools;and a nursing college.The schools are normally for the Lumut junior residents. Thenursing college adds the number temporary residents of Lumut.A BThe academic institutions are built periodically. The first is theEng Ling Chinese School beside the temple during the colonialperiod. The ACS Methodist School was built during the 60s andthe Sekolah Agama Al-Adly was built in the 90s. The Nursingcollege were built around the period.. Eng Ling ChineseSchoolACS Methodist SchoolSekolah AgamaAl-AdlyC A: ACS Methodist School B: Sekelah Agama Al AdlyLegend C: Eng Ling Chinese SchoolEducational BuildingProposed SIte 16. COMMUNITY BACKGROUNDRELIGIOUS CENTRESThere are only 2 religious buildings in Lumut; Masjid Al-Adly byJalan Lumut and a Chinese Temple at the end of the road; by thejunction of Jalan Lumut to Jalan Titi Panjang. There are also aHindu Temple in the TLDM campThere used to be a mosque in Kampung Titi Panjang. The newAl- Adly Mosque was built through some historical eventsAhappen in Lumut.Chinese Temple . Al Adly MosqueLegendBCommercial AreasProposed SIteA : Masjid Al Adly B: Chinese Temple 17. SERVICES As a basic town, Lumut has basic services such as a PostOffice, a Police Station, a community hall, a bus station, ajetty and a custom office. These service buildings works asthe backbone of the town. The service buildings arestrategicly placed around the The customs office is to accommodate the needs of Lumut asthe maritime city. The existence of TLDM camp enhance theusage of the town as maritime city.Bus .Customs OfficeStationCommunityHallPoliceStationLegendCommercial AreasProposed SIte 18. S.W.O.C .SITE 1STRENGTH : LESS NOISE,CALM, NEAR TOPOLICE STATION.WEAKNESS : LOT OF ABANDONED HOUSE,SOCIAL PROBLEM, UNSAFE ENVIRONMENTOPPORTUNITY : NEAR TO THE BUSINESS AREA.ATTRACTION FOR BUSINESSMAN.CONSTRAIN : LOW INTERACTION BETWEENCOMMUNITY 19. SITE 2STRENGTH :GOOD COMMUNICATION BETWEENCOMMUNITY ,LOT OF FACILITIES. Eg: school, mosque, busstation , templeWEAKNESS : WILD ANIMAL (BUSHES)OPPORTUNITY : PRODUCE GOOD COMMUNITY WITH AHEALTHY ENVIRONMENTCONSTRAIN : NOISE 20. S.W.O.C .SITE 3STRENGTH : NEAR TO HISTORICAL PLACE ,KEDAI HASILLAUTWEAKNESS : BLOCKED VIEW,OPPORTUNITY : PLACE FOR MALAY COMMUNITYCONSTRAIN : TANAH WAKAF, LIMITED FOR MALAY. 21. SITE 4STRENGTH :NEAR TO THE PUBLIC AREA. INTERESTING VIEW.WEAKNESS : LOW INTERACTION BETWEEN COMMUNITYOPPORTUNITY :CAN ATTRACT THE TOURIST WITH THE NICEVIEW.CONSTRAIN : COMPETE WITH THE OTHER NEAREST HOUSING.