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~~ bright ho~~.~ @, Channel Lineup MANATEE september 30th, 2010 basic & standard channels [continued] 2 WCLF Ch 22 Ind 3 WEDU Ch 3 PBS 4 wrOG Ch 44 The CW 5 wm Ch 50 Telefutura 6 WTTACh 38 MyTVTampa Bay 7 WWSB Ch 40 ABC 8 WFLA Ch 8 NBC 9 Bay News 9 10 wrsP Ch 10 CBS 11 WFTS Ch 28 ABC 12 WMOR Ch 32 Ind 13 WTVTCh 13 FOX 14 C-SPAN 15 WVEA Ch 62 Univision 16 WUSF Ch 16 PBS (Converter Required) 17 WXPX Ch 66 ION 18 WGN America 19 BET 20 Discovery Health 21 E! 22 HSN 23 TBS 24 C-SPAN 2 25 History 26 Versus 27 ESPN 28 ESPN2 29 CNN 30 Headline News 31 Sun Sports 32 USA Network 33 TNT 34 Discovery Channel 35 Animal Planet 36 Nickelodeon 37 FOX News Channel 38 Lifetime Television 39 FOX Sports Florida 40 Disney Channel 41 MSNBC 42 CNBC 43 Spike 44 Oxygen 45 CMT 46 TLC 47 Bright House Sports Network (converterrequired) 48 A&E 49 TV Land 50 Lifetime Movie Network 51 Bravo 52 ABC Family 53 Turner Classic Movies 54 Travel Channel (converter required) 55 truTV 56 Food Network 57 HGTV 58 Cartoon Network 59 Syfy 60 FX 61 Comedy Central 62 VHl 63 The Weather Channel 64 AMC 65 National Geographic Channel 66 MTV 67 Golf Channel 68 Hallmark Channel 69 WE tv 70 QVC 79 Galavision (Converter Required) 95 Community/Jewelry Television 96 Community 97 Telemundo 98 ShopNBC 99 TV Guide 112 Speed (converterrequired) 604 WEDU Florida Knowledge Network DT 605 WEDU+ DT 606 WEDU V-Me DT 607 8Prime (RTN) 614 METV Manatee Educational TV 616 WUSF Ch 16 PBS DT 617 WUSF Kids Channel DT 618 WUSF Create DT 619 WUSF Florida Knowledge Network DT 620 EdTV Manatee Public Schools 621 NASA TV 622 MGA 623 The Honda Channel 624 Pentagon Channel 627 Estrella TV 629 WFTS ABC AccuWeather DT 630 ThisTVTampa Bay 631 wrsP Ch 10 Weather Now DT 1003 WEDU Ch 3 PBS HD 1004 wrOG Ch 44 The CW HD 1006 WTTACh 38 MyTVTampa Bay HD 1007 WWSB Ch 40 ABC HD 1008 WFLA Ch 8 NBC HD 1010 wrsP Ch 10 CBS HD 1011 WFTS Ch 28 ABC HD 1012 WMOR Ch 32 Ind HD 1013 WTVTCh 13 FOX HD 1015 WVEA Univision HD 1017 WXPX Ch 66 ION HD 1153 Speed HD digital channels DIGITAL CHANNELS 100 Science Channel 101 History International 102 Discovery Kids 103 Military Channel 104 Bio 105 Playhouse Disney 106 Ovation TV 107 Centric 108 Planet Green 109 Bright House Networks Travel Weather Now 110 JewelryTV 111 EWTN 113 IFC 114 FitTV 115 FlixWest 116 GSN 117 Sundance Channel 118 Flix East 119 Style 120 FOX Soccer Channel 121 PBS Kids Sprout 122 Disney XD 123 BBC America 124 G4 125 Nick Jr. 126 MTV2 127 Bloomberg Television 128 Current TV 129 C-SPAN 3 130 Sleuth 131 TBN 132 Fuse 133 Great American Country 134 AmericanLife TV Network 135 Investigation Discovery 136 DIY Network 137 SOAPnet 138 VHl Classic 139 CBS College Sports 140 TeenNick 141 CNBC World 142 Cooking Channel 143 lifetime Real Women 144 NickToons 145 Gospel Music Channel 146 TV One 147 Logo 148 Nat Geo WILD 149 FOX Business Network 150 ESPNews 151 ESPNU 152 ESPN Classic 153 ESPN Deportes 154 Bay News 9 en Espanol 155 Galavision 156 WAPA America 157 Tr:ls 158 mun2 159 MLB Network 160 Jewelry TV 161 Celebrity Shopping Network 162 Art & Coin TV 164 TV Super Store 165 America's Auction Network 167 Leased Access 168 Chiller 169 Mil~ary History Channel 170 Crime & Investigation Network 171 Daystar 172 Jewish Life TV 173 The Word Network 803 NBA TV 1009/1209 Bay News 9 DT 1018 WGN America HD 1102 Nickelodeon HD 1105 Disney Channel HD 1107 Disney XD HD 1121 ABC Family HD 1122 Hallmark Channel HD 1127 ESPN HD 1128 ESPN2 HD 1129 ESPNews HD 1131 ESPNU HD 1137 CBS College Sports HD 1140 NBA TV HD 1141 MLB Network HD 1147 Bright House Sports Network HD 1148 Sun Sports HD 1149 FOX Sports Florida HD 1152 Versus HD 1154 Golf Channel HD 1214 FOX News Channel HD 1215 CNN HD 1216 HLN HD 1218 MSNBC HD 1219 CNBC HD 1220 FOX Business Network HD 1234 BET HD 1235 Discovery HD Theater 1236 TBS HD 1237 TNT HD 1238 USA Network HD 1239 A&E HD 1240 Bio HD 1242 History Channel HD 1243 History International HD 1246 Investigation Discovery HD 1247 Crime & Investigation Network HD 1250 HGTV HD 1252 Food Network HD 1255 TLC HD 1256 Discovery Channel HD 1259 Animal Planet HD 1260 National Geographic Channel HD 1262 Nat Geo WILD HD 1264 Planet Green HD 1265 Science Channel HD 1267 Travel Channel HD 1272 WE tv HD 1278 BBC America HD 1282 Cartoon Network HD 1283 FX HD 1284 G4 HD 1285 Spike HD 1286 Syfy HD 1292 Comedy Central HD 1293 E! HD 1294 Style HD 1295 Bravo HD 1300 Palladia 1301 MTV HD 1306 VHl HD 1311 FuseHD 1314 CMT HD 1355 AMC HD 1357 TCM HD 1359 Lifetime Movie Network HD 1363 IFC HD MOVIE PACK 190 Retroplex 191 Indieplex 192 FOX Movie Channel 193 Encore 194 Encore Love 195 Encore Westerns 196 Encore Mystery 197 Encore Action 198 Encore Drama 199 Encore WAM PREMIUM CHANNELS 200 HBO on Demand 201HBO East 202 HB02 East 203 HBO Signature East 204 HBO Family East 205 HBO Comedy East 206 HBO Zone East 207 HBO latino East 208 HBO West 209 HB02 West

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Page 1: ho~~.~@, Channel Lineup - Lakeside South Property · PDF filebrightho~~.~@, Channel Lineup MANATEE september 30th, 2010 basic & standard channels [continued] 2 WCLF Ch 22 Ind 3 WEDU

~~bright ho~~.~@, Channel Lineup

MANATEEseptember 30th, 2010

basic & standard channels [continued]2 WCLF Ch 22 Ind3 WEDU Ch 3 PBS4 wrOG Ch 44 The CW

5 wm Ch 50 Telefutura6 WTTACh 38 MyTVTampa Bay

7 WWSB Ch 40 ABC

8 WFLA Ch 8 NBC9 Bay News 9

10 wrsP Ch 10 CBS11 WFTS Ch 28 ABC12 WMOR Ch 32 Ind13 WTVTCh 13 FOX14 C-SPAN15 WVEA Ch 62 Univision16 WUSF Ch 16 PBS (Converter Required)17 WXPX Ch 66 ION18 WGN America19 BET20 Discovery Health21 E!22 HSN23 TBS24 C-SPAN 225 History26 Versus27 ESPN28 ESPN229 CNN30 Headline News31 Sun Sports32 USA Network33 TNT

34 Discovery Channel35 Animal Planet36 Nickelodeon37 FOXNews Channel38 Lifetime Television39 FOXSports Florida40 Disney Channel41 MSNBC42 CNBC43 Spike44 Oxygen

45 CMT46 TLC47 Bright House Sports Network (converterrequired)

48 A&E49 TV Land50 Lifetime Movie Network51 Bravo52 ABC Family53 Turner Classic Movies54 Travel Channel (converter required)

55 truTV56 Food Network

57 HGTV58 Cartoon Network59 Syfy

60 FX61 Comedy Central

62 VHl

63 The Weather Channel64 AMC65 National Geographic Channel66 MTV67 Golf Channel68 Hallmark Channel69 WE tv70 QVC79 Galavision (Converter Required)95 Community/Jewelry Television96 Community

97 Telemundo98 ShopNBC99 TV Guide

112 Speed (converterrequired)604 WEDU Florida Knowledge Network DT

605 WEDU+ DT606 WEDU V-Me DT607 8Prime (RTN)614 METV Manatee Educational TV616 WUSF Ch 16 PBS DT617 WUSF Kids Channel DT618 WUSF Create DT619 WUSF Florida Knowledge Network DT620 EdTV Manatee Public Schools621 NASA TV622 MGA623 The Honda Channel624 Pentagon Channel627 Estrella TV629 WFTSABC AccuWeather DT630 ThisTVTampa Bay631 wrsP Ch 10 Weather Now DT1003 WEDU Ch 3 PBS HD1004 wrOG Ch 44 The CW HD1006 WTTACh 38 MyTVTampa Bay HD1007 WWSB Ch 40 ABC HD1008 WFLA Ch 8 NBC HD1010 wrsP Ch 10 CBS HD1011 WFTS Ch 28 ABC HD1012 WMOR Ch 32 Ind HD1013 WTVTCh 13 FOX HD1015 WVEA Univision HD1017 WXPX Ch 66 ION HD1153 Speed HD

digital channelsDIGITAL CHANNELS100 Science Channel101 History International102 Discovery Kids103 Military Channel104 Bio105 Playhouse Disney106 Ovation TV107 Centric108 Planet Green109 Bright House Networks Travel Weather Now110 JewelryTV

111 EWTN113 IFC114 FitTV115 FlixWest116 GSN117 Sundance Channel118 Flix East119 Style120 FOXSoccer Channel121 PBS Kids Sprout122 Disney XD

123 BBC America124 G4125 Nick Jr.126 MTV2127 Bloomberg Television128 Current TV129 C-SPAN 3130 Sleuth131 TBN132 Fuse133 Great American Country134 AmericanLife TV Network135 Investigation Discovery136 DIY Network137 SOAPnet138 VHl Classic139 CBS College Sports140 TeenNick141 CNBC World142 Cooking Channel143 lifetime Real Women144 NickToons145 Gospel Music Channel146 TV One147 Logo148 Nat Geo WILD149 FOX Business Network150 ESPNews151 ESPNU152 ESPN Classic153 ESPN Deportes154 Bay News 9 en Espanol155 Galavision156 WAPA America157 Tr:ls158 mun2159 MLB Network160 Jewelry TV161 Celebrity Shopping Network162 Art & Coin TV164 TV Super Store165 America's Auction Network167 Leased Access168 Chiller169 Mil~ary History Channel170 Crime & Investigation Network171 Daystar172 Jewish Life TV173 The Word Network803 NBA TV1009/1209 Bay News 9 DT1018 WGN America HD1102 Nickelodeon HD1105 Disney Channel HD1107 Disney XD HD1121 ABC Family HD1122 Hallmark Channel HD1127 ESPN HD1128 ESPN2 HD1129 ESPNews HD1131 ESPNU HD1137 CBS College Sports HD1140 NBA TV HD1141 MLB Network HD1147 Bright House Sports Network HD1148 Sun Sports HD1149 FOXSports Florida HD1152 Versus HD1154 Golf Channel HD

1214 FOX News Channel HD1215 CNN HD1216 HLN HD1218 MSNBC HD1219 CNBC HD1220 FOX Business Network HD1234 BET HD1235 Discovery HD Theater1236 TBS HD1237 TNT HD1238 USA Network HD1239 A&E HD1240 Bio HD1242 History Channel HD1243 History International HD1246 Investigation Discovery HD1247 Crime & Investigation Network HD1250 HGTVHD1252 Food Network HD1255 TLC HD1256 Discovery Channel HD1259 Animal Planet HD1260 National Geographic Channel HD1262 Nat Geo WILD HD1264 Planet Green HD1265 Science Channel HD1267 Travel Channel HD1272 WE tv HD1278 BBC America HD1282 Cartoon Network HD1283 FX HD1284 G4 HD1285 Spike HD1286 Syfy HD1292 Comedy Central HD1293 E! HD1294 Style HD1295 Bravo HD1300 Palladia1301 MTV HD1306 VHl HD1311 FuseHD1314 CMT HD1355 AMC HD1357 TCM HD1359 Lifetime Movie Network HD1363 IFC HDMOVIE PACK190 Retroplex191 Indieplex192 FOX Movie Channel193 Encore194 Encore Love195 Encore Westerns196 Encore Mystery197 Encore Action198 Encore Drama199 Encore WAMPREMIUM CHANNELS200 HBO on Demand201HBO East202 HB02 East203 HBO Signature East204 HBO Family East205 HBO Comedy East206 HBO Zone East207 HBO latino East208 HBO West209 HB02 West

Page 2: ho~~.~@, Channel Lineup - Lakeside South Property · PDF filebrightho~~.~@, Channel Lineup MANATEE september 30th, 2010 basic & standard channels [continued] 2 WCLF Ch 22 Ind 3 WEDU

digital channels [continued] [continued]

210 HBO Signature West211 HBO Family West212 HBO Comedy West213 HBO Zone West214 HBO Latino West220 Cinemax on Demand221 Cinemax East222 MoreMAX East223 ActionMAX East224 ThrilierMAX East

225 WMAX East226 @MAX East22 7 5StarMAX East228 OuterMAX East229 Cinemax West230 MoreMAX West231 ActionMAX West232 ThrilierMAX West240 Showtime on Demand241 Showtime East242 Showtime Too East243 Showtime Showcase East244 Showtime Women East245 Showtime Beyond East246 Showtime Next East247 Showtime Extreme East248 Showtime Family Zone East249 Showtime West250 Showtime Too West251 Showtime Showcase West252 Showtime Women West253 Showtime Beyond West254 Showtime Next West255 Showtime Extreme West256 Showtime Family Zone West260 The Movie Channel on Demand261 The Movie Channel East262 The Movie Channel XTRA East263 The Movie Channel West264 The Movie Channel XTRAWest270 Starz on Demand271 Starz East272 Statz Edge East273 Starz in Black East274 Starz Kids and Family East275 Starz Cinema East290 Howard TV on Demand295 Too Much For TV on Demand337 Disney on DemandMOVIES ON DEMANDAND PAY PER VIEW

1 Movies on DemandBO iN DEMAND Preview Channel81-88 Movies on Demand89 Movies on Demand: Kids & Teens ($2.99 Or Less)90 Movies on Demand: Hits ($2.99 Or Less)93 Movies on Demand: Thriller ($2.99 Or Less)

291 Espanol Movies on Demand292 International Movies on Demand293 Events on Demand294 Outrageous on Demand300 iN DEMAND Preview Channel301-302 iN DEMAND Movies & Events303-325 Movies on Demand328 TEN329 Sexsee330 Vavoom331 Adult on Demand 1332 Adult on Demand 2333 Penthouse TV334 Playboy

335 Gators PPV336 Seminoles PPV1480 HD Movies on Demand1850 HD PPV Events on Demand1851 HD PPV 2 Events on DemandFREE ON DEMAND(Free with Digital Channels)340 Tampa Bay on Demand341 Market Place on Demand342 Bay News 9 on Demand343 Government & Education on Demand344 Health on Demand345 Cutting Edge on Demand347 Lifestyle on Demand348 Free Movies on Demand349 Movie Trailers on Demand350 Kids on Demand351 Kids/Pre-School on Demand353 Exercise TV on Demand356 Sports on Demand357 History & Nature on Demand358 Primetime on Demand359 Music on Demand360 Entertainment on Demand361 TV Guide Network on Demand362 La Mejor on Demand364 Sportskool on Demand366 BBC America on Demand367 Music Choice on Demand: Pop & Rock368 Music Choice on Demand: Urban & Latin520 Bright House Sports Network on Demand1501 HD Showcase on DemandMUSIC CHANNELS(Free with Digital Channels)401 Hit List402 Hip-Hop and R&B403 MC Mixtape404 Dance/Electronica405 Rap406 Hip-Hop Classics407 Throwback Jam,408 R&B Classics409 R&B Soul410 Gospel411 Reggae412 Classic Rock413 Retro Rock414 Rock415 Metal416 Alternative417 Classic Alternative418 Adult Alternative419 Soft Rock420 Pop Hits421 '90s422 '80s423 '70s424 Solid Gold Oldies425 Party Favorites426 Stage & Screen427 Kid, Only!428 Toddler Tunes429 Today's Country430 True Country431 Classic Country432 Contemporary Christian433 Sounds of the Seasons434 Soundscapes435 Smooth Jazz436 Jazz

437 Blues438 Singers & Swing439 Easy Listening440 Classical Masterpieces441 Light Classical442 Musica Urbana443 Pop Latino444 Tropicales445 Mexicana446 RomancesSPORTS PACKAGES511-516 ESPN Game Plan/ESPN Full Court521-530 NBA League Pass541-554 NHL Center Ice/MLB Extra Innings571-575 MLS Direct Kick1814 Team HD1815 Game HDPREMIUM HD CHANNELS1401 HBO East HD1402 HB02 East HD1403 HBO Signature East HD1404 HBO Family East HD1405 HBO Comedy East HD1406 HBO Zone East HD1407 H80 Latino East HD1408 HBO West HD1421 Cinemax East HD1422 MoreMAX East HD1423 ActionMAX East HD1424 ThrilierMAX East HD1425 WMAX East [email protected] East HD1427 5STARMAX East HD1428 OuterMAX East HD1429 Cinemax West HD1440 Showtime HD On Demand1441 Showtime East HD1442 Showtime Too East HD1443 Showtime Showcase East HD1447 Showtime Extreme East HD1449 Showtime West HD1461 The Movie Channel East HDHD PACK1190/1371 MavTV HD1241/1370 Smithsonian Channel HD1372 Universal HD1373 MGM HD1374 Hallmark Movie Channel HD1375/1501 HD Showcase on Demand1376/1560 Smithsonian Channel HD on DemandSPORTS PACK800 FOXCollege Sports Atlantic801 FOXCollege Sports Central802 FOXCollege Sports Pacific803 NBA TV804 Tennis Channel805 Outdoor Channel806 FUELTV807 CBS College Sports808 NHL Network809 Big Ten Network810 Big Ten Network on Demand811 YES Network812 Bright House Sports Network813 NESN820-823 BIG TEN EXTRAFOOTBALLGAME CHANNELS828 Sportsman Channel829 FOXSoccer PLUS830 GolTV1137 CBS College Sports HD1138 Big Ten Network HD

1139 Big Ten Network HD on Demand1140 NBA TV HD1142 YES Network HD1147 Bright House Sports Network HD1151 NHL Network HD1155 Tennis Channel HD1156 Outdoor Channel HD1157 Sportsman Channel HD1160 FOXSoccer PLUS HD1161 GolTV HD1192-1195 BIG TEN EXTRAFOOTBALL

GAME HD CHANNELS1196 ESPN Goal Line HDNUESTROS CANALES900 Bay News 9 en Espanol901 Sur902 CNN en Espahol903 Discovery en Espanol904 FOX Deportes905 Tr3s906 mun2907 ESPN Deportes908 History en Espaftol909 WAPA America910 Caracol TV Internacional911 [Sorpresal912 CineLatino913 GolTV914 TVE Internacional915 La Mejor on Demand916 Discovery Familia917 OnceTV Mexico918 Television Dominicana919 TV Colombia920 Latele Novela Network921 Cine MexicanoPREMIUM INTERNATIONALCHANNELS951 Antenna Satellite954 TV5Monde957 Deutsche Welle960 Rai ltalia963 RTPI970 Channel One Russia971 RTN Premium Network974 TV Asia975 SETAsia976 Zee TV977 Bollywood Hits on Demand980 The Filipino Channel981 GMA PinoyTV982 GMA Life TV985 Television Korea988 Saigon BroadcastingTelevision Network990 ETTV- ET-SUPER991 TV JAPAN993 Arabic Radio & TelevisionMORE ON DEMAND(Free with Digital Channels)995 Answers on Demand998 Extra on Demand