holmfirth camera club 2012 - 2013 syllabus. september 2012 3rd welcome back meeting cheese and wine...

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Holmfirth Camera Club 2012 - 2013 Syllabus

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Holmfirth Camera Club 2012 - 2013 Syllabus Slide 2 September 2012 3rd Welcome Back Meeting Cheese and Wine / Club Images 10thSPEAKER: JAMES RUSSELL An Introduction to Flash Photography Images (prints) required for: Themed Set of 3 Prints 17thCOMPETITION Themed set of 3 (Prints) Judged by members Images (digital) required for: Special Subject Competition (Doors and Windows) 24thWORKSHOP 1 See web site Slide 3 SPEAKER: James Russell An Introduction to Flash Photography 10 th September A prolific, award-winning, commercial photographer and member of the British Institute of Professional Photography. His Talk: about the principles of flash and the different creative effects which can be produced, illustrated by photographs from his professional work. http://www.russell-photo.com/pages/awards_gallery.html Slide 4 October 2012 1stCOMPETITION Special Subject; Doors and Windows (Digital) 8th SPEAKER: JOHN GARDNER Another Day at the Office Images (digital) required for: Applied Competition 15th WORKSHOP 2 See web site 22nd COMPETITION Applied (Natural History / Record / Architecture) (Digital) 29thWORKSHOP 3 See web site Slide 5 SPEAKER: John Gardner ARPS Another Day at the Office 8 th October A professional photographer specialising in wildlife photography all over the world. His talk: a collection of recent images taken as part of my day to day photographic commissions as a professional commercial photographer along with some of his wildlife images that he still shoots as a passionate hobby http://www.wildscenes.com/layout/lectures.htm Slide 6 November 2012 5thWORKSHOP 4 See web site 12thSPEAKER: ANN MILES Monochrome and a bit of Colour Images (prints) required for: Creative/Still Life Competition 19thCOMPETITION Creative/Still Life (Prints) judged by members; 2 images per member Images (prints) required for: First Open Print Competition 26th WORKSHOP 5 See web site Slide 7 SPEAKER: Ann Miles Monochrome and a Bit of Colour 12 th November My photography, sometimes combined with watercolour painting, depicts the interactions of people, architecture, nature and landscape. I am drawn to scenes that include people and where trees or other landscape elements form strong and often symmetrical patterns. Her Talk: the theory and practice behind producing good monochrome images from colour originals. And a feast of monochrome images. http://www.pin-sharp.co.uk/ Slide 8 December 2012 3rdCOMPETITION First Open Print 10thSPEAKER: CHRIS NORTH Good Luck in Bad Places 17thChristmas Party North Light Gallery 24 th No meeting 31st No meeting Slide 9 SPEAKER: Chris North Good Luck in Bad Places 10 th December Chris North (now a freelance photographer) went to sea with the Fleet Air Arm, the aviation branch of the Royal Navy in 1976. Four years later he qualified as a Naval Airman Photographer, a small elite branch of the Fleet Air Arm. He has had a 22 year career taking him to many unique and sometimes dangerous places. He has won the prestigious Peregrine Trophy twice and winning second place with the World Press Foundation. His Talk: The title says it all! http://www.chrisnorth-photography.co.uk/ Slide 10 January 2013 7thWORKSHOP 6 See web site Images (digital) required for: Monochrome Competition 14thSPEAKER: STEVE GOSLING Exploding the Myths 21stCOMPETITION Monochrome (Digital) Images (digital) required for: Open Digital Competition 28thWORKSHOP 7 See web site Slide 11 SPEAKER: Steve Gosling Exploding the Myths 14 th January A professional photographer who specialises in producing creative & contemporary landscape and nature images. His Talk: to encourage photographic anarchy: To urge all photographers to break the rules and ignore all the shoulds/should nots. To dispel what he refers to as the myths of landscape photography such as Myth You should set out to take photographs that will win competitions http://www.stevegoslingphotography.co.uk/ Slide 12 February 2013 4thCOMPETITION Open (Digital) 11thSPEAKER: ANDREW SANDERSON Title to be announced Images (digital) required for: Portrait Competition 18thFORUM Syllabus Meeting 25thCOMPETITION Portrait (Digital) Slide 13 SPEAKER: Andrew Sanderson To be Announced 11 th February One of the UKs leading Photographers and a master printer, Andrew has written the definitive book on Night Photography: A Practical Manual; the highly acclaimed Home Photography: Inspiration on Your Doorstep and; is a regular contributor to photographic magazines in the U.K. Night Photography: A Practical ManualHome Photography: Inspiration on Your Doorstep http://www.andrewsanderson.com/ Slide 14 March 2013 4thWORKSHOP 8 See web site Images (prints) required for: Second Open Print Competition 11thSPEAKER: KAREN FRENKEL Peak Landscape and Light 18thCOMPETITION Second Open Print Images (digital) required for: Restricted Entry Competition 25thCOMPETITION Restricted Entry (Digital) Images (prints) required for: Annual Exhibition Slide 15 SPEAKER: Karen Frenkel Peak Landscape and Light 11 th March A published, professional landscape photographer living and working in the Peak District National Park. She uses the subtlety of changing light and landscape around her, to capture images evocative of a hidden Derbyshire often missed by visitors and residents alike. http://www.derwentgallery.com/karenfrenkel.htm Slide 16 April 2013 1stEaster - No Meeting 8thANNUAL EXHIBITION 15thANNUAL GENERAL MEETING 22ndNo Meeting 29th No Meeting Slide 17 Workshops 24 September Know Your Camera / How I did it! 15 October Layers and Masks / Colour Balance/Management 29 October Coastal Conversations or Still Life Photography (still life comp 19th Nov) BRING YOUR CAMERA - HANDS ON 05 NovemberStill Life Photography (still life comp 19th Nov) or Outdoor Shoot Bonfire Night BRING YOUR CAMERA - HANDS ON 26 NovemberImage Clinic / Judging Images 07 January Open Forum / International Exhibition Images or Towards the CAPGB 28 JanuaryPortrait Photography (portrait comp 25th Feb) BRING YOUR CAMERA - HANDS ON 04 MarchCreating an Audio Visual / Creative Photography Slide 18 Have a Good Season