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  • Light for cemetery prostitutesHOLY NIGHT

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  • 3God still comes as He did on that Holy Night 2000 years ago, to people and places where least expect him.

    Into darknessAmong the poorToward the suffering ones

    Holy Night is the where the depravity of mankind and Divinity collide.

    Dead ground sprouts life Light shines in darkest nightLove triumphs

    Compassion Firsts Holy Night Campaign is bringing hope to one of Indonesias most misunderstood and marginalized populations cemetery prostitutes of Surabaya, Indoneisa.

  • Yellow Flower Cemetery Prostitute | Surabaya, Indonesia4

  • Small children play among the garbage as she cleans massive gravestones with a small straw hand broom. Shortly after sunset, she tucks her children into the single dirty mattress they all share before wearily returning to the graveyard.

    There, among the graves, she gives her body for pocket change to the stream of men approaching on bicycles and motorbikes.

    Her nightly earnings are barely enough to provide food and rent money for a 10x10 dingy cement room along the cemeterys edge.

    Her neighbors call her names. They say she is dirty and as good as dead. She is enslaved by poverty and haunted by shame.

    Still she does not give up.She dreams of something different.


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  • In January 2013 CF hosted a Christmas celebration in Surabaya, inviting 300 of the cemeterys sex workers and their children as honored guests.Then at the invitation of our new friends, we returned again and again to the cemetery, just for visits. From these visits we began to better understand the realities of daily life there, but mostly we fell in love.


    It started with a party

  • In January 2014 we hosted another Christmas celebra-tion. It was truly a banquet fit for a king; complete with a beautifully decorated banquet hall, delicious food, sing-ing, exchanging stories, and gift giving. The hope when designing this event was not to impress, but to affirm the inestimable value of our precious guests.


    Guests fit for a king

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  • Inspired by her determination for a better life, weve given our first micro-capital business loan to a cemetery woman. She has already repaid the loan in full and is earning $3 every day by preparing food and selling it from her modest home along the cemeterys edge. Her business continues to grow, as does her influence. Her suc-cess is inspiring other women to dream of different futures for them-selves and their children too.

    A 14 year old girls resolution to walk a path different than as a sex worker like her mother, presented opportunity for CF to provide men-toring and a full scholarship into a local middle school. She loves school and her teachers tell us that she is thriving in every way. She dreams of being a teacher someday, and is already leading the way in her community. We are continually identifying other cemetery children we hope to scholarship through the Holy Night Campaign.

    We recently hired an amazing Indonesian woman as our first full-time employee in Surabaya. Her regular interaction with those we serve there provides us a continual connection to the happenings and heartbeat in the cemetery. We are thrilled and believe that God has provided just the right person for the job. Her in-volvement is evidence of Gods ten-der heart and kindness toward those we love in the cemetery.

    Weve been welcomed by com-munity leaders to move into the neighborhood and we are working toward acquiring a small house in the center of the cemetery population. The gathering place would provide a safe space for a childrens program as well as business training and other empowering opportunities for their mothers.

    A Student is Sized for Her l Uniform | Surabaya, Indonesia


    Since then...

  • Signing a Loan for Her Rice Shop | Surabaya, Indonesia


    Visiting the Rice Shop | Surabaya, Indonesia

  • The Holy Night Campaign celebrates a God who comes near to us, and to all who suffer. He comes with Light that turns darkness into day and with a Love that changes everything!


    You are invited into this unfolding story. PrayGiveShare


  • Another party, of course! Building on a joyful foun-dation of friendship and mutual respect, we will return to Surabaya in January 2015 for another Holy Night celebration, but with a little different emphasis this time.

    A Family Affair

    Like you and I, the biggest concern of the ones we love in the cemetery is the well-being of their families. Our friendship with the women has heightened our aware-ness of the mens needs. Many of the women we serve have husbands and most have children. There is ex-pressed desire for relationship with the whole family. So this years Christmas celebration will be a family affair.

    Together with our friends in the cemetery, we are making arrangements for a warm Christmas gathering where women, children, and men come just as they arein celebration of the One who loves them most.

    We will also host a retreat for cemetery families. This is new territory and we are humbled and excited for the invitation to build relationships with the men there. The two-day event will help us better understand the dy-namics and values of cemetery families. We trust that by sincerely appreciating their stories and backgrounds, we may identify our role in empowering them to create the futures they dream of.

    God is up to something beautiful in the cemetery of Sura-baya and is inviting us to join him there.


    Whats Next?

  • 16055 SW Walker Rd., PMB 239 | Beaverton, Oregon 97006-4592 | T 503.207.1320 | F 503.207.1318 | [email protected] | compassionfirst.org

    Dear Holy Night Partner, It is a tremendous blessing to have your support for the precious campaign. We are immeasurably blessed by the work God has invited us to partake in, and are honored that you have decided to partner with us. A beautiful thing is happening in the Yellow Flower Cemetery, and we are privileged to watch it unfold. We want to give you a little direction to help explain the most effective ways to partner with us. In order to continue this work, we rely heavily on the contributions of individuals and churches to provide resources like business training to the women, microfinance loans, and scholarships for children just to name a few. Additionally, our annual banquet for these women and their families requires months of coordinating and financial planning to ensure its success. We are asking all of our partners to coordinate a Christmas offering for Holy Night. The next step will be to generate support and awareness among your congregation. To do this, you can utilize the all/any of the materials found within our media kit. If you do not have access to the kit, please email Louie Hogan at [email protected] We also have a bureau of speakers who can come and share the Holy Night story with your community. When the offering has been taken, you can make the contribution through the Holy Night donation page on the Compassion First website, or mail a check to our address:

    Compassion First 16055 SW Walker Road, PMB 239 Beaverton, Oregon 97006

    Your church will receive a receipt and an update following the 2015 January Holy Night Banquet. Thank you again for your partnership this year. We are so blessed by your contribution and support of the beautiful work God is doing for the families of the Yellow Flower Cemetery. Should you have any questions, please contact Valerie Bellamy at [email protected] or call a member of our Development Team at (503) 207.1320. Blessings, Compassion First

  • COMPASSION FIRST16055 SW Walker Rd., PMB 239Beaverton, OR 97006-4592compassionfirst.org

    (503) [email protected]

    The people who walk in darkness will see a great light.For those who live in a land of deep darkness, a light will shine. Isaiah 9:2 NLT

    The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it John 1:5 NLT

    Ibu Lala | Yellow Flower Cemetery Prostitute

    Light for cemetery prostitutesHOLY NIGHT