honda cub: observation drawing pen and watercolour or gouache

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Honda Cub: Observation Drawing Pen and Watercolour or Gouache

Walk around the bike look at it from different angles

Take photos of the different angles get on the same level, from above, from below

In your sketchbook (on deconstructed pages) do some sketches of the different angles from observation.

Draw some close ups and some full view

After you have 5 good pages of sketchbook drawings, start your final piece.

Try watercolour vs gouache paint in sketchbook

You must have an interesting composition!

Draw correct proportions and scale.

Draw lightly so no pencil marks show.

Trace drawing with pen (erase pencil completely)

Paint accents or entire motorbike in watercolour or gouache

Criteria: 2Watercolour vs GouacheShow experiments in your sketchbook

In your Sketchbooks show close-ups of different angles