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  • How Computer workHuman heads.Machine TV.What is compute

  • Human heads.inside many heads, there are two kinds of knowledge; the memory work kind of knowledge and the logical kind of knowledge.

  • Module 1 - Basic Concepts of IT HardwareSoftwareInformation Technology

    People working with computer often refer to their job as (working in IT)Types Of Computer

    Mainframe-Personal Computer-MAC-Network Computers-Laptop /Notebook/Palmtop-Personal Digital Assistance (PAD)

  • Main Parts Of Personal ComputerThe System UnitMother BoardThe CPU Central Processing UnitMemory

    RAM ROM (BIOS)Responsible for coping operating system software in to ram When computer is switched on.Serial portParallel PortUniversal Serial Bus USB

  • Turn on your computer

  • Inside your homeInput and Output

    Input is the flow from you to the device. Output is the flow of information to you.Types of memoryROMRAM R/W

  • Central Processing UnitArithmetic OperationsLogic OperationsALUArithmetic Logic Unit

  • Arithmetic Operations

  • Logic OperationsORAND

  • MemoryRAM Random Access MemoryROM Read Only Memory BIOS : Basic Input Output SystemR/W memoryDrives : HDD, CD Drive, Flash Memory etc.

    Read Only MemoryBut Microsoft describes it as I/O device

  • Hard drivesHard disk drive

    Magnetic recordingCompact disk

    Light ReflectionFlash memory

    Electronic switches (Transistors) Disk Format

  • Video Memory Chip

  • The International System of Units BIT Binary Information Technology Byte Binary Yoked Transfer Element Kilobyte 1000 byte Megabyte Gigabyte Terabyte??

  • Computer PerformanceCPU clock speedRAM sizeThe number of application runningFree Hard Disk spaceDe-Fragmenting

  • Computer Devices I/P devices ,O/P devices & I/O devicesThe mouse The keyboardCD DriveDVD DriveFloppy DiskHard DiskThe MonitorSound CardSpeaker ModemsPrintersScanners

  • Keyboard TypewriterThe invention of the modern computer keyboard began with the invention of the typewriter

  • scannerScan picture Scan text

    OCR Optical Character Recognition

  • Monitor Screen sizeGraphics for gamesProjection

  • Audio taps

    Each one of the songs represents a file.Each song file has a title, a length and a location. It is a file of audio information that can be understood and turned into music by stereo player.we classify songs as rock, classic ,pop and so on.

  • Files Each computer file has a title, a length and a location.We cannot make use of the contents of a computer file without :A computer.Program to understand this file.We classify computer files as graphics files, text files ,picture files and so on.

  • Computer Files

    NameWhat's inside. *comA program. *exeA programbat. *A programtxt. *TextGIF-JPG-JPEG-PNG-BMPGraphical informationhtm. *Textual information*.mp3`Audio informationflv,mpg,asf,rmvbVideo information

  • Directories (folders)c\ program filesC:\Documents and Settings\saw\My Documents

  • Records DatabaseField (1)Field (1)Field (1)Field (1)DataDataDataDataDataDataDataDataRecord

  • PrintersTypesLaser printerColor laser printerHigh quality -fast -high costInkjet printer(Spray) High quality-quietDot matrix printerHigh volume -low quality-noisyPlottersPrinter memory

  • Input/output devicesHard diskVery fast high capacity cheap.CDMuch slower than hard disk-capacity around 650MB-inexpensive. DVDMuch faster than CD up to 17 GB-cost higher than CD.External hard diskNormal speed high capacity-expensive.

  • Operating System (OS)DOSWin 3.1Win 95WIN 98WIN 2000WIN MEWIN XPWIN VISTAWIN 7

  • GUIAdvantages of GUIEasy to use.Application program work in the same way.Allow programmers to write software.

  • Application program

    WordExcelAccessPower pointAccounts (repetitive operations) Web browsingWeb authoring (Front page)

  • System development cycle

  • NetworkLAN Local area networkWANWide area network (the hole world)

  • Local Area Network (LAN)Wide Area Network (WAN)

  • Clint- ServerResources in the serverWorkgroup Groups Of People are work togetherSharing information & special kind of devices

  • Workgroup NetworkDisadvantages of work group1- sharing too many files may result slow down your computer2-Weak security system3-with full access permission you may lose your dataAdvantages of work group1- No need for a network administrator2-Less chance of major distribution3-Cost saving

  • Internet & ExtranetAn internet

    -uses internet technology for connecting individuals such as people in organization with each other and let them search for data or sending mails. -Main program on server and single software on each individual computer.-This computers connected together using communication equipment.-It was in US military.


    like an internet but it's allow outside people gainlimited access to information held on a companynetwork.

  • The InternetGlobal network for interconnected networkHuge amount of informationEasy way for publishing materials

  • World Wide Web & InternetThe internet relates to all hardware & software involved FTP (file transfer protocol).World Wide Web is a part of internet, simply its the text and pictures you view using your web browser

    InternetWorld Wide Web

  • PSTN

    Public switched Telephone NetworkTraditional copper weir technology Transmit analog voicePSDN

    Public switched data networkICDN

    Integrated Service Digital NetworkMuch faster than modems

    Telephone Network

  • Public switched Telephone Network

  • Public switched data network

  • Integrated Service Digital Network

  • Integrated service digital networkADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line)Much fasterReceive at speed of 0.5 to 8 MBPSDown streamSend at speed of 16 to 640 KBPSUp streamDSL (Digital Subscriber Line)

  • Digital VS Analogue

  • ModemsModulate DemodulateConverting data at the end which can used by the reviving computer.

    Bound RateHow fast a modem can send data

  • IT In Our LifeRepetitive tasksEasily automated tasksMathematical calculationsDangerous situationsDoctor ,Money, creationRecognize elementsComputer just have photographic image

  • Uses of ComputerGovernmentBusiness Tele working People are connected to the rest of organizations via network.EducationInternet as knowledge resourceDistance learning

  • Electronic WorldE-Mail (Electronic Mail )Allows people to send data (text, pictures,etc).Its required both computers connected to the internet.E-Commerce Buying or selling via the internet.E-BankingManage your money online instead of having to go to local bank branch.You can pay your pills ,move your money from one place to another.

    Moony 2099

  • Health & SafetyChairScreen Keyboard


    Information secularity.Password.

    Things computer like

    Good ventilation.Clean environment.Stable, vibration free surface.

  • Translation

  • END Of Session One


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