how to ask a girl out over text

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  • How to Ask a Girl Out Over TextBy: Mike Wynn

  • How Many Times Has This Happened...

    Guy: Do you want to go out?Girl: Where?Guy: We can go anywhere. What do you like?Girl: I don't know, I have to get up early tomorrow.Guy: We can go out for a little whileGirl: Nah, I'll probably just stay inGuy: OK

  • It is very frustrating... She gives you her number

    and seems to like you But then when you try to get

    her to go out with you it seems like mission impossible.

    Why is that? I will explain...

  • What You Have to Understand... Young women are very social and

    feel most comfortable hanging out with their group of friends

    Ever had the feeling like youre missing out?

    Same feeling with women. They would rather hangout with friends on a Fri/Sat night than go out with a guy that they dont know well yet.

  • Invite Her & Her Friends

    Instead of trying to get a one-on-one date, invite her and her friends to meetup with you and your friends

    This will make it much easier for her to go on a date

    The idea is to build comfort and make a connection Then...

  • Now is the Time for one-on-one Once you meet her friends and become part

    of her social circle, she will be much more comfortable going on a date

    If youre going to a bar/club, going to an event etc. Simply invite her & her friends to meetup.

    Build trust/connection. Now mention one-on-one date

  • Note:

    Sometimes she may not have a big social circle or a group of friends that she likes to go out with.

    The first part is more for college aged women that dont want to miss out on having fun with their friends

  • Asking Her Out On A Date

    As a guy you ALWAYS want to be the leader and make the plans.

    If you ask her, what do you want to do? it is not attractive.

    Have a plan when you ask her out. Example: I know a great new sushi

    restaurant, lets meet there at 7pm.

  • Asking Her Out On a Date if she says that she doesnt like sushi or your idea...

    no big deal. Mention something else. You can ask her what type of things that she likes to

    do but ultimately have a plan. You can also be funny/flirtatious by being overly

    detailed Ex. Ill pick you up at 9:05 sharp, well get dinner at 9:

    25. Then well go to a salsa dance lesson for 10:26 Women like a detailed, in charge, confident man.

  • Much better to Tell than Ask Instead of asking her if she

    wants to go out with you, it is better to

    Tell her that she is invited Ex. Instead of saying, Do you

    want to get sushi with me? Say, Im going out to get sushi,

    you should come with me.

  • You living your life = Attractive You are going to do fun/cool

    things and SHE is invited along

    You are going to live you life and have fun either way.

    She will sense that and want to be a part of it.

  • If she says that she is busy... Do not act like it is a big deal Continue to build attraction by texting her

    about the fun/interesting things that you are doing in your life.

    Do not ask her out again for a few weeks. if you keep building attraction she will

    eventually ask you, what are you doing tonight?

  • Build attraction. Ask her out again. Text her the next day and tell her how great your

    night was despite her not going out Ex. The salsa dance lesson was so fun last night. Ex. Im actually glad I didnt go out last night, I was

    able to finish a project I was working on. Point is that it is no big deal. Stay positive

    and ask her out again later if she is busy.

  • Mindmap & Bonus free texting mindmap And 50 real word-for-word text messages

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