how to change careers (without losing your mind)

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  • How to Change Careers

    (without losing your mind)

  • Hello! Lauren GalanterWeb Polymath 10 years in video/web industry UX Analyst @ Phase2 3x career-changer Philly native; lives in Passyunk Sq. with boyfriend and kitty.
  • What about you?

  • Sanity My story Soul-searching Methods

    Well Cover

  • No fetishizing hyperwork Sleep, exercise, down time Go at your own pace


    Image by [email protected] via CC Attribution license

  • My Story

  • 2005 2008 2009 2013 2014

    Film / VideoBA, Film & Media Arts, Temple University. Filmmaking, video production, editing, graphics.

    Web Video / DesignVideoblogging leads to managing video website.

    Web VideoComcast era! Video Ops team for 4+ years. Two promotions. Left as Product Lead.

    Web DevelopmentTransitioned internally to Engineering role. Down in level, up in pay.

    User ExperienceLeft Comcast Dec 2014 for UX Analyst job at Phase2.

    video / design / web dev / process / education / customer experience

  • Ops to Dev Education, events Connecting; sharing desires One lucky occurrence; one chance email

  • Dev to UX More education More events and connecting Another chance email

  • Soul-Searching

  • Be your own compass Find your pathfor

    now. Find alternative paths No wrong path

  • Structure vs Freedom?

    Alone vs Group?


  • Courage

  • Ingenuity

  • Methods

  • Hopscotch>


  • Venn Diagramof Career Transition





    * subject to change!Skills

  • OneSmallStep

  • Internalv.


  • Internal+ -

    Reputation Network Knowledge

    Reputation Red tape

  • How? Make friends Tell people Meetings

    Job shadow Education Extra projects

    Your manager = Your ally

  • External+ -

    Reinvention Less barriers Negotiation

    Lack of rep Bigger leap

  • How? Research Make connections Tell People

    Meetings Education Side Projects Apprentice

  • Either Way Dont wait to apply Dont wait to be Dont belittle your experience Dont stop Do get (un)comfortable

  • Redefining Success

  • NotMoving


  • Moving Forward

  • Whether you think

    you can or you think you cant,

    youre right -

    Henry Ford

    It does not matter how slowly you goas long as you do not stop - Confucius

    It is never to late to be

    what you might have

    been - George


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