how to creat exciting facebook image post using canva - for beginners

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How to create exciting Facebook post using


Are you someone who likes to share anything motivational and inspirational in your Facebook account hoping to make someones day?

These inspiring messages often reflect how we feel. But instead of the usual plain lifeless posts, why not make wonderful Facebook posts that complement your inspiring message?

Posts that are beautifully designed and professionally looking!

But then you thought, Im neither a graphic artist nor someone who knows anything about graphic design!

That is exactly why you need to try my handy dandy tool called Canva.

What is Canva?

Canva is a tool that allows you to make designs for web or print. Its not like those complicated design software we used to know.

Canva is easy to use. It has a drag-and-drop feature that instantly saves you time so you can spend more time creating. And it has fewer buttons and menu options.

It has everything you need for that awesome design such as stunning images, professionally shot photos, icons, filters and fonts. It provides you with pre-designed customizable layouts if you dont know where to start.

Most of all, Canva is free!All you need to do is sign-up and youre good to go!

Canva also offers premium images, icons and illustrations for a minimal cost.

Go over this presentation and find out how I made

But before we start, you need a Canva account.

How to Sign Up in

Open your web browser.

Chrome browser is used in this tutorial.

Edit picture in picmonkey or somewhere else18

Type in the address bar.

Press ENTER.

Welcome to Canva!

Type in your Email

Type in your

Click on Sign

Then this page will

Now that sign up is complete, the only thing left is to verify your email

Open your email

Click on Please confirm your Canva account.

Click the green button that says Confirm my

Click on the green button Confirm my account35

You will then be directed to Canvas


Before I show you how to make a Facebook post lets take a quick


These are the design

Click on More

to see more design

Click on Use Custom Dimensions button if you are creating a design with very specific dimensions.


In this tutorial we are making a Facebook image post so go ahead and click on Facebook Post design type.

A blank Facebook Post template will appear.

On the left side of the screen are your Menu Tabs


Click on the Search Tab.

Under Search Tab are nine menu categories that contains a library of free professionally shot photos, grids, charts, icons, and illustrations that you can use to create your

You can either type in the Search Bar to find what you are looking for or browse through each of the nine menu categories by clicking on the icons.

Click on the Layouts

Layouts Tab contains thousands of both free and premium customizable design layouts. Choose the one that speaks your

Click on the Text

In the Text tab, you have the option to add your own text to your design by clicking on the Add text option.

Or you can choose to use the customizable text templates below it.

Click on Background Tab

Under Background Tab are thousands of plain and textured backgrounds. There are so many to choose from including professionally shot

You may also use your own beautifully shot photos as the background of your design. Heres

yuhanne.comClick on the Uploads Tab

Uploads button contains your own uploaded

Facebook button contains your photos uploaded from

To upload your own photo, click on the Upload Your Own

Now lets get creative!

Click on the Layouts Tab and choose a

Click on it or Drag

Click on the text to

A menu bar appears along with the text

Delete the message and type in your motivational quote.

You can change the font style and size by clicking on the Menu

You may delete some unnecessary part(s) of the layout

by clicking on the delete

Save your design by clicking File on the upper left part of the


You may rename your design by clicking the file

Edit the Design

Click Done to

You have two options to post your design in Facebook:Directly from Canva, orPost manually as an image post

To post your design directly from Canva

Click on Share Button on the upper right of the

Click on Facebook Post

Your design is being prepared, wait for it to

Now lets go to our facebook cover tutorial95

Click on Share It Now

A new small window will appear.

You may or may not type in your

Click Share Link to post in

Open your Facebook Account and check your post in your Timeline

To manually post your design in Facebook as an image post

Click on Download on the upper right of Canva design

Click Download As An

Canva is preparing your design. Wait for it to

Wait for download to

Click on the small

Click Show In

It opens in your Downloads

Now go ahead and upload your design in Facebook (image post)

Click on Photo/Video in your timeline

Click on Upload Photos/

Go to your Downloads

Click on your design and Click

Click Post once download is

You now have an awesome and inspiring Facebook post!

You no longer need to share other peoples design just to inspire or motivate

More on Canva!


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Go ahead! Explore Canva !Express yourself through your designs.