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  1. 1. Teaching & Learning Forum By Moodlerooms Creating a learner centric platform that engages and empowers Francesco Group
  2. 2. Moodlerooms and FG, the journey so far
  3. 3. Who we are Frank Dellicompagni opened the first Francesco Group Salon in 1967 in Stafford Francesco Group currently have: 32 salons 4 Academies 3 in Stafford, 1 in Birmingham 18 College Partnerships We currently train over 200 Apprentices, as well as Full time learners
  4. 4. Moodle and Branding Francesco Group is proud of its brand, the values it exudes and the customer experience we deliver to 1000s of clients and students alike. Using the Moodle has allowed us to portray not only our brand as we would like to, but to also be an online gateway to the extensive learning resource portfolio we provide. The Moodle Snap theme makes our VLE not only stylish but responsive too, an important factor with students today who make heavy use of mobile devices to access online learning resources.
  5. 5. Our corporate website
  6. 6. Incorporating our imagery into our theme
  7. 7. Our Course Tiles in Moodlerooms Snap
  8. 8. Badge Branding Adding our own branded Open Badges make the student feel rewarded by Francesco Group and encourages them to achieve more and gain more badges in their learning progression.
  9. 9. FG Story Where we were Portal (learners and Educators) used as a dumping ground for storing paperwork Hosts Videos of our technical work Corporate website also hosted some paperwork for assessors and Educators Our Learners Different learning capabilities and a mixture of learning styles, however mostly engaged by doing activities. Most of our learners are of the Facebook generation. With high expectations of what technology can deliver.
  10. 10. FG Story What was missing Not being in constant contact with our learners Homework set not being done or handed in No use of e-learning (use of a whiteboard was classed as e- learning) Increasing demand to deliver other qualifications on top of hairdressing (Maths, English, PLTS) Limited time to deliver the whole apprenticeship framework Having an effective tracking mechanism for learners, staff and OFSTED Where are we now We have now created a blended learning environment
  11. 11. Why Blended Learning Classroom Learning & Virtual Learning Demand for incorporating Maths and English 27 / 7 Learning opportunities Instant feedback = Less frustrations Expand and improve : ICT skills Underpinning knowledge Collaborate as a group Communicatio n Learners Educators Engage learners and make them autonomous learners
  12. 12. Moodle = Learner Engagement Differentiation Quiz You tube Most tasks take 15 20 mins to complete Discussion board / blogs / wikisMost tasks give instant feedback less frustration Allows for collaboration group and educator Lesson / Assignments Stretch and challenge in the classroom
  13. 13. Thought out and structured course Courses Each unit within the qualification is made into a course e.g. Colouring Elements Within the course it is segmented into elements. e.g. Health and Safety / Application techniques Badges Learners are rewarded with a badge for completing each element aka Element badge One each element is completed they are rewarded the course badge FG Moodle
  15. 15. Gamification and other methods of engagement Conditional release We blend the online content with our working Course planners & SOW We mirror what is being taught in the Academy to what they do independently at home. All the units have release dates to coincide with the SOW
  16. 16. Conditional Release Example
  17. 17. Personal Learning Designer Allows learning to be individual but in a controlled manner Building block of learning It allows you to release foundation knowledge activities before advanced knowledge can begin. This will allow for learners to work through learning at their own pace allowing stronger learners to move forward at a quicker pace and lower level learners to complete their learning in smaller bite size pieces.
  18. 18. PLD - Example START FINISH
  19. 19. Team Engagement Moodle WBL Manager (me) Appoint E-learning champion 1 (Laura) Team Member 1 Learners Team member 2 Learners Appoint E-learning champion 2 (Abbie) Team member 3 Learners Team member 4 Learners
  20. 20. Already expanding Moodle Customer service course E-Safety course Induction Unit questionnaires Feedback for each unit Course questionnaires Gathers crucial data for OFSTED and SFA about learner satisfaction
  21. 21. What the future holds for FG and Moodle PLTS course Equality and Diversity course Safeguarding course Functional skills course Maths and English development More Interactive blogs
  22. 22. Questions 22