how to network, build relationships & find a job on linkedin

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This presentation gives a step-by-step overview of how to become involved in LinkedIn so that you can build relationships, promote your personal brand, cultivate new business and find a job.


LinkedIn An Overview

How to Network, Build Relationships & find a job on LinkeDInJeannette PaladinoWriter-in-ChiefWrite Speak Sell

Jeannette Paladino 2012 | | [email protected] Why LinkedIn is essential for companies and professionalsLinkedIn is the the most highly regarded social network for companies and professionals who want to build relationships, identify prospects and network with peers and industry leaders. But youve got to do it right.DO connect with people you know or ask your connections for introductions to people you want to know.DO build relationships.DO complete your professional profile.DO offer to help other members.DONT use the hard sell.DONT spam members with useless invitations.DONT spam groups with useless information.

Jeannette Paladino 2012 | | [email protected] Your LinkedIn ProfileProfessional Headline and Summary are critical. Your professional headline summarizes your brand.Optimize for key words.Be searchable.Promote your brand.ALWAYS use a photo of yourself and not an impersonal avatar.

Jeannette Paladino 2012 | | [email protected] Professional HEADLINE

Jeannette Paladino 2012 | | [email protected] Your Professional Headline is most important component of your Profile. Optimized for key words, it will rank you higher in searches. Jeannette Paladino key words -- writer, social mediaJeannette Paladino Page 1 Ranking in search forSocial Media Writer

Jeannette Paladino 2012 | | [email protected] Your SummaryYour summary is your brand statement and the second most important component of your profile. It describes - What you do and how that distinguishes you from the competition.The benefits that will accrue to other members if they connect with you.A brief summary of your relevant experience. Jeannette Paladino 2012 | | [email protected] How to Make Connectionsand Build Relationships Jeannette Paladino 2012 | | [email protected] How to Extend an Invitation to ConnectDo NOT use default invitation: I'd like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.Personalize:Subject line: Your TED talk inspired me to writeDear Mr. Jones,Your TED talk reinforced my decision to switch from teaching political science to a career in journalism. I enjoyed our brief conversation afterwards. Im sure that your updates on LinkedIn would be very helpful as I gather the information I need to make this transition. Would you be willing to connect with me on LinkedIn? Id be very grateful and please dont hesitate to ask if there is anything I can do to be helpful to you.Sincerely,

Jeannette Paladino 2012 | | [email protected] LinkedIn LIONLION: LinkedIn Open NetworkerPro: Accepting all invitations, even from people you dont know, expands your network.Con: Gain connections who add no value. Can waste your time when they ask for introductions. You want visitors who view your profile to see that you have quality connections. Jeannette Paladino 2012 | | [email protected] LinkedIn GroupsOver 1 million Groups to join. Be selective and/or start your own Group.Start and engage in discussions.Distribute your blog posts but be careful not to spam groups and appear to be self-serving. You will be barred.Develop relationships off-line.Give in order to get. Jeannette Paladino 2012 | | [email protected] LinkedIn Groups are at the heart of the LinkedIn experience. They consist of members with similar interests functional skills, industries,alumni of a school, and personal interests.

Bloggers Helping Bloggers Group

Jeannette Paladino 2012 | | [email protected] Members are bloggers who comment on each others posts, exchange posts, co-write eBooks, collaborate on business and build relationships.Top Influencer Social Media marketing Group; and Linked: HR Resources groups

Jeannette Paladino 2012 | | [email protected] Initiating highly-engaging discussions can promote you to theTop Influencer in a group and gain personal recognition.LinkedIn AppsWordPress link your posts to your profileSlideShare presentationsPollsReading List by AmazonEventsMy TravelPortfolio display

Jeannette Paladino 2012 | | [email protected] LinkedIn Apps enable you to spread your influence throughout thesocial network.LinkedIn Recommendations Jeannette Paladino 2012 | | [email protected]

Establishes your credentials and authorityEnables you to be recommend and recommend other members. Strengthens relationships.Recommendations

Jeannette Paladino 2012 | | [email protected] A new feature that enables you to recommend members for their expertise. Mutually rewarding but not as powerful as narrative Recommendations.15Company Pages Ernst & Young

Company pages not widely used.Aggregates updates of a companys LinkedIn members. You can track official news and network into the company.

Jeannette Paladino 2012 | | [email protected] LinkedIn Today

Get ideas for updates and Group discussions.See whats trending based on your interests. Jeannette Paladino 2012 | | [email protected] LinkedIn Answers/QuestionsGet answers to your questions.Build awareness and establish your authority.Add to your connections.

Jeannette Paladino 2012 | | [email protected] LinkedIn Answers/Questions

Jeannette Paladino 2012 | | [email protected] How To Find a Job and candidates on LinkedIn Jeannette Paladino 2012 | | [email protected] Do a Job Search Jeannette Paladino 2012 | | [email protected]

Search for people in companies where youd like to work

Or, search Jobs. LinkedIn has become the go-to source forcompanies conducting job searches.Tap into Your Network Jeannette Paladino 2012 | | [email protected] In searches, LinkedIn will point you to people in your networkwho work for the company. In this CFO search by VF Corporation,a Fortune 500 company, there are 7 people in my network whowork for the company and could make introductions.

Network Within Groups Jeannette Paladino 2012 | | [email protected] Cultivate relationships with other members in the LinkedIn Groupsyou belong to. Each Group has its own Job board.

Join Job Discussions Jeannette Paladino 2012 | | [email protected]

Group members will post discussions about positions at theircompanies or with clients and contacts.To Summarize:LinkedIn is used by business professionals more than any other social network. It is especially relevant in the B2B space.Join Groups to build relationships and leverage your connections.Give then get.Be active with updates and useful information.Engage in discussions.Become a resource for others.Find a job and identify candidates for jobs in your company.Connect with Jeannette >>>> Jeannette Paladino 2012 | | [email protected] Jeannette PaladinoSocial media writer and blogger helping organizations to build brand awareness, increase revenues, and engage employees as brand advocates on social media. Sharpens company brands and key messages.Advises organizations on LinkedIn strategies.Writes and optimizes LinkedIn profiles.Writes blogs and websites.

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