how to plan and budget for 2013 with cloud in mind

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Are you investigating how cloud might fit into your overall strategy? Learn how to plan and budget for 2013 with cloud in mind. Learn how to: - Create a solid plan for moving your mission forward. - Identify how to approach and integrate cloud into your budget. - Identify the actual dollar amounts you should budget for cloud.



2. At the end of this 30 minutes Pat ODay - Create a solid plan for moving yourcloud mission forward - Identify how to approach and integratecloud into your budget - Know how to identify amounts youshould budget forChief Technology OfficerBluelockModerator: Diana Nolting, Marketing Coordinator at Bluelock 2 3. 5 MINUTESWHAT HAPPENED IN 20123 4. In case you missed it: 2012 and Cloud Cloud adoption increased to 48% in the first half of 2012. State of SMB IT 1H 2012 report Spiceworks Inc., Page 8, 2012 83% of IT decision makers believe cloud computing has made their organizations more productive and anticipate increasing their reliance on cloud in the next year. 27% rise in 2012 of first-time cloud users reporting they are implementing cloud. 4 5. 5 MINUTESPICK YOUR APPROACH 5 6. 3 Ways to Build Cloud Infrastructures1Walk before Follows Virtualization Journey pathfirst targetyou run low-hanging fruit and evolve from there2Pick aBuild out cloud infrastructure to serve a specificProject project or effort3Re-thinkTransform entire infrastructure to a Cloud ineverythingone shot 7. Needs are Different Role: Infrastructure Owner (IT) Objective: Efficiency Challenges: Pressured to be all things to all people Conflicting priorities Lack of resources World is changing Role: Application owner (Business unit) Objective: Agility Challenges: Not always a priority to IT Lack of control No visibility into technology costs Needs are always changing 8. 5 MINUTESDOLLARS AND DETAILS8 9. Whats it going to cost me? SMALLMEDIUMLARGEPUBLIC < $3K/month$3K - $10K/month$10-100K/month $ $$$ $10K - $100K CAPEX $100K - $500K CAPEX$500K+ CAPEXPRIVATE $2-10K OPEX/month$10-25K OPEX/month $25K+ OPEX/month $ $$$ SaaSExample: Depends on SoftwareDepends on Software Depends on Software CRMs$30 - $65/user/month $75 - $125/user/month $99 - $250/user/monthDecide where you will allocate your budget, and where youshould spend more or less to get the job done.9 10. What will that get me?SMALLMEDIUM LARGETest/Dev workloads, lowBusiness-critical workloads, Mission-critical workloads,requirements for security, nosome requirements, someautomation, managedPUBLICmanaged services, little to no automation, few managedservices, high availability,, good guaranteed performance, performance. high security requirements.Small SAN, 20 TB, 100 VMsMedium SAN, 100 TB, 500Large SAN, 800 TB, 4000PRIVATE and self-service.VMs and managedVMs and managed requirements, smallModerate requirements, Lots of complexnumber of users, not a hugereasonably large user base,integrations/requirements, SaaS need for one-on-one supportsome customer services large user base, strong required.customer service needed.This is where the it depends answer comes in.10 11. 10 MINUTESBUDGETING IN ACTION11 12. Transform Everything Approach Company A Pharmaceuticals Wanted to primarily use a large private cloud and SaaS, but also had a need for public cloud for unpredictable timeframes of workloads. Biggest spend will be on private cloud, spending max amount in SaaS for best product, but needs public cloud, too. 12 13. Company A Budget Matrix SMALL MEDIUM LARGEPUBLICPRIVATE SaaS13 14. Pick a Project Approach Company B Large, Retail Grocery Chain This grocery chain was looking to leverage public cloud to buy some time with their private cloud set-up. Private cloud roll-out time taking too long, needed to have an environment right away that was incredibly similar to what their private cloud would look like when it was rolled out. 14 15. Company B Budget Matrix SMALL MEDIUM LARGEPUBLICPRIVATE SaaS15 16. Walk Before You Run Approach Siemens eMeter needed to provide around the clock development and testing Looked at public cloud to simplify IT operations and provide high security Initiative has now grown to serve training courses in a hybrid cloud environment 16 17. eMeter Budget MatrixSMALLMEDIUMLARGEPUBLICPRIVATE SaaS 17 18. 5 MINUTESPLAN YOUR APPROACH 18 19. Map Your Plan Workload identification Research Evaluate Pilot19 20. Other Cost ConsiderationsDont forget to think about andbudget for: Professional and advisoryServices Training Stop-gap resources Sprawl Things to save you time andmoney20 21. Next StepsAdd a trial amount of money in your budgetBased on which way you want to start with, planningroom for cloud will make starting your journey mucheasier.1 2 3Walk before Pick aRe-thinkyou run Project everything 21 22. Questions, comments and additional informationTHE BONUS ROUND 22 23. Bonus Round Questions, comments or would youlike more detail on a particular topic? @Bluelock | @ODayP /BluelockLLC /BluelockLLC23