how to rid america of fossil fuels by 2030


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18 minutes summary of how and why the US will be able to end use of coal, natural gas and oil by using new disruptive technologies.


  • HOW TO RID THE USA OF FOSSIL FUELS BY 2030 by ALEX LIGHTMAN Chairman, Everblaze Inspired by the publications of Tony Seba and Mark Jacobson, both of Stanford University HighPoint
  • Why would we want to kick FF? We humans are 18% carbon. There are over 10 million compounds of carbon, many of them toxic. CO2 is a human waste product. With 80% of US energy produced via FF, we drown ourselves in our own waste. We just cant see it, smell it, or taste it all. Air pollution kills 60,000 (18,000-109,000) people per year in the U.S. prematurely.
  • HEALTH IMPACTS FROM BURNING FOSSIL FUELS US Health Costs: $9,000/person/year. Greater than 57% of the per capita income of Mexico. About 1/3 of US health care costs are from burning fossil fuels ($886.5 billion). 30-40% of deaths world-wide are from pollution. A safe level of carbon dioxide is 350 parts per million. Now 400 PPM, not seen since the Pliocene over 3 million years ago. If public FF companies burn what is on their balance sheets, will hit over 600 ppm, temperatures up six degrees centigrade.
  • CLIMATE IMPACTS FROM BURNING FOSSIL FUELS Extreme weather: Super typhoon Haiyan: a tornado over your city lasting 4.5 hours. Over 10,000 people killed, over 600,000 homeless or displaced. If trends continue, losses from weather damage will exceed the entire world GDP in 2060. Rising sea levels will flood coastal cities, where 3/4ths of humanity lives over 6 billion homeless people by 2025. There is no way to afford rebuilding cities to house 6 billion people.
  • THE OIL CURSE OF ECONOMIC SUICIDE USA became #1 oil producing nation in the world againand first quarter GDP shrank 2.9%. The US is still worlds no. 3 importer of FF, and the no. 2 importer of oil, replaced by China. The Oil Curse: The nations with oil have greater inequality, slower growth, more government corruption,etc. than those that do not have oil. On average, it takes $3.5 million in capital investment to create an oil job.
  • 80% FF, 18% COAL, 29% GAS, 35% OIL
  • SOLAR INNOVATIONS Las Vegas City Hall
  • SOLAR INNOVATIONS Everblaze Solar Trees
  • BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! SOLAR ENDS FOSSIL FUEL 2014 Solar = 1% of electricity. Solar grew 41% last year. 36% = doubling 2 years. 2016 2% 2018 4% 2020 8% 2022 16% 2024 32% BOOM! Solar ENDS use of coal 2026 64% BOOM! Solar ENDS use of natural gas 2028 128% 2030 256% BOOM! solar + electric cars + self-driving cars ENDS use of oil
  • CLEAN AMMONIA IS THE INTERNAL COMBUSTION SOLUTION Clean Renewable Energy will power everything that plugs into the wall and is equipped with a battery. Internal Combustion Engines will burn Clean Ammonia with a minor alteration to the fuel tank. -Ammonia burns with ZERO CARBON emissions -New CLEAN PRODUCTION with sun, air, and water limit environmental impact -GUARANTEED stable costs -Clean efficient fuel for the FOSSIL FREE FUEL
  • Ammonia Applications NH3=Air+Water+Electricity Ammonia (NH3) Current Needs: Control NOx Emissions (SCR system - Urea) Fertilizer Future Needs: Ammonia Powered Vehicles No Fossil Fuels Cost=~10x less than Haber- Bosch Food and Biofuels Transportation Energy CARBON EMISSION Generators Transportation HVAC Industrial refrigeration Irrigation systems Reduction of off-grid energy costs
  • MAKING THE TRANSITION TO CARBON-FREE ENERGY 21 1.Learn the real costs of carbon, including the externalities. 2.Realize there is a very big renewable energy market. $225-250 billion a year is already invested in renewables. Many nations have a goal of 20% renewables by 2020. 3.Sputnik effect: Compete in renewables. The US gets 9% of its energy from renewables, while Brazil gets 57%. Iceland gets 100% of electricity from hydro and geothermal. Some parts of Germany are 400% renewable. 4.Unleash self driving electric vehicles. 5.Retrofit ICE vehicles for green ammonia. The fuel of the future is NH3 made from sunshine, air, and water
  • ELECTRIC VEHICLES + SOLAR 22 1. Electric vehicle motors are 5x more efficient than ICEs. 2. EVs cost 90% less to fuel, even with electricity at 13 cents a kWh. There is already a PPA with Austin for 5 cents a kWh, and by 2020, there will be some PPAs for less than 1.3%, making EVs cost 99% less to fuel than ICEs. 3. Municipalities can simply set up solar trees in parking lots and use them to charge EVs for free. There are 32 free EV charging spaces in the garage 100 feet from where I live. 4. EVs cost 90% less to maintain. 5. EVs for fleets save $16,000 a year per vehicle. 6. EVs can serve as storage for both solar and for the cheapest electricity, charging during the day, then powering home at night. EV could be profit center.
  • 23 1. Autonomous vehicles are legal in California, Nevada, Florida, and Michigan. 2. 40% of gasoline wasted looking for parking spaces. 3. Car use averages