how to take advantage of google+ to boost your business (infographic)

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  • How to Take Advantage of Google+ to Boost YourBusiness (Infographic) /2014/12/use-google-to-boost-business/

    Debra Garber

    Whats your reaction when someone mentions Google Plus to you? Mine beginswith an eye roll, follows with a yawn and ends with a slow stretch. Notwithstandingthis feeling, the marketer in me realizes the importance of Google Plus to ourbusiness. Im reminded of an interview we did with Scott Frangos, ContentMarketing Strategist & President of WebDirexion. I can still hear Scotts wordstoday:

    Remember that Google+ IS Google. It is not just another socialmedia network it is at the heart of all things Google. Youradvantage is that you dont always have to be logged into G+ totake advantage of amplification and reach options.

    I understand the importance and cant deny the fact that with over 150 Million

  • active users and 50% of all users logging into Google Plus daily, Google Plus is asocial media network you cant ignore. Truth is, it isnt as popular as Facebook orTwitter, which only adds to my lack of excitement as one of my go to social mediaplatforms, but undeniably, it can help impact your search engine rankings in aVERY positive way.

    To help visualize how you can use Google Plus to your advantage,Quicksprout created the following infographic that lays out the steps you need totake to use Googles social network for your marketing needs.

    First, The Conclusion: You Cant Ignore Google PlusJumping directly to the conclusion from Quicksprout, whether you like or hateGoogle Plus, you have no choice but to leverage it. Why? Because Googleowns it! As the most popular site in the world, Google can really help boost yourrevenue. Having the top rankings can mean the difference between being inbusiness and being out of business. Because the search giant owns this socialmedia network, youre better off using it. It can impact how well your site does inthe organic listings.

    Let us know in the comments below your thoughts on Google Plus ~ like or hate! And, heres the visual:

  • How to Take Advantage of Google+ to Boost Your Business (Infographic)First, The Conclusion: You Cant Ignore Google Plus