how will mobile technology shape our future?

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Presentation by Kenn Moulynox at Cards & Payments (APAC) Conference


  • 1. Cards & Payments Australasia 2012 Kenn Moulynox Senior Account Manager Giesecke & Devrient Australasia Pty Ltd

2. The Headlines ileinMob ogle, Identive and WPG to share x-rays via NFC adorwil l Le pple, G ayPaloses G&D te c h fo rWho asing?A zon,PC B A c hooe ntschmam o b ile N F C p a ymPur ook, A b Face Bank? 54 G o o g 7 Mobile C le i ommercyour PN Go e Marke tio n ogle n talk t Set toAcceleraaWas wite!erlletth c englobarri x t-galersneto t s r Isisakeve il lleannounce s first u n n tro banking p artners: CZTE X P co N C Capital One and hase, debu ts Touch a Barclayca nd S F rd US sig hare Ntechnn up ologyInside Top US retailers to develop Securetags wi launche th 2KBsltheir own NFC mobile walletof mem ow cost NFC orysign ands r jor b ising tee n ma C advert Harman uses NFC to personalise theThir UK NFr driving experienceup fo ign acamp 3. The Digital Economy Is Here!Mobile & NFCa digital economy enabler Mobile device ownership2006 = 41 of 100 Mobile device ownership NFC Enabled Phones2011 = 86.7 of 100 800 2014 By end 2012 NFC handsets650 2013more than 65% in Europe450 2012year350 Ave Lifecycle for handset =201111 months240 2010 Mobile banking users to 0 100 200 300400500 600 700 800 900 Units (Millions)reach half a billion by 2013 Source: ITU & JuniperSource: Gartner 4. Growth in Mobile Transactions PROXIMITY MOBILE PAYMENT TRANSACTIONS 9.9 1097.6876 4.9Transactions (billion) 5 3.743 221.110 201120122013 2014 20152016 Year 5. NFC Trials and RolloutsGlobal NFC Trials and Commercial Rollouts since 2008 6. Whats Shaping the Mobile Market? The mobile transaction market is diverseThere is no single model yet adopted Expected domination in Asia Pacific region 7. Payment Applications ModelNFC terminal In reader mode, NFC deviceTwo NFC devices: becomes a POS terminal peer-to-peer modeContactless terminalClassic contactless cardCardholder uses NFC phoneat point-of-saleinstead of contactless card Contactless card NFC card mode 8. Other Trust ApplicationsHealthCareEvent Booking Physical & Logical & Admission Access Product and people Building Services ID Supply Chain Tracking 9. Will Anyone Dominate? Online Retail Event Access Loyalty TransitHealth Internet S.E.GovernmentIDPayment Telco Carriers Traditional Retail Transport Event Access TransitPayment BanksPayment Transit OthersInternet S.E.GovernmentID Emerging Tech Health Transit Online RetailGov ID 10. Will Anyone Dominate?Traditional RetailOnline RetailEvent AccessLoyaltyTransit Health Internet S.E.GovernmentIDPaymentTelcoCarriers Traditional Retail Transport Event Access TransitOnline RetailPayment BanksPayment TransitTraditional RetailOthersInternet S.E.Government ID Emerging Tech HealthTransit Loyalty Online RetailGov ID 11. Customer Experience As Differentiator Where Was My Bud Born? 12. TSM As A Trust Enabler Event/Access PaymentLoyaltyTransportTransportationID PaymentApplication IssuersEvent ticketsOver-the-Air ServicesServiceProvider OTANFC M-Health USIM/SE- Management- Appl. downloads Physical AccessTrusted Service ManagerIdentity Management 13. Steps to SuccessWho are my partners?Whats my strategy?What are the success factors?What and how to deploy? 14. Questions & Discussions?Please visit G&D atStand 44Kenn MoulynoxSenior Account ManagerGiesecke & Devrient Australasia Pty Ltd0410 584 716