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Humana Vitality. Starts February 1, 2012. Registration Process. No Changes to the current screens Humana Insurance company selected on third party page or Patient registration Humana Vitality member number entered into Subscriber field from Humana insurance card - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • HumanaVitality Procedure for claims after 12/31/2014

  • Before entering Supplemental encounterPatient Registration DOES NOT have to be completed for Humana Vitality claim with service dates after 12/31/2014.For Humana Vitality claims prior to 1/1/2015, you will need to complete Patient Registration.

  • Supplemental info will be saved

  • Humana Vitality screen will be returned

  • New field has been added

  • NEW Humana Vitality # fieldFor claims prior to 1/1/2015, this field must be left blank or the user will receive an error.For claims after 12/31/2014, this field is required and the user will not be able to transmit the screen if left blank.This is a numeric field, no alpha or special characters.All nine digits must be entered.

  • PEVN 30

  • PEVI 30

  • Report 2657This report runs the 1st Sunday of the month.

    Review report and make sure all Humana Vitality visits have been entered and Humana Insurance information has been captured.

    If you have Humana Vitality visits missing from the report, make sure you get those entered. These visits will be sent the next month.

  • Make sure the report shows a Member number and birthdate for each patient.

  • For claims prior to 1/1/2015, If a patient is missing their member number or birthdatePull the patient up on portal and add in the information that is missing.

    Next, pull up the Humana Vitality screen and re-transmit.

    To call up the Humana Vitality screenPEVI PEVI 30 500500 748159263