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  • 1. The Holocaust Museum Houston Shelley Dawson Professor Brandi Danglish Humanities 1301
  • 2. Description The purpose of the Holocaust exhibit is to educate others and pursue the mission to make people aware of the dangers which prejudice, hatred, and violence by society brought about during the Holocaust. The pieces of art represented in this museum are forever a part of history. These artifacts, pictures, quotes, and films presented in the exhibit give you a piece of what it was like during that time period. The art pieces are from the years 1933- 1945 which is the time period the Holocaust occurred. This exhibit is about expanding your knowledge on the holocaust, and also providing you the opportunity to put yourself in that specific time period.
  • 3. This piece of art is a authentic uniform that was forced upon the Jewish individuals to be worn through out the concentration camps.
  • 4. This picture was presented in the museum and it consist of 4 male boys from the Holocaust that were taking in for experimental work and had their sex organs removed. This is just a glimpse of the disgusting and horrifying things that Hitler and his soldiers did to innocent people!
  • 5. Analysis The Museum was very well organized and extremely easy to follow along! There is also a number that you can call and through each artifact it will explain in depth to you, about that particular piece. The most important point of the works is to give a visual image of what it was literally like, and most of the works are the authentic pieces.
  • 6. This exhibit is a train that was used to transport the Jews to the concentration camps.
  • 7. This picture is of a statement made by Jewish a individual verbalizing their experiences with the trains taking the Jews to the concentration camps.
  • 8. The picture below is another statement made by an individual that experienced this tragic time.
  • 9. This authentic Danish fishing boat was used in 1943 by Christians hiding Jews below deck in their cargo, transporting them to a safe place. These Christians that risk their life's, to do this saved over 7,200 Jewish Individuals.
  • 10. Interpretation As I experienced the Holocaust Museum for the first time, the exhibits in this museum express tragic, awareness, and disturbing artifacts from the Holocaust. The work that resides in this museum is things that I have never had the opportunity to experience.
  • 11. Evaluation Each individual quality in each of these pieces is a true success in my opinion because it represents our history and helps us as individuals to better understand the Holocaust. All of the pieces of art are a hundred percent original. In my opinion they are original, because they are artifacts from that time period when all the horrific things were occurring.
  • 12. Judgment In visiting this museum, It really took the Holocaust to a whole new level for me. As I walked through the first half of the museum I just wanted to break down and cry. In my opinion, I think everyone should take the time to experience the Holocaust Museum at least once, because it educates you on the horrifying time period, but also makes you put things into a whole new perspective when seeing this human tragedy.