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    To establish trust.

2. Tradition
The marathon is a towns tradition.
3. Injustice
Help stop bullying, help stop injustice
4. Conflict
When a team reaches conflict they dont get a lot done.
5. 6. Expedition
For an expedition most likely you will sleep in tents.
7. Grave
An accident may lead to grave consequences which may lead to surgery.
8. Freedom
To have freedom to go where you like and do what you like along the lines reason is a privilage
9. Independence
Someone going off to college will have the most independence they have ever had.
10. Economic
The economic crisis left people with less money.
11. Development
This is a housing development
12. Literacy
Literacy is very important to succeed
13. Discriminate
Even if you dont like something it is not right to discriminate against it.
14. EmpowerThe best way to empower Afghani girls is to give them a better education.