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  • 1. Hype Williams


  • Hype Williams is an American music video and film director.
  • The name Hype became his graffiti tag!
  • Hype has created many music videos with massive stars!! For example missy Elliot, notorious b.i.g,ll cool J,Kelis and Jay z.
  • Hype Williams had a writing partner called muse one who helped him build his name in the industry and taught him the ins and outs of the graffiti culture .
  • Hype Williams has receive many awards one including best director of the year in 1996 and the mtv award

3. Example of hype Williams work 4. Example of hype Williams work 5. Example of hype Williams work 6.

  • Slides 3,4 and 5 show examples of music videos that hype Williams has designed. You will notice that some of the music videos are very similar and set out in the same way. You can see by all 3 slides that he uses darker backgrounds to focus the audiences attention all on the artist, he often uses lots of lighting and effects that strobe around the artists.
  • The colours Hype uses are very limited and he sticks to a small colour palette but this is the image he is trying to create and it works. He also has a lot of close ups in the videos and the images are often distorted in the fish eye lens.


  • Hype Williams specialises in genres like hip hop and rnb and has gone through all efforts to get his music videos to be shown on mtv and become very popular and recogniseable!
  • His work is mainstream music and the genre music is likely to be played on the charts
  • Hype Williams has his own individual signature style, he tends not to use live performance just videos based around the artist and a chreographised dance routine .
  • In some of his videos he splits the camera shots and places one in the upper bar and one in the lower bars. Most of his shots are centred on the artist with a solid colour background with different coloured lights in the background to create an illuminated effect on the artist to make the artist stand out.