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Hi, this is Yogeshkumar. I just returned back from USA. Dont think that I had gone to do my higher studies. Its for money; yes I am an onsite resource for a MNC company. I have just come for a months vacation to meet my family, to take rest, to eat good food, to roam with friends, to tease my younger sister, to drop my mom at temple, to have a morning walk with my dad, to hear bedtime stories from my granny and of course to convey my love to Pooja.Pooja is my neighbor. Her father and mine are friends. I know her well from our childhood. She is the best companion I ever had. I dont know when I started to love her. But I started to miss her from the moment I got into the flight to USA. It has been a year I met her. I am very eager to meet her. I am going to meet her at her house in 10 minutes. I had got chocolates and dresses for her brother and got an iPod for her. Now I am standing in front of my cupboard and looking at the dresses. One blue t-shirt got my attention. This is the t-shirt she gifted me on New Year.New year 2008My phone rang at midnight 12; I pretty well know that it was from Pooja. Its her usual habit to wish me every year at 12. I took the phone and said A very happy new year PoojaPooja replied Thank you yogi. Please come out. I am waiting outsideI was shocked. Our area would be very dark and calm by 6 oclock in the evening itself.What? Stupid, why you came now? by asking I opened my room door and walked towards the drawing room.Pooja replied Come soon scold laterHmmm coming I laughed and thought this girl is very naughty. I opened the door. No one was there. I didnt cut the call so I asked her Where are you?She came from the side wards and poured color water on my favorite white t-shirt and said Happy New YearWater was dropping from everywhere on my body and even from my mobile. I was bit angry on herfor spoiling my t-shirt but when I sawthe happinesson her faceI forgot everything. I dont know whether it was the moment I had fallen in love on her.We both went intomy house and I asked her to sit at the couch. I left back to my room, took a quick bath and wore another night tracks with a t-shirt. I took a gift box from my dressing table. I went back to hall.I handed the gift to her and said Happy new year my kiddoShe eagerly opened the gift. I presented her a stuffed doll and a Dairy milk fruit and nut which are her favorites.She exclaimed Wow nice brown teddy. I will call this Brownie and looked at me. I felt something when she looked at my eyes. I was not able to see her eyes so I headed down.She came near me, very close. There were no one around us I had become very nervous. She took another bottle of colored water and poured on me. I thought she cannot stop her naughty behavior. But this time I had got bit more anger. I shouted Whats this Pooja? Pooja replied Are you angry on meI replied Of course, just now I took bath and you again before I complete she handed a gift box and said Wear thisI asked what is this? You never got me New Year gift before? Why this time? I was opening the gift boxShe replied Because this year I have got my money to gift you. I am working naMeanwhile I opened the gift it was a Blue color t-shirt. I said Its really coolShe replied Thank you. I have asked Mano to stay awake for me. I need to go homeHer dad is very strict and kept rules for her. But she says Rules are there to break I replied take care. Good nightShe waved hands and jumped the compound wall. I just watched her jumping and stood near the compound wall to see her going in. She walked in slowly without making noise as her house security may notice.I came back to my room and I got a message, thats the wonder of NOKIA even after it got wet it worked fine and the message was from her safely rched. This idiot mano slept before I come. Once again Happy New Year. Meet you tomo. GNI sent a reply text Thank you. GNI took the blue t-shirt and wore that. I went near my dressing table and combed my hair, looked myself in the mirror, smiled and opened the dressing table draw.I had four different varieties of watches. When I was looking at those one watch came up and said wear mePooja gifted me the watch on my birthday.I had four different varieties of watches. When I was looking at those one watch came up and said wear mePooja gifted me on my birthdayMy Birthday 2008On my birthday I came back from office at 7.00 p.m. I found Pooja sitting at hall and chatting with Neethu, my sister. I removed my shoes and walked slowly near Pooja. Pooja was seriously describing about her project lead. Neethu saw me and I asked her to keep quite by my action. When I went near Pooja, Pooja turned by keeping a fake tooth and making her eye balls see the nose. I started to laugh on seeing that. She said trying to scare me? Thats impossibleI said correct. You cannot be scared as you see your face daily in the mirror na while speaking my mom came out of kitchen with a cup of coffee.Pooja complained to my mom See Aunty, he is always teasing meMy mom saw me. I said Leave her mom. I am really tired. I had a client call. Head is aching a lot by saying I was about take the coffee cup. But Pooja took the coffee before I take. My mom and Neethu laughed aloud.I said mom, is that not for me?My mom replied Wait, let me prepare one more cup for youI replied no need. Even give that to this devil itselfPooja looked at me and laughed. I was entering my room and Pooja sipped the coffee and said Excellent coffee aunty. Only blessed people get an opportunity to drink such a tasty coffeeI changed my dress to casual ones, refreshed myself and came back to living room. Pooja was yet talking to my mom and Neethu.As soon as she saw me she said Good you are ready she turned to my mom and said Aunty you come in his bike and call uncle to come directly from office. Me, Neethu and Mano will come in scooty by saying she went near the door with Neethu My mom replied ok fine. I will switch off the lights and comeI just stared at everyone and asked hello where are you going and whats the plan?My mom said today is your birthday right, so we all are going to restaurant as a birthday party. Pooja only plannedI looked at Pooja and she winked her eyes and smiled. She said to my mom Aunty Me and Neethu will go to my home and call mano. You both leave to the restaurantShe again gave a soft look and moved her hair away from her eyes. I just noticed her eyes; its brown in color and very attractive. I was not able to look at her eyes again I headed down. I dont know whether thats the moment I started loving her.I took my mom in my pulsar and Pooja rode her scooty with Neethu and Mano. We reached the restaurant; my dad came at the right time when we started to order. We had nice food. I said Pooja Nice restaurant. Thanks for taking us here in the great evening She smiled back. She called the waiter and asked Bill pleaseThe waiter got the bill she pointed me and said Give that to him. He is going to pay. I was totally frozen. I got the bill and stared at Pooja. She was talking to my mom and didnt even notice me.I asked my dad dad, please you pay now and I will return it after reaching homeMy dad replied I thought its your birthday party. He saw me, smiled and said Just kidding, I will payAfter paying bill we started home. Neethu, Mano sat in my dads car. My mom came near me and said Come start bike we will leaveI was already in anger so I shouted at my mom Am I a driver to you. Go in dads car Mom left to dads car.My dad said Its 9.30 dont leave Pooja alone. Come with her itself and leftPooja started her scooty and came near my pulsar. She said First driver and now body guard. Good goodI was totally pissed off. I kept my face red and started my pulsar. Pooja rode very slowly to irritate me. Then suddenly she rode fast and disappeared from my sight. I shouted Pooja, Pooja But no reply. I said to myself nowadays she is doing too much. Let her suffer, I will leave home by saying I went near my bike but I was not able to start. I again shouted Pooja, Pooja I walked towards the end of the street but couldnt find her. I tried calling her but she didnt pick. My eyes got red and I kept my hand on head and sat on the platform. When I opened my eyes I saw a gift box held in poojas hand. She said a small gift to my body guard and my neighbors driver As soon as I saw her I felt like hugging her. I felt that my life had come back. I dont know whether that was the moment I started to love her. I got the gift and opened it. It was a fast track watch. I smiled and she laughed. We left home.I took that watch and wore that. I went to my living room and took remote from Neethu.I startedchanging channels continuously. Iwas stuck at one channel. Thats the movie I went along with Pooja.I am stuck at one channel. Thats the movie I went along with PoojaMovie @ July 2008As that was my appraisal time I was busily working at my desk. Suddenly my phone rang, Display showed Pooja. I cut the call and continued my work. Pooja called again and again but I cut the call then I put the phone in silent and vibration off . I had a call with my client so I switched off my mobile kept at my desk and left to meeting. When I switched on my mobile,there were 25 messages. I thought this girl is restless but I was wrong. 15 messages were from Vodafone, 3 messages from some unknown numbers regarding part time job, 2 messages from my friend Senthil regarding his job opportunity, 3 forwads from my other friends and 2 messages from Neethu.Neethus first message : When are you coming home?Neethus second message : Me, mano and Pooja leaving to movie. Mom had gone to temple. Collect keys from Suja aunty (Poojas mom).It was 8.00 pm. I packed everything and had shut down my laptop. I took my laptop and my helmet from my desk, swiped out and walked towards the parking lot. I started my vehicle and reached my office gate. I saw a girl wearing red salwar waiting outside. I crossed her without noticing. Suddenly I heard Yogi, Yogi, Pl