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IBT AND CBT. PRESENTED BY: SUKMAWATI ABDUL ROSYID NURMAWATI. THE DEFINITION OF IBT. IBT or Internet Based Testing is a form of competence, skill or knowledge assessment through computer or internet. Another form of IBT is (WBT) Web Based Testing. THE DEFINITION OF WBT. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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IBT or Internet Based Testing is a

form of competence, skill or knowledge assessment through computer or internet.

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Another form of IBTis

(WBT)Web Based Testing

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It assesses one’s competence, skill or knowledge(for example : language skill) through a website(Roever, 2001)

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The Characteristics of WBT

WBT has the similar characteristics with Computer Based Testing (CBT). The difference lays on the website usage as the media in bridging test takers with test administrator.

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CBTComputer Based Testing

CBT or Computer Based Testing is a form of assessment or test which is carried out through electronic devices (electronic exam).

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• Reffering to TCexam (2010), electronic exam is a form of exam which is carried out using computer (PC) or other electronic devices in which response is recorded and assessed

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The positive side of CBT

• Cheaper, faster and wider than conventional methods

• In addition, CBT facilitates students who have limited or specific conditions better.

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The negative side of ICT

• barriers which comes from hardware; behavior or attitude of the test participants; and the questions format that really assesses students’ academic ability.

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Drupal:- is PHP based Content Management

System (CMS)- Can be downloaded and developed

freely- Has vast potential development in

various fields

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Drupal might be used in:

1. Community Portal Site2. News Publishing3. International Sites4. Art, Music, Multimedia5. Etc.

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The advantages of Drupal Based IBT Application

1. Various quiz Types2. Scoring Flexibility3. Multimedia Compatibility4. Systematic data base and Administration5. Ease and secure usage6. Stable, secure and robust performance

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Obstacles in Developing Drupal

1. Internet Connection2. Human Resource3. Time Allocation4. Hosting

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Obstacles in IBT Application

1. Notebook Availability2. Internet Connection3. Power Outlet4. Students’ Honesty

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Questionnaire for Students• Do you have a notebook or net book ?• Are you familiar with IBT ?• Have you taken any IBT ?• What advantage you get from IBT ?• Does IBT help you gain better technology literacy ?• Do you prefer Internet Based Testing (IBT) or Paper

Based Test (PBT) ?• What difficulty did you find in taking IBT ?• Do you think that students are honest in taking IBT ?• What other features need to be attached to

the website ?

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ICT can be used in :* Teaching and Learning* Testing* Computer Based Testing (CBT)/ Internet Based Testing (IBT)

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The benefits of IBT and CBT are :* Flexibility* Speed* Wide range* Ability to accommodate

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A number of obstacles :* Knowledge and mastery* Hardware and mastery* Test Participants* Behaviour or Attitude

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