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  • 8/4/2019 Ibt Key Terms


    a handful of a few n. a setback to

    a check to the

    progress ofn.

    2 abandon give up v. abbreviate short v. abhorrent distasteful a. abiding enduring a. ablaze radiant a. abnormally exceptionally ad. abolish eliminate v. abound in be full of v.

    2 abroadin the foreign


    2 abroad in other countries ad.

    abrupt sudden a. 3 abruptly suddenly ad.

    absentminded forgetful a. abstract summary n.

    4 abundant plentiful a. 2 abundantly in great numbers ad. 2 abundantly generously ad.

    academy school n. accede with agree to v.

    3 accelerate increase v. 3 accelerate rapid v.

    3 accelerate speed up v.

    accept permit v. access admittance to n.

    2 accessible available a. 2 accessible available a. 3 acclaim praised v. 3 acclaim recognition n. recognition

    accommodate handle v.

    accommodation lodging n. 2 accompany join v.

    2 accompany travel with v.

    according to depending on

    2 accordingly for that reason ad. 2 accordingly consequently ad.

    account explain v. accretion accumulation n.

    3 accumulate collect v. 3 accumulate pile up v.

    3 accumulate collect v. accurate exact a. accustom to used to v. ache hurt v. achievement accomplishment n. acid harsh a. acquaint with informed about v. acquire obtain v. acrid bitter a. acrimonious bitter a. actively vigorously ad.

    3 actually really ad. 3 actually in fact ad.

    3 actually really ad.

    actuate set in motion v. acute critical a. acutely keenly ad. adaptation modification n. addition besides n. address speech n.

    2 adequate sufficient a. adhere stick v. adherent follower n.

    2 adjacent nearnearby a.

    2 adjoining neighboring a. adjunct addition n. adjunct to addition to n. administered managed v. admire esteem v.

    2 adopt enact v. 2 adopt take on v.

    adorn decorate v. adornment embellishment n.

    2 adult mature a. advantage make use of n.

    3 advent coming n. 3 advent arrival n.

    2 adverse negative a. 3 adversely negatively ad. 3 adversely detrimentally ad.

    3 adversely negatively ad.

    advocate proponent n. aesthetically artistically ad. affection fondness n. affectionately lovingly ad. affliction problem n. affluence wealth n. affront insult v.

    2 aggressive combative a. 2 aggressive combative a.

    2 agrarian farming a. 2 agrarian agricultural a.

    2 ahead of preceding prep.

    2 ahead of in front of prep.

    aid help v. ;aided helped v. ailment disease n.

    2 aim goal n.

    2 aim objective n.

    airborne aloft a.

    alarm frightened v. alert wary a. all everywhere ad. allay reduce v. allegiance loyalty n. alliance association n.

    2 allocate distributed v. 2 allocate awarded v.

    2 alloy mixed v./n. v. n.2 alloy blend v./n. v. n.4 almost nearly ad. 4 almost practically ad.

    4 almost nearly ad.

    aloft in flight ad. alongside next to ad. ;aloof from separate from a.

    4 alter change v. 4 alter modify v.

    4 alter adjust v.

    alteration renovation n. ;alternately one after another ad. ;alternative option n. alternative to substitute for n. altitude elevation n. altogether completely ad.

    amateur nonprofessional n.

    ambition goal n. ambitious enterprising a. ambivalence conflicting feeling n. amenity comfort n.

    2 amount quantity n. an impetus to an incentive to n.

  • 8/4/2019 Ibt Key Terms


    analogy parallel n. ancestor forefather n. anchor secure v.

    2 ancient old a. 2 ancient earliest a.

    ancillary secondary a. anguished tormented a. annals chronicle n. annihilate conquer v. annoying irritating a. annual yearly a. annually yearly ad. anonymous unknown a. antagonist enemy n. antagonistic quarreling a. ;antecedent predecessor n. anthem song n. ;

    3 anticipate look forward to v. 3 anticipate expect v.

    antique old a. apace with as fast as apathetic uninvolved a. apparel clothes n. ;

    2 apparently seemingly ad. appeal challenge v.

    2 appealing attractive a.

    appear seem v. applaud clap v. ;application use n. ;apply use for v. appoint designate v. appreciate admire v. appreciated recognized v. appreciation recognition n. approach near v. appropriate suitable a.

    appropriation founding n. approximately about ad. apt appropriate a. ;

    2 aptly appropriately ad. 2 aptly fittingly ad.

    arbitrarily randomly ad. arboreal tree-dwelling a. ardent passionate a.

    4 arduous difficult a.

    4 arduous laborious a.

    4 arduous difficult a.

    arid dry a.

    aromatic fragrant a. 4 arouse provoke v. 4 arouse excite v.

    4 arouse excite v.

    4 arouse stimulate v.

    2 arrange put together v. 2 arrange plan v.

    array collection n. arrive reach v. article object n. artificial synthetic a.

    2 as a result of because of 6 as a substitute for in place of v.n.2 as well as in addition of ad.

    ascend climb v. 2 ascertain determine v.

    ask request v. asphyxiation suffocation n. aspiration ambition n.

    3 assemble gather v.

    3 assemble bring together v.

    3 assemble put together v.

    assembly gathering n. assert emphatically state v. asset advantage n. assiduous diligent a.

    3 assist help v. 3 assist aid v.

    associate connect v. 2 assortment variety n. 3 assumption belief n. 3 assumption supposition n.3 assumption belief n.

    2 assuredly certainly ad. 2 assuredly certainly ad.

    2 astonishing astounding a. 2 astonishing amazing a.

    at any rate regardless at home comfortable a.

    3 at once immediately ad. atmosphere air n. attach fasten v. attachment preference for n.

    2 attained achieved v.

    2 attained reached v.3 attempt effort v./n. v. n.effort 3 attempt try v./n.

    attend present v. attendant accompanying n.

    3 attire clothing n. 3 attire dress n.

    3 attire clothing n.

    2 attractive pretty a.

    2 attractive appealing a.

    5 attribute credit v. 5 attribute characteristics n. 5 attribute trait n.

    5 attribute to testify as v./n. auditory hearing a. , authentically genuinely ad. authorize empower v. automatically involuntarily ad. autonomous independent a.

    2 autonomy independence n. autumn fall n. avail make use v. available obtainable a. avaricious greedy a.

    2 avert avoid v. 2 avert prevent v.

    aviator pilot n. 2 avid eager a.

    award present with v. awe wonder n.

    awesome amazing a.

    bachelor unmarried man n. backbone spine n. backlog accumulation n. baffle perplex to n. balance equilibrium n. balmy mild a.

    4 ban prohibit v.

    4 ban forbid v.

    4 ban forbid v.

    2 band form groups n./v.n.v.

    2 band stripe n./v.

    banish exile v. bark outer covering n.

  • 8/4/2019 Ibt Key Terms


    2 barren infertile a. barrier to obstacle to n.

    2 barter trade v. 2 barter exchange v.

    base center of operation n. basically fundamentally ad.

    2 battle struggle v./n. v./n.2 battle fight(fought) v./n.

    be committed to be dedicated to v. be fond of like a.

    2 be fraught with charge with a. 2 be fraught with full of a.

    be penalized for be punished for v. be preoccupied with engrossed in a. bead drop n.

    2 beam ray n. 5 bear assume v. 5 bear support v.

    5 bear yield v.

    5 bear(bore) carry v.

    beat(beaten) whip v. become tarnished lost its luster v. bedridden confined to bed a. bedrock foundation n.

    begin commence v. behavior conduct n. behind to the rear of prep. behold view v.

    2 belong to be members of v. 2 belong to be owned by v.

    beneath below prep.

    2 beneficial advantageous a. besides in addition to prep. best most highly ad.

    better improve v. beverage drink n.

    beyond outside prep. 2 bias prejudice n. 2 big large a. 2 big populous a.

    2 bind tie v. 2 bind join v.

    biographyaccounts of people's


    biological living a. birth beginning n. bit somewhat n.

    bizarrely oddly ad.

    blaze burn brightly v. bleach whiten v.

    2 bleak desolate a. blend combine v. blink shut their eyes briefly v. blunder mistake n. blunt dull a.

    2 blurred indistinct a. 3 boast brag n./v. 3 boast claim n./v.

    3 boast take pride in having n./v.

    boat ship n. boldly daringly ad. bond link n.

    2 boost raise v. bore drill v.

    2 bothersome irritating a. 2 bothersome annoying a.

    bottom floor n. 3 bound limit n.

    3 bound constraint n.

    3 bound held v.

    boundary border n. boundless infinite a. brag boast n./v. branch division n. brave courageous a. brawl fight n.

    2 breach rift n.

    2 breach violation n.

    break departure from n. 2 break apart split ad. 2 break out begin v. 2 break up separate v.

    breakdown of itemization of n. 2 breathtaking exciting a. 2 breathtaking stunning a.

    2 breed raise v. 2 breed hatchmate v.

    brevity conciseness n. bricklayer mason n. brief short a. brief look glance n. brightness radiance n. brilliantly brightly ad.

    4 bring about cause v.

    4 bring about cause v.

    4 bring about introduce v.

    4 bring about produce v.

    briskly energetically ad. 2 brittle breakable a. 2 brittle easily broken a.

    broach bring up v.

    3 broad wide a.

    3 broad general a.

    3 broad wide a.

    broaden widen v. broadly liberally ad.

    2 brochure pamphlet n. 2 brochure short pamphlet n.

    bruise damage v. 2 bulk most n. 2 bulk majority n.

    burglary theft n. bury embed v. busy in use a. by and large on the whole ad. by chance accidentally ad. by virtue of because of

    2 by-product derivative n. 2 by-product from derivative of n.

    byword epithet n. calculate determine v.

    2 caliber quality n. 2 call for require v.

    call off cancel v. calmly quietly ad. came to the forefront became impotant

    camouflage conceal v. capacity ability n. capital money n. caption title n. capture catch v. care attention n.

    2 career profession n.

  • 8/4/2019 Ibt Key Terms


    2 career vocation n.

    carry support v. 2 carry on conduct v.

    cast project v. catastrophe disaster n. categorize classify v. category group n. caution warn v. cave cavern n. cease stop v. celebrate praise v.

    2 celebrated distinguish a. 2 celebrated famous a.

    celebratory full of praise n. celestial astronomical a.

    2 cement bond v. 2 cement stick v.

    census population count n. centennial



    champion advocate n. chance unplanned a. changeover from conversion from n. character nature n.

    2 characteristic distinguishing feature n. 2 characteristic distinctive a.

    characteristically typically ad. characteristics qualities n. charge attack v. charged with assigned to , chatterbox incessant talker n. cheap inexpensive a. check control v.

    3 chiefly mainly ad. 3 chiefly principally ad.

    chill cool v. choice selection n.

    chronically persistently ad. chronicle describe v. chronologically

    according to a time


    chubby plump a.

    circumscribe restrict v.

    2 cite refer to v. 2 cite mention v.

    clamor for loudly demand v. clasp hold v.

    2 classify categorize v. 2 classify categorize v.

    clean empty v. clear unobstructed a. clear away move v. climate weather condition n. climax of high point in n.

    2 cling to hold fast to v. 2 cling to stick to v.

    clinging close-fitting a. clip trim v. clog congest v. cloth fabric n. club association n.

    3 clue information n. 3 clue proof n.

    clump bunch n. cluster group v. coagulate clot v. coalition alliance n.

    2 coarse rough a. 2 coarse crude a.

    2 coat fur v./n. 2 coat cover v./n.

    coherent logical a. 2 coin create v. 2 coin invent v.

    coincide with collide with v. coincide with happen at the same time ad.

    3 collaborate work together on v. 3 collaborate work jointly v.

    3 collaborate work together v.

    colleague fellow worker n.

    collective group n. collectively together ad. collide with bump into v. collision crash n. colloquial conversational a. colonize settle v. colony group n. combat fight v. combine blend v.

    4 come down with contract v.

    come of age establish itself v.

    4 come through be written v. 4 come to regain consciousness v. 4 come up with propose v.

    comic funny a. command mastery n. commanding forceful a. commensurate with proportionate to a. comment remark n. commercial business a. commodity article of trade n. commonly frequently ad.

    2 commonplace ordinary a. 2 commonplace average a.

    communal cooperative a. compact compress v. comparable equivalent a. comparably similarly ad. compel force v. compelling forceful a. compensate reimburse v. competent capable a. competently adeptly ad. competition rivalry n. compile gather v.

    2 completely immediately ad. 2 completely entirely ad.

    complex involved a.

    2 comply with conform to v. 2 comply with obey v.

    4 component part n. 4 component element n.

    4 component part n.

    4 component parts n.

    2 compose focus on v. 2 compose write v.

    composition makeup n. comprehensible understandable a.

    4 comprise consist of v. 4 comprise constitute v.

    4 comprise consist of v.

    4 comprise make up v.

    2 compulsory mandatory a. computation calculation n. compute calculate v. concealed covered a. conceive design v.

    2 concentrate cluster v. 2 concentrate focus on v.

  • 8/4/2019 Ibt Key Terms


    concentration accumulation n. concise brief a. concisely succinctly ad. conclusion end n. conclusive definitive a. concoct devise v. concomitant with in conjunction with ad. concrete specific a.

    2 concur agree v. 2 concur in unite in v.

    condemnation blame n. conduct behavior n. confederate ally n.

    2 confer consult v. confer on award to v. configuration arrangement n.

    3 confine limit v. 3 confine restrict v.

    2 confirm uphold v. 2 confirm verify v.

    2 conflicting opposing a. 2 conflicting incompatible a.

    conform meet v. confound bewilder v. congenital present at birth a.

    2 congest crowd v. 2 congest overcrowd v.

    conglomerate assortment n. 2 congregate assemble v. 2 congregate gather v.

    conjectural based on guessing a. conscientiously diligently ad. consciously intentionally ad. consecutive successive a.

    2 consequence result n. 2 conserve store v. 2 conserve retain v.

    consider regard as v. 5 considerable large a. 5 considerable substantial a.

    5 considerable much a.

    5 considerable great a.

    2 considerably a great deal ad. 2 considerably very much ad.

    considerate thoughtful a. consist of be made up v. consistent constant a. consistently regularly ad. consort associate v.

    3 conspicuous noticeable a. 3 conspicuous obvious a.3 conspicuous noticeable a.

    2 constantly constantly ad. 2 constantly continuously ad.

    3 constituent component n.

    3 constituent districts' voter n.

    3 constituent component n.

    3 constitute make up v. constrain inhibit v. constraint limitation n. constrict contract v. consume eat v. consumed eaten v.

    consumption eat n. contaminate infect v. contamination pollution n.

    4 contemporary existing a. 4 contemporary modern a.

    4 contemporary current a.

    4 contemporary written at that time n.

    contention controversy n. contest competition n. continuously without interruption ad. contradictory opposing a. contrariwise opposite ad. contrary to in conflict with a. contrive devise v. convene meet v.

    2 conventional traditional a. 2 convergence gathering n. 3 convert change v. 2 convey transport v. 2 convey communicate v.

    coordinate integrate v. copious plentiful a. cordial pleasant a. core center n. correct accurate a. correctly properly ad. correspondingly similarly ad. corroborate confirm v. corrode wear(worn) away v. costly expensive a. couch express v.

    count weigh v. 2 count on trust v. 2 count on rely v.

    counter overcome v. counteract negate v. counterpart version n.

    2 countless innumerable a. 2 countless many a.

    2 country nation n. 2 couple pair n. 2 couple with in addition to v.

    courteous polite a. coverage reportage n.

    cozy comfortable a. cramped confining a. create bring about v. creek stream n.

    2 creep move slowly v. 2 creep crawl v.

    criminal gangster n. crisscross move back and forth v. critical crucial for a. critical judge of fine

    artsconnoisseur n.

    cross one's mind occur to sb. v. crossroad central meeting place n. crucial important a.

    2 crude roughly made a.

    2 crude unprocessed a.

    2 cultivate grow v. 2 cultivate farm v.

    culture civilization n. 2 cumbersome burdensome a. 2 cumbersome bulky a.

    customary usual a. cunning cleverness n. curative healing a. curb inhibit v.

    2 curiously oddly ad. 2 currency money n. 2 currency paper money n.

    custom practice n. customer patron n.

    2 cut reduce v. 2 cut down reduce v.

  • 8/4/2019 Ibt Key Terms


    dam block v. damage harm n. damaging harmful a. dampen moisten v. dank unpleasantly humid a. daring bold a. dawn beginning n. dazzling brilliant a. deadlock impasse n.

    2 deal with cope v.

    2 deal with concern v.2 debate discussion v. 2 debate argument v.

    2 decay decompose v. 2 decelerate decrease the speed of v. 2 deceptive misleading a.

    deceptively misleadingly ad. decipher decode v. decline refuse v. declivity downward slope n. decree order v. deem regard as v. deep profound a. defeat conquer v.

    2 defer delay v. 2 defer yield v.

    definite fix a. definitely clearly ad. deflect deviate v.

    2 defraud cheat v. deft skilled a. deftly skillfully ad. dehydrate dry v. deity god n. delegate representative n.

    2 delete remove from v.

    deleteriously adversely ad. deliberate careful a.

    4 deliberately intentionally ad. 4 deliberately purposely ad.

    4 deliberately intentionally ad.

    delicate fragile a. delicately carefully ad.

    present v. deluge flood n. demand require v. demise disappearance n. demise death n. demolition destruction n.

    demonstrate show v. demonstration proof n. denote signify v. dense thick a. dense compact a. densely thickly ad.

    2 depend rely v. 2 depend on be determined by v.

    2 depict portray v. 2 depict represent v.

    2 deplete exhaust v. deplore lament v. deposit lay v. depress lower v. deprive deny v. derive obtain v. derived from based on v. descent ancestry n. design pattern n. desolate barren a.

    destitute impoverished a. detect uncover v.

    2 detectable measurable a. 2 detectable apparent a.

    detecting finding v. 2 deter from keep from v. 2 deter from inhibit v.

    deteriorate become worse v. 3 determine fix v. 3 determine evaluate v.

    3 determine calculate v.

    detrimental damaging a. devastated ruined a. developing evolving a.

    5 device apparatus n. 5 device mechanism n.

    5 device instrument n.

    devil-may-care reckless a.

    2 devise create v. devoid free of a. devote reserve for v.

    2 devote to dedicate v. 2 devote to specializing in v.

    devoted dedicated a. 2 devour consume v.

    diagnose analyze v. dialogue conversation n. dictate determine v. didactic instructive a. diet nutritional plan n. diffuse travel v. dilapidated run-down a. dilate expand v. dim weak a.

    2 diminutive tiny a. 2 diminutive small a.

    dimly faintly ad. 2 dip immerse momentarily v. 2 dip immerse in v.

    dire dreadful a. direct lead v. directly immediately ad. disaster catastrophe n. discard get rid of v. discern detect v.

    discerning perceptive a.

    disciple follower n. 2 discipline field of study n.

    2 discipline field n.

    discontent dissatisfy v. discord disharmony n. discrepancy difference n. disintegrate break up v.

    2 disorient confuse v. 2 disorient lost v.

    disparaging negative a. dispatch expedition n. dispensary clinic n. display exhibit v.

    2 dispose of get rid of v. disposition temperament n. disproportionately unequally ad.

    4 dispute argument n. 4 dispute disagreement n.

    4 dispute question v.

    disquieting troubling a.

    disregard ignore v.

  • 8/4/2019 Ibt Key Terms


    5 disseminate spread/impart v. 5 disseminate disperse v.

    5 disseminate spread v.

    2 dissent from disagree with v.

    2 dissenting opposite a.

    dissipate disperse v. distant faraway a.

    2 distinct separate a. distinct different a. distinct definite a. distinct separate a. distinctive unique a. distinctly clearly ad. distinguish differentiate v. distinguished eminent a. district section n. disturb bother v. dive plunge v. divergence difference n.

    diverse dissimilar a.

    diverse various a. diverse varied a. diverse different a. diversified varied a. diversity variety n. dividing line boundary n. divine sacred a.

    2 do away with get rid of v. do away with eliminate v.

    do sth. Repeatedly iterate v. dogged persistent a.

    2 domain field n. 2 domain region n. 2 domesticate tame v.

    2 dominant major a. 2 dominant most common a. 2 dominate be prevalent in v.

    donate contribute v. donation grant n. donor giver n.

    2 dormant hibernate a. 2 dormant inactive a.

    dot scatter across v. doze sleep lightly v.

    2 draft formulate v. 2 draft draw up v.

    drama play n.

    dramatic striking a. dramatically radically ad. drastic radical a. drastically severely ad.

    2 drastically radically ad.

    5 draw attract v. draw instruct v.

    5 draw from take from v.

    2 drawback unfavorable feature of n. 2 drawback disadvantage n.

    dread horror n. dreadfully terribly ad. dream fantasy n. ;dribble trickle v. ;

    2 drift move aimlessly v. ;2 drift move v.

    2 drive campaign n. ;2 drive out of force out of v.

    droop sag v. 2 drop fall n.

    2 drop in visit v. 2 drought dry period n. 2 drought prolonged lack of rain n.

    drudgery tedium n. 2 duplicate copy v. 2 duplicate identical a.

    duplication copying n. durability endurance n.

    3 durable long-lasting a. 3 durable last a. 3 durable strong a. 2 duration length n.

    during in prep.

    dust fine particles n. 3 dwell reside v. 3 dwell live v. 3 dwell in reside in v. 3 dwelling house n. 3 dwelling living quarters n. 3 dwelling residence n.

    2 dwindle diminish v.

    2 dwindle away eventually disappear v. E

    each every one n.

    eager enthusiastic a. early initial a.

    2 earnest serious a. earnestly seriously ad. earnings revenue n. earth dirt n.

    2 easily moved portable a. easygoing relaxed a. eccentric strange a. eccentricity peculiarity n. ecologically environmentally ad.

    economical thrifty a. edge advantage n. educator teacher n. effect influence v. effect influence n.

    2 effectively efficiently ad. 2 effectively successfully ad.

    efficiency effectiveness n. 2 efficient effective a. 3 effort attempt n. 3 effort exertion n.

    3 effort endeavor n.

    elaborate complicate a. elaborately done in great detail ad. elastic pliant a. elect choose v. elevate promote v. elevate raise v. elevated raised a. elevation altitude n. elicit bring out v. eligible entitle a. eloquent persuasive a. elsewhere in another place ad. emancipator liberator n. embarrass ashamed because of v.

    emblem symbol n.

    2 embrace include v.

    2 embrace take up v.

    embraced welcomed v. embryo


    undeveloped formn.

  • 8/4/2019 Ibt Key Terms


    emerge appear v. 2 emerge

    come into


    2 emerge appear as v.

    emergence appearance n. eminence fame n. emissary messenger n. emit give off v. emit give off v. emitting producing v. emotion feeling n.

    emphasize stress v. employ use v. emulate imitate v.

    2 enable allow v. 2 enable help v.

    enable allow v. enact pass v. enactment performance n. enactment passing n. encompass include v. encounter meet v. encourage urge v. end goal n. end final n. endless continuous a.

    endanger threaten v. 2 endeavor try v.

    endemic native a. endless continuous a. endorse approve of v. endowment gift n. endure survive v. energetic vigorous a. energetically actively ad. engage in carry on v.

    engaged hired v. 3 enhance improve v. 3 enhance heighten v.

    3 enhance increase v.

    enhancement improvement n. enjoyment pleasure n. enlist join v. enormous tremendous a.

    3 enormously tremendously ad. 3 enormously immensely ad.

    ensures guarantees v. entail involve v. enthusiasm intense interest n. enthusiastically eagerly ad. entire whole a.

    2 entirely solely ad. 2 entirely totally ad.

    entitle name v. entity object n. entomb trap v. entreat urge v. envelop surround v. envelope outer covering n. epoch period of history n. equal to

    have the ability to


    equally uniformly ad. equipment apparatus n. equivalent the same as n. equivocally ambiguously ad. era period of time n.

    2 era age n. 2 era period n.

    eradicate eliminate v. eradicate completely destroy v.

    2 erect straight a. 2 erect construct v.

    erection construction v. erratically irregularly ad. erroneous incorrect a. erroneous ideas misconception n. erroneously identified

    asmistake v.

    erupt explode v. escalate rise v.

    2 especially notably ad. 2 especially particularly ad.

    essence basic nature n. essential fundamental a.

    2 essential necessary a. 2 essential vital a.

    essentially fundamentally ad. establish create v. establish organize v. estate property n. esteem respect v. estimated judged v. ethereal delicate a. evacuate remove v. evidence indicate n. evidence reveal v. evolution development n. evolve develop v.

    2 exact precise a. exactly precisely ad. exaggeration overstatement n. exalt glorify v. exalted superior a. examine explore v. example instance n.

    exasperating irritating a.

    excavate dig v. excavating digging v. exceed surpass v. exceedingly very ad.

    2 excel superior v.

    2 excel in be outstanding in v. except for apart from prep. exceptional remarkable a. excerpt short selection n. excessive extreme a. exclude from keep out of v.

    exclusively only ad. excursion trip n.

    2 execute create v. 2 execute produce v.

    execution carrying out n. exemplary model a. exercise utilize v.

    2 exert cause v. 2 exert put v. ()

    exhaustively thoroughly ad. exhibit show v. exorbitant expensive a. expand increase v.

    expeditiously rapidly ad. expendable unprofitable a. expertly masterfully ad.

    2 explicitly specifically ad. explore investigate v.

    2 expose subject to v. 2 expose uncover v.

  • 8/4/2019 Ibt Key Terms


    exposition exhibition n. 2 extend stretch v. 2 extend increase v.

    extend improve v. extensive broad a. extensively widely ad. extol praise v. extolled praised v.

    2 extra surplus a. 2 extra additional a.

    2 extract remove v. 3 extract descend v.

    extract remove v. 3 extract from remove from v.

    extraneous irrelevant a. extraordinary supreme a.

    2 extraordinary remarkable a. 2 extraordinary outstanding a.

    2 extremely exceptionally ad. 2 extremely intensely ad.

    extricate remove v. F

    fabricate make v. fabricating constructing v.

    2 face confront v. facet aspect n.

    facilitate enable v.

    facsimile reproduction n. fact actually n. faction side n. factor consideration n. fade lose color v. fail to do not v.

    2 fairly relatively ad. 2 fairly somewhat ad.

    faithful loyal a. fake imitation a. fallacious faulty a. famous well-known a. fanciful imaginative a. fanfare spectacular display n. far much ad. fare primary sustenance n. far-reaching extensive a. fashion create v. fashion manner n.

    2 fasten affix v. 2 fasten attach v.

    fatal deadly a.

    fault crack n. favor prefer to v. favor prefer v. favored perferred n.

    2 feasible possible a. feat achievement n. fee rate n. feeble weak a. feed put v.

    2 feed up disgust a. 2 feed up eat a.

    feel detect v. 2 ferocious fierce a.

    fervor zeal n. fictitious mythical a. fidelity faithfulness n.

    2 figure shape n. 2 figure out solve v.

    filament strand n. fill congest v.

    filter strain v. finalize break v.

    2 find locate v. 2 find discover v.

    finding scientific discovery

    fine tiny a. 2 fine thin a. 2 fine small a.

    finely minutely ad. finely highly ad. fire bake v. firm hard a.

    2 firmly solidly ad. 2 firmly securely ad.

    fit conform to v.

    4 fix repair v.

    4 fix set v.

    4 fix determine v.

    4 fix set v.

    fixture commonplace object n. 2 flag decline v.

    flamboyant showy a. flamed burned a. flattering complimentary a.

    flavoring distinctive a.

    4 flaw defect n./v.

    4 flaw imperfect n./v.

    flee run away from v. flexible pliant a. float drift along v. flock group n. flourished thrived n.

    2 flow travel v.

    2 flow circulation n. 2 fluctuate alternate v.

    2 fluctuate move up and down v.

    fluorescent luminous a. flush from drive out of v. flyer pilot n. fog haze n. foliage leave n.

    2 follow obey v. 2 follow abide by v.

    following after prep.fool deceive v. foolish ridiculous a.

    foolproof completely safe a.

    2 forage feed v. 2 forage search for food v.

    forbid mot allow v. forecast predict v. foreign-born

    born outside the


    foremost leading a. forerunner predecessor n.

    2 forestall prevent v. forever eternally ad. forfeit lost v. form develop v. formative developmental a.

    2 formerly previously ad. formidable difficult a. forsake abandon v. fortuitous sudden a. forward-looking progressive a.

    3 found establish v. foundation basis n.

  • 8/4/2019 Ibt Key Terms


    fowl poultry n. fragment piece n.

    2 fragrance scent n. frail weak a. frame pose v.

    3 framework structure n. 3 framework skeleton n.

    3 framework structure n.

    2 free unhampered a. freeing releasing n. freshly recently ad. frolic run playfully v.

    2 from time to time occasionally frost ice v. frothy foamy a.

    frown on disapprove of v.

    fruitful productive a. fruitfully productively ad. fruitlessly in vain ad. fully thoroughly ad. fume gas n. functional usable a.

    2 fund money n. 2 fund a sum of money n.

    fundamental basic a. 3 furnish supply v. 3 furnish provide v.

    2 further additional a. 2 further advance v.

    fusion union n. future coming a. G

    6 gain profitv. n.

    6 gain win

    6 gain acquire

    6 gain advantage6 gain earn

    gallant courtly a. gambit calculated risk n. gap open n. gap space n. garment clothes n. gas vapor n. gateway point of entry n.

    3 gather compile v. 3 gather collect v.

    2 gauge measure v. 2 gauge judge v.

    gay bright a. gelatinous viscous a.

    2 gem jewel n. 2 gem precious stones n.

    gemstone jewel n. general usually ad.

    2 generally broadly ad.

    generate produce v. genesis origin n. gentle moderate a.

    2 germinate sprout v. 2 get along manage v. 2 get over recover from v.

    2 get rid of discard n. 2 get rid of eliminate n.

    gifted talented a. gingerly cautiously ad.

    3 give in yield to v. 3 give out announce v.

    give rise to bring about v.

    2 give sb. a free handlet sb.use one's own

    ideas ona.

    give way to turn into v. 3 given specified a.

    glare very harsh light n. gloomy dismal a. glowing shining a. go awry become faulty ad. goal objective n. good name reputation n.

    2 goods merchandise n. 2 goods commodity n.

    good-size big a. 2 gorgeous beautiful a. 2 gorgeous very colorful a.

    7 gradually slowly ad. 7 gradually little by little ad.

    7 gradually by degrees ad.

    7 gradually slowly ad.

    7 gradually by degrees ad.

    7 gradually slowly ad.

    7 gradually by degrees ad.

    2 grandeur magnificence n. 4 grant gave v. 4 grant award v.

    4 grant give v.

    4 grant to give to v.

    graphic vivid a. graphic vivid a.

    2 grasp comprehension n. 2 grasp understanding of n.

    2 graze feed v. 2 graze on feed on v.

    greatest breakthroughmost significant


    2 gregarious sociable a.

    grief sorrow n. grossly greatly ad.

    grown-up adult n. 2 growth development n. 2 growth expansion n.

    grueling exhausting a.

    grumbled complained v. guard protect v. gusto enthusiasm n. H

    2 habitat home n. 2 habitat environment n.

    habitually customarily ad. 3 hail acclaim v.

    half-formed incomplete a. halfheartedly apathetically ad. hamper hinder v.

    2 hand in submit v. 2 hand out distribute v.

    handicap disable in some way v. handle perform v. handpick select v. handsome good-looking a. handy convenient a. haphazard random a. haphazardly randomly ad. harbor port n.

    hard firm a. hard to deal with stubborn a. hardiest most vigorous a.

    2 hardly scarcely ad. 2 hardly barely ad.

    hardship difficulty n. harm do damage v.

  • 8/4/2019 Ibt Key Terms


    2 harmful detrimental a. 2 harmful dangerous a.

    harmless innocuous a. harness utilize n.

    3 harsh severe a. harvest gather v. hasten accelerate v.

    2 hatch come forth from v./n. 2 hatch emerge from the egg v./n.

    3 haul pull v. 3 haul transport v.

    3 haul load n. hazard danger n. hazardous dangerous a.

    2 head go v. 2 head lead v.

    heading category n. headquarters home office n. headstrong stubborn a.

    2 headway progress v. 2 headway progress v.

    heart center n. heavily densely ad. helically spirally ad.

    helper assistant n. helplessly powerlessly ad. hemisphere side n. hemisphere half n.

    3 hence as a result ad. 3 hence for these reasons ad.

    henceforth from that time on ad. herald announce v. herd group n. heredity genetics n. heritage tradition n.

    hesitantly reluctantly ad. heyday golden age n.

    3 hide conceal v. 3 hide skin n.

    highlight emphasize v. 3 highly extremely ad. 3 highly very ad.

    2 hinder retard v. 2 hinder impede v.

    hinged on depended on v. hinterland region n. hire employment v. hitch tie v. hobble limp v.

    2 hold bound v.

    2 hold up under withstand v. hollow cavity n. homesteader settler n.

    3 house place v. 3 house contain v.

    how the way in which ad. hub nucleus n. hue color n.

    3 huge tremendous a. 3 huge enormous a.

    humid damp a. humiliate embarrass v. hurdle obstacle n. hurt injure v. husk shell n. hypothesis assumption n. I

    ideal perfect a. identical exactly alike a. idiom style n.

    idolize worship v. 3 ignite catch fire v. 3 ignite set on fire v.

    ill adverse a. illicit unlawful a. illustrate represent v. illustration picture n. illustrious distinguished a. image picture n. imaginary unreal a. imitate copy v.

    2 imitate mimic v.immense enormous a. immensely enormously ad. imminent about to take place a. immunity protection n. immutable unchangeable a. impact effect n.

    2 impartial unbiased a. impede interrupt v. impediment obstacle n. impel motivate v. impending approaching a. imperative necessary a.

    imperceptibly subtly ad.

    imperceptibly unnoticeably a.

    implement tool n. implication significance n. imply suggest v. important significant a. imposing demanding a. imposing impressive a. improve better v.

    improvisethought up on the


    imprudent unwise a. in a rage outrage n. in abundance in great quantities n. ;in place of instead of ad. in reality actually n. in retrospect looking back n. in the neighborhood of approximately n.

    3 inaccessible unreachable a. 3 inaccessible not available a.

    3 inaccessible unreachable a.

    inadvertently accidentally ad. inappropriately unsuitably ad. inaugurate begin v. inborn innate a. incalculable immeasurable a. incalculably immeasurably ad. incapacitate disable v. inception beginning n. incessant unending a. incessantly constantly ad. incidence occurrence n. incidentally by chance ad. incinerate burn up v.

    2 incise cut v. incised carved a. inclination preference n. include contain v. income revenue n.

    3 incorporate combine v. 3 incorporate contain v.

    increase grow v.

    incredible unbelievable a.

  • 8/4/2019 Ibt Key Terms


    2 incredulity disbelief n. indefinitely endlessly ad. indelible permanent a. indeterminate uncertain a. index sign n.

    2 indigenous native a.

    indiscriminate haphazard a.

    indispensable essential a.

    individually separately ad. induce bring about v. industry business n. inept incompetent a.

    2 inevitable unavoidable a.

    2 inevitable certain a.

    inevitably unavoidably ad.

    inexpensive cheap a. infectious contagious a. infiltrate spread to v. infinitesimal minute a. influence affect v. influential important a. influx arrival n. informally unofficially ad. informed educated a. infuriate enrage v. infusion introduction n. ingenious clever a. ingenuity resourcefulness n. ingredient component n.

    2 inhabit live in v. 2 inhabit occupy v.

    2 inhabitant resident n. inhale breathe in v.

    3 inherently basically ad. 3 inherently intrinsically ad.

    3 inherently fundamentally ad.

    inherit receive v. 2 inhibit hinder v.

    2 inhibit restrain v. 3 initial first a. 3 initial early a.

    3 initial oldest a.

    2 initially in the beginning ad. 2 initially originally ad.

    2 initiate start v. 2 initiate cause v.

    initiate originate v. innermost most personal a.

    2 innovation new idea n. 2 innovation a new idea n.

    2 innovative inventive a. 2 innovative new a.

    innumerable countless a. inordinate excessive a.

    2 inquiry investigation n. 2 inquiry question n.

    inquisitive curious a. insert put v. inside interior n.

    3 insight understanding n.

    3 insight into understanding of n. 2 insignificant trivial a. 2 insignificant unimportant a.

    inspirefire the imagination


    installment monthly payment n. instance case n.

    instantly at once ad. instead rather ad.

    2 institute start v. 2 institute establish v.

    instruction teach n. 2 insufficient inadequate a.

    2 integral essential a.

    2 integral fundamental a.

    integrate unify v. intense extreme a.

    2 intense vivid a. 2 intense extreme a.

    3 intensely extremely ad. intensive concentrated a. intent goal n. intent purpose n. intentionally deliberately ad. interchangeable equivalent a. interfere disrupt v.

    2 intermittently periodically ad. intervals periods n. intervene intercede in v. intervention influence n. intimate close a. intimately very closely ad. intricate complicated a. intricate complex a. intrigue fascinate v.

    3 intriguing attractive a. 3 intriguing fascinating a.

    inundate flood v. invade move into v. invariably always ad.

    2 invent create v. 2 invent originate v.

    inviting attractive a. irregularly unevenly ad. irrevocable irreversible a. irritable easily annoyed a. irritating annoying a.

    2 isolate solitary a. 2 isolate remote a.

    2 issue flow v. 2 issue subject n.

    itinerant traveling a. jeopardize endanger v. jettison discard v. join connect v. joint shared a.

    joy happiness n. jubilant exultant a. judge evaluate v. judiciously wisely ad. juice liquid n. jurisdiction authority n. justify prove v. justly rightfully ad.

    2 juvenile children's a. 2 juvenile young people n.

    keen acute a. 2 keep maintain v. 2 keep store v.

    keep in touch communicate n. ken understanding n.

    2 key dominant a. 2 key primary a.

    key important

    kidnap abduction v. knack for aptitude for n.

  • 8/4/2019 Ibt Key Terms


    label identify v. laborious difficult a. lace criss-cross v. lack do not have v. landscape scenery n. lane route n. languid listless a.

    5 largely for the most part ad. 5 largely mainly ad.

    3 last continue v. 3 last remain effective v.

    3 last endure v.lasting enduring a. laud praise v.

    2 launch send-off v. 2 launch begin v.

    lavishly magnificently ad. lead the way pioneer v. leadership guidance n.

    4 leading chief a. 4 leading starring a.

    4 leading principal a.

    2 leap jump v. lease rent v.

    leave out of exclude from v. lecture give speeches v. lecturer speaker n. legally by law ad. legitimate legal a. leisure free a. leisurely regular a. length distance n. lenient permissive a. lessen decrease v. lethargic sluggish a. liberally freely ad. liberate freed v.

    lie be located v. likelihood predictability n. likely promising a. likeness resemblance n. limit restrict v. line boundary n.

    3 link connect v.

    3 link to connect to v. 3 link to relate to v.

    liquid fluid n. literacy reading and writing n. lively busy a.

    2 load burden n.

    load weight n. 2 load tolerance

    to see how much

    weight it can carryn.

    locale place n. locality place n. locally in that ad.

    3 locate find v. 3 locate find v.

    locomotion movement n. lodge deposit in v. lodging accommodation n.

    2 lofty towering a. loiter loaf v.

    2 look after care for v. 2 look over inspect v.

    loophole ways of evading rules n. loot robbery v. lower reduce v. lucidly clearly ad. lucratively profitably ad.

    ludicrously ridiculously ad. 2 lukewarm indifferent a. 2 lukewarm tepid a.

    lumber board n. 2 luminous bright a. 2 luminous glowing a.

    3 lure attract v. 3 lure draw v.

    3 lure attract v.

    lured attracted v. 2 luster distinction n.

    2 luster radiance n.lustrous shiny a. magnify intensify v. magnify enlarge v. maim cripple v. mainly mostly ad.

    3 maintain preserve v. 3 maintain keep v. 2 maintain keep up v. 2 maintain sustain v.

    majesty nobility n. major principal a. major sizable a.

    5 make earn v. 5 make do with replace v. make possible allow v.

    5 make up constitute v. 5 make up for compensate for v. 5 make up of consist of v.

    makeshift crude, temporary a. makeup composition n. malleable pliable a. mallet hammer n. mammoth gigantic a.

    mandated required v. maneuver move n.

    mankind human n. manually by hand ad.

    many up ton.

    mar spoil v. march parade v. margin edge n. marine sea-dwelling a. marked pronounce a. marked noticeable a.

    3 markedly substantially ad. 3 markedly noticeably ad.

    3 markedly significantly ad.

    market sold v. marvel wonder n.

    2 massive enormous a. masterpiece great work n. matching identical a. matchless incomparable a. mate breeding v. material substance n.

    2 meager scanty a. means method n.

    2 means with money n.

    2 means way n.

    mechanism device a. mediator conciliator n. meek humble a. meet adhere to v. melancholy sad a. melody tune n. memo note n.

  • 8/4/2019 Ibt Key Terms


    menace threaten v. mend repair v. merchandise objects for sale n. merely simply ad. merely only ad.

    3 merge combine v. 3 merge combine v.

    merit virtue n. meteoric rapid a. method of procedure for n. methodically systematically ad. meticulously careflly ad. metropolitan city a.

    2 midst undergoing n. 2 midst during n.

    migratemove from one place

    to anotherv.

    mildly moderately ad. millennia thousands of years n. mimic imitate v.

    minimal the fewest a.

    minimum at least n. minuscule tiny a.

    6 minute minuscule a.6 minute minuscule a.

    6 minute tiny a.

    miraculously astonishingly ad. mirror reflect v. miserly stingy a. misrepresent described incorrectly v. mistakenly erroneously ad.

    2 mix up confuse v. 2 mix up blend v. 2 mock ridicule v.

    mode means n. 2 modification change n.

    modifying changing v. modulate govern v. ;moist damp a. mold shape v. molten melted a. momentarily effortlessly ad. monitor check v. monopolize dominate v. monotonous unvarying a. monumental outstanding a. morale confidence n. more and more increasingly ad. moreover furthermore ad.

    moreover in addition ad. moreover in addition ad. morsel tidbit n. motif design n. motif theme n. motion movement n. motivation incentive n. motive intention n. motorist automobile driver n. mount increase v. mournful sorrowful a. mouth entrance to n.

    mundane ordinary a. murmur mumble v. mushroom grow quickly v. must have to a.UXmutually jointly ad. myriad many a. myth legend n.

    2 mythical fictitious a. 2 mythical legendary a.

    naked unaided a. 2 nap doze n. 2 nap doze n.

    narrator speaker n. narrow thin a. narrow-minded intolerant a. nascent immature a. nearly practically ad. necessitate require v. need require v.

    2 negligible insignificant a.

    2 negligible minimal a.

    neighboring adjacent a. nevertheless however ad. new recent a. nibble gnaw v. nimbleness agility n. noise sound n. noisy vociferous a. norm standard n. normal standard a.

    2 normally usually ad. 2 normally ordinarily ad.

    notable significant a. noted known a. noted observed v. noteworthy significant a. notice idea n. noticeably visibly ad. noticed announced v. notify inform v. notion concept n.

    2 notwithstanding despite prep.2 notwithstanding in spite of prep.

    nourish feed v. novel original a. now at present ad. noxious harmful a. numerous many a. nutritious nourishing a. obediently dutifully ad. obese



    object aim n. obligated required a. obliged forced a. obliquely indirectly ad. oblivious unaware of a.

    3 obscure hide v. 3 obscure blur v.

    3 obscure unclear a. observe watch v. obsolete out-of-date a. obstacle to impediment to n.

    2 obstinate stubborn a. obstruct stop v. obtain get v. obtain acquire v. obtain get v. obtain acquire v. obvious apparent a. obvious evident a. obviously clearly ad. occult supernatural n. occupation job n.

    2 occur exist v. 2 occur happen v.

  • 8/4/2019 Ibt Key Terms


    odds in disagreement n. 4 odor smell n.

    of course naturally off and on now and then ad.

    2 officially formally ad. offspring children n. often frequently ad.

    3 on the outskirts at the edges n.

    on the threshold of at the start of 2 on the wane dwindling v. 3 on the whole generally n. 3 once ever ad. 3 once formerly ad.

    2 once in a while occasionally n. oncoming approaching a. onset beginning n. open unrestricted ad. opportunity chance n. opposed to averse to ad. optimal most advantageous ad. optimal best a. opulence luxury n. oral spoken a. orally by mouth ad. orbit circle v. order systematic v. organize arrange v. organizer planner n. ornamental decorative a. ornate dainty a. ornate elaborate a. oscillate swing v. ostracize shun v. otherwise in other circumstance ad. ought should a.UXoutbreak beginning n.

    2 outburst explosion n. 2 outburst surge n.

    2 outlet socker n.

    2 outlet for release from n.

    outline summarizing v.

    outlive survive v.

    outlying remote a. outmoded obsolete a. output production n. outrage anger v. outrun surpass v.

    3 outskirts surrounding regions n. outspoken blunt a. outspread extended a. outstanding excellent a.

    6 outstanding preeminent a. 6 outstanding distinguished a.

    6 outstanding remarkable a.

    6 outstanding prominent a.

    6 outstanding remarkable a.

    outstretched spread a. over great distances faraway a.

    2 overall general a. 2 overall special a.

    2 overcome surmount v. 2 overcome defeat v.

    overly too ad. overpayment excess money paid n. overseas abroad ad. oversee supervise v. oversight inattention n.

    overstate exaggerate v. overstatement exaggeration n. overtaken surpassed v. overtly openly ad. overturn reverse v. owing due to pale light-colored a. panacea a cure-all n. paradoxical contradictory a. parallel similarity n. parity equality n. part section n. particular certain a.

    2 particularly especially ad. partitioning division n. , pass spend v. passion a deep love for n. patch expanse n. path orbit n. pathway course n. patron customer n. pay tribute to honor v. peak maximum a.

    2 peak mountaintop n.

    2 peak top a. permeate spread through v. peculiar strange a. pedestal base n. penetrate go through v. penetrate pierce v. penetrating pungent a. people in the play actor n. per capita per person ad. percentage proportion n.

    perceptible visible a. perceptive insightful a.

    perennially year-round ad. perforate pierce v. perforation hole n. perform serve v. performer entertainer n. perfume scent n. perhaps possibly ad. perilous dangerous a. perimeter edge n. period age n. periphery outer edge n. permeate pass through v. permission consent n.

    permissive tolerant a. permit allow v. perpendicularly at right angles ad. perpetually constantly ad.

    2 perseverance persistence n. 2 perseverance endurance n.

    persist continue v. ;persistently continuously ad. personal magnetism charisma n. pert and saucy oblivious a.

    2 pertain to associate with v. 2 pertain to relate to v.

    pertinent relevant a. ;

    peruse studying v.

    3 phase stage n. 3 phase period n.

    phenomena event n. phenomenally extraordinarily ad. philanthropic humanitarian a.

  • 8/4/2019 Ibt Key Terms


    2 physician doctor n. pick up follow v. pick up gather v. picture imagine n.

    2 piecemeal in stages a. 2 piecemeal irregular a.

    pinpoint spot v. pioneer in originator of n. pioneering original a. pit hole n. pit set v. placid calm a.

    2 plague bother v. 2 plague with afflict by v.

    plainly clearly ad. plane aircraft n. play perform on v. pleasant agreeable a.

    pleasing attractive a.

    plentiful abundant a. 2 plot chart v. 2 plot map out v.

    plume feather n. plunder loot v. plunge drop n./v. pocketbook purse n. polish shine v. poll survey n. ponder thinks deeply v. ponderous heavy a. pool container n. poor inferior a. poorly inadequately ad. popular well-liked a. population number of residents n. porcelain china n.

    pore hole n. portion part n. portrait picture n. position job n.

    2 possess have v. 2 possess have v.

    posthumously following one's death ad. postulate suugest v.

    2 potent very strong a. 2 potent powerful a.

    potential possible a. potentially could become ad. pouch sac n.

    poverty lack of money n. power force n.

    3 powerful effective a. 3 powerful strong a.

    3 powerful potent a.

    practical useful a. preach advocate v. precarious uncertain a. precede come before v. precipitate cause v.

    2 precipitous extremely steep a. 2 precipitous sheer a.

    precise accurate a. 2 precision of accuracy n. 2 precision of exactness n.

    predicament dilemma n. predict foretell v.

    2 prediction prophecy n. 2 prediction forecast n.

    predisposition prior inclination n.

    predominant principal a. 3 predominantly principally ad. 3 predominantly chiefly ad.

    3 predominantly primarily ad.

    preeminence superiority n. preface introduction n. prefer favor v. prehistoric ancient a. preliminary initial a. preoccupation concern n. preposterous absurd a.

    2 prescribe certain v. 2 prescribe dictate v.

    present display v. presently currently ad. preservation conservation n.

    2 preserve save v. 2 preserve maintain v.

    preside manage v. 2 pressing urgent a. 2 pressing urgent a.

    prestigious most honored a. presumably probably ad. prevail dominate v.

    prevailed dominated v. prevailing most frequent a. prevailing dominant a.

    2 prevalent broadly accepted a. 2 prevalent most popular a.

    prevent avoid v. prevent averting v.

    2 previously formerly ad. 2 previously earlier ad.

    prey victim n. 4 primarily principally ad.

    4 primarily chiefly ad.

    4 primarily mainly ad.

    primarily chiefly ad. primary fundamental a. primary principal a.

    2 prime peak n. 2 prime principal a.

    primitive undeveloped a. , 3 principal chief a. 3 principal main a.

    3 principal central a.

    principle law n. print publish v. prior before ad. prior to preceding a. prison captivity n. pristine unspoiled a. private nongovernmental a. prize value v. prized valued a. provision supply v.

    2 probable likely a. 2 probe explore v.

    procure obtain v. produce butter n. produce make v. product result n. proficiency skill n. profoundly deeply ad. profusion abundance n. prognosis expectation n. prohibitively forbiddingly ad.

    2 project protrude v. 2 project program n.

    proliferate multiply v.

  • 8/4/2019 Ibt Key Terms


    prolific productive a. prolific fruitful a.

    2 prolonged extended a. 2 prolonged extended a.

    prominent distinguished a. prominent famous a.

    2 prominent leading a. 2 prominent conspicuous a.

    2 prompt punctual a. 2 prompt motivate v.

    promptly quickly ad. proof evidence n. prop hold v. propel drive forward v. proper suitable a. prophetic predictive a. propitious favorable a. proponent supporter n. proportion amount n. proscribe ban v. prospective potential a. prosperity wealth n. protagonist central character n. prototype model n. prototype model n. protrude project v. prove consider v.

    proverbially traditionally ad.

    3 provide supply v. 3 provide furnish v.

    3 provide give v.

    provision stipulation n. provocation incitement n.

    2 provoke elicit v. 2 provoke cause v.

    proximity vicinity n. prune trim v. pry off locate v. pseudonym pen name n. public general public n. pull tear (torn) away v. pulverize make a powder of v. pump drive v. puncture pierce v. pungent hot a.

    2 pure unadulterated a. 2 pure clean a.

    purely exclusively ad. purify refine v.

    pursue chase v. pursuit search for n.

    4 put off postpone v. 4 put up supply v. 4 put up with tolerate v.

    2 puzzle mystery n.

    puzzling perplexing a.

    2 quantity amount n. quarantine

    isolate for medical


    quarter fourth n. quarterly every three month ad. quest pursuit of n. quite rather ad. radiant brilliant a.

    2 radically basically ad. 2 radically drastically ad.

    raid invasion n.

    raise rear v. raise propagate v.

    2 random unplanned a. 2 random patternless a.

    random unpredictable a. range vary v. rank position n. rapidity swiftness n. rapidly quickly ad. rare infrequent a.

    2 rare uncommon a. 2 rare scarce a.

    rarely hardly ever ad. rather instead ad.

    2 rather fairly ad. 3 rather than instead of 2 ratify endorse v. 2 ratify approve v.

    2 ration allocate v. 2 ration allotment n.

    raucous loud a. raw uncooked a.

    2 raze demolish v. 2 raze demolish v.

    reach come to v. react respond to v.

    5 readily easily ad.

    5 readily quickly ad.

    5 readily easily ad.

    5 readily willingly ad.

    2 realization awareness n. 2 realization recognition n.

    reap accept v. rear raise v.

    reasonably economically ad. rebate refund n.

    receive get v. receptacle container n. reckless irresponsible a. recklessly carelessly ad. recognition attention n.

    2 recognize distinguish v. 2 recognize acknowledge v.

    recollection memory n. 2 record register v. 2 record document v.

    recorded documented a. recount narrate v. recover retrieve v.

    recruit enlist v. rectify correct v.

    2 recur repeat v. recycle reprocess v. reduce lessen v. reflect indicate v. reform betterment v./n. refreshing unusual a. refrigerant cooling agent n.

    3 regardless of despite a. 3 regardless of whatever a.

    3 regardless of notwithstanding a.

    regardless of no matter what a. 2 region area n. 2 region zone n.

    2 regularly routinely ad. regulate control v. rehabilitation recovery n. reimburse pay back v.

    2 reinforce strengthen v.

  • 8/4/2019 Ibt Key Terms


    relate connect v. relative with respect to a.

    2 relatively comparatively ad. 3 release emit v. 3 release give off v.

    3 release discharge v.

    reliably dependably ad. reliance dependence n.

    2 relinquish give up v. 2 relinquish abandon v.

    reluctant unwilling a. reluctantly unwillingly ad.

    2 remain stay v. remark comment v. remarkable significant a. remarkable extraordinary a. remedy cure v. remember recall v. remnant vestige a.

    2 render provide v. 2 render perform v.

    2 renowned famous a. 2 renowned acclaimed a.

    repeatedly recurringly ad.

    repel repulse v. representative typical a. require insist v. requisition request n. rescue save v. research investigation of n.

    3 resemble be similar to v. 3 resemble appear similar to v.

    reservoir receptacle n. reshape

    change the character


    2 reside on live on v. 2 reside on live v.

    2 resident occupant n. 2 resident inhabitant n.

    residual remaining a. 2 resign give up v.

    2 resign oneself from remove oneself from v. resist withstand v.

    2 resolute determine a. 2 resolute firm a.

    resolutely firmly ad. resolve settle v. resolve find a solution for v. resonant vibrant a. resort to using v. resource ability n.

    2 respect aspect n. respiration breathing n. responsibility duty n. restrict limit v. restrictive limiting a.

    2 result outcome n. resume continue v.

    2 retain keep v. retreat from withdraw from v. retrieve bring back v. revered respected v. reverence respect n. revert to be returned to v.

    2 revise change v. 2 revise amend v.

    revitalize bring new life to v. revoke cancel v. revolutionize completely change v. rhythm pattern n.

    3 rich wealth n. 3 rich fertile a. 3 rich

    have large numbers


    ridicule make fun of v. 2 right immediately ad. 2 right directly ad.

    rigor hardship n. ripe ready a. rise emergence n. risk danger n.

    risky hazardous a. ritual ceremony n. rival conflicting a.

    2 roam wander v. robust strong a. roll back reduce v.

    3 root origin n. n.v.3 rooted in based on v.

    2 rotate alternate v. 2 rotate turn v.

    rotate alternate v. rotting decaying v. rough coarse a. roughly approximately ad.

    8 roughly more or less ad. 8 roughly nearly ad.

    8 roughly more or less ad.

    8 roughly around ad.

    routinely commonly ad. rudimentary undeveloped a.

    2 rudimentary primitive a. 2 rudimentary unsophisticated a.

    ruefully sadly a. ruin destroy v.

    rule out eliminate v. 2 run direct v.

    2 run out become depleted v. runoff amount n. rupture burst v. rural country a. rushing rapid a. rustling movement n. ruthlessly mercilessly ad. safe secure a.

    3 safeguard protect v. safety protection n. saline salty a. saltiness salinity n. salutary beneficial a.

    salute greeting n.

    salvage recover v.

    same similar pron.sanction approval n. sanitation health n. saturate soak v.

    2 save except prep. saying two opposite

    thingsparadox n.

    scale measure n./v. /scan survey v. scattered irrgularly distributed a.

    2 scarce rare a. scarcely barely ad. scarlet bright red a. scene location n.

    2 scenic picturesque a.

    2 scenic picturesque a.

  • 8/4/2019 Ibt Key Terms


    scheme plot n. scholarly learned a. scope extent n. scorched burned v. score musical compositions n. scrub scour v.

    2 scrupulously meticulously ad. 2 scrupulously diligently ad.

    scrutiny examination n. scurrying rushing v. seashore coast n. seaside beach a. secession withdrawal n.

    2 secluded remote a.

    2 secluded isolated a.

    secrete produce v. secure acquire v. secure safe ad. sedentary inactive a. see view v.

    4 seek search for v.

    4 seek campaign for v.

    4 seek try v.4 seek endeavor v.

    seem appear v. seemingly apparently ad.

    2 segment sector n. 2 segment portion n.

    seize grasp v. 3 seldom rarely ad. 3 seldom hardly ever ad.

    2 select choose v. selection variety n.

    self-esteem pride n. self-reliant independent a.

    sensation feeling n. sensational exciting a. sense detect v. sensitive delicate a. sentiment opinion n. sentimental emotional a. separate distinct a. sequence progression n. serendipitous fortuitous a. serve as function as v. set establish v.

    5 set situate v. 5 set prescribed a.

    set it apart differentiate it ad. ;5 set off begin v. 5 set up arrange v. 5 set up establish v.

    setting scene n. settle decide v. settle inhabit v. settled stabled a. settlement community n. severe harsh a. severe poverty indigence n. shape form n.

    2 sharp clear a.

    2 sharp sudden a.

    sharply steeply ad. shed explain v. sheen luster n. shelter cover n.

    2 shield protect v. 5 shift alteration v.

    5 shift change

    5 shift move

    5 shifting moving

    shock offend v. shore coast n. short brief a.

    2 shortcut direct route n. 2 shortcut more direct route n.

    2 show demonstrate v. shrink contract v.

    2 shrub bush n.

    2 shrub bush n.shun avoid v. shy timid a. side effect secondary reaction a. sideways laterally ad. (sightless blind a. significance importance n. significant meaningful a. silly foolish a.

    2 similar comparable a. 2 similar to resembling a.

    6 simultaneously at the same time ad. 6 simultaneously concurrently ad.

    6 simultaneously at the same time ad.

    6 simultaneously concurrently ad.

    single exclusive a. single-handedly by oneself ad.

    2 sit rest v. 2 sit on serve on v. 2 site location n.

    skepticism doubt n. sketch draw v.

    3 sketch outline n./v.3 sketch of outline of

    skill ability n. skilled expert a. skilled proficient a.

    skip miss v. skyrocket increase rapidly v. skyrocket rise rapidly v. slash cut v. slaughter kill v. sleep briefly nap n.

    2 slender thin a. 2 slender slim a.

    slight small a. slightly a little ad. slim lean a. sloping inclined a. sloppily messily a.

    2 sluggish lethargic a. 2 sluggish slow a.

    2 smart intelligent a. 2 smart clever a.

    smooth operation effective functioning

    smudge smear v. snap break v. snout nose n. society community n. soil dirty v. sole only a.

    3 sole onlyn. a.

    3 sole bottomsole only a. solemn serious a. solemnly somberly ad. solidify assure v. solitary alone a. solitude seclusion n.

  • 8/4/2019 Ibt Key Terms


    solo unaccompany a. some approximately ad.

    2 sometimes occasionally ad. 2 somewhat rather ad. 2 somewhat to some degree ad.

    sort type n. sort out separate v. soundproof impermeable to noise a. sour tart a.

    3 source origin n. 3 source beginning n.

    3 source basis n.source of energy fuel n. sovereign independent a. sow plant v.

    2 span cover v. 2 span reach across v.

    spanning covering v. spark bring about v. spark arouse v.

    2 sparsely thinly ad. 2 spawn generate v. 2 spawn create v.

    speck particle n.

    speculate hypothesize v. speech language n. speed swiftness n. spell detail v. spin whirl v. spine backbone n. spiny prickly a. splendor magnificence n. splice join v. split cut v.

    2 spoil rot v. 2 spoil go bad v.

    3 spot see

    v. n.

    3 spot sight

    3 spot location

    spouse wife n. spread out radiate v. spring emerge v.

    3 spur stimulate v. 2 squander waste v.

    squash crush v. squirt spurt out v. stable fixed a. stage phase n. staggering overwhelming a. stain discolor v. stalk stem n.

    2 stamina endurance n.

    3 stand toleratev. n.

    3 stand against defiance of 3 stand for represent 3 standard regular v.n.3 standard criteria

    standard customary a. standardized uniform a. standing not flowing a. standing status n. standpoint perspective n. staple popular edition? n.

    staple basic element n. staple basic part n.

    2 startling surprising a. 2 startling astonishing a.

    stately majestic a. stationary immobile a. stature height n. steadfast unwavering a. steadfastly determinedly ad.

    2 steadily consistently ad. stem from derive from v.

    2 stern strict a. 2 stick to cling to v. 2 stick to attach to v.

    stiff rigid a. stiffness rigidity n.

    2 still motionless a.a. ad.

    2 still neverthelessa. ad.

    stimulate encourage v. stink smell bad v. stir awake v. stock repertory n.

    2 stoically impassively ad. stop lull n.

    2 store supply v. n.2 store keep v.


    storm bad weather n. story level n. strain tension n. strain stress v. strand thread n. strange unfamiliar a. strategy tactic n. stratum layer n. streamlined smoothly shape a. strength basis n. strength force n. strenuous arduous a. strenuously vigorously ad.

    stress emphasize v. stress tension n.

    3 stretch expand v.

    3 stretch pull taut v.

    3 stretch across span v.

    strict precise a. 2 strictly tightly ad. 2 strictly exclusively ad.

    4 strike light (lit)v.n.

    4 strike hit

    4 strike make contact with

    4 strike work stoppage

    4 striking outstanding a. 4 striking prominent a.

    4 striking impressive a.

    4 striking noticeable a.

    2 strikingly remarkably ad. 2 strikingly noticeablely ad.

    stringent strict a. stringently rigorously ad. strip remove v. stroller walker n.

    2 strongly heavily ad. 2 strongly emphatically ad.

    struggle competition n. 2 struggle fight n.

    stubborn obdurate a. stumble trip v.

    2 stun daze v.

  • 8/4/2019 Ibt Key Terms


    2 stun amaze v. stunning impressive a. stunt hinder v.

    subject susceptible a.

    subjugated conquered v. submarine underwater a.

    2 submerge underwater v. submit present v. subscribe to agree with v. subsequent later a. subsequently later ad. subside die down v. subsidiary branch n. subsidize finance v. subsidy finance n. substance material n. substantial sturdy a.

    6 substitute replacement v.n.6 substitute exchange v.n.6 substitute replacement v.n.6 substitute for replacement for v.n.3 subterranean underground a.

    successful victorious a.

    succinct concise a. succulent juicy a. succumb yield to v. suddenly abruptly ad.

    3 sufficient adequate a. 3 sufficient enough a. 3 sufficient adequate a.

    suggest propose v. 3 suit fit v. 3 suit accommodate v.

    3 suit adapt v. suitably appropriately ad.

    sum total n. 2 summit apex n. 2 summit peak n.

    sumptuous luxurious a. sums amounts n.

    2 supplant replace v. supple limber a. supplement extension n. supplement add to v. support hold v. supposedly seemingly ad. suppress check v. supremacy dominance n.

    supreme most outstanding a. sure certain a. surge jump n. surge increase sharply v. surging accelerating a. surmise guess v.

    2 surpass exceed v. surplus extra a. surround encircle v. survival existence n. suspend hang v. suspense plot n.

    suspicious of mistrustful of a. 2 sustain prolong v.

    2 sustain suffer v.

    sustain support v. sustenance livelihood n. swarm throng v.

    sway persuade v. sweat perspire v. sweep extend v. swiftly rapidly ad. swirl rotate v. symmetrical



    symmetry balance n. symptom sign n. synthesis formation v. synthesize integrate v. synthetic artificial a. synthetically artificially ad. system method n. systematically methodically ad. taboo prohibit a. tacitly implicitly a. tactic maneuver n.

    8 take down record v. 8 take after resemble v. 8 take for confuse sb. With v. 8 take in deceive v.

    2 take into account consider n.take into account ;

    8 take off depart v. 8 take on assume v. 2 take place occur n. 2 take place occur n.

    take priority should be filled first n. 8 take up occupy v. 8 take-off launching v.

    tale story n. tame domesticate v. tamp pack down v. tangled snarl a. tangled twisted together a. tantamount equivalent a.

    tap draw upon v. tardy late a.

    4 task chore n. 4 task job n. 4 task duty n.

    2 taste appreciation n.

    2 taste flavor n.

    taut tightly stretched a. tautly tightly ad. technically officially ad.

    tedious tiresome a. 2 teem with swarm with v. 2 teeming with full of a.

    telling challenging a. temper moderate v. temperate moderate a. tempting attractive a. tenable warrantable a. tenaciously stubbornly ad.

    3 tend care for v.

    2 tend prone v.

    tenor nature n. tension stress n.

    2 term expression n.n. v.

    2 term known as v.n. v.

    2 terminate stop v.

  • 8/4/2019 Ibt Key Terms


    2 terminate end v. terrain land n. terrestrial land a. terrify frighten v. terse concise a. test experimental n. testimony to evidence of n.

    2 textile fabric n. 2 textile cloth n.

    thanks to because of n. 2 thaw melt v. 2 thaw defrost v.

    theme tale n. thereby thus ad. thereby by that means

    2 therefore consequently ad. 2 therefore thus ad.

    think highly admire v. thorough complete a. thoroughfare street n. thoroughly completely ad. threateningly menacingly ad.

    4 thrive do well on v. 4 thrive flourish v.

    4 thrive grow well v.4 thrive flourish v.

    thriving flourishing a. 3 throughout all over prep. ad.3 throughout everywhere in prep. ad.3 throughout during prep. ad.

    throw away discard v. thrust push n. thwart frustrate v. tidy neat a. tie up hinder v. tier layer n.

    2 timber wood n.

    timid fearful a. 2 tiny little a. 2 tiny minuscule a.

    tip off told sb v.

    tiresome boring a.

    to their mutual benefit good for both of them token memento n.

    2 tolerate endure v. 2 tolerate survive in v.

    3 tool implement n.

    2 top upper endn. a.

    2 top tallestn. a.

    touchdown landing n. touching moving a.

    2 tough hard a. 2 tough strong a.

    trace imprint n.

    2 trace connectv. n.

    2 trace residuev. n.

    trade exchange v. tradition custom n.

    trait quality n. tranquil serene a.

    2 tranquility peacefulness n. transform change v.

    2 trash garbage n. travel accompany v. traverse cross v.

    treasure value v. 2 tremendous great a. 2 tremendous huge a.

    tremendously greatly ad. trend tendency n. tributary branch n. trigger set off v. troublesome annoying a. trousers pants n.

    2 truly genuinely ad. 2 truly actually ad.

    tryout performance n. 2 turbulent violent a.

    turn aside deflect ad. turn aside 2 turn down reject v. 2 turn into become v.

    twilight at dusk n. typical average a. typically usually ad. typify characterize v.

    ubiquitous widespread a.

    5 ultimately in the final analysis ad. 5 ultimately eventually ad.

    5 ultimately finally ad. 5 ultimately eventually ad. 5 ultimately in the end ad.

    unattended unguard a.

    unbroken uninterrupted a.

    unchronicled unrecorded a. uncover reveal v. uncustomary uncommon a. under the weather sick n. undergo experience v.

    2 undergoing experiencing v.

    undergone experienced v. underground subterranean a. underlying fundamental a. underscore emphasize v. underscore emphasize v.

    2 undertake take on v. 2 undertake wage v.

    underwater craft submarine n. 2 undoubtedly surely ad. 2 undoubtedly unquestionably ad.

    undoubtedly certainly ad. unemployed jobless a. unequivocally definitely ad.

    unheard-of unknown a.

    2 uniform alike a. 2 uniform consistent a.

    uniformly consistently ad. unique peerless a. unique particular a. unique singular a. universally everywhere ad. unlike in contrast to prep.unlikely improbable a. unmatched unequaled a.

    2 unprecedented never seen before a.

    2 unprecedented not existing before a.

    unquenchable insatiable a.

    unquestionably positively ad.

    unravel discover v. unravel unwind v.

  • 8/4/2019 Ibt Key Terms


    unrestrained unchecked a. unrestricted unlimited a. unrivaled unmatched a. unsettling troubling a. unskillfully inexpertly ad.

    3 unstable troubled a. 3 unstable inconstant a. 3 unstable variable a.

    unsubstantiated unverified a. unwieldy cumbersome a.

    3 up to able to make prep.

    3 up to a maximum of prep.

    3 up to as many as prep.

    upbringing education n. upgrade improve v. upheaval violent disturbance n. uphold preserve v. upright vertical a. upset disturb v. upside-down inverted a. up-to-date current a.

    2 urge advocate v. 2 urge advocate v.

    urged encouraged v. urgently desperately ad. usher beginning v.

    2 usually commonly ad. 2 usually customarily ad.

    utter voice v. 2 utterly completely ad. 2 utterly absolutely ad.

    vacant empty ad. 2 vague elementary a.


    2 vague imprecise a.;

    valiantly bravely ad. valley depression n.

    2 valuable very useful a. 2 valuable useful a.

    valued precious a. variable factor n. variation change n. various different a.

    2 vary differ v. 2 vary range v. ()

    vast large a.

    4 vast enormous a. 4 vast tremendous a. 4 vast broad a. 4 vast immense a.

    vast great a. vehicle a means of conveying n. vein blood vessel n. velocity speed n. veneration worship of n. venom poison n. venomous poisonous a.

    2 ventilation air circulation n. 2 ventilation air n.

    venture endeavor n. verdict decision n. verify confirm v. version form n. vertigo dizziness n. very extremely ad. very closely intimately ad.

    3 vessel ship n. vestige evidence n. via by way of prep. viable feasible a. vibrant bright a. vicinity area n. vie for compete for v. view opinion n. vigorously strongly ad. virtually completely n.

    3 virtually practically ad. 3 virtually almost ad. 3 virtually practically ad.

    2 vital essential a.

    2 vital essential a.

    vivid bright a. vocal voiced a. vocation profession n.

    2 vogue fashion n. void canceled a. volunteer offer v. vote cast their ballot v.

    voyage journey n. vulnerable to susceptible to a. wage pay n. walkout strike n. wallow roll v.

    2 wane decline v./n.

    want to much greedy a. wanton senseless a. ward off keep away v. warily prudently ad. warn admonish v. warrior fighter n.

    wave surge n. way manner n. weaken dilute v. weapon arm n.

    2 wear away erode v. 2 wear out no longer usable v.

    weariness fatigue n. 3 weary tired a.

    weave cloth making v. wed marry v. wedge cram v. weep cry v. weight heaviness n.

    weirdly strangely ad. 2 well effectively ad.

    well-being welfare n. 2 well-known celebrated a. 2 well-known famous a.

    well-liked popular a. whelmingly triumphantly ad. whether if conj.

    2 while whereas conj. whisk off hurry away v.

    3 whole entire a.

    wholeheartedly enthusiastically ad.

    wholesome healthful a. wide extensive a.

    3 widely extensively ad. wider more extensive a.

    5 widespread far-reaching a. 5 widespread prevalent a.

  • 8/4/2019 Ibt Key Terms


    5 widespread extensive a. 5 widespread general a. 5 widespread common a. 3 wild uncultivated a. 3 wild undomesticated a. 3 wild uncultivated a.

    wildlife animal n. wildly furiously ad. will determination n. win achieve v. wind up conclude v. wipe out destroy v.

    2 with respect to with regard to withdraw from quit v. wither shrivel v. withhold retain v.

    within inside prep.

    2 withstand resist v. 2 withstand endure v.

    witness observe v. witty humorous a. wobble teeter v. woo court v.

    wood forest n. woolly hairy a. worldwide global a. worship revere v. wrath anger n. wry twist a. yearly annual a.

    3 yield provide v. 3 yield produce v.

    young new a.

    youth child n. zenith pinnacle n.