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  • 1. Idea Crafting Why do ideas need to be crafted? crafting innovation togetherConfidential Crafitti Consulting Private Ltd. June 5, 2009 1

2. Typically, in an organization,ideas come from various channels Employees (work)Business &Competitorstechnology strategyCustomers and customerR&D facing teams crafting innovation together Ideas Partners, Organizational suppliers and processes collaboratorsConfidential Crafitti Consulting Private Ltd.June 5, 20092 3. And these ideas may have various purposes . . . (New )product ideasNew service ideas crafting innovation together Brand buildingimprovementcontinuous and marketing Ideas forideasConfidential Crafitti Consulting Private Ltd.June 5, 2009 3 4. Ideas may also be SerendipitousOrchestrated crafting innovation togetherORConfidential Crafitti Consulting Private Ltd.June 5, 2009 4 5. Organizations have some processes to help ideasreach their objectives crafting innovation togetherConfidential Crafitti Consulting Private Ltd. June 5, 2009 5 6. A few ideasNew product or service or businessmake it model ideas A typical funnel and stage gate model Many getstuck midwayAnd mostlose steamvery early crafting innovation together Ideas The filtration The stage gate (from variousfunnelprocess channels)(based on(with evaluation and decisions at variousvarious stages) criteria) Confidential Crafitti Consulting Private Ltd.June 5, 2009 6 7. Continuous improvement models(these typically apply on the grass-roots processes and activities andare aimed at gradual change)(Deviations are bad!) Standardize andensure repeatability crafting innovation together Six SigmaFocus on controlling Reducing error andsystem parameters deviations from the norm Confidential Crafitti Consulting Private Ltd. June 5, 2009 7 8. The Technology and Intellectual Property valuechainsTrade secretIdeaInventionIntellectual PropertyPatentValue crafting innovation togetherExploit ProtectConfidential Crafitti Consulting Private Ltd. June 5, 20098 9. Clearly, at any given point in time there are severaldifferent types of ideas being conceptualized,implemented and pursued across various levels of the organization They have different purposes and different rhythms crafting innovation togetherAll of them contribute to the innovation quotient of an organization But a majority of the ideas die or fall by the waysideConfidential Crafitti Consulting Private Ltd. June 5, 20099 10. Why do our innovation processes not workas well as we think they should? crafting innovation togetherConfidential Crafitti Consulting Private Ltd. June 5, 2009 10 11. Ideas are lonelySeveral serendipitousideas may actually be crafting innovation togetherinherentlysynchronous they can be combined Confidential Crafitti Consulting Private Ltd. June 5, 2009 11 12. Ideas may be disconnected from the larger context crafting innovation together As opposed to getting launchedIdeas end up making an out of a context emergency landing in a contextConfidential Crafitti Consulting Private Ltd.June 5, 200912 13. Filtration processes systematicallyeliminate the outliers -the ones that dont fit into thecurrent and present crafting innovation together The outliers are actuallythe real ideas!Confidential Crafitti Consulting Private Ltd. June 5, 2009 13 14. We are used to Logical thinking Analytical thinking Reductionist Approaches Linear approachesIdeas and innovation areby their very nature which helps us toNon-linear crafting innovation togetherExploratoryconverge Divergentnarrow downselect decideConfidential Crafitti Consulting Private Ltd. June 5, 2009 14 15. Only live ideas can be productiveHow to nurture ideas and keep them alive? How to craft ideas? crafting innovation togetherConfidential Crafitti Consulting Private Ltd. June 5, 2009 15 16. Idea CraftingIDEAS are those thoughts that bring in the genesis of change many times fundamental.These are thoughts that one doesnt get in the regular run-of-the-mill thinking. IDEAS can happen serendipitously in the human mind. They can happen at any time. Theycan be fleeting glimpses of problem solutions, can be dreams of possible newopportunities, can be new design structures or simply new experiences. IDEAS dont happen just like that. They come to prepared minds. Only prepared mindscan transform these thoughts into change. It requires ability to generate and execute atthe same time. crafting innovation togetherIDEAS need to be crafted through orchestrated immersion. Contrary to popular belief oforganizations having lots of ideas and it is all about execution, our experiences showideas need to be crafted through orchestrated immersion of minds that work inside andwith the enterprises. Idea Crafting helps generate and build ideas thatbecome the genesis of change for large enterprises Confidential Crafitti Consulting Private Ltd. June 5, 2009 16 17. In addition to Analytical and Logical Thinkingwe need . . . Inventive Thinking (inventive triggers,laws of evolution,scenario building, focus on function)Systems Thinking Lean Thinking (holistic approach, (Value maximization, global optima, experimentation, expanded andlearning approach, connected system crafting innovation together elegance) context) LIST (Lean InventiveSystems Thinking)Confidential Crafitti Consulting Private Ltd. June 5, 200917 18. Lean Inventive Systems Thinking Powerful scientific structured mechanisms to Help individuals tap andexploit their creative skills crafting innovation together Help teams synergize better and exploit the non-linear energies of brainstorming and set-based concurrent approachesConfidential Crafitti Consulting Private Ltd. June 5, 2009 18 19. Lean Inventive Systems ThinkingHelp teams and individuals Effectively diverge and converge Expand the context Explore non-linear paths Build future scenarios Generate truly novel ideas crafting innovation together Connect ideas together Identify key value parameters Assess solutions in a structured manner Take informed decisions Confidential Crafitti Consulting Private Ltd. June 5, 200919 20. Lean Inventive Systems Thinking Help organizations craft their own unique innovation processes that are in sync with the overall organizational culture and vision crafting innovation together There cannot be any cookie-cutter solutionsOne size doesnt fit all! Confidential Crafitti Consulting Private Ltd. June 5, 2009 20 21. The cogs of the organizationalinnovation wheel Ability to reach out to and utilizeexternal talent and people networksMore creativity and skill in individuals and teamsMore productive, reliable,more and better efficient internal processesfunctionality Seamless integration with Improved fit in external ecosystem processes e.g. the ecosystem the supply chain crafting innovation together Closer to customer needsFor the wheel to move forward, all cogs have to move synchronously, in unison and feed energy to each otherConfidential Crafitti Consulting Private Ltd.June 5, 200921 22. A question that often crops up . . .Does this mean that in order for ideas to be effectively craftedWe need to have all the systems and processes in place All people trained on various frameworks, tools and techniques Buy-in from top management across the organizationBefore we can get started? crafting innovation together In effect, is it all or none?Do we have to boil the ocean first?The short answer is NO. Confidential Crafitti Consulting Private Ltd. June 5, 2009 22 23. Embedding Innovation DNA in organizations Short cycle experiments Application of innovation frameworks to multiple contexts rangingfrom grass-roots project activities to business and technology strategy Small successes breed larger successes Learning by doing is the best way to inculcate innovative thinking crafting innovation together Build unique organic perspectives on innovation and design innovationprocesses accordingly Innovation buzz and conviction spreads faster sideways as opposed totop down internal word of mouth marketing works best (only possibleif real value is seen by the people using the innovation processes)Confidential Crafitti Consulting Private Ltd. June 5, 2009 23 24. To help craft ideas in any context,Crafitti uses a broad 3-stage process Explore Connect with the practitioners; understand the context Explore multiple perspectives and dimensions Come up with a customized approach (usage of frameworks) Engage Co-craft innovation in a live context using the customized approach crafting innovation together Facilitate deep learning of the innovation frameworks through learning bydoing Empower Hand-hold to maximize the probability of success Set the context for future experimentation and application Create a cadre of minds prepared for idea crafting (for organic diffusion) Confidential Crafitti Consulting Private Ltd. June 5, 2009 24 25. Idea Crafting for a Business Strategy and Growth Context -Using the LIST framework in the Engage Phase Creating solution executionGenerating strategies andmultiple novel roadmapsand interestingsolution crafting innovation togetherdirections Finding the right problem/ opportunity Crafitti recently conducted a series of workshops for one of the worldsleading data and content providers to generate new strategic directions androadmaps for one of their business units. More than 30 senior associates came together over 4 days to generate morethan 300 ideas, later clustered into 5 key strategic initiatives.Confidential Crafitti Consulting Private Ltd. June 5, 200925 26. Details of the Idea Crafting Process used in businessstrategy and growth contexts Solution Evaluation/ prioritization Set-based concurrent Key Value parametersapproach Analytic Hierarchy Process Playing out scenarios SPOTStrategy ConvergeCreate Solution depthProcess Key Value Parameters ClusteringOrganization Prioritization using the Resources and constraints Technology Analytic Hierarch