idea growers vs. idea killers: how to communicate without squashing what-could-be-great ideas

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The first time an idea pops into someone's head during a brainstorm, it's virtually never flawless. Yet we oftentimes throw these growing ideas away too quickly and seek out what sounds instantaneously perfect. All ideas need to be nurtured to some extent, and how you react to the initial flawed concept sets the tone for whether others will continue to explore and tweak it. Do you give each idea enough consideration, or kill it before it's even had a chance to grow? Here are some "Idea-Growing" and "Idea-Killing" phrases to keep in mind during your next brainstorm.


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  • Idea Growers vs. ! Idea Killers or How to Communicate Without Squashing What-Could-Be-Great Ideas
  • William Bernbach An idea can turn to dust or magic, depending on the talent that rubs against it.
  • Idea Growers Phrases that Allow an Idea to Continue Exploring Possibilities
  • "What are all the possibilities?" Idea Grower
  • "How could ___ inuence that?" Idea Grower
  • "What would happen if...?" Idea Grower
  • Couldnt we improve this by?" Idea Grower
  • Wouldn't it be awesome if...?" Idea Grower
  • How many ways could?" Idea Grower
  • What if we didn't have to consider __?" Idea Grower
  • With whom could we collaborate on this?" Idea Grower
  • If we were [our competitor/a startup/an inventor/a billionaire], how would our approach change?" Idea Grower
  • How does this differ from the expected approach?" Idea Grower
  • Idea Killers Phrases that Stop an Idea
  • Already tried it." Idea Killer
  • Someone else has done that. Idea Killer
  • That sounds crazy. Idea Killer
  • I dont like it. Idea Killer
  • We don't have time to... Idea Killer
  • That sounds like it would take a ton of time. Idea Killer
  • That sounds like it would be too expensive. Idea Killer
  • That sounds like a legal nightmare. Idea Killer
  • That sounds too risky. Idea Killer
  • Thats not important. Idea Killer
  • Maybe under different conditions... Idea Killer
  • Impossible. Idea Killer
  • It's good enough. Idea Killer
  • Idea Growers Generally Questions Idea Killers Generally Statements vs.
  • Steven Spielberg All good ideas start as bad ideas. Thats why it takes so long.
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