identity theft how it happens and how to avoid it

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  • Identity TheftHow it happens and how to avoid it

  • The FactsRoughly 15 million people are victims of identity theft every year in the U.S. (1 of every 20 people)Identity theft costs Americans a total of over $25 billion every yearVictims may spend an average of 175 to 200 hours repairing the damage of an identity theft incident.

  • What Can an Identity Thief Do With Your Identity?Commit a crime under your nameApply for a drivers license (with your name) Open credit card accounts under your nameObtain cash through your financial accounts. Purchase large and expensive items with your nameGet a job under your nameRent an apartment under your nameGet a phone or other utility under your nameCreate counterfeit checks with your name on themReceive medical treatment under your nameVideo #2

  • Possible Signs of Identity TheftPurchases on your credit card that you didnt makeMoney missing from you bank accountVideo #3Credit score is inexplicably lowImportant mail stops coming to youCredit card bills

  • How Can You Keep This From Happening?The DOs and DONTs of protecting your identity

  • DONTGive out your social security number to people you dont trust

  • DOShred any unwanted mail or documents with your personal information

  • DONTGive out personal information over the phoneUnless you are ABSOLUTELY sure you know who you are talking to

  • DOShop at secure online storeshttps://

  • DONTUse the same password for all of your online accounts

  • DOShred or cut up unused or expired credit cards

  • What to do if your identity has been stolenFile a police reportNotify your bank and credit card companiesCall the credit reporting agenciesExperianTransUnionEquifax

  • Other Ways to be ProtectedID Protection

  • Quick ReviewTrue or False: It is always safe to give out personal info over the phoneTrue or False: ID thieves cant cause you much harmTrue or False: It is safe to use the same password for all of your online accountsTrue or False: You should throw away unused or expired credit cardsTrue or False: You should only buy things online if the web site is secured