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  • Dallas Office:Derek Anderson, AVPEqualis GroupCell: 979-877-8273Email: [email protected]

    Cleveland Office:Keith McDevitt, AVPEqualis Group/Sourcing AllianceDirect: 216-478-1040Cell: 216-233-2433 Email: [email protected]

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    • Five Points of Protection – monitor your identity, scan for threats with patented technology, respond to identity theft, service guarantee, and monitor your credit score all through Equalis Group’s Identity Theft Protection & Credit Monitoring Program.

    • Aggressive Pricing – 15% employee discount from LifeLock’s retail rates when purchasing LifeLock through payroll deduction. Pricing applies to employees who are already LifeLock customers.

    • Training Materials – necessary materials to train to educate your employees about the offering prior to your annual benefits enrollment process. Equalis will either a) provide the content needed within your existing online benefits enrollment process, or b) provide a stand-alone, branded registration portal for your organization.

    • High Opt-in Rate – 15% to 20% of employees opt-in for this program (vs. 1% to 5% for traditional voluntary employee benefits).

    Identity Theft Protection & Credit Monitoring Program

    Contract #: IP-1010Lead Agency: The Cooperative Council of GovernmentsContract Term: February 1, 2018 – January 31, 2021

    Identity TheftProtection Services

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    The basic premise of any cooperative purchasing organization is to leverage its members’ combined buying power to command better pricing and favorable contract terms from suppliers, and that is true of Equalis/Sourcing Alliance. We develop and administer a diverse portfolio of cooperative purchasing programs that cover a wide range of products and services and provide our members with a legal and compliant exemption to the bid/request for proposals (RFP) process.

    Each program in our rapidly growing portfolio provides our members with contracting compliance and the ability to configure the solution that best meets your individual needs while achieving the lowest Total Cost of Ownership.