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IdentityForce provides a ton of identity theft protection packages, tools and resources. If you're looking to protect yourself from identity fraud, data breaches or system hackings, then IdentityForce can provide the best service for you. IdentityForce has an A+ grade from the Better Business Bureau. We've found them to be one of the best protection service in the identity theft industry, and recommend their services for you, your family and business to give you better peace of mind. You can read more reviews and learn more about IdentityForce, and other identity theft protection companies, at the link in the slides or by visiting


  • 1. IdentityForce
  • 2. Who is IdentityForce? IdentityForce is a company that has been heavily involved in the identity theft industry for 9 years, much longer than most other companies. They provide protection for individuals, businesses and even government agencies. IdentityForce consistently delivers best-in-class personal security, and have earned the Parent Tested, Parent Approved Award. They also oer great and responsive customer service. When it comes to their brand and product, they always strive for 100 percent satisfaction.
  • 3. With a 9.5 out of 10 User Score, it shows that customers are truly happy with what IdentityForce has done for them. Consumers love the fact that IdentityForce is prompt in their service and hasnt failed to fix any problems if the customer wasnt fully happy. IdentityForce has a one-of-a-kind feature that stands out from any other company. The feature is called Delete Now, and it will locate your personal information anywhere on the web. If you decide that you dont want your information being posted on that specific website, or any website at all, then you can delete your information right then and there! This feature helps automatically reduce the risk to several dierent forms of identity fraud.
  • 4. IdentityForces prices are very aordable, even for their most premium package. No matter which package you sign up, you will be covered by a quality insurance policy that will help take care of any out-of- pocket expenses you may incur when victimized. Their high levels of technology in protection along with three-bureau credit monitoring minimizes your chances of the most vulnerable types of identity theft. IdentityForce also maintains a A+ with the Better Business Bureau, which proves that they are a company that is servicing their customers right.
  • 5. IdentityForces lack to oer services to pre-existing identity theft cases is one reason why their Identity Recovery lacks a greater score. Also, we find that antivirus software being included in an identity theft protection service is an important way to keep a consumer safe while using their computer. Consumer Complaint Summary: Consumers wish the monthly price was lower, but still thought the service was worth it. Other people also wanted to be able to access IdentityForce through a mobile application, that they currently do not have out yet.
  • 6. Iden%tyForce does not give the ability for members to access their credit reports or scores in their most basic plan, the UltraSecure. Some people may view this as crucial to wan%ng to track their own nances and iden%ty risk status. Our team also looks for companies that earn a Cer%ed Informa%on Systems Security Professional (CISSP) cer%cate from the Interna%onal Informa%on Systems Security Cer%ca%on Consor%um. Iden%tyForce has not yet obtained this cer%ca%on, and even though this does lower their Overall Score, it is very rare to nd any iden%ty fraud company that has earned it.
  • 7. IdentityForce is a great identity protection product for any type of consumer. Their member dashboard is easy to use and their services keep you up-to-date on the most important information regarding your identity. With IdentityForce, youll never be left in the dark. They will always give you an updated status on your identity at least once a month. IdentityForce oers a ton of features like identity threat alerts, identity scores and reports, online protection tools, restoration services and more. They even include specialized identity protection packages for children for only $2.75/month.
  • 8. IdentityForce has earned the Top 3 Ranked Besty Award in 2013 and 2014, and they continue to make their product and service better each year for their customers. The Review Team at recommends IdentityForce for anyone who wants a high-quality identity theft protection service. You can read more information (price breakdowns and contract details) and view pictures (member online dashboards) by visiting IdentityForce even oers a 28 perfect o discount, as well as a free, 30- day trial if you sign up today through BIDTC.