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2. Get set 3. Go !!! 4. who am I 5. if you want to know more about Unnati Patel 6. At the age of2 years 7. At the age of 7 years with my brother 8. At the age of 24 years 9. Born & Raised 10. Gujarat, India 11. My native home 12. Joint family of 18 members 13. moved to a big city in Grade 5 14. More clearly 15. house where I lived for next 18 years with my family 16. Dad- Mechanical Engineer Mom- B.A, B.Ed. 17. Education sincerely 18. Bachelors in Biotechnology 19. Graduated in 2005 20. Masters in Pharmaceutical Chemistry 21. Sardar Patel University 22. Post Graduated in 2008 23. Engaged with Krunal Patel 24. Moved to London, England 25. Worked in Britannia PharmacyasDispensing Assistant 26. Got married on 25th December 2008 27. Moved to Thompson, Manitoba 28. Freezing Cold 29. Final year in Bachelors of EducationUniversity College of NorthThompson 30. Love to be with children 31. Enjoying with friends 32. Celebrating with relatives 33. Good News!!! 34. 4 months PREGNANT 35. Love cooking 36. Happy 37. Spiritual 38. Honest 39. Respectful 40. Responsible 41. Emotional 42. Hard working 43. Faith in God 44. The person I love the most in this world 45. My father-in-law 46. Miss my family 47. My Family 48. My family-in-laws 49. AttributionsPhoto of Unnati Patel- by Mahesh PatelPhoto of India map- by flickr user 24 point OPhot o of native home- by Jaymin PatelPhoto of Dad and Mom- by studio personPhoto of N.V.P.A.S- by Mahesh PatelPhoto of S.P. University- by Mahesh PatelPhoto of my graduation- by Natraj studioPhoto of engagement- by Deepak PatelPhoto of London- by Krunal PatelPhoto of wedding- by studio personPhoto of Thompson- by Amanda StilliePhoto of friends-by Ashley WilliamsPhoto of friends- by Ken FriesenPhoto of relatives- by Vipul PatelPhoto of food- by flickr user Shivaranjan BhoopathyPhoto of food- by flickr user GauravityAll other images by Unnati Patel