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  • 1. Background

2. I will show all of the stages that I will go through in order to get theimage to how it looks on the magazine for my background. This is the background that I had used in the magazine. The colours were very bright so I used the programme fireworks so that I could make the background a little less potent so that the images and the rest of the cover will stand out from the background.To do this I had to click on the image and then I had to use thetransparency button and increase the transparency to make it easier tosee all of the images. I did this so that the image was just about visible. This is the image I then used in my magazine. I have duplicated this so the are lots of small circles instead of like a few big ones. When I put this image onto the magazine you can see the fonts and things over the top of the background. 3. Main image 4. I will show all of the stages that I will go through in order to get the image to how it looks onthe magazine for my main image.This is the original image that I took. I will now show you the steps that I have taken to make theimage what I wanted to include in the magazine. I have taken it a spot that has as much white in itas possible so it is easier to edit, however, I wanted the image to have a transparent background. I have used the magic wand tool to get rid of the background. I have done this so that the background will be plain on the magazine. I have used this tool as it gets rid of the unwanted space almost immediately and I have used it as much as I could. However, it does need smoothing off to make the finish better and in some cases you cannot use it without taking away some of the picture. When I got rid of all of the bit of the background that I could with the magic wand tool, I had to then use the eraser to get rid of all of the bits that were left to give me a clear image. This will also allow me to make the image a lot more effective in the product and the eraser is that tool that will get rid of the straggled ends the most effectively.This is the final image that I will use as the main focal point on the front cover of my magazine. Ihave done it so that it can be put on any background and still be effective, and make it look asthough the image was taken in front of a white background. 5. Double page spread images 6. For all of the images that I have in the double page spread I haverepeated the steps of the previous image and then have addedsome additional effects. This is the original image that I have taken. I have done the steps stated in the text above. To make the image look like the one below, I have altered the brightness and the contrast to make it more effective and to burn it out more. I have then also altered the hue and saturation of the images and will be explained in the next slide. I have not done as much with the hue and saturation as in other photos.To get the crackled effect in the image I haveadded a noise to the image. I think that this hasallowed the image to stand out against theother two that I have put in the magazine.This is the final image that I will use in double page in themagazine. 7. This is the original image that Ihave taken. I have repeated all ofthe steps in the last two slideswith this photo, but I have addedchanges to the hue and saturationto make the photo a differentcolour.This is the process whereby I have changedthe hue and saturation. I have just adjustedthe colours to make it look like the onebelow. This is the final image that I will use in my magazine double page spread.