imagethink engaging conference attendees from start to finish

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Engaging Conference Attendees From Start To Finish (and even after)

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  • Engaging Conference Attendees From

    Start To Finish(and even after)

  • Careful planning and creativity is needed to make your content or your trade show booth visible.

  • Sometimes you need more than a branded cell phone charger

  • So how do you stand out in a crowd and get your message across?

  • Get the hype train rolling! Create engagement on social media

    w/ our tweet size infographics before they even pick up their badge.

  • Time lapse promos are another great way to get on conference

    attendees must-see list.

  • Its GO TIME! The big day is here! It is crucial to create an engaging

    and interactive environment.

  • Live graphic recordings of keynotes excite audiences & offer a creative

    visual summary of the content.

  • AMEX turned to ImageThink to create an evolving mural sized

    infographic that reflected the needs of business travelers.

  • Turn coffee breaks and cocktail hours into moments of engagement

    w/ our social listening walls.

  • How do you take the relationship beyond the closing party?

  • Get Creative to Keep The Conversation Going!

  • Go to to learn more about making your conference more interactive & engaging.