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    The goal of the [email protected] program is to encourage a community of practice in mentoring. Mentoring is the process by which someone more experienced (the mentor) offers advice, support, and guidance to someone who is less experienced (the mentee). The mentor encourages the mentee to identify their goals and aspirations, then empowers the mentee to pursue and achieve them. Earlier sessions focused on initiating mentoring relationships which shared useful strategies with a live case study of mentees and mentors.

    Professor Sharon Straus’ workshop focused on perfecting mentorship by looking at the challenges of mentoring and tips for a successful relationship.

    This session focuses on reflecting on your mentoring relationship in a social event for mentors and mentees. Please join us for a cocktail event to celebrate the launch of Research Week and the success of [email protected] for 2018.

    4pm - 5.30pm Library Annex Foyer (Building 1c, Level 3)

    Faculty of Health Sciences & Medicine: Higher Degree Research Conference

    This event showcases postgraduate research through student presentations in seminar and poster format. The research portfolio of our master and doctoral students is wide-ranging and is the engine room that powers the extensive Faculty contribution to research outputs at Bond University. The symposium provides a snapshot of the innovative and multifaceted studies currently undertaken in biomedical and applied sciences. This student led dissemination of research brings opportunities for discussion of complex health-related challenges and aims to inspire and connect research and the community.

    2pm - 4pmPrinceton Room (Building 6, Level 3)


    Reflecting on Mentoring

  • Business Links: Information Integration and The Future of Work.


    Information Integration: The Power and Perils of Multi-Source DataModern data analytics is often driven by the need to understand complicated information from multiple sources. In this talk, Professor Steve Stern discusses issues and techniques relating to data linkage. Following on from this theme, PhD candidate Mr Mark Johnman discusses statistical models that quantify the effectiveness and capture the relationships between a company’s paid, owned and earned media channels.

    The Future of Work - Are we There Yet?We spend a third of our lives at work, and the workplace has a significant influence on our performance and wellbeing. As the landscape of work continues to change rapidly, and organisations compete to attract and retain top talent, these issues are increasingly topical. Up to 50% of employees say they cannot focus effectively at work, with the design of the workplace influencing productivity by 20%. In this presentation, Dr Libby Sander asks how will these changes influence the way organisations operate and questions “what does the future of work look like?”

    6pm - 7.30pm Transformer and Bond Business Commercialisation Centre (Building 2, Level 3)


    Linking Architecture, Built Environment and Heritage

    As we progress towards sustainable local, national and international communities it is imperative that heritage knowledge plays a vital role in shaping the future.

    In simple terms, heritage is integral to all aspects of the built and natural environment, be it architecture, design, planning and development as well as environmental science or construction management. It represents our shared experiences and provides opportunity for people to learn through history as well as understanding the values of place, building, site or monument.

    This two-hour workshop provides an opportunity for practitioners in the architecture, built environment and heritage field to discuss the contribution of heritage as a core in the understanding of sustainable architecture and built environment.

    10am - 12.30pm Living Lab (Building 3a, Level 1)

  • Bond University Women’s Network: Women in Research Breakfast

    The Bond University Women’s Network breakfast seminar will showcase researchers at different stages of their research career, highlighting the impact their research has on the community.

    Speakers include Professor Cynthia Fisher (Bond Business School), Associate Professor Danielle Ireland-Piper (Faculty of Law) and Senior Teaching Fellow, Dr Amy Bannatyne (Faculty of Health Sciences & Medicine).

    Bond University Women’s Network (BUWN) seeks to be an inclusive network of women, and those who value women, from the Bond community. Their mission sets out the intent to support and assist Bond women with their own development, as well as providing a forum to promote all causes for the betterment of women and families. BUWN endeavours to support and inspire each other by sharing our journeys, education and experiences.

    7am - 9amPrinceton Room (Building 6, Level 3)



    Law HDR and Honours Student Showcase

    The Faculty of Law invites all Bond Law students enrolled in the Legal Research Project (Honours), and all Higher Degree by Research (HDR) students to participate in the forthcoming Faculty of Law HDR and Honours Student Showcase Competition event.

    The HDR and Honours Student Showcase Competition event begins with a light lunch at 12 noon on Wednesday, 17 October. Honours students will present their research for up to five minutes, and HDR students will present their research for up to 10 minutes. The presentations will be delivered to an open audience and three esteemed panelists.

    We are delighted to announce former Bond Professor Rick Bigwood (University of Queensland) as the keynote speaker. He will be joined by Deputy Dean, Professor Brenda Marshall and Professor Michael Weir.

    The winner of each group will receive a prize.

    This is a wonderful opportunity for students to share their research findings and gain presentation experience in front of an esteemed and experienced academic panel. Panel members will also provide invaluable feedback and advice to participants.

    Presentation spots are limited.

    This event is open to anyone who would like to hear about legal research taking place in the Faculty of Law. Please come along and support your classmates and students. Everyone is encouraged to attend and participate in voting.

    12 noon - 3pm Library Annex (Building 1c, Level 3, Rooms 69 and 70)


    Inspiring Tales on how to Avoid Publishing Pitfalls

    Publishing is one of the privileges of academia, but how do you differentiate between a quality publisher and a predatory publisher? How do you avoid the pitfalls?Learn how to:

    • Distinguish between predatory publishers vs identifying quality open access publishers - What they look like and how to identify them

    • Begin publishing in your field – How to get started and where to publish• Gain from other’s experiences. This session will have a panel discussion where Bond guest speakers will share their

    publishing journey

    This event is suitable for honours students, research students, Early Career Researchers, and anyone interested in publishing.

    10am - 11am Living Lab (Building 3a, Level 1)


    HSM Medical Program Research ConferenceCourageous Conversations

    The largest event in the Research Week calendar is the Bond Medical Program Research Conference. The Conference commences with a keynote presentation from a renowned medical practitioner and will then showcase the Medical Program’s cohort of 94 medical students, who will present the findings of their research projects, their professional projects on developing simulation and medical education, and case reports and insights from their international placements in the Solomon Islands, South Africa and Cape York.

    The Conference is attended by approximately 490 participants including – medical students, academics, local clinicians and the Bond University community. It provides an opportunity for delegates to learn how theory, evidence-based research and educational practice will influence these students’ future approaches to health care practice and contribute to new knowledge. The whole-day program consists of individual and group presentations across seven disciplines in medical research and clinical settings as well as a display of 20 posters that highlight students’ projects and findings.

    8.30am - 4.30pmBasil Sellers Theatre (Building 6, Level 3, Room 12)

    10.30am - 6pmPrinceton Room (Building 6, Level 3)

  • Staff from the Centre for Research in Evidence-Based Practice (CREBP) from left to right: Rae Thomas, Paulina Stehlik , Amanda McCullough and David Henry.

  • Evaluating health claims - how to decide if they are legitimate

    In the bewildering times of ‘fake news’, wellness promoting celebrities and the unprecedented access to information on the internet, how do we make sense of the all the hype? When it comes to health, misleading information that dilutes the truth can result in frustration, confusion, and in the worst case, harm.

    To avoid being tricked by misleading health claims, members of the Centre for Research in Evidence-Based Practice at Bond University will teach you skills to quickly and effectively evaluate a health claim’s merits, decide whether you need more information, and help you know where to find it.

    Speakers include Professor David Henry (Professor of Evidence-based Practice), Associate Professor Rae Thomas (Senior Research Fellow), Dr Amanda McCullough (Founder of Not Just Mum) and Dr Paulina Stehlik (Senior Research Fellow).

    6pm - 9pm The Cecil and Ida Green University Club and Restaurant (Building 6, Level 3)


  • Centre for Urology Research Symposium: From Bench to Clinical Practice

    This event brings together clinicians and scientists to the explore the latest research and treatments for urological conditions.

    Hosted by Professor Russ Chess-Williams and the Centre for Urology Research, the event includes a research symposium, lightning presentations by Early Career Researchers from the Centre, three-minute thesis presentations by the Centre’s Higher Degree Research students, updates by our research collaborators from Monash University on treatments for the enlarged prostate, and the development of male contraceptives. The afternoon concludes with public lectures by Urogynecologist, Dr Vivien Wong (bladder disease) and Radiation Oncologist, David Christie (prostate disease) aimed at a broader community audience.

    Symposium and public lecture: ‘Snapshots: From bench to clinical practice’

    2pm - 6pm Building 5, Level 4, Room 33


    Gala Dinner

    The Research Week Gala Dinner is the seminal event of the week. It is attended by approximately 200 guests, including research collaborators, supporters, staff and postgraduate research students.

    This year’s keynote speaker is Mr Antony Funnell – a Walkley award-winning author and broadcaster. Mr Funnell presents the ABC ‘Future Tense’.

    The Vice Chancellor’s Award for Research Excellence, Vice Chancellor’s Award for Research Supervision, and Vice Chancellor’s Award for Early Career Research Excellence, is announced during the evening.

    6pm - 9.30pm Princeton Room (Building 6, Level 3)


    2.30pm Welcome

    2.35pm Three-Minute Presentations: Higher Degree Research Students

    3pm Lightning Presentations: Early Career Researchers

    3.45pm Dr Betty Exintaris (Monash University) ‘Treating the Enlarged Prostate: Unravelling How Current Treatments Work’

    4.10pm Dr Sab Ventura (Monash University) ‘Male Contraception: Where Are We At’

    4.35pm Refreshments with research posters

    5pm Public lecture / discussion: ‘Welcome to the World of Urology’Dr Vivien Wong (GCUH & Robina Hospitals), Dr David Christie (Genesis Cancer Care) and staff from the Centre for Urology Research (Bond University)

    6pm Event concludes

  • East Meets West: Discussing Movies from Confucian to Western Perspectives

    This event provides a chance to see two distinct philosophical perspectives in action: a Confucian perspective and a Western perspective.

    Dr Yi Chen and Associate Professor Damian Cox discuss contrasting approaches to a popular and successful fictional film ‘The Shape of Water’. The film won the 2018 Academy Award for Best Film.

    Fictional films are not mere entertainment; they are ways of exploring ideas, and this discussion will show how rich and significant these ideas can be. The audience is encouraged to join the discussion.

    2pm - 4pmBuilding 5, Level 4, Room 33


  • Roundtable: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Creative Practice

    As the capacity for AI to engage in higher-level thinking increases, AI will inevitably have a significant impact upon industries, professions, and disciplines where creativity and creative thinking play important roles. Bond University’s Faculty of Law, Centre for Professional Legal Education (CPLE), and Faculty of Society & Design have collaborated to bring together leading thinkers in the field of AI and stakeholders from a variety of sectors to explore the potential impact of AI upon creativity, creative thinking, and creative practice in Australia.

    This half day roundtable event begins with a keynote address from Professor Simon Colton (Queen Mary, University of London / Monash University), a leading expert in the field of computational creativity, regarding the ability of AI to engage in genuine creativity, followed by facilitated sessions exploring the positive and negative consequences of AI augmenting, or possibly replacing, human creativity in the cultural industries and professional services.

    1.30pm - 5.30pmBuilding 6, Level 3, Room 23


    1.30pm Welcome

    1.45pm Computational CreativityProfessor Simon Colton will commence the roundtable with a keynote presentation on the topic of computational creativity

    2.30pm AI and Creative Practice: Advertising and Popular CultureDr Sven Brodmerkel will lead a group discussion on the capacity for AI to augment or even take over creative tasks in the cultural industries

    3.15pm Short break

    3.30pm AI and Creative Practice: Fashion DesignProfessor William Van Caenegem will lead a group discussion about the nature of creativity, creative practice in fashion design, and the real effects of AI and big data

    4.15pm AI and Creative Practice: Law and the Legal ProfessionProfessor Nick James and Associate Professor Kate Galloway will lead a discussion about the role of AI in supporting creative thinking in law and legal practice

    5pm Wrap up and close

    5.30pm Reception drinks


    WEEK 201815 - 19 OCTOBER



































    Princeton RoomTuesday: Faculty HSM Higher Degree by Research ConferenceWednesday: BUWN Women in Research BreakfastWednesday: HSM Medical Program ConferenceThursday: Gala Dinner

    The University ClubWednesday: Evaluating Health Claims - How to Decide if they are Legitimate

    Level 3, Room 23Friday: Roundtable: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Creative Practice

    Level 4, Room 33Thursday: Centre for Urology Research SymposiumFriday: East meets West: Discussing Movies from Confucian to Western Perspectives

    Library Annex Monday: Reflecting on MentoringWednesday: Law HDR and Honours Student Showcase

    Living LabTuesday: Linking Architecture, Built Environment and HeritageWednesday: Inspiring Tales on how to Avoid Publishing Pitfalls






    Transformer and Bond Business Commercialisation CentreWednesday: Business Links: Information Integration and The Future of Work.